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Ok the story begins with Peter Pan first coming back from London. Neverland has been a cold wintry place since he left considering that Peter and Neverland are connected magically. So the moment Peter comes back into Neverland the sun immediately begins to shine behind clouds never fully coming out but it still alrets the residents of the island that Peter is back. However the sky stays dark and even as the ice begins to melt......

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...the sound of thunder clashes in the distance, a warning to the residents of the island that something had changed...what rays of light did happen to shine through here and there were slowly becoming

enveloped and the warming air was quickly becoming cool once again. Peter came to rest atop a gray cloud and looked out upon the island. He glanced over the island with an unusual clarity and depth which he had not noticed before. Birds had already begun to take to the air, flying from one part of the island to the other. There was movement on the ground, underneath the greening brush. A white and brown rabbit hopped around as it came out into the open.

He heard a loud crackling toward his left and he looked. A massive sheet of ice had fallen off the masks of Captain Hook's ship and had landed on the main deck with a shattering echo. There was much cursing after this by the pirates and Peter laughed to himself. He leaped from the cloud over to another some one hundred yards closer to the pirate's ship and watched them hustling about from one end of

the other as Smitty yelled orders at them. The hands on deck pushed the chunks of ice off with a "heave ho!" on the large pieces and a "Haaa!" on the smaller ones. There was no sign of Hook yet so he flew off and headed towards the Lost Boy's hide out.

8/4/2010 #2

Ruby walked around towards the shore of the island her blue eyes staring into the water chunks of ice flouting here and there as the ice melted leaving her no means to get back to the ship. 'Great now how am i going to get back to the ship if all the ice is melted.' She walked away from the shore and into the woods not sure where she was heading just followig her feet tell she reached the forest leaning against a tree as she tried to make out where she was. But the only thing she noticed that was usual was a big deformed tree.

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