Beyblade RP: Bladers Reunion!
Hey people! You can be a original character or an OC. Come on in and let it rip!
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Aretsu Hiwatari

Come and create! Or claim whichever floats your boat.

4/19/2010 #1
Omega 445

Name: Chaz Markson

Region: English

Gender: male


Occupation: blader

Appearance: wears black clothing and a hood to hide his face in shadow

beyblade: dark chaos, a black beyblade with 2 star defense, 3 star endurance and 4 star attack

bit beast: Chaostrix

bit beast appearance: a collosal black snake with large tentacle like tendrils coming from its back, it can fly through the air without any visible signs of flight appendages such as wings

bitbeast origins: rumored to have inhabited the void of nothingness before the universe began which the greeks called chaos

beyblade attacks:

creeping chaos attack (disorientation attack, the blade glows orange before it seems to sink into the ground and the strikes before sinking again, and repeats)

demon arm attack (common attack the blade glows red and shoots out tendrils of red energy which the hold and spin with the blade creating a widened disk affect making the attack range higher this effect doesn't last long),

Void cannon attack (heavy charge attack the blade glows green and the bitbeast has to be out and it charges at which point it is vunerable, but if it manages to fire the effect id devasting high defense is needed to withstand this attack)

Black hole attack (finisher move devastaing effect the blade glows blue and moves to the sentre of the dish a black dome coveres the blade as the gravitational forces rise blades then get pulled in, and are often ripped apart by the gravitational forces theres a way to avoid it but thats for you to figure out think sci fi movies ;))

Personality: chaz is the type where hes a dick till beaten XD

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Aretsu Hiwatari

Name: Aretsu Murakami

Age: 17

Looks like: Caramel skin color, long light blue hair, violet eyes. He wears skinny jeans, converse and the occasional blue t shirt. He mostly known for the red ribbon in his hair.

Beyblade: Dark blue blade with red tips and gray stripes on attack ring. Engine gear.

Bit-beast: Granity

Bit-beast: His bit-beast is like Kai's but controls ice. Looks like dranzer too but it's icy blue. its flames are hotter too!!!!!

Personality: Gentleman like but will get angry. Kinda acts like Kai and Ray put together. when he's blading he has a totally different attitude. (his attitude is kind of scary when he blades.)

History: Doesn't like to talk about it. -_- (but for everyone else's sake . . .) Ever since he was 8 he's been abused in more ways then one by his father. His father hit him and pretty much raped him when ever he felt like it. By the age of 9 1/2 he got his blade, Granity, and tried to practice with him as much as he could. When he turned 13 he was able to run away but was captured by Boris and B.I.O.V.O.L.T. and was used as a lab rat for many dangerous things. Kai knew him but so much. When Kai and Aretsu meet Kai's amazed that he acts so calm and nice, knowing what happened to him.

7/16/2010 #3
Nightingale Heartz

Name: Alexandria Martin (Nickname: Alex)

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Appearance: Alex has icy blue eyes, she has dark circle under her eyes because she can't sleep very well and is constantly under a enormous about of stress. Her hair goes half-way down her back, she is rarely seen without her beanie hats. Her hats keep her bangs cover the right half of her face. She always wears jeans, a shirt or a tank-top.

Personality: Alex is an emotionally driven person, she is emotionally "unstable" because she never had the proper environment needed to mature properly. Her personality will switch between from being more mature for her age and very childish. She can get protective of others easily and will never back down from a fight. Her rebellious and sarcastic nature causes her rarely follow the rules. Her most prominent traits are her loyalty to others and her sense of justice. Alex is a very sensitive person, she prefers to hang back by herself and her friends. She tends to stay out of people's way. She lacks confidence, and is doubtful of praise, wary of success, and easily crumbles under criticism or ridicule.

Relationships/Friends: Alex lives next door to Tyson. He and his older brother taught her how to beyblade. She idolizes Tyson's older brother, Hiro. She is pretty good friends with Tyson and the rest of them.

History: Her parents are rarely home. Her older siblings are in America at boarding school. She was in boarding school but she couldn't handle the pressure and returned to Japan and lived with her aunt. She can speak English and Japanese.

Beyblade: Gratia

Beyblade Appearance: It's black, blue and white.

Bit Beast: Gratia (Means Grace)

Bit Beast Appearance: A Nightingale. It isn't the usual color. It's navy blue and the tips of it's wings are white. The area around it's eyes is black.

Crush: Max Tate

Other: Alex has a deep fear is that people will abandon her or hate her for being who she really is.

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Aretsu Hiwatari
Yeah sure come on in welcome! Since this is a beyblade forum though will u be joining any teams for tournaments and stuff. Whats your beyblade like? Do you know any of the canon characters? Stuff like that if you dont mind. But nevertheless you are more than welcome to start with us.
9/18/2010 #5

character infomation.

Name: Kayra.

Nickname: Spitfire

Age: 17

Gender: Male.

Date of birth: 13th december

Blader looks: Red/ orange spiked hair with dark red eyes, exstreamly pale and tall, fairly skinny.

Hight: 6 ft

Weight: Fairly skinny.

Blader wears: A faded Red t-shirt, Black jacket with fur on its hood and a flame marking on the sleve and white skinny jeans and red and black trainers. red gloves and his left ear is pierced.

Personality: Strong silent type, Arrogant, Sly, cunning, polite, straight forward, respectful. ( if you can get his respect that is)

Blading way: Keep the opponents blade spinning but when the blade is hit out of the ring he hits it back in and makes it re-spin, giving him more time to wear his oponent down and he lets them hit him first gaining the power from there attack and storing it in the gear of the beyblade.

beyblade infomation.

beyblade name: Nightmare H.M.S MF X

Bitbeast: Nightmare dragon

Bitbeast element: Electric.

Beyblade Type: Attack/ Stamina.

Bitbeast looks: A large blue Russian snarler Dragon. (chineese dragon) witch fills the whole building when attacking. numerous skales that stick out and jag out of its skin, it has a black line running down each side of it that goes from its eyes down to its tail witch is acctual electricity. black arms with long black spikes jagging out of it and black claws with metal cuffs around its arms and legs. has large metal like clamp circles going around its body, its face has white eyes and a large black Metal like razor like scale going up on going jack in the directions of its scales, Light blue markings running all over its body.

Beyblade looks: A black blade with gold spikes coming off it and a metal gold plate on top of it and a Black defence ring on top of it, 2 attack rings on top of that each with spikes that poin in the oppersit direction but at different points for more attack power. Gold russan letters running along the ring and the bit chip in the center. the blade sets on fire during an attack.

Beyblade moves: Internal blitzer - Can take an oppenents special move and turn it against them

After shock - an attack move causing a swirl of wind around the blade causing a tornado to form around the blade in a black and red swirl and stops the other blade from attacking causing it to loose stamina and spin.

Intuernal rage - a fire attack where the bitbeast will wrap itself around its opponent and almost strangle it to death.

Time drop - Time around the blade compleatly stops and the other blade is frozen and the attack comes so quick you dont know what is happening until you notice there blade out side of the ring or not spinning, its a fatal attack

Static charge - turns the electicity on its body turning it into fire and using it to power up before a final move

Beyblade class: Level ten. Pro blader

Stamina: 10/10 Defence 10/10 Balence: 10/10 Speed: 10/10 Attack: 10/10.

blade advantage: full advantage.

Blade infomation: the blade it one of the only ones that has the ability to spin backwards. The blade Also can use all blade types thanks to its custamised base.

Blader habits: Spitfire will often draw the battle out as long as he can to give his oponent more pain. if the blade is thrown out of the ring he will often stop it from going out and spin it back into the match using his backwards spin or if the blade stops spinning he will carry it on spinning causing the oppersit blader more pain all togeather.

Blader match infomation: Spitfire is exstramly ruthless in his matches using quick attacks to finish off his oponent but dragging out the match to give his oponent more pain.

blader background infomation

Spitfire grew up on his own most of his life when his mother died from a fire when he was born causing his father to blame him for the fire saying he was somehow evil being the religious man he was and that Spitfire was not right to be born but he was force to bring him up naming Him Spitfire as if trying to put the blame on him. he then grew up with his father who blamed him for his mothers death and he brought Spit fire up with an elegant but strick life causing Spitfire to be abused by him when he did the slightest thing wrong. this one day lead to Spitfire fighting back and ended up getting raped by his father witch caused Spitfire to run away from the urge to kill his father. that night he ran away and lived on the streets from the age of 7 until the age of 13. living on the streets for 6 years his Father found him and dragged him back home causing Spitfire to attack him, he ran from his Father only to have him follow and trap him in a run down building causing them to have an arugment and resulting in his Father trying to rape him again but as soon as he grabbed Spitfire he was shocked off by something and then apeared Nightmare dragon who set the whole building on fire and bringing it down on both His Father and accidently on Spitfire. His father was pronounced dead on site and Spitfire was taken to hospital in a coma. a year later they where ready to take him off life support but when they went they found Spitfire sat on his bed, shaking, scared and awake and with amnesha. He panic'd and set the building on fire thanks to nightmare dragon by accident and ran. he grew up with nightmare dragon until the age of 15 and the dragon filled him in on what had happened to him in his life witch instently enraged him. after that he met Jesse and the instently clashed and thats how he was introduced to the Abbey and Beyblades. Jesse had ran to Boris after getting into a fight with Spitfire and getting sevearly burned on his hand Boris went out looking for him. when he found him he instently placed him in they abbey and gave him a beyblade witch Spitfire altered in his spare time witch ended up in the resuly of the backwards spinning blade he has now. Boris found out about this and told him to fight with it against Jesse. seeing as he didnt have a bitbeast as of then he lost and Boris tried to punish him only to have Nightmare dragon to attack him, he then gauded Part of nightmare dragon into a bitchip but he couldent fully get the creature into the blade so only part went in causing the nightmare dragon bitbeast to be born.

when he was 17 Boris pushed him into a match with his studant Canser (another OC) and the two clashed in a match of Nightmare dragon vs Darkness Dragon where the two almost distroyed the whole abbey. the two ran from the abbey and are now exstreamly dangerous around each other. now there into the world championship and plan on whiping the floor with tysons face just to get back at boris for what he did to them and they are both Going to try and permently put any one out of the abbey out of beybladeing including Kai, The neoborg team and anyone else who ever got in there way of boris.

team infomation.

team name: Sharyn roses

Team members : Canser, Nue and Spitfire

Team rank: unknown.

Team infomation: the team consist of Canser, Nue and Spitfire who have vowed to take out boris Balkov by defeating anyone from the abbey and retireing them from beyblade the finaly taking out boris and they abbey.

personal infomation

family: none

Friends: Canser

Alliences: Canser, Jesse (OC), Skyler (OC)

Enemys: Neoborg (blitzkreig boys), boris, Kai, Voltair, Mr Dickinson, Judy tate, Tyson.

Nationality: Russian

Lives: Yekaiterninburg

Likes: Destruction, fire

Dislikes: almost everything

Most tresured possesion : Beyblade

Family history: None only his father named him spitfire because his mother died from a fire the day he was born and his father blamed him calling him spitfire

Sexual orrientation: Unkown

Relationship status: None

Crushes: None

Fave song: Keneya - Six yous. (

Fave movie: The last exsersisum.

Fave book: Bitten

Fave thing to do: Blade

Theme song: skankfunk - anthem 4 pipe dreams (


His bitbeast:


Name: Canser Kuznetsov.

Nickname: Cypher

Age: 17

Gender: Male.

Date of birth: 13th December 1993.

Blader looks: Piercing light blue almost white eyes, Pitch Black hair With blond and Lavender/Red streaks, Ivory skin.

Hight: 5ft 9inch.

Weight: Fairly skinny.

Blader wears: A white t-shirt, Black leather look Pants, same leather look Jacket and Black and white trainers lined with metal.

Personality: Strong silent type, Arrogant, Sly, Cunning, a Liar, Cold, Distant, Loner, Ruthless, manipulitive.

Blading way: He would raither attack the blader then the Beyblade.

beyblade infomation.

beyblade name: Viper H.M.S MF X

Bitbeast: Sharyn Dragon.

Bitbeast element: Fire/ Shadow.

Beyblade Type: Attack/ Stamina.

Bitbeast looks: A large black Russian snarler Dragon. (chineese dragon) witch fills the whole building when attacking. A large purple vine like pattern running along its Scales that end in an ivy like pattern with yellow lines running threw them. Large long red claws, Red spikes coming off all of its body and long purple like spikes coming out of its long tail. Large Black ripped wings that are almost twice as big as the creature itself, a black myst surrounding it.

Beyblade looks: A black blade with gold spikes coming off it and a metal gold plate on top of it and a Black defence ring on top of it, all the spikes pointing clockwise but at different points. Gold russan letters running along the ring and the bit chip in the center. the blade sets on fire during an attack.

Beyblade moves: Internal blitzer - Can take an oppenents special move and turn it against them

After shock - an attack move causing a swirl of wind around the blade causing a tornado to form around the blade in a black and red swirl and stops the other blade from attacking causing it to loose stamina and spin.

Intuernal rage - a fire attack where the bitbeast will wrap itself around its opponent and almost strangle it to death.

Beyblade class: Level ten. Pro blader

Stamina: 10/10 Defence 10/10 Balence: 10/10 Speed: 10/10 Attack: 10/10.

blade advantage: full advantage.

Blade infomation: the blade it one of the only ones that has the ability to spin backwards. The blade Also can use all blade types thanks to its custamised base.

Blader habits: Canser will often draw the battle out as long as he can to give his oponent more pain. if the blade is thrown out of the ring he will often stop it from going out and spin it back into the match using his backwards spin or if the blade stops spinning he will carry it on spinning causing the oppersit blader more pain all togeather.

Blader match infomation: His blade spins t 10,000 RPS (revoltutions per second) making it either look like a blur or make it look like its not moving.

blader background infomation

Canser was born into the russian bio-volt and grew up with Tala Ivanov and the rest of his team only to be taken out of the championships thanks to him being disbanned for 5 years when he was 6 for loosing his temper and almost killing his oponent. he escaped the Abbey and was taken in by a care home and put into an abusive foster family, who hurt him in more ways than one and caused him more halm than good. when he escaped that family when he was 13 boris took him back into the Abbey and succeeded in making him emotionless and causing him alot of harm, now plauged by nightmares he fights like he always has... to win.... he has never lost a match thanks to his bitbeast witch he was born with and they have always been togeather and are the only firend the other has.

team infomation.

team name: Sharyn roses.

Team members : Canser and Spitfire

Team rank: unknown.

Team infomation: the team consist of Canser and Spitfire who have vowed to take out boris Balkov by defeating anyone from the abbey and retireing them from beyblade the finaly taking out boris and they abbey.

personal infomation

family: Bryan Kuznetsov (brother, the connection is unknown though)

Friends: Spitfire, Nue

Alliences: Spitfire, Nue

Enemys: Boris, Voltair, Neoborg, Mr dickinson, Tyson.

Nationality: Russian.

Lives: Yekaiterinburg.

Likes: to be left alone, bringing overs pain.

Dislikes: everything except blading.

Most tresured possesion : His bitbeast.

Family history: he has none his pairents where killed just as he was born.

Sexual orrientation: Uknown

Relationship status: none as of yet

Crushes: none to be honest....

Fave song: Send me an angel by Zeromancer

Fave movie: saw 6

Fave book: haunting of Alazabel Cray.

Fave thing to do: Draw, Blading.

Theme song: Somewhere i belong - linkin park.


His bitbeast:


Name: Kaizra

Nickname: ' Static'

Age: 17

Gender: Male.

Date of birth: 19th January

Blader looks: Purple eyes, Light purple hair and fairly pale. Not as skinny as spit fire

Hight: 5ft 11inch.

Weight: Fairly skinny.

Blader wears: black jeans, purple t-shirt and black Jacket.

Personality: Funny, confident, Laughabul, serious

Blading way: Lets his oponents attack first

beyblade infomation.

beyblade name: Stich H.M.S MF X

Bitbeast: Startric dragon

Bitbeast element: Storm

Beyblade Type: Attack/ Stamina.

Bitbeast looks: A large red dragon with Yellow spikes shooting all over its back right the way down like hedgehog quills, a large feather like tale and long black claws.

Beyblade looks: A red blade with black spikes coming off the attack ring and flame markings

Beyblade moves: Spit shock - Stuns the other Bitbeast imoble.

Intuernal rage - a fire attack where the bitbeast will wrap itself around its opponent and almost strangle it to death.

Beyblade class: Level ten. Pro blader

Stamina: 10/10 Defence 10/10 Balence: 10/10 Speed: 10/10 Attack: 10/10.

blade advantage: full advantage.

Blade infomation: the blade it spins so fast it apears to be invisibul or sets itself on fire

Blader habits: He often lets his oponent attack him first absorving the power

Blader match infomation: His blade spins t 10,000 RPS (revoltutions per second) making it either look like a blur or make it look like its not moving.

blader background infomation

Nue was born into a rich wealthy family that suddenly decided to give him a beyblade to have fun with the other kids. in a match with some local kid his blade set on fire and out came his dragon bitbeast as its known now and his parents heard about this and let him continue with this but his skills started getting out of control. one day his parents where killed in a car crash and his uncle places him in BIOVOLT where he met Canser and Spitfire and they all became a team

team infomation.

team name: Sharyn roses.

Team members : Canser and Spitfire, Nue

Team rank: unknown.

Team infomation: the team consist of Canser, Nue and Spitfire who have vowed to take out boris Balkov by defeating anyone from the abbey and retireing them from beyblade the finaly taking out boris and they abbey.

personal infomation

family: none

Friends: Spitfire, Canser

Alliences: Spitfire, Canser

Enemys: Boris, Voltair, Neoborg, Mr dickinson, Tyson.

Nationality: Russian.

Lives: Yekaiterinburg.

Likes: to be left alone, fire

Dislikes: everything except blading.

Most tresured possesion : His bitbeast.

Family history: he has none apart from his parents being killed in a car crash when he was 7

Sexual orrientation: Uknown

Relationship status: none as of yet

Crushes: none to be honest....

Fave song: trapt - headstrong (

Fave movie: Final destination

Fave book: Howling

Fave thing to do: Blade

Theme song: Snapped (


His bitbeast:

(There ya go, thats the team done)

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Nightingale Heartz

I just realized I posted the wrong profile.... I'll go edit! SO SORRY!

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11/29/2010 #8

Name: crashura B. Andicoot. Also goes by Crash.

Gender: male


Occupation: Blader

Appearance: Crash has messy red hair with grey stripes and has deep-red eyes. He wears an orange hoodie, a white t-shirt under the hoodie, black fingerless gloves, blue lazed jeans and a pair of old sneakers.

beyblade Type: Defense

bit beast: Simia

bit beast appearance: A monke bit beast with a silver helmet that covers it's eyes. Wears silver armor an two long katanas, one by each side.

bitbeast origins: Simia was trapped inside an ancient stone, of which Crash obtained it after breaking the stone in two.

beyblade attacks:

Simian Cyclone: Makes blades of wind which will attack the opponent from afar.

Monkey Dunk: Simia jumps high into the air, then crashes down on the opponent.

Ancient Celestial Blade: Finishing move. Simia first of all goes to a corner, then furiously sends big blades of air straight for the opponent, knocking it backwards.

Personality: Crash is calm and gentle with anyone but those who doesn't respect their blades.

1/12/2011 #9

Name: Jesse Necolayevich (Necole-aye-a-vich)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 13th December 1993

Appearance: He has cream paper white skin with light blue eyes and dark black hair in an emo style, The style he has it in is it is brushed across his right eye and he had white streaks tipping his hair and bright purple underneath it and a bright blue in streaks running threw it and it is spiked up in the back and his fringe is straight. He has a large dragon tattoo starting at his neck reaching down onto his back and the wings come onto his side and it goes down to the hip. He has an ear peircing in his left ear and a lip peircing.

Hight: He is 5 ft 11

Weight: Around 7 stone (Yes hes light and skinny)

Blader wears: He wears dark black skinny jeans with rips and tares in them with a netting material underneath them. His jeans have black chains hanging down to his mid thigh and has zips running all them, The jeans are low riding so you can just see the rim of his boxers witch normall have a red or black band to them arouns the top, He wears a tight black T-shirt that clings to him like the jeans, the shirt is long sleaved and he wears a white jacket over the top of them with short sleaves that shows the sleaves of the black shirt and his jacket is always unzipped. He wears fingerless black gloves and black nail polish on his nails always, He wears black sneakers that cover the end of his jeans with the tounge of them. When he has his sneakers off he always had black socks on. He has a cross neckless hanging around his neck.

Personality: He is cold and gets annoyed and irritated exstreamly easy thanks to him not having much of a temper control. He is ruthless in battle but is also shy and quiet, he prefers to be on his own and stay out of peoples way as he is normally quiet, He dose not talk unless he is alone with someone or needs to say something that matters. He stays silent in conversations but silently comes up with plans. He is cunning and Sly and you have to watching him most of the time for not running off, He is independent and untrusting.

beyblade infomation.

beyblade name: Nitrose M.H.S GT revolve

Bitbeast: The Gemini Wolves.

Bitbeast infomation: The gemini Wolves spirit apears as 4 different wolves when infact it is one wolf with split personalitys. The bitbeast has the same basic body shape all the time as a wolf with large spikes and claws but particular things about him is different. The wolf's personlaitys also have different names.

Strozborg: A angered wolf with the atribute of fire and the colour of red.

Drotzborg: A sad wolf with the atribute of ice and the colour blue

Drexioborg: A enraged wolf with the atribute of Lightning and the colour yellow.

Sirona Gemini: The ulitmate wolf, a mixture of all three wolves and is the emotion pain, its atribute is Death and its colour is black or grey.

Bitbeast element: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Death.

Beyblade Type: Attack.

Bitbeast looks: (In the form ofSirona Gemini) a large black wolf surrounded by a black mist, it has numerous red marks covering its body and a long tail, it had chackles around its paws with snapped chains and spikes coming out of its fur. the red markings change colour depending on witch wolf it is)

Beyblade looks: His beyblade has numerous red spikes jagging off the attack wing that looks like flames and his defence ring looks like ice adding in for a good attack, his tip is like a stike of lightning and is sharp but wide for high proformance, the blade has a flamed clear look to it and the bitchip is an image ofSirona Gemini

Beyblade moves:

Smoke Traction: The blade is able to create smoke to stop its oponents then hitting the oppersit blade with a firery blast that can either knock them off balence, slow them down or knock them out of the dish.(Move of Strozborg)

Iced temptation: The blade creates an icy floor to the dish that it is only possibul for that one blade to move around and hit its opponents around the dish causing it to loose spin(Move of Drotzborg)

Quick Tension: The blade moves in an incredibul speed clashing into its oponent and causing the blade to be able to hit it again and make the blader feel that there is more than one blade in the ring.

Elimination: Danger warning, Elimination is a move that allows the full Gemini wolf to apear and it turns the dish into a soft shadow, the other blade if forced to slow down and the blader starts to feel tired and sleepy and out of control then suddently the elimination attacks sends the blade soaring towards the other where so much friction is made it creates a shockwave hitting the blade, the opposing blade with then slow ts spin where Gemini wolf with rip the blade to peices with a splispteam.

Beyblade class: Pro

Stamina: 8/10 (85%)

Defence: 9/10 (91%)

Balence: 8/10 (87%)

Speed: 10/10 (100%)

Attack: 10/10 (101%)

Blade advantage: Speed and Attack

Blade infomation: The blade is imperial, witch means it can change direction and can stop its self from falling over in a fraction of the second.

Blader habits: The blader tends to hold out in matches, he causes his oponents to think they have him on the run and dosent pay attention confident in his blades indervidual skill without his bitbeast and compleatly on the blade. He then waits for his oponents main move and dodges it then has his own bitbeast attack.

Blader match infomation: Hes never lost a match at all and is confident in his abilites and he dosent say a thing in his matches unless his comanding his bitbeast to attack or gauding his oponent on.

blader background infomation

Jesse is his complex character because his past made him that way, growing up in russia he had a hard life because his mother died threw labor causing his father to blame him as the reason for her death and promised to cause Jesse as much pain as he could. When Jesse was five he had been abused all his life from being a baby until then. It was known that Jesse had exstream anger issues and when he was seven he had an argument with his father causing something to happen. When Jesse had been younger his father had, had him checked over numerous times thanks to him having Nightmares about Wolves and four large wolves and walking to himself, When he had been diagnosed with nothing his father had taken it as something the child just had and decided he would hurt the boy to knock it out of him causing him to put Jesse in a coma.

Boris had been attaining infomation by the doctors and found the infomation on Jess and instantly became inturested in him thanks to these wolves he had been seeing. When he found the boy was in a coma he became intreeged and looked into the case further finding out about the boys abuse, instantly he saw this as an oppertunity and had the man killed and took Jesse from the hostpital to the abby, During the time there Boris had managed to wake Jesse up after six months and places Jesse in the abby as a studant, during his time training the boys he had been pinned against had been complaining during punishments of seeing a black wolf in there matches and feeling pain running theew them in the attack of the blade.

Boris, puzzled by this placed him against one of the strongest boys in the abbey who was, at the time, using a replica of black dranzer. When Jesse went to attack the blade and nothing happened he was suddenly fled back with memories of his father and thanks to the boy across from him resembeling him the wolf also got angry and was unleashed. the creature was then absorbed partly into the blade but mostly back into Jesse who ended up in intensive care for lasserations on his back thanks to the power of the bitbeast.

During this time Boris was able to find out about the split personalitys of the creature and how it adapted to the situations it was in and the different abilitys and attributes. He names the creature and gave it back to Jesse who was put under a strick Training course.

However when Jesse was 15 he started to get rebelious and went against Boris' orders thanks to people calling him names and abusing him and attacking him, so he grew a rebelious streak. Boris seeing this condemed Jesse to his first punishment and many more after that but when Jesse had become too rebelious he looked him in his room. After figuring a way out Jesse had managed to escape the Abby and get into Moscow where Boris found him and dragged Jesse back to the abby where he punished him and raped him, afther this he was taken away and locked in solitary confinement in a dark room for a week with only being let once a day to get something to eat or drink.

After two months of this Boris became tired and Raped Jesse again then placed him back into training, Jesse became bitter and ruthless and had taken part of the championships. When his team lost under unknown circumstanses Boris punished them all and Killed most of the team apart from Jesse claiming Jesse wasnt worth killing. That night Jesse had managed to run from the Abby and met his friends Skyler and Spitfire.

Team Infomation.

Team name: Strotz wolves

Team members: Unknown, Team was disbanned

Team rank: Unknown

Team infomation: The team where Disbanned for there harsh game play and ruthless tactics in matches.

Personal Infomation

Family: Unknown, his mother died at childbirth and his father was murdered by Boris Balkov, no other family members are known of.

Friends: Spitfire and Skyler

Alliences: Canser

Enemys: Boris Balkov, Mr Dickinson, Tyson Granger, Max Tate, Ray Kon, Kai Hiwatari and The Blitzkireg Boys / Demolition Boys / Neoborg.

Nationality: Russian

Lives: ST Petersburg

Likes: Being alone, training, matches, strong bitbeasts, watching the days go by, designing blades, the dark, the cold, the heat

Dislikes: Being in busy areas with tons of people around him.

Most tresured possesion: His Bitbeast

Family history: His mother Died at childbirth and his father was murdered by Boris Balkov

Sexual orrientation: Homosexual.

Relationship status: Currently in a relationship with Aretsu Hiwatari.

Crushes: Aretus Hiwatari

Fave song: MSI - Get it up.

Fave movie: The exsorcisum of Emily Rose

Fave book: The exsorcisum of Emily Rose

Fave thing to do: Blade.

Quotes: "Aretsu, Your not a devil with tied up wings, your an angel with abused wings"

Theme song: Falling up - Symmetry. (


His bitbeast:

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Name: Revin (Rev-In) Srokhome (Stroke-home)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 19th November

Appearance: He has pure white skin and it is almost like snow. He has pitch black hair witch is tipped in red and hes a full red streak running threw his fringe witch hangs over his left eye and is brushed in from the right and the back bit is straight like his fringe, so its a very dark emo style and you cant see his eyes apart from threw the gaps of his hair. His eyes match the colour in his hair and are a bright fire red and can seem dark or light thanks to his emotions. He has a scar running around his neck witch you never really see too much. He has a scar right the way around his wrist like a bracelet shape and a tattoo saying Carnage on his left shoulder and a Cross with wings on his shoulder blade. He may have more tattoos but no one is really sure. He has a lip piercing and a piercing on his hip in his abdomen. His most known tattoo is the one on his chest witch is a Bretta M9 gun with a rose wrapped around it with thorns and blood dripping from it.

Hight: 6ft 3"

Weight: 8 stone.

Blader wears: He wears full black, A pair of black skinny jeans that are constanltly hanging halfway off his arse with a checkered belt around it. (Very emo) He always wears black or red boxers incase you ever see them. He wears a pair of black and red checkered Converse shoes that cover the bottom of his jeans. He wears a red and black shirt witch is a full black colour but has the image of a ribcage on it and a bleeding heart inside the ribcage. You hardly see his shirt thanks to his Jacket witch is a checkered black and white jacket with spots of blood on it as part of the design and he often has the hood of this up. He wears finerless black glovers and had black eyeliner around his eyes constantly and black nail polish on his nails.

Personality: He is fairly outlandish and loud, but is pretty emotionless. Hes hillarious most of the time without knowing it and comes out with sarcastic remarks to the other bladers or people around. He is a bit of loner and likes being on his own but otherwise loves being around people. He always has something to say to people and a remark to say, he gets involved with comments and can come across as a bit arrogant sometimes. He can be a bit insulting but otherwise to that he is hilarious and comical. He is fairly serious and dosent try to be funny but some of the stuff he says makes him a bit of a joker.

beyblade Infomation.

Beyblade Name: Carnage 73X H.M.S. GX

Bitbeast: Fangtasma.

Bitbeast Infomation: Fangtasma isnt a family spirit or created, it was accturly born with Revin and shares a large connection with him and he is able to connect with him in numerous ways, It is able to associate itself with Revin through his thoughs and has a strong ability to feel its masters emotions and is able to control its masters emotions in return.

Bitbeast Element: Fire

Beyblade Type: Attack

Bitbeast looks: His Bitbeast is a large black monster, it is full black and has the body shape of a dog and is exstreamly skinny around the waist but is large around the chest with muscle. the creatures whole body is spined and has large metal spines running down its back and to its tail, its back legs are long and bent and stretched and end in long clawed feet while its front legs are shorter but still long and bent with spikes jutting out of them and long fangs heading out of its mouth. its head is a long sythe shape heading backwards in-line with its spine. it has four spikes, two on each side, of the sythe shape shooting out of its back witch are sharp and when its mouth is parted the side of its mouth look like tar with gaps in it showing 9 rows of teeth, its tail is tipped with another sythe like shape and its eyes are on polar sides of its face. (Basicly Xenomorph from alien vs preditor)

Beyblade looks: His beyblade is the basic shape only it has spikes jutting out of it and is pearl black so shines a blue colour when light hits it, the blade has red tints to the spikes and the base of the blade is a matalic crimson red and the bitchip has an image of his bitbeast coiled around itself.

Beyblade moves:

Razor slice: The beyblade hits into the oponents blade and cuts the blade off of track and sends it into a different direction knocking it off the track the blade places it on and the blade spins out of control and stops spinning compleatly.

Hidden Malice: The blade slices into the other blade and everything around the blade freezes and the blader feels like he is passed out and watches helplessly as the bitbeast attack the other and slowly kills it or forces it back into the blade, the oponents blade often comes out of the match destroyed thanks to this.

Frozen Hate: The opoenents bitbeast is forced out of the blade by Fangtasma and the blader stars to feel drowsy and sleepy and then is frozen in place as a warm pain shoots through them and there bitbeast and beyblade are almost compleatly distroyed, without the blader controling the other bitbeast Fangtasma has the bitbeast in its claws and it bites the others neck injecting a poison into it and the blader feels this and ends up going into shock, to end the pain Fangtasma will often engulfe in flames and rush towards the other bitbeast and crash right through it and injure the other servierly and will end with the oponents beyblade being shot out of the ring or compleatly distroyed and the bitbeast will be in-active for 3 days thanks to the poison.

Poison bite: The opponents blade is suddenly pulled towards Fangtasma's blade and it suddenly trapped in a black trap of poison witch is in the baise of the ring, Fangtasma can balence on the poison where as the opponents blade will start to decay or look like it is sinking, the oponents bitbeast is unharmed but is drained of its power as it attemps to escape, before the blade is comeplatly distroyed Fangtasma will release the blade and the creature will apear and get the blade in its jaws and melt the opponents blade thanks to the poison it has in its saliva.

Beyblade class: His beyblade is a class A pro blade.

Stamina: 9/10 (90%)

Defence: 8/10 (80%)

Balence: 8.5/10 (85%)

Speed: 9.9/10 (99%)

Attack: 10/10 (101%)

Blade advantage: Its attack power is higher than most and is exstreamly fast and battels better on rough turrane and water.

Blade infomation: The blade can move into a different direction in a matter of seconds.

Blader habits: He tends to let his opponent attack first.

Blader match infomation: He has won all of his matches and has yet to be defeated.

Blader Background Infomation

Not much is known about him other than he is from Scandanavia.

Team Infomation.

Team Name: N/A

Team Members: N/A

Team Rank: Disbanned

Team Infomation: He dose not have a team, his team was disbanned in the first tornament they compeated in thanks to ruthless tactics.

Personal Infomation

Family: Mother, Father, (Conditions of family unknown)

Friends: Jesse.

Alliences: PPB all stars and/or Blitzkreig boys.

Enemys: N/A

Nationality: Scandanavian

Lives: Yekaterinburg, Russia

Likes: Reading, scaring people, blading

Dislikes: Anything to do with Tyson.

Most Tresured Possesion: Beyblade AKA bitbeast.

Family History: Unknown.

Sexual Orrientation: Homosexual.

Relationship Status: N/A

Crushes: Unknown, possibly Micheal, was known to like Jesse before he started Dating Aretsu.

Fave Song: Good with Grenades - Bruses and bitemarks.

Fave Movie: Alien vs Preditor.

Fave Book: I KILL by Giorgio Faletti

Fave Thing To Do: Write.

Theme Song: Apocalyptica - I Don't Care (

Fave Quotes: "Your not going to like me once we've battled"


His Bitbeast:

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Name: Kyro Hiwatari aka Vampire. (vampire being his Nickname)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 18th December

Appearance: Snow white skin and pure red eyes, there compleatly different from Kai's, being soft scartlett red instead of a dark colour, His hair is pure white, more of a silvery colour and he would blend into snow perfectly, Reason for his nickname is the sharp vampire like fangs he has instead of normal fangs. His bangs fall into his eyes and his hair reaches the base of his neck and is thin, he has a cross tattoo on the side of his neck and a set of peircings alont the top of his left ear.

Hight: 5ft 11"

Weight: 7 stone (Exstreamly light and weightless)

Blader wears: He wears a pair of black skinny jeans and a white shirt, the shirt runs to his elbow where it is rolled up witch surgest the shirt is long sleaved, when he has his jacket off, the shirt accturly belongs to Bryan and is exstreamly long on him, His jeans cling to his figure and the shirt is untooked coming down past his hips, He wears a black jacket witch is long sleaved but still shows some of the shirt witch covers part of his hands, He's always wearing Bryan's clothes. He wears a pair of black sneakers witch are lined with red and have a skull design to them.

Personality: He's quiet and shy and often hides behind Bryan, cowering away from physical contact and thats thanks to what Voltaire did to him, He is nothing like Kai, the only part that is similar is that he dosent speak at all, he's silent all the time, He is exstreamly curious when it comes to other people but often steps back to let other people take the lead, he isnt confident like all the others and hates hurting people, He is fairly fond of Kai who treats him like a baby, Being the youngest he depends on Kai from time to time to take care of him, otherwise he will depend on Bryan.

beyblade Infomation.

Beyblade Name: Ravinus Bite M.S HMG HS Volume 7.

Bitbeast: Vampiric.

Bitbeast Infomation: Vampiric was born from Kyro's shyness and is someone he thought of as an imagenary friend, Boris had picked up on this and created the bitbeast for him, hes connected closely with it and it sticks with him no matter what and dosent allow anyone to hurt its master.

Bitbeast Element: Fire

Beyblade Type: Stamina.

Bitbeast looks: Vampiric is a large dragon witch has short spikes running off it and torn, long black wings, red eyes and sharp claws, its body is black.

Beyblade looks: A pure black blade, red gear and the image of the dragon in the middle, the blade has flame like spikes coming off the attack ring.

Beyblade moves: (Names in Bold italics And description of the attack in Italics)

Internal rage The move consists of the blade heating up emensly and spinning towards its oponents and captruing it in a ripple affect like a tornado and flames wrap around the blade locking off the oxygen supply to both blader and blade along with the bitbeast forcing the beyblade to back down and drop or weaking allowing Vamperic to knock the blade out of the arena.

Beyblade class: Pro.

Stamina: 100%

Defence: 98%

Balence: 100%

Speed: 99%

Attack: 97%

Blade advantage: Spinning on tough turrain and sandy surfaces.

Blade infomation: Black creates a large amount of friction when spinning.

Blader habits: Likes to end a match fairly.

Blader match infomation: Never really lost.

Blader Background Infomation

Kyro never knew much his family, the only person he has ever been close to was Bryan as well as Kai. He grew up with Voltaire most of his life witch was a nightmare in itself, being pulled away from his mother and family as soon as he was born by Voltaire, he only ever got to know Kai and didnt know much about his parents other than that they where dead.

Kyro grew up never regretting anything really, he knew his grandfather wasnt very nice and that his brother, Kai, held a strong dislike towards their grandfather witch he never really understood, Living with him for the rest of his life Kai left for the abbey when he was five and he was left on his own, Kyro became quiet and silent witch un-nerved Voltaire a bit, he really didnt understand the boy.

When Kyro was seven he had been in his grandfathers office looking through his things, more like reading some books when he came across the infomation of what Voltaire had done to his parents, even looking at a photo save in his grandfathers possesions, feeling disgusted by this, it caused him to become bitter towards his grandfather and drew into himself more and became more emotionless and silent than before.

At the age of eleven his grandfather had finally had enough, becoming angry and infused he pulled his grandson into his room and had physicly beaten him with a belt only to recive not one single sound, this carried on until Voltaire had enough and placed Kyro into the abbey, Kyro, feeling a little happy over this was still silent, finding ways to reply to Boris with simple movements and looks, this is when Boris placed him in the same training as Bryan.

Bryan had been the first person to hear Kyro speak, this was when he was twelve and became angry towards Boris, telling him to attack him if he dared to be attacked back, to of witch Boris stood up to the challenge and had Tala blade against him, becoming hostile towards Tala, Kyro had almost killed him from anger and this is where Boris had interviened, stopping the match and having Kyro removed from the training room and returned to his grandfather.

Upon hearing that Kyro had spoken, Voltaire had demanded an exsplination to witch Kyro had refused and when he had been attacked by Voltaire again, he snapped, Yelling that he knew everything Voltaire had done to his parents, what he had done to Kai and Bryan and a boy called Aretsu who he had seen from time to time, His grandfather had become enraged when Kyro had once again gone back into silence and when Kyro had turned thirteen the beatings became worse.

That had been when Kyro had become emotionless to pain so Voltaire quickly found another more enjoyibul way of hurting him and all out raped Kyro. This happened every night for three months, until it had finally put Kyro into hospital and Kai had found out and brought Bryan along with him to the hospital and the two had run from Voltaire with Kyro in there arms, out of the hospital and taken him to mr Dickinson.

When asked about it however Kyro never uttered a word and now its only Bryan he will speak too.

Team Infomation.

Team Name: N/A

Team Members: N/A

Team Rank: N/A

Team Infomation: N/A

Personal Infomation

Family: Mother and father are dead and his older Brother Kai looks after him, Voltaire Hiwatari is his grandfather.

Friends: Bryan, Kai, Jesse, Revin, Skyler, Tala, Ian, Spencer, Ray, Micheal, Miguel and Steve.

Alliences: All from above.

Enemys: Boris, Voltaire.

Nationality: Russian.

Lives: Yekaiterinburg Russia.

Likes: Being left alone, taking walks in the rain, Talking to people when he trusts them.

Dislikes: Being talked too or forced to talk.

Most Tresured Possesion: Beyblade

Family History: Unknown.

Sexual Orrientation: Homosexual.

Relationship Status: Single.

Crushes: Bryan Kuznetsov, Jesse.

Fave Song: Falling in the black by Skillet. (

Fave Movie: Drowning.

Fave Book: Drowning.

Fave Thing To Do: Blade, draw, read and write.

Theme Song: Bruises and bitemarks by Good with Grenades. (

Fave Quotes: "You dont understand me, so dont judge me"


His Bitbeast:

Connection to other characters:

Bryan: Kyro has a crush on him and depends on him quite alot, Bryan often describes him as being a frail little kitten in a bit wide world.

Kai: Family connection, feels like he can tell him anything and trusts him alot, often runs to him when something is wrong with him or if he needs help with something, often calls him "Nii san"

Jesse: Old friend, He dosnet really keep in touch with him but will help him if he needs too and the feeling is mutual.

Spencer: Protective relationship, Spencer often protects him when he needs it.

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Name: Princeton 'Prince' Kingston

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 12th January

Appearance: He has pale skin but isnt as white as paper more of a peachy colour, His hair is platinum blond and covers both of his eyes with his bangs, his hair is quite wild and comes to his cheeks in lengh and is in lairs while his fringe sweeps sidways in both directions, his eyes, when you can see them, are a pale blue colour and his eyelashes are dark black giving him a dark look. His lips are a pale colour matching his skin and his hair is mostly straight. On his arms he has self harm scars running up them and a tattoo of a cat of some sort climbing up his back.

Hight: 6 ft 1"

Weight: 8 stone.

Blader wears: He wears a black and purple stripped shirt where the stripes on it run horizontal and has an open neck to it showing the area around his neck, the sleaves are long and run all the way down to his palms. He wears black skinny jeans witch are topped off with two white belts, one slanting and the other going around the correct way, He whears white sneakers and a long black jacket that reaches until about his thighs witch is white around the elbow, wrist and waist and some on the collar, around his neck he has a chain with a ring connected to it with a image of a cat with fire surrounding it engraved in the centre, His hands are often bandaged thanks to the self harm and the jacket reaches his rist and reveals the long sleaves of the shirt he wears, His jacket is always open and has fur lining the hood.

Personality: He is quite malicious and is an utter genius, Hes fairly silent apart from when it comes to conversations and bragging, He often talks about people believing they cant and wont understand where hes coming from, he plots his every move before he makes it in his battles with other people and his blade is turned perfectly, he could outsmart kenny anyday, He is dismissive towards other peoples emotions and dosent believe there views are important and always has a point to get across, He hates people looking down on him and has a fiesty attitude to him.

beyblade Infomation.

Beyblade Name: Cortex Complex Kingston 3 G.X HMS MS 3000

Bitbeast: Visone Tempest.

Bitbeast Infomation: His bitbeast is often seen lurking behind him in the shadows following his masters every move, he can also take on the form of a small house cat for when Prince needs to leave his blade at home, His house cat image is a typical grey cat with dark red eyes and hair falling into its eyes like its masters and black paws, Tempest can often be seen lurking around in other areas around arena's scoping out the other teams then giving infomation to Prince, its also a little trouble maker and gets Prince into alot of trouble, it has a strong dislike for Mariah and does attack her and the rest of the white tigers if they get too close. It might be damn small but its damn powerful.

Bitbeast Element: Fire

Beyblade Type: Attack

Bitbeast looks: Tempest's main body colour is a pale coffee colour with a grey colour to top it covering all of its body save for its belly, chest and legs and the enderside of its tail, its ears are long and pointed and its eyes are dark green and some hair falls into its eyes.

Beyblade looks: A black blade with Dimonds sculpted into it, the base and spin gear are red.

Beyblade moves:

Flamed Rage: the blade spins at an incredibul speed and crashes into the blade creating a barrier causing the other blade to retreat or back off.

Flame Traction: The blade starts spinning faster than before and creates smoke witch surrounds the blade and creates a flame tournado and crushes the oposing blade thanks to the force and makes the blader feel drowsy.

Fire Illusion: An illousion blade apears and confuses the oponent to attack that blade instead of the real one.

Fire Knives: The bitbeast becomes surrounded by a dark red flame and different spikes shoot out of the blade witch turns into knife like spines crashing into the oponents blade, the pain the oponent feels is like a knife being run along there nerves and causing emense pain causing the blade to loose balence.

Inferno: The blade picks up an impressive amount of speed and spins around the dish making it look like a red blur, the opposing blader sees this and begins to feel drousy and tired and like there strengh is leaving, the blade then starts to attack from all different angles hitting into the blade and the blader feels a red hot pain searing through there nerves, the impact of the attack can cause blade faults.

Beyblade class: Pro, Perfection.

Stamina: 10/10 (100%)

Defence: 10/10 (100%)

Balence: 10/10 (100%)

Speed: 10/10 (100%)

Attack: 10/10 (100%)

Blade advantage: 100% advantage in a match.

Blade infomation: The blade can cause emence friction when spinning.

Blader habits: Tends to go crazy if he feels pain and then he unleashes all his strengh agaisnt an opponent.

Blader match infomation: His matches normally end with the dish compleatly distoryed

Blader Background Infomation

Prince was born into a normal family with his twin brother, sister, and his parents, when he was growing up his parents found out about him having a very high IQ and he was exspected to be able to do anything he put his mind too, when he was five years old however this changed, being homeschooled along with his brother and sister he began to get bored with the constant attention and refused to do anything in his lessons.

When he was seven his hatrid for his brother started to show, knowing the growing hate between them his parents tried to resolve this by giving them something to do witch was beyblade, but this just made it worse, having the two launch blades at each others heads and attempting to kill each other with them.

Prince was known to be good with knives and always has been good with them often taking lessons in knife handeling and controling them and throwing them, seeing this as a talent his parents placed him in a school that could teach him these things, when he was nine he ran from there and ran back home however thanks to him becoming bored of his classes, however his parents regretted sending him there when he stabbed and killed his brother.

Running from home he ran into Voltaire Hiwatari who introduced him to the abbey, when Boris started to care for him Prince got suspicious of boris so never let him near him, when it was discovered he had a bitbeast things started to change however, boris started treating him different, often coming into his room to chat to him, that was until one night he attemped to sexually assult him to witch Prince had stabbed him with a well hidden knife in the arm, after that boris through him out of the abbey where mr dickinson found him.

Taking him in Prince refused to tell Mr Dickinson anything about what had happened in the past and is a malicious character.

Team Infomation.

Team Name: N/A

Team Members: N/A

Team Rank: N/A

Team Infomation: N/A

Personal Infomation

Family: Brother (Dead), Mother, Father, Sister, Grandfather, Grandmother.

Friends: Jesse.

Alliences: Jesse.

Enemys: Anyone.

Nationality: Unknown.

Lives: Unknown

Likes: Being alone, not being talked down to, warm places.

Dislikes: People around him, cold places and being talked down to.

Most Tresured Possesion: Beyblade

Family History: He killed his brother by his own hands.

Sexual Orrientation: N/A could go either way.

Relationship Status: None

Crushes: N/A

Fave Song: The Rodeo Carburettor - Speed Of Flow (

Fave Movie: Alien Vs Preditor.

Fave Book: I forgive you Daddy.

Fave Thing To Do: Annoy people.

Theme Song: Arashi No Ouji (

Fave Quotes: "Well this is inturesting" "Wanna try?" "Idiot" "Dont bend my knives" "Come 'ere ya little s*it" To his bitbeast when its in its smaller form "Entertain me"


Face Shot:

Sounds: (Same Voice)

His Bitbeast: (Might be small but is damn powerful)

Character and Bitbeast:

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Aretsu Hiwatari

Everyone and everything is accepted!

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Lobo Argost

Name: Vincent Moriarty

Region: China

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Occupation: blader

Appearance: a black outfit with a pocketwatch made in 1857 and a 350 year old rawhide trenchcoat.

Beyblade: Helios; black and silver with 3 star defense, 4 star endurance, and 5 star attack

Bit Beast: Izanagi

Bit beast appearance: a celestial looking warrior in Japanese armor.

Bit beast origin: Izanagi is the father of Kagusuchi, the Shinto fire god, and when he washed his eyes and nose after leaving the underworld, Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and Susanoo were born.

Beyblade attacks:

Tsukuyomi: Creates illusions of Helios to confuse the opponent. Those with keen eyes can spot the real one since it's the only one that casts a shadow.

Amaterasu: Coats Helios in black flames that are very hot, and can damage the opponent's bey with prolonged exposure.

Susanoo: Vincent's trump card. An absolute last resort should all else fail. Izanagi emerges to attack, weilding a powerful shield and sword.

Personality: Confident, and has little patience for those weaker than him. But polite at the same time.

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Aretsu Hiwatari


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Name: Jesse Alexa Darphrope.

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 19th November

Appearance: He has waist length black hair witch is tipped in red and falls into his face, Mos of it is pinned back in a loose ponytail witch has almost slipped off and he has two strips of hair falling in front of his shoulders and the rest framing his face, His eyes are a harsh blue, hardened from there light blue to an almost dark purple, His skin is more toned, Now being a pale cream color, His build is still skinny and the dragon on his back is now tattooed onto him and he has a tattoo running down his arm now of a large black raven. He abandoned all of his piercings apart from his hip piercings and his ears. His nails are always painted blue and he also has a tattoo of stars on his hips leading down his abdomen.

Height: 6"2

Weight: Unknown.

Blader wears: Jesse abandoned the 'emo' look when he hit 19 and now wears a pair of tight black jeans with black converse, the only thing of his old look that lasted, He has a belt crisscrossing on his lip like normal and the jeans are low cut, showing most of his hips and no further, He wears a short in length grey shirt that is sleeveless and stops at his hips, showing a band of flesh of his hips and revealing the tattoo on his hip, He has straps around the top of his arms and a bandage on one and wears black finger-less gloves. He still wears his eye liner. He also has an engagement ring on his finger.

Personality: Complicated yet comical when he wants to be, He keeps to himself mostly apart from when hes with Aretsu, He can be shy but confident at most times and can appear to be the more dominant one of their relationship, His cocky attitude gets him in trouble alot but he doesn't let anything face him and he hates being loud, His personality is hateful and confused but he has more than two sides of him in this.

beyblade Infomation.

Beyblade Name: Shadow-Bio-Bolt, MsMFB Metal gear beyblade (Brink for short)

Bit-beast: Corsea (core-see-a)

Bitbeast Information: Jesse's old bitbeast used to be Gemini but after an event in bio-volt he was soon given Corsea, Corsea was his original bitbeast and was given to him by his mother along with Gemini but only found out about it recently, his element nor being flame, Corsea was the best option for him to have, Corsea can appear to people in many ways but always shows its true self to Jesse and Aretsu.

Bitbeast Element: Flame.

Beyblade Type: Attack

Bitbeast looks: His bit beast is a mixture of all different birds in its look, Dark red eyes peak out from under flame like red hair, Its skin being black and looking like a phoenix, its wings are long and black and surrounded in red feathers in the tips witch are often set alight, each wing having the span and length as a bus on each side, Corsea is a griffin and there for has a four legged body, the front two being claw like and aggressive and its back end being that of a black shire horse, silky black fur and hair surrounding the hoofs witch often set on fire as well, Its tail trails on the floor, streaked red like its masters, and has red feathers infused into the hair, its body is covered in red little tribal stars.

Beyblade looks: The bey-blade is black, pure black, with a purple band around the center, the bit chip is a picture of two eyes and the beyblade is surrounded in small spikes that catch his opponents blade and is dimond incrusted on the attack ring, making it stronger.

Beyblade moves:

Flame rip:An attack where the other blade is surrounded in flames and runs out of control gripping it and slamming it around the dish.

Infernal tempest:An epic attack and the main move of the griffin, it will often drive its opponents blade out of the dish with force, just shoving it out and up into the air and then assaulting it in the air then slamming it down into the bottom of the dish and drilling it.

Pshyco flame coil:Major danger warning when this attack is used, Corsea suddenly looses control and will often slam repeatedly into its opponent and slam the blade into the edge of the dish before latching it in that one position and drilling it so it cuts into the dish and then will jump on top of its opponent as it slams into it and drills it down into the base of the dish, cutting the dish open in the process.

Beyblade class: Unknown.

Stamina: Unknown.

Defence: Unknown.

Balence: Unknown.

Speed: Unknown.

Attack: Unknown.

Blade advantage: Unknown.

Blade infomation: Unknown.

Blader habits: Unknown.

Blader match infomation: Never lost with his new bitbeast.

Blader Background Infomation

After everything Jesse had been threw he became another victim as he returned to the abbey, aged 19, and changed completely, being engaged to Aretsu and being dragged away from him, he compleatly broke down and decided to try and get out or kill himself, After failing to kill himself Boris gave him the option to escape, if he could beat all the bladers in the abbey, Deciding to chance it with the help of Gemini only to have Gemini run out of energy in the last match, witch was upsettingly against Revin and Gemini is thought to have died in that match, Two months later he was presented with another blade from Boris named Corsea M2, A black and flame designed griffin that his mother had left to him before she died, His father giving it him as his 20th birthday present, Jesse and the new blade became partners when the blade infected him with Corsea's energy and made him stronger.

Jesse now looses it in matches and goes crazy and only particular people can pull him from the depression that it drags him in, Corsea soon became Jesse's closest friend when she protected him in a match showing she really did care about him and now the two are the perfect team.

When Jesse was 17 he became pregnant with Aretsu's child and suffered a miscarage at the hands of Boris.

Team Infomation.

Team Name: None

Team Members: Aretsu and Jesse

Team Rank: Unknown

Team Infomation: None

Personal Infomation

Family: Tala and Aretsu.

Friends: Aretsu.

Alliences: Blitzkreig boys

Enemys: Almost anyone.

Nationality: Russian

Lives: China, with Aretsu.

Likes: Being alone, Aretsu, Crying, Chocolate

Dislikes: Anything.

Most Tresured Possesion: Aretsu.

Family History: N/a

Sexual Orrientation: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Engaged.

Crushes: Aretsu.

Fave Song: Asking Alexandria - right now, nanana (Akon cover)

Fave Movie: Final destination

Fave Book: Haunting

Fave Thing To Do: Falling asleep on Aretsu.

Theme Song: Asking Alexandria - right now, nanana (Akon cover)

Fave Quotes: "Dont like it? fuck off" "You cant hurt me any worse than i already have been"


His Bitbeast:

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Name: Zackery Shiranui

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Strong willed, and hard working, but a laxative type of guy. He can be loud, obnoxious, and fun loving, but mostly silent and observant when it comes down to seriousness.

Brief Background: A traveler, likes to move from town to town to test his beyblading skills on the local beybladers. Zackery's Mom and Dad both have jobs that has'em travel abroad, so they're not around. Before they left, they gave Zackery his first Beyblade and Skower. Since he first got it, Zackery trained and practiced so much, that he became the best Beyblader in his home town. But knowing that there are better bladders out there in the world, especially Tyson, He dedicates his life to become the best Beybladers in the world.

Name of their Bitbeast: Skower Red and black lava/wind dragon, Wingless, four legged, Upper half is black scales that resembles charcoal, while the other half resembles magma.

Color of Beyblade: Black and red.

Looks: Grey eyes, Dark Green unruly hair, tan skin, has a Black fedora for a hat, mostly wears circle shades cause he doesn't want to show his eyes to people he don't know but he will discard 'em if someone can break his wall of shyness, Blue pants, Black and red sneakers, red shirt, Likes to wear a open short sleeve light weighted black flack jacket(like the one from Naruto except with out the scroll pockets), Fingerless gloves.

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Aretsu Hiwatari

Accepted! Can you put like a little history for him tho? Like his family and stuff?

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Sorry I disappeared, my dad wanted to test if I was addicted to the Internet.
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Name:Jesse Alexia Darphrope.

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 13thDecember

Appearance: (Since last) Jesse now has bright red hair, the under layer being black and the odd black streak in the main body of his hair. His hair falls into his right eye, his hangs are layered and the back of his hair is spiked and wild. His skin now has a light tan to it, suggesting he's been somewhere warm. His eyes are now dark green due to an operation to increase his eye sight, they are speculated to be contacts but he reveals himself that they are in fact natural. He is now covered in tattoos, a sleeve of tattoos on one of his arms, traveling from his wrist, up to his shoulder in intricate patterns. The dragon tattoo that once inked his skin is now revealed as the scar instead of being a false tattoo. His piercings are now narrowed down to snake bites, a septum piercing and eyebrow piercing in his left eyebrow. His ears are also pierced in multiple places and stretched to a small side with gauges.

Height: 6ft 4"

Weight: 126lbs.

Blader wears: He now wears an intricate outfit that is individual to him. He wears an undershirt which is his old wife beater sleeveless shirt in black. That shirt is then covered by a white shirt that is miles too big for him (Explained later to be Spencer's shirt) the shirt is designed so it is buttoned from the middle downwards and when normal, hangs to his thighs and covers his hands (Shown in one scene to be similar to the shirt he sleeps in, apart from colour) When in tournaments and seen outside however, the shirt still covers his thighs, but hangs off one shoulder, revealing part of his tattoo and the long sleeves are rolled up to his elbows, a black buckled belt is wrapped around his waist, below the ribs to show his skinny frame. His jeans are still skinny style, only now extremely tight and cut around the knees to allow better movement; his knees are often grazed or cut. His shoes are now gothic style boots with thick soles and buckles up the front of them, traveling to just below the knees. He now wears two wristbands, one on each wrist that are thick metal bands, a chocker around his neck, and fingerless black gloves at wrist lengths. He is also known to wear a band around the top of his arm to show a slight definition in his muscles. He also has a rosary with an upside down cross on his palm, the beads wrapped around his wrist. His nails are also painted black and white.

Personality: Jesse is now cold and bitter. His only idea is to extract revenge on Aretsu and his mind seems focused on giving other the pain he seems to feel daily. He seems to distance himself from other people and is very bipolar in his emotions. He goes from being calm and quiet, to taunting and vicious without a blink. He is deadly honest, never bothering to give people false hopes. He admits to have a weakness, but never reveals what that weakness is. He refuses to see anyone as close to him, there is only a select few he allows to be close to him. He is in denial about his life before recent events, even refusing to say that he has a Daughter to Aretsu Murakami. He will often also ask people who they are referring to when they bring Aretsu up.

Beyblade Information.

Beyblade Name: Corsea Geminiose 3.5 DiStRoY. (CGD-roy 5 for short)

Bit-beast: Corsea Geminiose

Bitbeast Information: Corsea Geminiose is believed to be the combination of both the bitbeast's Corsea and Gemini. It takes upon the elements of both Bitbeasts.

Bitbeast Element: Fire/Ice/Darkness

Beyblade Type: Attack.

Bitbeast looks: Corsea Geminiose has the body of a looming back wolf, although It looks deprived of its senses. It has no eyes, ears or nose. Its body is a rubbery mass of none existent fur. Its stomach area is skinny and thin and its chest is a mass of bones and ribs covered by the inky black skin. Its front legs are long in length, long claws causing its legs to be hunched up as the claws prevent it from laying its feet on the ground. Its back legs are short and flat to the floor. Its tail is long and syth like at the end with the point. Spikes run up its spine and it appears to have an exoskeleton on its chest. Its face is flat and its nose is rectangular shaped, a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and an inner mouth. Its neck is covered in fur, looking like a mane that a lion would have. Its legs are connected by what look likes limbs and joints.

Beyblade looks: The Beyblade is black coloured with gold tints when the light hits it. The tip is coloured red and the ring is a complicated attack ring with sharpened edges.

Beyblade moves:

Rawshock: The blade will begin to spin in the opposing direction to the other blade and slam it out of the ring.

Hype-no: The Beyblade will hold the other still, when the blader feels sick and hypnotised.

Death shot: The Beyblade will crash into the other blade and in any means necessary to destroy the other Beyblade. The blader also feels the danger and pain.

Beyblade class: High performance.

Stamina: 100%

Defence: 100%

Balance: 100%

Speed: 100%

Attack: 100%

Blade advantage: High advantage

Blade information: The only way to beat the blade is by evading an attack and getting it while it's weak or staying still.

Blader habits: Has a tendency to attack for no reason.

Blader match information: He has only shown interest in blading against Aretsu, others he finishes quickly.

Blader Background Information

(Since last) Jesse since that last update has left Aretsu since a series of events. Since then he has been living with the Blitzkrieg boys. What has happened within this time is unknown.

Team Information.

Team Name: Blitzkrieg boys

Team Members: Jesse, Tala, Revin, Spencer, Bryan, Ian.

Team Rank: 2nd.

Team Information: Same old team, only Jesse is now teamed up with Revin or Tala in the lead matches, Jesse is now the leader.

Personal Information

Family:Tala Ivanov (Cousin), Lance Darphrope (Father)

Friends: Bryan, Tala, Spencer, Revin, Ian.

Alliances:PPB all-stars.

Enemies: Aretsu Murakami.

Nationality: Russian, now sounds British.

Lives: Russia, is known to visit Britain often.

Likes: Being alone, pain.


Most Treasured Possession: Memories.

Family History: Unknown.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

Relationship Status:Complicated. Is speculated to be in a relationship with either Bryan, Tala or Spencer often.

Crushes: Unknown

Fave Song: Just a little faster – there for tomorrow.

Fave Movie: Woman in Black.

Fave Book: Haunting

Fave Thingto Do: Sleep.

Theme Song:Leave out all the rest – Linkin park, remix

Fave Quotes: "You never knew me… I've been lying to you from the beginning"

His Bitbeast: (Looks similar)


Cut scene 1, the first glance.

Jesse's eyes where lit up in fury, it was true, he had grown up. Within the two years that he hadn't seen him, Jesse had matured in more ways than one; his whole person seemed to have changed. Aretsu couldn't help but feel a little worried about the upcoming match. This was a fight that he and what he believed Jesse, were both the most scared of. Forget everything that had happened in the abbey, how they'd been raped and hurt… this was truly the thing that scared him the most. He knew… he knew that as soon as he stepped up to that dish, hell was going to be unleashed. What scared him more was the fact that Jesse looked furious that fate had played out this way.

Aretsu walked up the stairs to the dish, not daring the move his eyes off the floor. He didn't want to look at the object of his still lasting obsession; he could feel what he knew were those furious ocean blue eyes boring into his skin. He clutched Granity in his hands, feeling her metal and cold comfort seeping into his palm. This moment brought him back to the moment he had lost Jesse for what seemed the last time. He remembered the way those blue eyes had cut into him coldly, the way his words stung against his ears, but worst of all, he could remember how much their daughter had screamed at the loss of one of her parents. It was that furious thought that brought him to raise his head and he instantly wished he hadn't.

The breath was ripped from his throat as he caught Jesse's gaze and he suddenly felt trapped. Now dark green eyes locked onto his, surrounded in the usual black eye liner Jesse had always worn, his eyes had changed colour… Aretsu suddenly longed to look back into bright blue eyes that were always happy, but that thought was gone as the green eyes suddenly shut, then reopened, the pupils suddenly slitted against the green backdrop. Jesse's face was still as gorgeous as always; his pale pink lips contrasted against black metal piercings, two lips settled on either sides of his lower lip. His nose had a small ring looping from under it and his eyebrow on his left side was pierced. His hair was now coloured red, hanging into his face still and spiked, now cut to the base of his neck and styled wildly.

Looking within his hair, Aretsu noticed that his ears were still pierced, two loops in the cartilage of his ear and one at the base. Jesse was still pale; his skin heavily tattooed now, a sleeve winding up from his wrist and under his shirt. Looking at the shirt, Aretsu stood shocked, how Jesse was dressed was out of this world.

Jesse was wearing his usual black wife beater shirt under a crisp white shirt. The shirt was sizes too big for him, the collar hanging off one of his shoulders and unbuttoned to the middle. The sleeves were rolled up, obviously too big and would cover his hands if unrolled. The shirt was held together by a belt around his waist the kept his skinny frame in eye shot, the shirt came down to mid-thigh and Aretsu could see the edge of a doubled up belt just under the edge. Jesse's pants where still skinny jeans and clung to his skinny legs, black and tight, slits in the knees to allow him movement still. The bottom of his jeans were covered by heavy, gothic looking boots that went to his knees, the thick souls of the shoes allowing him to stand taller than normal, the metal on the front making him look menacing. Jesse also had a belt like wrist band around both wrists, a chocker around his neck and fingerless black gloves.

Aretsu locked onto the rosary hanging from Jesse's right wrist, an upside down cross coming into his palm and Aretsu noticed the symbol looked satanic.

He ripped his sight away from him, looking down to the floor as tears almost left his eyes, he had to be strong now, for both of them. He needed to prove how much he loved the other and beg him to come back, time to swallow his pride. He had to be a man for him, his daughter and for- "You're such a pathetic sight"

The cold hearted voice cut through his mind, his shocked eyes coming up upon Jesse's face, his mind paralyzed at the words he heard from his ex-lovers once warm voice. "W-what…" his voice came out quiet and timid, his eyes locking onto Jesse's now green eyes. "You heard me, your pathetic, can't even look me in the eyes properly… man up!" He practically growled out the end of the sentence, it coming out as a command more than a request, and he knew to follow it.

He stood up straight, his fringe falling to cover his eyes as he looked up to his ex-lover, the redhead was glaring at him intensely, a dark expression crossing his face. "That's it; look at me when I take away the last part of your life… you'll regret everything you've ever done to hurt me… I taught Kai his lesson… and now it's your turn…" He snarled his words out again, the temperature raised up around them both, and Aretsu practically cringed but the words angered him. "I never meant to hurt you! You left me for the Abby again… You left me for Revin! I was in my right to sleep with Kai!" He yelled over at him and Jesse scoffed, pulling out a glinting object from his pocket, he looked down at the obviously modified Beyblade. "Never mind what you say, but me and Corsea Geminiose are going to prove to you that you know nothing about us!"

Aretsu's eyes shot open at the new name for his Beyblade and his eyes narrowed, looking back at his team before letting out a small breath, looking back his now apparent opponent. He lifted Granity and placed her on her launcher. "You'll never change Jesse" he muttered only getting a 'tisk' out of the other and the comment of 'We'll see Murakami" and then he moved his beautiful body in position. Aretsu quickly shook his head, he couldn't be thinking of these things.

The match blasted past his mind, all he remembered was the intense fire lit in those green eyes, the way he looked when he concentrated, the sound of metal hitting metal and grinding together. He was suddenly snapped out of his stupor when a sudden piece of the ring came chipping from the ground and hit him in the gut, forcing him to his knees. "Focus on the fucking match Murakami!" Yelled the fiery red head across from him, glaring at him once again, "Prove you're not as useless as I think you are"

From that point Aretsu was fighting with a new ferocity, he was angry, he was NOT useless. His blade clashed with Jesse's continuously. Things were going smoothly until the temperature suddenly rose. "Corsea! Time to show that overgrown pigeon who's the queen hawk around here!" He yelled and suddenly a large flame appeared in the middle of the ring, suddenly enlarging and forming a shape. The shape took colour and Aretsu's eyes opened in fear and shock.

This was no longer Gemini, that was obvious. The form was a large black and wolf like still, yes, but the wolf looked menacing and dangerous. Its skin looked rubbery and wet, no fur being located on the creature. Tendrils connected its front and back legs together as it stretched as it moved. No eyes were located on its head and its mouth hung open, the monster focused on Aretsu.

The monster delved forward, its mouth snapping around Aretsu's blade and forcing the bitbeast out of its safe place. The creature then delved its mouth around Granity's wings, digging long black claws into Granity's beautiful wings before snapping them back, her cry heard around the stadium as the rings on his blade snapped, the blade was then tossed out of the ring. Corsea threw her head back and let out a roar, knocking Aretsu back.

The next minutes were a blur to Aretsu, causing him to feel sick as he knelt across his broken blade, he could hear Granity's cries as she felt pain well inside her, her mate had hurt her under her own will. The next second he felt someone looming over him, his wrist suddenly gripped and his hand forced open, a metal object placed in his hand before it was shoved away roughly. "Tell Yuki… Daddy says hi" He muttered before being pulled away, arms around his waist and Revin manhandled him from the arena. Aretsu felt hatred whelm up in his chest. The bastard was touching HIS lover.

Cut scene 2, Granity and Corsea.

Her golden eyes flicked up to the Phoenix's, pain laced in them as she looked at the blue depths of the person she loved. Her heart ached; he master didn't care for her as much anymore. She felt a hand tangle into her silky blonde hair as she was tugged up to the blue haired female, before being pushed against the wall. The purple haired female who resembled her master was kissing her on her lips, Corsea allowed her eyes to close on their own wills.

She cried out as the lips travelled to her neck, a soft kiss being placed there as the elder spirit wrapped her arms around her waist softly. She allowed herself to move her arms around her neck. "No matter what your master does to you and how much he hurts, I will love you forever, my dear Corsea, I can only hope our masters realise how much they need each other too…"

Cut scene 3, Knocking him out of it.

Jesse whimpered as he was dragged down the hallway, his wrist beginning to burn from the grip Aretsu had around it. He struggled back away from him, attempting to pull away from the elder teen but he was held fast, Aretsu swinging him around suddenly and knocking him into the lockers, knocking the air out of his lungs and pinning him. Since when had they been in the locker room. "Aretsu, what are you-" He was cut off by a rough pair of lips forced to his mouth, and a growl above him of 'Your mine'.

Cut scene 4, Bryan finds him.

Bryan raced through the hallways, skidding around a corner and almost slamming into an unfortunate soul who had been innocent walking through that way. He didn't bother to say sorry, he raced down to the locker room and slammed his way through the door, pain instantly set into his eyes as he looked at the sight that met him.

Jesse was curled in a feral position, pain laced his eyes as he looked up at the other timidly, blood clinging to his exposed thighs, blood dripping and soaking into his shirt, and his red hair clinging to his face in the same liquid.

Who could of done this.

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Dekaze Neliqual.

Dekaze (Kaze), Jesse Darphrope's biologic younger brother, unbeknownst to them both. A mysterious blader that was trained in the depths of the B.I.O.V.O.L.T abbey by Voltaire Hiwatari personally. His bitbeast, Darkque is an individual biological spirit bitbeast, the living embodiment of Dekaze's emotions and memories.

General Information.

Name: Dekaze, more commonly known as Kaze.

Surname: Neliqual (Pronounced, Nell-Equal)

Gender: Male.

Age: 18

Species: Human.

Height: 6ft 1inch

Weight: 126lbs.

Eye colour: Grey.

Hair colour: White with blue tints.

Speaks: English.

Nationality: Unknown.

Current location: Unknown.

Status: Alive.

Relations: All known immediate family are dead or not known of, due to him being born in the Hiwatari manor. His parents were known to be involved in a car accident, where his father died. His mother died later on at the Hiwatari Manor while giving birth to his younger sister. His younger sister died from a wound that became infected through incorrect treatment. His older brother is Jesse Darphrope, if he is aware of this connection is unknown.

Alliances: Revin Stockholme, Bryan Kuznetsov, Hiro Granger, Voltaire Hiwatari.

Enemies: Jesse Darphrope, Tala Valkov, Judy, PPB all-stars.

Bitbeast: Darkque.


'Kaze is a tall feminine shaped, slim young male, standing at the overall height of 6ft 1inches tall and weighs only 126lbs. He has a slight muscle build up in his arms and his stomach is taunt and his legs are powerful, showing most of his weight is made up of pure muscle and hardly any actual weight what so ever. His skin is a pale alabaster white from the lack of sun he's been exposed to in the past. His skin is palely blemished with light brown freckles, traveling over his shoulder and neck. His skin is also dotted in small pink scars, which are visible only when he's shirtless or his sleeves are rolled up. The most visible scar is a small 'V.H' shaped scar he obtained from an encounter with Voltaire and he marked him as his own. The feminine shape of his body, which sometimes causes people to take him as a woman, is due to the curves of his hips, slim arms, long neck and legs and thin waist. He also has the fine 'V' shaped muscle definition on his abdomen and his hips are narrow. Also his slightly rounder eyes and slim nose and high cheekbones cause people to mistake him for female.

Adding to the Feminine appearance, 'Kaze has long white hair, due to him being albino, which is finely coloured with blue in some places, mainly the tips of his hair. His hair is cut into a rough style, stopping at the base of his neck and being pin straight, while cut into choppy layers. His bangs cover his left eye and his left ear, while his right ear is visible. He constantly has his hair spiked upwards and to the left, following the line of his fringe and is commonly seen with a cap or bandana n his hair. 'Kaze also has pale grey eyes, which sometimes can appear to be blue or white.

'Kaze has a tattoo covering the right hand side of his chest and torso. The tattoo is a design of a snake curling around a rose. The rose is tattooed firmly into his side, while the snake outstretches to where its tail disappears under the line of his pants and the head of the snake is positioned to the centre of his chest, looking like it is going to bite his jugular, teeth bared and tongue exposed. The snake in the image is a cobra and its hood is fanned out. He also has another tattoo on his neck of vampire bites, which have two red gems pierced into the dots of the tattoo.

'Kaze also has a black bridge piercing across the bridge of his nose, one eyebrow is pierced with a ball piercing, he has scaffolding in his right ear and three loops reaching down the length of his ear. His other ear, when shown has three spikes jutting out of the top, black in colour. He also has a collar bone piercing, hip piercings and his naval is pierced. He has another tattoo on his wrist which is a black and white star. Oh his back there are scars, which reveal he once had a corset piercing however it was taken out later on. He also has his tongue pierced.

'kaze's more common dress style is an alternative Gothic look, which he twists into his own. He wears tight black skinny jeans which cling to his legs like a second skin, which adds definition to his feminine frame. He will wear a pair of belts which cross over on his hips, one colored red and the other white, both of which are studded. He wears a pair of boots that are thick soled and metal plated in design. They are one inch thick at the heel and come up to his knees in length, laced up at the front with buckles up the side for extra security. His shirt is a simple white, 'wife beater' sleeveless shirt. The shirt is skin tight and sticks to him like a second skin, showing off his skinny waist and chest. The shirt has an upside down cross design etched into it, the cross beginning at the bottom of the shirt and travel up the center of the shirt up to his chest. The cross is black in color but the top of the cross fades out to white. Over the top of the shirt, he wears a half jacket which reaches to his ribs in length, however it overflows his hands in arm length. The jackets collar is studded and is leather in material. The arms have zips all the way up to the elbows, which when unzipped show red material that simply expands the jacket sleeves for more movement.

When dressed casually, 'Kaze is colourful and bright in his dress sense. His usual outfit consists of a pair of tight, scarlet red skinny jeans, which have the same design as his white shirt etched into them. The shape of an upside down cross, starting from the bottom of the jeans leg and up to his knees. His jeans are held up by a pure white, checker design belt. His shoes are a simple pair of high tops with white bases and the tongue of the shoes cover the front of his jeans leg. His shirt, like in his other outfit, is a simple black 'wife beater' shirt, however it is plain in design and a lot looser in comparison to his other one. He wears a long, white leather jacket that comes down to his hips in length. However the sleeves of this jacket simply reach down of his elbow. However, the jacket has a strait jacket look to it, which is consisted of the leather and straps which hang off random points of the jacket. On his wrists he wears simple black wrist bands and white, fingerless gloves.

Concerning his hat and bandanna, when he is feeling serious and more upbeat he will wear his cap to keep his hair out of his face and out of the way. Otherwise, he will simply wear his bandanna in his hair and have his hair styled into its usual style. He is rarely seen without either, unless distressed or angry, where he simple cannot be bothered with messing around with his hair. His hair is constantly straight at the back however, even after becoming wet, showing his hair is naturally straight.

When forced to dress formally, he had been known to wear a customized suit, which is is seen wearing on nights out or 'official business' and is seen wearing it at a meal with Voltaire. The outfit is similar to that of a normal suit, consisting of a shirt and tie. However, he doesn't wear dress pants. Instead he opts for another pair of tightly fitting jeans which are a little looser than his official ones he usually wears. These jeans are customized to have elastic stitched into the side in a corset sort of design running up the seams. He is seen with these jeans to wear a pink belt. The shoes he wears while in this look are pair of thick converse shoes, which are a simple black in color. Under the white shirt he will consistently wear a black, tight shirt, similar to his others. His over shirt is long and comes down to his thighs when it is tucked out of his jeans and fitted tightly to his figure. He wears a long black tie with his signature cross on it, moving from the bottom, to the top in red. He chooses to not wear a jacket with this outfit and he is seen without his bandanna and hat. He also removes all of his piercings and replaces them with white ones instead. The sleeves of his shirt are rolled up to his elbow and he wears a simple silver chain around his wrist.

When in his sleeping attire, he will wear only a long shirt, usually red or black in color, which come to his thighs in length.


Personality wise, 'Kaze is a mixture of different individuals. He has three sides to him ultimately. His most seen side is that of the malicious and cruel persona that he puts up to defend himself from the outside world. The next is the side reserved to Voltaire, which is that, the others who know him call the 'blushing innocent'. When around Voltaire he will act feminine and sweet towards his superiors, his personality being bent around Voltaire's sick fantasies. The last side to him, is his real side, which he lets very few see. He is really a soft individual who hates confrontation between people and despises arguments. However, as others notice the changes, he himself doesn't. Showing the twisted and sick upbringing he really had at the hands of Voltaire Hiwatari. It seems to come along to him naturally. Hence why he adopted the nickname 'Little Actress' from Hiro Granger.

Due to the way that Voltaire brought him up, 'Kaze developed an attitude towards him which is baffling to most, due to the way Voltaire treats him, but instead of his normal fiery nature, he simply accepts it. He also transfers this accepting nature to any other male adult. He shows respect to his elders and shows to have a perfect set of manors, when he chooses to use them. However, this side of him also develops further to show him as shy and accepting. He seems peaceful and calm while in this state and takes insults and comments head on, simply keeping his opinions to himself, unless comments are aimed or shot towards Voltaire, to which he comes into a defensive mood. When seen alone with Voltaire, he is shown to have a large amount of respect towards the older man and pure admiration to him. He takes physical contact from the man, however degrading, head on. In this state, he shows a heavy sign of Stockholm syndrome. He also cowers under the older man's glare and submits to him easily. He also waits on Voltaire whenever the older man requires it. However, through the months of him being free of the abbey, he becomes a little looser and less cooperative with him, answering him back in some cases even though he receives punishment from the older man.

When around Revin, Bryan and Hiro, 'Kaze is playful and a lot more settled then he is around other people. He settles into an attitude that represents his age. He is a fan of practical jokes and speaks openly; he pronounces his opinion and communicates his likes and dislikes. He enjoys his freedom of speech and exploits it to its full potential. In this state, he also insults Voltaire behind his back and explains that he hates what the older man does to him, but simply accepts it because there is no way out of it. He is also shown to be a fan of physical contact from the free of them and enjoys play fighting. He has hyperactive tendencies which he blames on Revin, his reason being because the raven haired teen dotes on him as if he was a child, to which he acts like. He is also known to be a teaser while in this state, picking on the two in an endless bout of play fights and poking them. In this state, he shows that he has a dislike for being tickled and seems relaxed and out of character. He can also seem uncomfortable around them in this state of mind. He is also truthful about the way he feels and accepts that the way that Voltaire treats him is wrong, but explains that it's the only kind of thing he knows due to having grown with it.

When around other people, 'Kaze has a complete and utter different side to him. He shows just how vicious he really can be under his skin. While like this, it becomes apparent that he has no respect for women, mainly because he never had to grow up with them. He has a hate complex towards Emily of the PPB All stars and as well there coach, Judy. In this state of mind, he still has some respect for adults, but that respect is mainly aimed to Hiro. He is known to call Mr Dickinson an 'Old coot who is well past his sell by date' right to his face and consistently insults him. He also shows a factor of that he disagrees with 'children' taking part in beyblade. When he speaks this, he is referring to Ian, Kevin and Daichi. He also shows a hate towards Tala, who he says is a 'failure in all departments, including his hair'. His feminine side is also present in this, as he hates physical contact with others due to 'germs' which when he says this excuse, he is referring to the person themselves as 'germs'. While like this he is silent and antisocial and refuses to take parts in conversations with others, unless its Revin, who he shows a slight bit of compassion. His and Revin's alter egos are not known to get along, but they act the part and inwardly joke about that situation with insults and when their on their own, they comment on how 'pretend and fake' it is, and how no one else notices. He often swears and finds factors about other people and mocks them for those flaws.

'Kaze is deathly truthful, believing that one should not tell lies, and that he should always be truthful towards others. However, when telling people things, he skips around the important facts, explains it briefly and 'forgets' to mention vital details. He also says that it is only himself that he lies to; referring to the pretend happiness he has with Voltaire. He also has a strong hate towards violence and is against it. He himself only uses it when it is necessary and cannot be avoided. He is also shown to be shaken when the topic of his family comes around. He often refuses to listen to the conversation or stops it all together. Even though he has no recollection of Jesse, without his own understanding, he despises him.

Background history.

To 'Kaze's knowledge, his life from the word go was lived in the Hiwatari manor, with his mother and Voltaire, and his younger sister. He was living under the illusion that his mother and Voltaire where together in a civil relationship that was agreed upon for his benefit. However, there is more to his life then he knows. In 'Kaze's mind he was born at Hiwatari Manor and grew up there, before being moved to the abbey at the age of 8, to his knowledge, his mother died in childbirth and his sister died from an infected injury to her leg that couldn't be healed or helped. He believed that Kai was his brother, but to another woman due to him being 2 years older than him, and grew up to despise him because of the way that Kai treated him.

However, that story is only half true. 'Kaze's true father was actually Stas Darphrope, a drunk who felt it right to abuse his elder son, Jesse, because the boy was the child to another man, and had been born before Stas and Nevera got together. That night had started out the same as it always did, Nevera going to collect her drunken husband, who she had been forced to marry, from one of the local bars in their small town. She had received a phone call on the way home from a doctor's appointment saying that Stas needed to be picked up because he physically couldn't walk. When she arrived to pick him up, it had been the same, the ranting and raving argument the two usually had about her interrupting his life and wrecking his fun. While on the drive home, Stas had finally noticed the 3 year old child that 'wasn't his' asleep on the back seat and began to viciously beat him awake, in the process, jerking Nevera's arm and causing her to veer off the side of the road and crashed into an oncoming ditch, the font of the car snapping. Nevera, who was heavily pregnant, had believed Stas to be dead and grabbed her dying child out of the car and struggled to the nearest building for help, the Hiwatari Manor.

When she arrived at the manor, it had been young Kai who had spotted her and had ran to Voltaire to tell him about her appearance. Voltaire instantly brought her into the manor and his servants went to work with helping her. The first reason Voltaire had helped her was because upon hearing her last name was Darphrope and what he original last name had been, he figured she was from a very high up family that funded part of the B.I.O.V.O.L.T project. He managed to help Jesse, who had been in a critical condition by moving him to the abbey for medical attention. It was then discovered that Jesse had lost his memory and that he was mentally wrecked from the abuse he still remembered through the haze of his amnesia. It was decided that it was best for him to stay in the abbey and not be forced to live with a woman he didn't know. Nevera had reluctantly agreed to it and was welcomed into the Hiwatari Manor for one sole reason, Kai seemed to interact with her well and he needed a mother figure in his life.

With the unborn child still in her stomach, she became accepting of the situation and grew fond of the front that Voltaire put up, believing that he was a honest and generous man with some troubles in his life due to being alone and having to bring up his grandson on his own. When it came to the Childs birth, it had become decided that it would grow up to be known as Kai's brother, to stop confusion and questioning. Kaze was born and grew into his life as a Neliqual family member, the original surname of his mother, and was brought up on the lie that his mother and Voltaire had never been married. His life was perfect, apart from a malicious attitude towards Kai and a spoilt nature coming onto him, similar to that of Kais. However, his life turned upside down when his mother was caught pregnant from a secret relationship she'd been keeping with one of the male staff at Voltaire's Manor. Voltaire became livid and felt betrayed, he allowed her to keep the child.

When it came to the next child's birth, Voltaire was livid still, and when she had given birth to the child, a young baby girl, he decided that enough was enough. He strangled her, before she had a chance to bond with the child, and left her dead. The story that was told was that she had died in child birth, and those around believed the tale and nothing more was said about the situation. However, the child was still a problem. 'Kaze began doting on the young girl and she grew up to the grand age of four, when 'Kaze was the age of 7, before she died of a horrid infection to the leg that she had gotten while playing in the kitchen. However, the bite actually came from one of the large dogs Voltaire owned, he had set it on the small girl, because she reminded him of her mother. When 'Kaze was told, he became grief stricken and depressed. This depression lasted up to a year, before Voltaire couldn't take the child's suffering and began to comfort him. However, that comfort became much more, up until a point when Voltaire tried to have sex with the boy, who refused and pushed him away. Infuriated with the child's defiance, he punished him and marked him with the letters of V.H on his neck and claimed him as his.

From that point on, things became hard. 'Kaze began arguing with Kai and engaging in rights with him. Kai mocked the way that Voltaire 'cared' for him. However, things hit rock bottom when Kai had launched his Beyblade, Dranzer, in 'Kaze's direction, only to gasp in surprise as the Beyblade shattered into pieces before it hit 'Kaze, the pieces dripping in blood. Voltaire became interested when Kai had told him the events and began to test the theory, having Kai attack him purposely just to watch the same result come around more than once. Intrigued, he got his partner, Boris, involved. Nothing was found under the test, but it still baffled the old man. It came to a point when Voltaire admitted 'Kaze into the abbey and started privately training him.

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Bitbeast and beyblade.

Darkque is a one of a kind Bitbeast, He appears initially human in form with some differences, an example being his wings. He is the living embodiment of all of Dekaze's pent up emotions and memories. He became apparent in the match with Jesse Darphrope, under the threat that its twin, Corsea, was going to hurt Dekaze.

Darkque's Appearance is that of an extremely tall male, standing up at 7ft 5 in most cases, but sometimes appearing the same height as Dekaze. He is smaller in weight than Dekaze, his stomach and sides being more tucked in and his ribs more predominant. He also has a feminine build of a flat stomach and the typical 'V' line in his abdomen, showing he is still physically fit. His skin is a pale paper colour white, with a slight blue tint to it, as if he was dead. His lips, when shown are pale peach and hardly noticeable. His hair is a long pure white, reaching down to his hips in long thin strands. The stands of hair often float around him on some kind of invisible wind which is consistently around him. His hair is also long on his face, concealing his eyes away from the rest of the world. When shown, his eyes are a pale ashen blue, the same colour as Dekaze's own, but a little darker. A strange fact about him is that he has wings producing from his back, long and thin, spreading out behind him and the membrane of the wings is torn and missing in certain places. Darkque's clothing consists of a long black piece of fabric which covers the bottom of his face, from his chin to his nose. He wears what appeared to once be a long black coat, only now to be ripped just under the ribs, revealing his stomach and the rest billowing out behind him. He wears a long skirt like piece of clothing on his bottom half, which hangs loosely on his hips by a brown belt, which is simply tied around him, the ends falling down his legs. A rip in the material reveals that he is wearing leather pants under the skirt like clothing article, and a pair of thick souled boots which go up to his knees. His arms up to his elbow are seen to be wrapped in bandages.

Darkque's Blade is a full white colour, the base and spin track on the blade being coloured black and the gears being a simple chrome metal, giving it a professional look. There is a void bit chip on the blade, simply painted with a rose in the middle, done carefully by Dekaze himself. The edge of the blade is chipped to have a lethal attack ring, designed for cutting and slicking, the ridges on the metal causing it to be destructive. The blade works by the gears inside it, spinning at extraordinary speeds, causing the loose top of the blade to spin in the opposing direction of the base, causing the blade to not look like its moving, but the tip of the blade spins individual to give it movement, the blade can switch spin direction and general direction with the flick of a wrist or simple command. The blade has a 100% win streak to it, having even beaten Jesse's Corsea in battle. The only person he has drawn with was Revin, through a reluctance to hurt him.

Darkque's Attacks consist of the blood rose and blue blood attacks. The Blue Blood attack is the mildest, it brings an illusion of the person its facing being tortured and battered brutally, causing the opponent to feel as if his heart is pounding and their mind locks in fear, a burning pain then wracks up their spine, as the blade hits into their own in the moment of distraction, knocking the person off balance and sometimes knocking them out of the match. The Blood Rose attack is the most serious. The attack consists of the opponent being brought to their knees, as they watch their blade be pulverised by Darkque quickly, often breaking attack and defence rings off blades in the process. When the blade is exposed and chipped down to a level, it will feel like the nerves of the Blader are exposed and the illusion of blood will appear on their skin, looking like they have been attacked as well as the blade. By this point, weak beybladers have fainted from the feeling of blood loss or fright. The strong ones feel an immense pain as they fall into their own thoughts, only to see in their own mind, Darkque bringing a dark syth down and into their body, resembling the grim reaper. The opponent collapses onto the floor and Darkque will hook his syth under their neck and pull their heads up with it to force them watch as their blade wobbles and their bitbeast appears to be drowning on their own blood which is collected in their throats, some blader's even spit up blood due to the life like effects of the attacks. They are then released and knocked to the side as Darkque's blade smashes into the side of their own, driving it out of the ring, before returning itself to be sitting in the middle of the ring. After the attack, Darkque will often appear to be covered in blood and the blade will be spinning in the middle of a puddle of blood. Dekaze will often also have blood on his fingers when the attack is over.



-Dekaze is actually Jesse's younger brother. Them both having come from the same mother. However, Dekaze is unaware of this due to him having no memories of Jesse, as he was torn away from their family before Dekaze was born by Boris and Voltaire, hence the reason his mother stumbled to Voltaire's manor for him to help her, taking advantage of the fact that he loved her.

-Darkque appears similar to Dekaze, only an older, more mature version of him.

-The blood which appears under Darkque's blade is actually Dekaze's own blood, having used it to fuel Darkque's attack with a sacrifice in respect.

-Darkque is infatuated with Dekaze and won't let anyone harm him.

-Dekaze falls asleep in Darkque's arms every night, even when he is with Revin.

Team Theme song: Off Your Hands by Fit For Rivals.

Character Theme Song: Damage by Fit For Rivals.

Bitbeast image of Darkque: (Image does not belong to me, credit goes to the artist, the bitbeast just looks similar to him and the idea is inspired by the image)

Bitbeast theme song: by Fit For Rivals.

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Name: Ceinwyn Drakenson

Nationality: Scotland/England

Gender: Female


birthday: February 5Th

Occupation: blader and fortune teller

Appearance: wears mostly black jeans and grey t shirt. a large black coat with silver buttons. she has grey hair and wears 2 purple clips in her fringe on the left side of the face and a skull and cross bones on the right side of head. also has her nose and belly button pierced. very pale skin and has green eyes. skinny too and has quite a good package...

Personality: she is normally very unsocial till she gets to know you, and after she does she is very protective of the friends. she has her fortune teller moments were no one under stands what she says and its even harder to understand her when she is mad because she goes from her English accent to full one Scottish.

beyblade: electricity/blue lightning type. a black and electric blue beyblade with 3 star defence, 3 star endurance and 4 star attack

bit beast: leæna (latin for lioness)

bit beast appearance: a white lioness which has purple eyes and a electric blue line down her back.

bitbeast origins: from Roman times when lions were first taken from Africa, she was the first female lion to die in Rome and her spirit was ripped from her body.

beyblade attacks:

blue lightning dagger = blue lightning forms 20 daggers that then fire at opponent blade. has broken many blades with attack. not used often in battles.

goddess roar = opens her mouth and roars pure energy at opponent, very effective and very damaging. used alot.

Chib cut = knifes form around the stadium and 1 randomly attacks. not used often and is like final blow mostly.


she is from a wealthy family.she is also the black sheep of her family, her 4 siblings are older boys, who are William, Arthur, Thomas and Charlie. they are all successful doctors, lawyers, businessmen ect. and she is a ''little girl'' who likes spiritual things. her mother named her so she has a welsh name unlike everyone else.

she found out about beyblade from boys in her school. she never has been on good terms with the other girls. she joined in and found l leæna when she was 7. she has been with her ever since, like a ''guardian angel''. she has won all matches she has ever been in and that got her some more friends, still all boys.

her mother loves her but her father wanted another son so he just ignores her. at the age of 10 her father took her to meet some one and it turned out to be her ''new husband''. they were to be married as soon as they are 17. she never wanted it so she told her mother, who is from a middle class family and didn't approved. her mother told her to run away and stay away.

she ran after her 11 birthday and has been looking after her self ever since. she lives in a small flat that her mother gave her money for before she ran and works in stead of going to school. leæna and her flew up to national beyblading standards and battled in nationals.

she works in a cafe and restaurant during the weekdays and works as a fourture teller on the weekends. she takes holidays for beyblade championships.

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