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It will end soon, and then I will show you Minas Tirith, if it stands still...

Take me there... please =) I promise I won't harm the Tree! =))))

Yes, we will go there, and I will show you everything, and we will rest and recover from all this...

So let's go to Minas Tirith and get drunk there! And then you will show me the whole city and all sights there… We'll need a long rest I think.. And I hope Arwen will be there, waiting for you. (and maybe Darina already arrived there too and they are sitting together and waiting?)

By the way if I understood everything right, there was the Second Choir already? @_@ Ah, how very mean I was to play *that* tune during the battle! ;-P But still, Arda is the same, it's not another world, just renewed?

That would be nice if they would be waiting together... And hopefully Darina explained everything to Arwen, I'm really tired of explaining already. And forgive me if I won't go with you to the tavern first, I didn't have a chance to rest since we went to Mordor, so I'm going to find out if there is some bed for me. I'll join you later, you need a headstart anyways, because I'll get drunk from the first glass of mor'aiol =)

Darina said she explained that males are all a bit mad and constantly seeking adventures =)

Oh, and sleep of course, I'll sit somewhere quietly and taste the wines of Arda so far =) I should remind myself on how they taste... hope I find some rares in your cellars?

I don't know about now, but last time I've seen said cellars, they were quite full, with some specialities also...

I should check those thoroughly! *hic!* And... and then we shall go and get drunk! Right? Aragorn... are you sleeping? Ah yes, you are... *falls beside and sleeps soundly till morning*




when I go down to the cellars, maybe I find something that you missed. I know a few secret places there ;)

Oh? And you haven't told me about them?! What are you hiding there?

It's a bit complicated to explain, and I fell asleep... But come with me! *counts steps and bottles for a while* Here! There is a handle to the secret door behind this bottle. And behind it... wine from Númenor! Elendil didn't save only the Tree and seven stones ;) It's for very special occasions... and I think the end of the world classifies as one, doesn't it? =)

Oh yes, it surely does! But… Elendil was a wise man I should say,to save not only the symbols, but something more practical too! (though the palantiri are practical too!)

So let's taste it and see if after that you say I'll be your councilor ;)

Of course, he was my ancestor ;) And is it your first advice, to taste it, or you want to get me drunk to proclaim you a councilor? Actually I'm not sure who is back in this renewed Minas Tirith, so you are the only councilor so far =)

Well, it was advice of a friend, who thinks that a sober king will hesitate to proclaim a wight his councilor =) but… who else was your councilor or could be one? Olorin? Oh, I don't know if he'd like my being around you all the time!

By the way we should explore this renewed Minas Tirith to find out what is still in its place and what is not! And who of the living beings is there… besides Arwen, whom we saw already.

I'm not sure now if Olorin isn't Manwe 's councilor now, but maybe he could come to visit sometimes =) And I think we would meet Elrond, Celebrian, and the twins somewhere, and Faramir with Eowyn... Not sure where are Halbarad and Imrahil, last time we saw them they were somewhere in Umbar.

I don't know if we'll meet him again in Gondor, but maybe yes, and there will be a chance... if we manage to keep him (Halbarad) out of troubles for a while =)

And ourselves too! We seem to be following him in the ability to find trouble even in a locked empty room =)

A locked empty room? That sounds like trouble indeed... Where is it, and who has the key? @_@

Hmmm, that's the question! It would look much like Aivare's style of keeping captives, but he is not doing so anymore, so maybe... maybe we ARE in trouble! And I can't say where the room is... maybe someone will come to bring us food or to question and we will find something out?

Or we are in that cellar, and the secret door closed while we were examining the bottles. Ooops... But in that case the room is not so empty. But it may be, until someone finds us...

There will be still empty bottles in the empty room! And two drunk creatures, singing songs and telling each other stories from our youth… something either very pathetic or very embarrassing (I promise I won't retell that to Arwen then =) Or – as Darina suggested recently – Arwen will make tea in our cups go wild as she did with the river..)

Oh @_@ I've never seen her do that, but I guess she could... so better we shouldn't give her a reason! You don't retell Arwen and I don't retell Darina! They shouldn't be too angry, I hope - what could we do locked in a room with wine after the last battle? I think Arwen will guess and come to unlock us sooner than we would want! =)

Hmmm, I hope Darina won't mind my getting drunk! She does sometimes, but not always, so I am not sure ;) And to the question what we could do… %) I'd tell you what a drunk wight csn do…

I meant: what else could we do in a locked room full of wine after the last battle, than get drunk? I think both ladies will understand that...


It's spring and everyone should be happy, walking under the trees with their beloved ones… (or with friends and Numenorean wine?)

Yes, let's get out of the cellars! *hic* Since when is there two of you? Aah, never mind, I'll take one more bottle then!


drunk Ranger. King... Er... Both.

So you are two too? Hic! That's really strange and needs exploration and studying… And how do I define which of you is which? The King is the right one r the left one? @_@ And I am… I was in one piece when I last saw myself… am I in two now? *puzzled* We need mor'aiol to solve these riddles!


not less drunk,

half-wight, half-ainu.. yes, there seems to be two of me…

Yes, studying is important! (I guess mor'aiol will either double the riddles, or makes us forget what we wanted to solve) All yours, Aragorns

But we won't know unless we check it! *empties half a bottle* Oh... you are three now =)

*takes two gulps* And you are...my councillor... *embraces a tree after missing the wight, and falls asleep*

Yes, yes, I am your councillor and friend and I'll take you home! *carefully unfold's the King's arms from around the tree and carries him to the palace*

In the morning: *wakes up and groans* I think a troll is sitting on my head...

*brushing the King's hair absent-mindedly* There's no troll there... only my hand. Is it so hard and heavy? In that case the troll is *in* my head, and wants to get out...

No, I don't think there is any inside! It's just mor'aiol... but let me try to heal you! Maybe you feel better then? *heals, but slowly, wincing and panting*

*withdraws* That's my hangover, you have yours! :P And I know some magic too! The magic of roleplaying - we can skip it! ;)

Oh yes, we can! and my hangover passes much quicker than yours, so I can heal you still! ;P But skipping is better! Shall we move to the forum with our next thoughts? =)


"The hangover is gone! I just hope Arwen didn't want to speak with me while we were skipping it, she might get insulted that I ignored her..."

4/21/2010 . Edited 2/4/2011 #1

"If she wanted, then she spoke but it was also skipped! I only wonder how shall we remember this now?"

4/23/2010 #2

"Better not remember then... But maybe we should explore Minas Tirith now. I still don't know if the city is really the same as it was... although the cellars were, so it's probable...

4/25/2010 #3

"But maybe it's just because the cellars are the most difficult to change?" the wight murmurs, still playing with the King's hair.

4/25/2010 #4

"That's possible, I guess they didn't change much since Minas Tirith was built... We should go out and explore..." First then he noticed the hands in his hair, and blushed slightly. "I will need a comb before we go out, I guess..."

4/26/2010 #5

"Yes, and redressing too!" the wight cjuckles. "And I suppose I am not perfect either?"

4/26/2010 #6

Aragorn looks at Dasenar critically. "You certainly don't look like a councillor. Let's see what we have here..." He opens a big wardrobe. "Hmm... There are some clothes I remember, and some that I don't... Take a look if something would suit you..."

4/27/2010 #7

"All right... let's see what is in stock here.." the wight examines the contents of the wardrobe and finally pulls out a rather simple black silk robe. "Be I damned if it was not waiting for me!" he exclaims and starts taking of the clothes he wore through all the last battle and the weeks before it.

4/27/2010 #8

Aragorn smiles. "I didn't wear robes, so I think it really waited for you.... if it's not Arwen's bathrobe," he smirks. He chooses a simple tunic and breeches for himself, but doesn't change the clothes yet. "That reminds me... maybe it would be worth checking if a bath is waitng too, if the robe was..."

4/28/2010 . Edited 4/28/2010 #9

"Yes, I was just going to suggest the same!" Daenar nods, hesitating to undress compltely. "Is the bath far from here?"

4/28/2010 #10

"Just down the corridor." Aragorn smirked. "Hopefully nobody will see us on the way there..." He opened the door in a narrow slit, and peered out. When he saw nobody there, he opened them wider and motioned to Daenar to follow. Several doors further he opened another one, and smiled broadly at the sight of a pool with steaming water. "Being a ranger is not bad, but being a King has certain adventages..."

4/29/2010 #11

"Oh yes! Just a river somewhere in the woods would be not enough to wash away all that we've lived through!" Daenar laughed jumping into the water.

4/29/2010 #12

Aragorn was about to follow Daenar, but he stopped suddenly after his words, bit his lip. "No, nothing can wash away what we've lived through..." he sighed, and finallly looked up with a sad smile. Then he stripped the filthy clothes, and entered the pool slowly.

4/30/2010 . Edited 4/30/2010 #13

"I should not have said that..." Daenar became serious too. "But maybe we'd better not try to wash out ur experience. It's something... more than just a usual trouble that is best when forgotten. It was... it was the end of the world. And... and I wonder what is now... what we have done... what I have done... with that tune," he finished solemnly.

4/30/2010 #14

Aragorn sighed, relaxing in the warm water. "You are right. And I must admit it was an impressive end... We will see what we have done, I guess... But what was the tune you played? It was strange, but beautiful... I can't even describe it." He shook his hand, and in an afterthought, handed Daenar a soap.

4/30/2010 . Edited 4/30/2010 #15

"Thank you," the wight nodded. "That tune... it was my father's theme. The theme of the dark..." he averted his glance, looking a bit ashamed to tell that.

4/30/2010 #16

"And night shall be not feared anymore..." Aragorn muttered not entirely sure where he has heard those words. But then the memory came - it was on his wedding with Arwen. "Maybe it will be so now..."

4/30/2010 #17

"Hmmm... maybe. Maybe you just needed to hear and see the darkness with your own ears and eyes?" Daenar smiled slightly, beginning to wash his hair.

4/30/2010 #18

Aragorn sank under the surface to soak his hair, and then rose again. "I have seen and heard enough of it in my time... but I've never understood it. That was what your song has done."

4/30/2010 #19

"So... I seduced you in some way, yes?" the wight stopped soaping himself for a moment. "How cunning of me..."

4/30/2010 #20

"Have you?" Aragorn frowned.

4/30/2010 #21

"No. I just played... It was the last I could do for him..." Daenar blinked and turned away. "I just played," he repeated.

4/30/2010 #22

Aragorn nodded solemnly. "It felt right..." He hissed then as he tried to untangle his hair.

4/30/2010 #23

"Let me help you..." Daenar touched his hair, thinking that it could be partially his fault that the man's hair got so tangled.

4/30/2010 #24

"Thank you..." Aragorn smiled wryly. "If that won't succeed, I'll ask Arwen for scissors..."

4/30/2010 #25

"Oh... won't she be angry to see us here together?" the wight even blushed slightly.

4/30/2010 #26

Aragorn smirked. "I guess she will be glad that I had the idea to take a bath before coming to her..."

4/30/2010 #27

"That's good... I am glad that..." that unlike many people later she won't think something improper... he switched to mental speech or perhaps was just thinking to himself too loudly.

4/30/2010 #28

"Oh..." Aragorn began to shook his head, but stopped immediately when he realized he is not helping his hairstyle with that. No, she would never think that, and I would never think that about her either, no matter how it looks like. We trust each other. And what the others think, is not so important...

4/30/2010 #29

I am glad to hear that... Several unpleasant cases when I was said to be seducing someone were more than enough for me, I wouldn't want to spoil our friendship with something like that! the wight continued unttangling Aragorn's hair.

4/30/2010 #30
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