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Kitalene Crimson
I don't know if it's just me, but Gle has seemed rather biphobic at times to me. For a start, the only bisexual character is Brittany, who is portrayed as, in the words of Haether Morris, "literally insane". Not to mention she's hugely slutty until her relationship with Santana is officialised. Also, Brittany has never been explicitly stated as bisexual in Glee, skirting around it with the terms "bi-curious", "fluid", and "not really gay". Then there's the whole Blaine issue. Ryan Murphy stated at the time that Blaine was "definitely gay", and that gay teens "needed someone like them". Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't there ALREADY gay characters before Blame It On The Alcohol was aired? However, there were no openly bisexual characters at that time. So, is Glee sounding biphobic to you? Discuss.
7/3/2012 #1

I completely agree. From Kurt's comments during Blaine's curiosity, which he never apologized, to the portrayal of Brittany's character, to the complete refusal to fully acknowledge any character as anything else it seems very biphobic.

7/3/2012 #2

It's distressing that by Glee neglects the L, B, and T of LGBT. Although, really, how long can a family comedy exploit these same themes and continue making money?

9/12/2012 #3

Actually, I swear I recall an episode where Brittany says outright that she likes boys and girls. She kind of mumbles it if I recall right.

But yes, it does bother me how they chose to portray her bisexuality. Unfortunately, I've noticed it's the norm of tv shows to portray bisexual characters as huge sluts, which makes me sad because we're all not like that, just as not every gay or heterosexual person isn't a huge slut even thought there's still a bunch in the, well, bunch, lol. The tv show, House, Md, portrayed bisexuality in a very poor light too, even worst than in Glee, by showing the one bisexual character, during a time of high stress and low self-esteem, recklessly doing drugs and having sex with the same gender. She was suddenly 'better' when she began to date her male co-worker. In that, both shows made the same disturbing jump from major sluttiness to 'being in a relationship is the only way to cure being a slut'. WTF?

Overall, I don't see any biphobia in Glee, just ignorance of what it actually means to be bisexual, the same trend every show has on it except for like, Torchwood (where everyone is bisexual and no one cares, because it's fine, lol).

9/26/2012 #4

Glee is guilty of varying levels of biphobia, bisexual erasure, trans*phobia, trans* erasure and just about every other sin against the LGBT community barring straight up m/m homophobia...

As Valie said, though, Torchwood is just about the only model of a programme that addresses sexuality without definition. "bisexual" isn't the right term though - I think every character in TW has had sex with AT LEAST one alien.

1/4/2013 #5
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