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Lirulin-yirth beware

MirachRavaia what?

Lirulin-yirth hugging wights

Lirulin-yirth dangerous creatures they are said to be...

MirachRavaia ah...

MirachRavaia I don't fear dangerous creatures :

Lirulin-yirth are you an adventurer?

MirachRavaia yes, an adventurer!

MirachRavaia level 5 already

Lirulin-yirth oh, then may be you can save our village... (blah-blah-decription of the problem with big awful wights flying around and people missing)

Lirulin-yirth will you help us? we have only 3000 GP but... we'll give you all those if you deal with the monsters

MirachRavaia of course, and you can save the money, I'm sure tehre will be lot of chest with treasure!

MirachRavaia and XP...

Lirulin-yirth hmmm.. *doubts the guy ever returns alive to take the money* good luck then! the monsters come from there *waves to the east*

MirachRavaia it's far... I think I'll have to catch some eagle to get there...

Lirulin-yirth can you catch eagles? @_@

MirachRavaia maybe, I didn't try yet, so I can't tell if I can

Lirulin-yirth errrr... I hope you'll find one... and catchable

MirachRavaia maybe I should ask first before trying to catch

Lirulin-yirth ask an eagle? *blink-blink*

MirachRavaia I can speak with animals, according to DnD rules...

Lirulin-yirth a ranger? one of those... wandering about the woods and scaring everyone not less that those nasty winged creatures...

Lirulin-yirth *frowns and sighs* I hope you'll be also able to speak with Manwe explaining him why you have hijacked an eagle

MirachRavaia I could try to hijack Earendil too...

Lirulin-yirth *gasps* you'd better go, ranger, before you have made the VAlar angry.. you know when they get angry, theydon't notice how many innocent peple their disasters kill...

Lirulin-yirth or maybe you are one of those mercenaries..?

MirachRavaia okay, okay, going already, and I'll see what I manage to hijack...

Lirulin-yirth *murmurs under breath* surely a mercenary... and a wight worshipper perhaps.. should I have asked him for help at all?

MirachRavaia *climbs the highest hill and tries to hijack everything flying around*

Lirulin-yirth *a huge hawk is hunting deer near by*

MirachRavaia a hawk? hm, looks familiar.... "Good evening, Mr. hawk! Could you take me somewhere, please?"

Lirulin-yirth *lands* good evening, young man! *bows* I see you have no fear of me at all?

MirachRavaia I mean you no harm, so why should I fear you? My name is Kaldir, and I'm a ranger *bows too*

Lirulin-yirth Some people fear... I don't know why. Recently they are afraid more than usually.. *claps wings* but I'm being impolite, not saying my name in return. I am Laure... a maia.

[19:21:56] mirach.ravaia: Pleasure to meet you Laure... Don't you know why the people are afraid? I just need to get somewhere, and wnated to ask you for help...

[19:23:15] X-fans: I have heard something... about monsters attacking them from the sky - but I never did! And... where are you willing to go?

[19:23:54] mirach.ravaia: To the place where they are attacking... supposedly...

[19:24:10] X-fans: do you know where it is?

[19:24:29] mirach.ravaia: It should be a village, somewhere to the east

[19:26:01] X-fans: let's have a look then...

[19:26:24] mirach.ravaia: Will you take me there?

[19:27:14] X-fans: I will... something is surelly going srong here... and I think I'll have to interfere a bit

[19:28:21] mirach.ravaia: Many thanks, lord Laure... *bows*

[19:37:13] X-fans: oh, please, no "lords" and other things like that! I am... not worth of those titles.. *winks*

[19:40:26] mirach.ravaia: *smiles slightly* Still one should be polite to those who will carry him hundreds of feet over the earth...

[19:42:52] X-fans: *laughs* yes, you are right here! Climb on my back then and hold my neck.. only don't grab the wings and don't pull out feathers... please

[19:45:24] mirach.ravaia: Of course I won't!

[19:45:42] X-fans: It may happen against your will still

[19:48:39] mirach.ravaia: Still I'l try not to, if I can help it...

[19:50:19] X-fans: Thank you!

[20:08:39] mirach.ravaia: *mounts the hawk*

[20:09:46] X-fans: *the hawk flies up and to the East*

[20:11:43] mirach.ravaia: *holds fast*

[20:13:02] X-fans: *after some time you see a village that looks deserted from above*

[20:14:18] mirach.ravaia: I think it's there!

[20:16:27] X-fans: shall we land or shall we fly around first?

[20:17:11] mirach.ravaia: Maybe it would be better to fly around and look if we see something suspicious...

[20:22:57] X-fans: All right! *flies to the south where you see a lake. to the north is a thick forest that lasts further to the east too. somewhere in the forest there's probably a camp - you see some smoke rising from under the trees*

[20:25:47] mirach.ravaia: We should look at the camp... Can you land somewhere near, but where you won't be seen from there?

[20:28:31] X-fans: I will try! *lands on a small clearing and returns to a humanoid shape*

[20:30:09] mirach.ravaia: Thank you for a safe journey! *bows* I'll try to get silently to the camp, and see who is there...

[20:31:26] X-fans: I am going with you

[20:32:04] mirach.ravaia: *looks at the maia in surprise, and then nods*

[20:34:35] X-fans: I may be not such a good fencer as my brother is, but still I can protect you... if something happens

[20:35:45] mirach.ravaia: I don't need protection, I hope, but I welcome company

[20:36:59] X-fans: Then I'll make a good company. But from my personal experience, creatures that can attack from above are either very dangerous... or they don't attack at all

[20:37:42] mirach.ravaia: We will see then... I hope we can approach the camp unnoticed

[20:45:52] X-fans: I'll be quiet, but.. you're a ranger here, not I =)

[20:46:23] mirach.ravaia: You're a maia...

[20:47:24] mirach.ravaia: Let's go then... *creeps up through the bushes*

[20:48:52] X-fans: *whispers* Melkor didn't explain me how to creep...

[20:49:42] mirach.ravaia: just try to be silent and not step on any dry branches...

[20:52:13] X-fans: All right!

[20:53:00] mirach.ravaia: *creeps further*

[20:59:45] X-fans: *the camp you see soon is in fact just a small fire - and a young girl near it*

[21:01:06] mirach.ravaia: *looks back at Laure* Do you know her? *whispers*

[21:08:54] X-fans: *shakes head* no, have never seen... she looks very... scared and desperate... probably she needs some help?

[21:10:23] mirach.ravaia: *nods, and pushes aside the bushes* Good evening, lady. May we share your fire for a while?

[21:11:43] X-fans: *the girl jump up and points a dagger at you* who are you?! what do you want?

[21:13:38] mirach.ravaia: *holds up empty hands* We mean you no harm, lady. We just heard strange things are happening in this village, and when we came, we saw your fire. Do you need any help?

[21:14:01] X-fans: I... I will kill them myself!

[21:14:29] mirach.ravaia: Whom will you kill? What are you speaking about?

[21:16:24] X-fans: These monsters... they killed my father...

[21:17:35] mirach.ravaia: Please, will you tell us what happened?

[21:36:24] X-fans: My father's friend disappeared from his home some days ago... the house looked like there was a fight in it... and there was a blood trace from it into the woods, father followed that trace to find his friend... and never returned

[21:37:58] mirach.ravaia: I'm sorry to hear that... But you should return to safety. We will follow the trail, if it can be found still. Maybe they are still alive yet...

[21:39:16] X-fans: No, I won't return! I must find those beasts who kill people...

[21:41:02] mirach.ravaia: Please, listen to me... What will you do when you find them? It is dangerous...

[21:41:34] X-fans: I will fight... and at least die in a fight, not waiting for them in fear!

[21:42:46] mirach.ravaia: But are you sure it was them? Could I see the traces at least?

[21:43:15] X-fans: I will show you... *gloomily* follow me.

[21:43:51] mirach.ravaia: Thank you... *nods to Laure, and follws*

[21:48:27] X-fans: *you come to the path that leads to the village. here and there on the trees there are spots of blood.* It's here *the girl says* and further along the path...

[21:49:50] mirach.ravaia: Hm... *studies the tracks to see what creature made them, and how old they are*

[21:50:57] X-fans: *some days old. the blood seems to have dropped from above*

[21:52:28] mirach.ravaia: *what made the tracks then?*

[21:52:59] X-fans: *it's only blood - and some broken branches in the trees*

[21:53:52] mirach.ravaia: *no tracks of the father following the trail on ground?*

[21:54:08] X-fans: *ah, they are of course*

[21:55:50] mirach.ravaia: The trail goes this way... We will follow it. You don't have to go...

[21:56:06] X-fans: But...

[21:56:24] X-fans: All right.. take this dagger then... and may it help you

[21:58:05] mirach.ravaia: Thank you... Return straight to the village. We will return, and tell you what happened to your father!

[22:00:28] X-fans: *sighs* I will wait... for your return...

[22:01:22] mirach.ravaia: Good... Do not worry...

[22:03:48] X-fans: I won't! *it's clear that she does not have any hope to see you again*

[22:04:39] mirach.ravaia: *follows the trail with Laure*

[22:05:23] X-fans: What do you think of it? *LAure asks quietly* The blood... broken branches

[22:06:00] mirach.ravaia: Somebody was hunting here... A flying somebody.

[22:07:09] X-fans: and it seems to me that somebody did not care to hide where he was going...

[22:07:39] mirach.ravaia: *nods* It might be a trap...

[22:10:04] X-fans: it looks very much like that...

[22:10:14] X-fans: and we;re going to get int that trap...

[22:12:02] mirach.ravaia: We should be cautious... But we have no other clue to follow than the trail so far...

[22:14:19] X-fans: yes, perhaps knowing that it's a trap we'll have more chances

[22:15:12] mirach.ravaia: *follows the trail cautiously*

[22:15:53] X-fans: But who could be this flying someone?

[22:17:06] mirach.ravaia: I guess we will see that soon

[22:17:48] X-fans: I keep thinking of it, but... no clues..

[22:18:40] mirach.ravaia: the man who told me about the village said it were wights..

[22:19:25] X-fans: yes, it's their style - traps, staying invisible..

[22:20:34] mirach.ravaia: Ah yes, invisible... than it's possible we won't see soon...

[22:21:57] X-fans: more or less invisible... still someone saw them FLYING!

[22:22:36] mirach.ravaia: *smiles wryly* good that you can fly too...

[22:25:37] X-fans: Yes, at least they won't get away so easily...

[22:26:28] mirach.ravaia: If it's them. Somehow, the entire thing seems suspicious...

[22:30:24] X-fans: yes.. by the way... did your "them" mean some special them?

[22:31:14] mirach.ravaia: I know some... but I don't think they would do something like this.

[22:32:45] X-fans: which ones? the guardians?

[22:33:58] mirach.ravaia: yes, them...

[22:38:14] X-fans: they would not...

[22:38:33] mirach.ravaia: then it must be someone else

[22:40:50] X-fans: and this someone else wants victims and their relatives think that it was some of the guardians

[22:45:08] mirach.ravaia: It looks so, but who might that be?

[22:46:28] X-fans: Some other wight... who dislikes the guardians thoroughly.

7/14/2010 . Edited 7/14/2010 #1

*follows the trail deeper into the forest*

7/31/2010 #2

(shall we continue here and slowly so far?)

7/31/2010 #3

(we could so far =)

7/31/2010 #4

*the further you go, the quieter the forest is - until it becomes unnaturally quiet...*

7/31/2010 #5

"There's something unnatural here... Be ready to fight!" *looks up*

8/1/2010 #6

*also looks up and around* "I don't see anyone... so far. But they can hide well.. whoever this is. And neither you not I can see them..."

8/1/2010 #7

"Then listen! Do you think they are here?"

8/1/2010 #8

"Maybe yes... or maybe not. Anyting can be but an illusion in a place like this..." *pauses* "Do you think the Thenni know of this...place and the attacks?"

8/3/2010 #9

"I don't know... I'd say not."

8/3/2010 #10

"Maybe... we should warn them if we can still get out of here... I don't see or hear any creature here... but I sense its power..."

8/3/2010 #11

"That's the question, if we can. But I promised the girl to find her father..."

8/3/2010 #12

"Then let's find him and try to return.."

8/3/2010 #13

"Could you fly up and look if there is something visible from the air?"

8/4/2010 #14

"I will fly, but.. well I hope I'll see something!" *flies up...but it seems the higher he flies - the harder it is and at the level of upper branches he stops completely*

8/4/2010 #15

"Wait! Oh... he's away already... I wanted him to take me up too, we shouldn't separate now..." *sighs and looks around with a sword ready*

8/4/2010 #16

*after some time the maia almost falls back, exhausted* "I... could not rise higher than the trees..."

8/4/2010 #17

(shouldn't we switch to "non-chat mode? It looks weird here...)

"Oh... So we are trapped here?"

8/4/2010 #18


"At least the way up seemes to be closed for us, so... let's just... walk?" Laure shrugs.

(present tense or past?)

8/4/2010 #19

"It seems the only way..." Kaldir nodded.

(past, we'll slip into it anyways as all other RPs are in it...)

8/4/2010 #20

"So let's go further... perhaps the lair of this creature is not here yet.." the maia made some hesitant steps forward.

8/4/2010 #21

Kaldir followed him, listening to the silence around.

8/4/2010 #22

After some time they noticed a cocoon, hanging from one of the branches...

8/7/2010 #23

Kaldir stopped sharply, and glanced at Laure. "Do you know what it is?" he asked in a whisper.

8/16/2010 #24

"No... but we'd better be careful..." the maia replied also in a whisper.

8/21/2010 #25

Kaldir nodded, and touched the thing lightly with the point of his sword.

8/21/2010 . Edited 8/21/2010 #26

It did not attack him.. just swinged slightly after the touch...

8/21/2010 #27

Kaldir didn't hide the sword, but the touched the cocoon with a bare hand now. "Do you sense something inside?" he asked Laure.

8/22/2010 #28

"N-no..." the maia stepped closer. "Nothing... nothing living at least... you thought it might be... some monster growing inside?"

8/22/2010 #29

Kaldir nodded. "Either that... or a victim." He tried to tear the webs open.

8/22/2010 #30
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