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I saw the movie and i couldnt help myself and do this. Join me as we start our journey into the world of HTTYD!
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Versus walked forward into the darkness as rats and mice scampered on the ground. As he waved the torch a few bats were startles and screeched. Eventually in the middle of the filthy, dark, cavern there was a giant door carved ruggedly from the stone.

"Let's see if I can remember this right," Versus said tracing the stone with his fingers.

6/19/2010 #481

"When was the last time that you were here?" asked Slim.

6/19/2010 #482

"2... maybe 3 years ago. I'm not really all that eager to be back," Versus commented. His finger rested on one spot. Using the black gauntlet on his hand he carved into the stone and twisted his finger. Suddenly a door cracked open to the left.

"Enter... if you dare," Versus said ominously as he went through.

6/19/2010 #483

Slim rolled her eyes, "You are such a child sometimes." She followed behind.

6/19/2010 #484

Ink, who has been quiet this entire time glares at the two of them as if they're idiots, having to listen to their chatter.

(I wonder what Zidane will think of Ink)

6/20/2010 #485

(Well if he's as annoying as Versus poses him to be then I'm guessing he's gonna wanna pet Ink...)

"Even with a torch it's rather dark in here," Slim said with slight annoyance.

6/20/2010 #486

There's a sudden heat wave from behind the two and the tunnel becomes lit for a good 50-60 feet. Ink is sitting there behind them, glaring, engulfed in flames; obviously a smart a** response to Slim's complaint.

6/20/2010 #487

"Turn it off," Versus said immediately. It's going to get very bright soon. As they stepped out of the small entrance they were met by a giant golden palace with an incredibly high ceiling. There were mountains of jewelry and diamonds and the like. Even the sandy floor seemed as though it was gold dust.

"Don't... touch... ANYTHING..." Versus said forcefully to the rest of the pack as he walked straight forward.

6/21/2010 #488

"You don't have to tell me twice"

Slim wouldn't voice it but she was tempted to get a closer look but refrained herself and stayed as close as she could to Versus.

6/21/2010 #489

"By the second time it'll be too late," Versus said trudging forward. The place was a world of luxury underground. There were crowns and diamonds and rings and rubies and sapphires. Of course the most predominant metal was gold. Mountains of it. As Versus continued walking, not even so much as eyeing the gold he came upon another set of giant doors, which must have been a mile high. Again, Versus probed the wall, his armored hand gliding across the intricate pattern carved into the gold.

6/21/2010 #490

"You mean we would be dead?" asked Slim eyeing the door.

6/21/2010 #491

"Perhaps not dead..." Versus said thoughtfully, still facing the door. "But seeing as you are new here, you want to make a very good first impression. SO keep your knife where it is. Do not pull it out under any circumstance. Got it?"

With that he knocked on a part of the giant door. There was giant metal clanking and suddenly a much smaller, normal sized door popped open. Versus sighed.

"Why do I keep coming back to this place," he moaned as he walked in.

6/21/2010 #492

"You had startled me, "she mumbled. Looking the small entrance then at the presumed huge door, What was the point in that? Not thinking about it much she went through.

6/21/2010 #493

Whatever grandeur the previous room possessed shriveled in comparison to what was on the other side. There was an entire village of people in a city of the most beutiful structure. There were statues and monuments carved from all sorts of gemstones. The ground was paved with gold, the houses were delicately carved from black marble. There were stone fountains and gardens everywhere. Along the streets children were playing and villagers were talking idly.

Even the guards off to the side seemed very casual. One chanced to look up broke into a smile and nodded at Versus. "Hey, Versus."

Versus smirked and nodded in response. As Versus walked along the path villagers and children and guards all greeted him. It seemed as though everyone knew him. More importantly everyone in the village seemed to know one another.

6/21/2010 #494

To say that she was surprised was an underrstatement. Taking in what she was seeing, Slim was in awe. She didn't care much for the structures but how the poeple lived in such peace. A peace she envied.

I wouldn't mind living here...

She let a smile come across her features, watching how they all interacted with each other. The laughter of the children as they played.

6/21/2010 #495

Finally the group ended up before a sort of shrine with Versus entered. It turned out to be a throne room of sorts. Grand ceilings and a giant stairway leading to a single giant throne. The only thing missing was someone to sit on it.

"Zidane! Get your sorry face over here right now!" Versus shouted into the emptiness. No sooner had the words left this mouth did an assassin dressed in all black with nothing showing but his crystal blue eyes. The man was wielding a particularly large seat of daggers, almost cutlasses. He swung them around weaving a web of steel inches from Versus's face and then leapt around Versus in a series of twists and flips and somersaults, seemingly encouraging Versus to draw his weapon.

6/21/2010 #496

Staring at the assassin in on slight shock, Slim wondered if this was Zidane or a poser... She was hoping on the later, for if he was this great thief he was already loosing some of her respect towards him. The guy looked like a monkey trying to impress Versus just to get a banana.

6/21/2010 #497

Already aggrivated and distressed from the lacking sky, crowds of people, and hordes of treasure he wasn't allowed to touch, Ink's final straw has been drawn as some dark clad man attacks the only thing (Versus) Ink has anything in common with. He lets out a blood chilling roar that sounds across between that of yes, a dragon, and a banshee. Back off!!

(I'm sure this assassin who's most likely Zidane is just joking or greeting with Versus in his own way that he always has, but you gotta understand Ink's a wild dragon and doesn't understand this at all.)

6/21/2010 #498

(Understand completely.)

The assassin was shaken up quite a bit by the roar and as such was caught completely off guard by Versus's straight punch with his left hand, knocking the man off his feet.

"Zidane, you b***," Versus said past clenched teeth. "You owe me a whole lot of money." The man took off his mask revealing a fair face with golden bangs falling all around.

"You never play anymore Versus," Zidane whined. "You were a lot more fun back in the old days."

"I was a lot richer back then, too," Versus said moving in for another punch. In a very quick move Zidane danced around Versus and hid behind Slim.

"L-look can we talk about this?" Zidane said. Versus crossed his arms.

"Of course. Later. And if you don't have my money gathered, I'll make you my slave for the rest of your miserable life. Good? Well, let's have a nice proper greeting now, Zidane that's Kara, that's Slim, and the reptile in the back that made you wet yourself is Ink," Versus said in fake happiness.

"Oh? Got yourself a new dragon?" Zidane said eyeing the reptile.

"Maelstrom's dead," Versus said simply. If this caused Zidane any grief he made a good show of hiding it.

"Oh, well aren't you a beauty," Zidane said rubbing his hand on the Ink's head.

"Did I mention Ink was the one who killed him?"

6/21/2010 #499


6/21/2010 . Edited 6/21/2010 #500

The dragon is quick to snap at Zidane's arm, opening his wings and hiking his spines up in a threatening display hissing deep within his throat. He does not appreciate being touched.

6/21/2010 #501


Idiot was the word to describe Zidane in Slim's mind eye.

Wait, idiot is too strong, let's go with childish. She chuckled slightly when Ink almost ripped his arm off.

6/21/2010 . Edited 6/21/2010 #502

Ink continues to stare down Zidane, orange rings in his irises glowing from the firelight as he slowly advances, tail swaying to a frow. The scariest part however is probably the fact that the dragon's claws aren't making a sound on the golden floor as if Ink can decide whether or not to make a sound at all. His posture along with his coloration gives him the illusion of looking demonic with eery grace.

(Versus is gonna have to stop him soon...Cuz he's gonna take Zidane out if he doesn't...)

6/21/2010 #503

Versus reached out and grabbed Zidane by his hair and tossed him aside, a safe distance from Ink.

"I didn't come here to show off my new fancy pet," Versus said. "They're calling The Court. The Ninth are going to have a long boring chat. As part of them, you're presence is expected."

Zidane sighed angrily. "It's not like anyone listened to me the last time I was there. Why do I need to go?"

"People might listen if you talked while standing right side up."

"But then the blood goes back to my feet!"

Versus punched a nearby column cracking it. "Enough games Zidane. You're coming with me if I have to drag you down there." Zidane ran back and through a series of jumps and flips he ended up on top of a set of narrow beams high in the palace.

"Like hell," Zidane called back. "Just try. You'll have to chase me half across the world."

Versus folded his arms. "What do you want? I'll square our debt. How's that?"

Zidane shook his head. "I need a little more than that to go chat with old timers for an hour. Listen. The Chinese emperor's been getting closer and closer to finding this place. He's sending more scouts by the day. I need you to distract his attention. Get rid of his scouts. And you can't just kill them. You have to make them think the Mongols are invading again. Otherwise they'll just send the entire army down here and break open the doors.

Versus looked back at the group. "If nobody else has any complaints... but why don't you just do it yourself?" "I can't leave this place. All of China's after me."

"And why's that?"

"I ... may have ...with the Emperor's daughter..."

"...You sir, are an idiot."

6/22/2010 . Edited 8/23/2010 #504

The dragon launches into the air perches on one of the narrow beams across from Zidane, pouncing at him, trying to grab hold of him.

6/22/2010 #505

Her shoulders slumped and gave a droll stare to both males, "More chaos then?"

6/22/2010 #506

Versus had to smile at that.

"Lot's more chaos," Versus said. Then he called up to Ink. "Leave him! We need that loser alive. Anyway, you don't wanna eat him. You don't where he's been."

"Dude, I bathe everyday," Zidane called back, defensively.

6/22/2010 #507

"I do hope so..." Slim mumbled under her breath but loud enough for Versus and Kara to hear.

6/22/2010 #508

Fine, I won't take him against his will for you, see if I care. Growling, he drops from the rafters, using his wings to slow down before landing. He stays behind the group of humans following them to their next destination.

6/22/2010 #509

"You'll get your chance to rip out human intestines and watch them slowly bleed out when the time comes. Just not this one. Now all you children run along and play. And SOMEBODY make sure Ink doesn't kill anyone," Versus said. "Zidane, you'll need to give me the full debriefing."

Zidane eyes the three behind Versus who sighed to draw attention back to him.

"I told them not to touch the gold you paranoid, kleptafreak," Versus said and Zidane and Versus disappeared into some back room.

6/23/2010 #510
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