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BRITTANA! Also: Does anyone know Brittany's last name? Or if she even has a last name? EDIT: I know Brittany's last name, I just didn't at the time I made this thread almost 2 years ago. Thanks. :)


4/14/2010 . Edited 7/22/2012 #1

According to Change, both her middle and last name are Louise.

4/14/2010 #2

Brittany Louise Louise? Interesting.

I hope other people from the Glee RP come on here. It'll be more fun that way. I also advertised this on the URF.

4/14/2010 #3

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luvs Glee RP peeps. You guys are my babies. Not literally.

4/14/2010 #4

Yes. Literally would be weird.

4/14/2010 #5

And I'm only a little bit older than you. I think.

4/14/2010 #6

How old are you?

4/14/2010 #7


4/14/2010 #8

I'm older than you then.

4/14/2010 . Edited 4/14/2010 #9


4/14/2010 #10

What? I'm 15.

4/14/2010 #11

Lucky biscuit.

4/14/2010 #12


4/14/2010 #13

Brittany and Santana are hilarious. I just love how they act. Plus, Santana has a good voice.

5/11/2010 #14

I want to hear Brittany sing a solo! That would be nice. She is hilarious!

Also Santana has a really good voice too.

I love them two! :D

5/25/2010 #15

Yeah, Brittany should sing a solo. That would be cool.

5/27/2010 #16

Brittany's last name hasn't been announced. I even paused it when Rachel was giving Mr. Schue the list of people who hadn't been singing in 'Laryngitis' and there's no last name. So unless it's been announced by Ryan Murphy or something, she doesn't have one yet.

8/31/2010 #17

It's not even in the yearbook picture because you can read the names at the bottom.

8/31/2010 #18

Lol, that's actually very funny.

9/2/2010 #19

santana needs a life!!

Brit is just plain stupid!! lol she is funny though!!

10/25/2010 #20

I guess they sort of announced Brittany's last name in Britney/Brittany, I guess? That was actually really stupid and not funny. I'm sorry, but Brittany has gotten old.

10/25/2010 #21

Her last name is Pierce and her middle initial is S. Brittany S. Pierce.

10/27/2010 #22

I adore them both, especially Santana she sounded amazing singing 'Trouty mouth'

4/29/2011 #23

Yeah, that was cool. She definitely has a great voice.

5/10/2011 #24

Yeh love them both would have to be my fave couple in New Directions, along with Klaine, but hey.

11/25/2011 #25

Oooh, yes, I love both of them together. They're just so sweet. I think Brittany brings out the best of Santana and that she's nicer when Britt is around.

11/26/2011 #26
haunted lovegood
Brittany's name is Brittany S. Pierce. Announced in season 2 episode 2.
11/28/2011 #27

Yeah, I know. I just wasn't aware of it when I made the thread before season 2. :)

11/28/2011 #28
haunted lovegood
Yeah, sorry. As soon as I finished the review I realized that your comment was made back in 2010.
11/29/2011 #29

More impotantly, I love that Brit and Santana are together. YAY!

When the girls sang The First Time Ever I saw Your Face, I only got choked up when Santana was singing about Brittany.

Santana is just so damned happy now. She glows. Even when she's talking trash now, she still seems so much happier.

I just read in a magazine that Gloria Estefan is going to play Santana's mother. I've been wondering about Santana's parents especially after what happened with her Abuela.

1/27/2012 #30
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