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I saw the movie and i couldnt help myself and do this. Join me as we start our journey into the world of HTTYD!
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4/13/2010 #1

((Well, here goes nothing...))

It had been a long flight, with freezing winds, and a none-too-warm drizzle that had started early morning and lasted all day. As the sun began to set, Kevlar wiped rainwater from the thinly-sliced crystal that made up the shield over his eyes.

"At least the rain stopped, Shojro!" He shouted over the wind. The dragon laboring beneath him, wings soaked and tired, growled and shook his head, sending water spraying from the tips of his horns, from where it had been dripping into his orange eyes all day. Kevlar made a face, then wiped his eye protection clear again. "I know, I know." He sighed. "I'll keep an eye out for a place to land." He sat up a little in the homemade saddle and peered down at the turbulent ocean below. "With any luck, we'll find a place to stay the night....provided the natives like acrobats."

Shojro snorted, his breath icing into great clouds in the cold air, and altered his wings, diving closer to the water so that any landmass would be easier to see. It wasn't as if there were any thermals to give up right now, anyway. Both rider and dragon struggled to pierce the murky light - having lost much of their visibility to a growing bank of clouds. Finally, though, Kevlar gave a shout and pointed down, off Shojro's left side. "There! A village! I can even see the beacons!" Shojro turned, and spotted the glowing points of orange and red far below. Heaving something of a relieved sigh, the wind runner banked, and began to descend toward the island of Berk.

4/14/2010 . Edited 4/14/2010 #2

Slim came out of the Thing Hall. Having feeling a little left out, she took her food with. A turkey leg and a piece of bread on her plate she thought it's be best to head to the beach. Dinner and a scenery, what better way to eat your food. Thus, she proceded on her way.

4/14/2010 #3

Versus sat in the shadows of the tavern, chugging the bottle in his left hand every now and then. He was a silent blotch of darkness, alone in a sea of bustling, lively crowds of Vikings. On his belt was a wickedly curved falcata, that shone in the candle light. As Versus tipped back and took in a long draught a fist whizzed pat his ear and embedded itself in the wall behind it.

"Nice to see you, too," Versus said calmly lowering the bottle. The viking that had swung for Versus growled angrily.

"You'll be payin' for what you did to me now," the viking said menacingly.

"Really? But your nose looks soooooo much better broken. Matches the ragged, pathetic, filthy impression the rest of your face gives," Versus replied, tipping back and finishing the ale in his hand.

"Enough! I am Ivan the Terrible! I will not stand for this humiliation!" the viking yelled indignantly. He swung his giant arm again. In a fluid motion Versus spun around the large man and smashed his ale bottle on the man's skull, rendering him unconscious.

"If only names determined strength," Versus commented to the crowd that had grown silent.

"Um..." a nearby waitress mumbled. Versus rolled his one eye.

"Yeah. Hitting the road. Too noisy anyway," Versus said and left. He decided to go to the beach for lack of a better idea as he skidded his boots against the wet stone.

"Omigosh!" The waitress exclaimed after he had left, causing the Vikings to turn to face her, and she blushed.

"H-He didn't pay his bill again..."

4/16/2010 #4

Slim had reached the beach and sat on the rough sand. Lightly picking at her food, she let her mind wonder about the last few months. Leavin' Constantinople, leavin' her parents, taking but a month to reach this island, meeting the elder an convincing her to let her stay.

It all had happened so quickly, she still couldn't figure out how well she had handled everything at the time. Especially the thought of dragons. She remembered her first dragon, everyone called it a... Night Fury? Well the way they yelled its name made it seem like it was a dangerous creature and yet to her surprise it was gentle and sweet. What surprised her was the story the Vikings had told her about how this mighty dragon was softened by a boy younger than her. Slim have had the honor to meet him and how the dragon would cuddle his rider.

It was quite a site and so cute too! Slim wondered what her parents would think of her if they could hear her thoughts. A dragon? Cute? Slim smiled at the thought but soon fell as her parents crossed her mind. Have they survived the Iconoclasm? Was it even over? She wanted to find out but what could she do? For a long moment Slim thought about it, her food already gone cold.

4/17/2010 #5

Versus trudged along, dragging his feet through the sand, half-asleep. He was so out of it, he didn't stop walking until he was thigh deep in the icy cold water. He scooped it up in his hand and let it run across his finger, as the small waves washed over his stomach. He sighed, annoyed. The sea always reminded him of a life he hated. A farmer, raking the ground for food, begging for the winter to end, begging the Gods for mercy. It was much more fun being evil and free.

And so he had set sail for the island of Berk, only to find that the dragons had all palled up with the Vikings. Everything was all peaceful. And peace meant boredom.

Versus sighed again. If I can't find adventure here, I'll leave by tomorrow.

With that ultimatum he decided to head back to his private room. But his ears picked up a faint screeching noise much like when a rusty sword is drawn from its sheath. In a flash he whipped around drawing his falcata ready to strike down his attacker but instead was met with a girl around his age scraping her plate of food, and gazing at him in shock.

4/17/2010 #6

Slim had seen the boy arrive and like in a trance walked into the cold ocean water. She became curiose as she remembered over hearing two viking women talk about an outsider. Besides the gossip about her arrival which had died down some time back. Was this him? Maybe. By this time the boy had retreaded from the waters and began his way back to the village. Slim gave him last as she played with her food. However, the sudden movement in the corner of her eye made her turn her head and saw the boy with his weapon drawn. Shock was evident in her face. Many thoughts came to her mind as she stared at the sword, many but mostly why?

Raising her hands slowly in form of surrender Slim said, "P-Please retract your weapon. I mean you no harm."

4/20/2010 #7

Versus stood motionless, a gargoyle in the moonlight, impassive to her pleas. His one eye slowly traced over her, sizing her up slowly. She didn't have the attire of an assassin or mercenary, nor did she bear the signet of any of the nations he could think of. Nor did it seem like she had any concealed weapons. And she definitely didn't have the air of a sorceress. Finally, he resigned and with a dramatic sigh he lowered the blade, but did not sheath it.

"Begging your pardon," he said in a mocking, sophisticated tone. "You took me by surprise. Most people have the common sense to stay away from the scary devil with a blade."

4/20/2010 #8

Slim raised an eyebrow at him, it seemed that he was disappointed that she was not an enemy. Eyeing the sword, she figured that he still didn't trust her. She wouldn't trust him with the sword out either. Standing up slowly and dusting the beach sand off of her she said, "I did not know you were the devil with a blade. However, I do know that you are the new comer."

4/21/2010 . Edited 4/21/2010 #9

Shojro leaned forward, poking his head beneath Kevlar's arm and growling inquisitively. His rider quickly shushed him. "The one with the sword almost spotted us!" He pushed the dragon's white and grey head back into the shelter of the thick foliage. "Stay down! You're too easy to see at night, Shojro!" The dragon growled irritably, lifting his head again and snapping at Kevlar's collar. "Okay, okay, I'll come down, too."

The young man slowly began to climb down from the tree, trying to make as little noise as possible. He'd lost his favorite sword to the storm they'd flown through. He still had his knife, and a halberd strapped to Shojrou's saddle, but he was less experienced with both, and had no intention of getting into a fight so soon after landing.

((Sorry I disappeared….was dragged under by a shortened school year and earlier finals.))

4/21/2010 #10

Versus cocked his head so the moon cast its eerie light on his one eye.

"Newcomer?" he snorted. "Hardly. I've been here for over a year now. People just don't use their eyes. My one eye is better than any pair belonging to a human. And unfortunately for the one sneaking out of the tree about 20 yards back..."

Without much warning, Versus flung his blade out striking the tree trunk dead center shaking the leaves.

"My ears are better as well. Now step out. Slowly."

4/21/2010 #11

Slim felt the butterflies in her stomach as the blade flew passed her. Stiffly turning her head slightly to look at where the weapon was thrown she didn't see any movement but could definitely hear whispers. Then looking back at the boy she could only stare eyes wide. His one blue eye shined in the night, sharp and cold like a knife. Slim inwardly gulped, this is going to be a long night.

4/22/2010 #12

Versus ignored the gawking girl and focused on the tree, crossing his arms and gazing impatiently. "You're annoying me. Get out of the tree or I'll come fetch you out of it," Versus said darkly.

4/25/2010 #13

"Okay, okay..." Kevlar muttered under his breath as he slid out of the tree and landed beside the trunk. "Geez, no need to get violent..." Still hidden in the foilage, Shojro narrowed his eyes.

4/26/2010 #14

"Really? I can think of several reasons for me to 'get violent.' I suggest you don't add 'because he's annoying' to the list. It tends to be a tie breaker. Now take my sword out of the tree and slide it back to me," Versus said focusing all his attention on the boy who had just stepped out.

4/26/2010 #15

"περιμένετε!" said Slim as she stepped in between the two. She was one to hate violence, and did not intend to let one start infront of her. "There's is no need for a fight."

(BTW: Word means 'wait')

4/26/2010 . Edited 4/26/2010 #16

Versus rolled his one eye, dramatically.

"I'll be the judge of whether a fight is 'necessary' or not. It all depends on the number of poison darts and throwing knives in his pockets. Now step aside, little girl," Versus said, impatience beginning to bloom within him.

4/26/2010 #17

Versus turned his head back to find the spot that was previously occupied, completely devoid of any humans. For a moment he only stared at the empty space blankly. Then he turned back to face the girl.

"If I die in the next 5 minutes, it's your fault," he said.

4/29/2010 #18

Slim gave the boy a questioning look before she turned her head. The other guy was gone. She searched the area with her eyes then she turned back to the boy, "My fault?"

4/29/2010 #19

"Yes, your fault. Next time, don't bother me when I'm interrogating a suspected assassin. It will increase both of our health's indefinitely," Versus said. "As it is right now, you can just give me enough money to buy myself a new blade, seeing as my falcata just disappeared of the face of this world. Then we'll both be on our merry way."

4/29/2010 #20

Seeming to be thinking about it, Slim turned and walked over to where the boy had thrown his blade. Pushing the bushes aside, she saw the tree in which the blade should have embedded itself on. Feeling around on the trunk she halted when the feel of cold metal touched her skin. Slim grabbed on to the hilt of the blade and with uncharacteristic strength pulled it from the wood. Walking back onto the sandy beach and away from the forest edge, she approached the boy. Slim held the blade in an offering manner and she gave it back to him.

"I believe I do not believe I owe anything. Maybe a pay for the smith to repair the edge but nothing else."

4/29/2010 . Edited 4/29/2010 #21

Versus gazed at the gleaming blade, as the stars reflected off it. His mind reached desperately for some witty comment.

But before he could grasp it he heard an odd noise above him, like the wind was suddenly picking up and slowing down, continuously, accompanied by a series of clicks. His one eye narrowed and widened with shock. In a decisive move he tore the blade from the girl's hand and shoved her to the side, but too late. At the last moment a giant, taloned, limb hit the sandy beach and snapped the curved blade in half. A giant leathery flag clipped him on his chest and sent him flying back. He reoriented himself and landed on his feet, face to face with a Monstrous Nightmare.

There under the blackened night as the clouds rolled back in to eclipse the moon, Versus grinned like only a devil could.

4/29/2010 #22

Slim tried to make sense of what was going while she regained her balance. The Nightmare seemed to have appeared out of no where. Why was it attacking in the first place? Looking towards the boy, she noticed the very well missing blade he had roughly taken from her hands. She caught site of it however broken in two. So much for not trying to get the guy a new blade. Slim gave a slight glare to the Nightmare for that fact but decided to complain about it after the current situation was resolved. She had agree on something though: this was going to be a long night.

4/29/2010 #23

"Girl, I'm guessing you're about as weak and pathetic as every other woman in this world, so this is the first and last time I'm going to tell you to stay out of my way," Versus said calmly, as he and the dragon began to circle like two dogs ready to leap to fight. And it started at once. The Nightmare lit itself on fire and lunged forward, a flaming cannon. It snaked its long neck forward, and used it as a battery ram.

Versus cringed as the wind was knocked out of him but finally the neck stopped extending. He grinned again.


He jammed what was left of his sword into the back of the dragon's neck. Then he leapt onto the dragon, ignoring the blistering flames, and dragged the broken, jagged, steel along the dragon's spine. He used the tail as a spring board and landed in the cool ocean water. His body was covered in soot and as his black chain mail, gauntlet, and broken blade touched the water it let off an awful hiss.

The dragon growled and whipped to face Versus with mad hate in its eyes.

"Want more?" versus said lifting his blade. It was only then he noticed that it had been smelted and cooled into a useless shape. He abandoned his fighting stance and stared at the now useless tool. In a decisive move he flung the blade again and struck the dragon with the blunt object between eyes. The dragon sneezed and roared, it's hate multiplied. Versus stared at it, then looked back at the girl.

"There's still 2 minutes before my death is no longer your fault."

4/29/2010 #24

"I do not see how being killed by a dragon would be my fault!" said Slim as she backed off a little from the heat of the Nightmare. She didn't mind his earlier comment even though it did irk her a bit. Slim was use to it though.

4/29/2010 #25

"You don't have to see," Versus shouted back. The Nightmare gnashed its teeth and growled. Versus slowly moved back from the ocean to the sand.

Crap Versus thought to himself. At this rate I won't have any choice.

While he was pondering, the dragon took the liberty of smacking him across the head with its heavy tail. As Versus crawled back to his knees The Night mare reared up ready to smash him, but he whipped around and at once the dragon screeched, frightened, and scampered backwards.

"Yeah. You know what this is," Versus said. He was now brandishing another curved blade, in the shape of a dragon's wing. It was midnight black with red veins cracked across it, just over three feet long. The handle was made of two serpents twisting and ending in a long white chain.

"Now leave. Or share your brethren's fate," Versus said. The Nightmare let out another shriek and took off at once.

4/29/2010 #26

Slim stared at the retreating form of the dragon then back at the boy. Taking notice of his new blade, I guess I wont have to buy him a new blade after all. The design of it alone made her shiver. Surely that wasn't the reason why the dragon had just up and left. Dragons' are stubborn creatures and seeing a blade should not have scared it off. "Do you have an eel on you?"

4/30/2010 . Edited 4/30/2010 #27

Versus looked at her and cocked his head.

"Uh... no? Why you hungry?"

4/30/2010 #28

Slim got an annoyed look on her face, "No, however, there is no other way a dragon would just take off as it did..." her searched him over, " So why has it done so?"

4/30/2010 #29

"You honestly don't recognize this blade?" Versus said in mild disbelief. "I like power. Power and value. This is Naegling. The sword that Beowulf used to slay The Dragon. Reforged in blood."

4/30/2010 #30
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