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Loose Leafy

This is a topic for any Bori fans that like this ship. I don't, but I see no one has made one, so here it is. :)

7/17/2010 #1

I support 100%

8/16/2010 #2

I don't know why more people don't like this ship. I think they're so perfect for eachother.

8/20/2010 #3
Beck/Tori is cool. But Kendall Knight(Big Time Rush)/Tori Vega is even better.
9/13/2010 #4

There is a serious lack of stories for this ship. D: When I have time, I'll try to contribute. :o)

9/20/2010 #5

I support it too! I Love Bori. BTW Anyone wanna read my Bori fanfic?

12/5/2010 #6

As much as I like Beck/Tori, their ship name isn't working for me. I prefer "Beri" just because "Bori" is two letters away from "boring," which is something Beck/Tori is not. :oP Lol

12/5/2010 #7

I like this couple even if its cliche. Something about it is appealing to me.

12/28/2010 #8

I totally AGREE WITH U!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! Tori/Kendall perfect and Tori/Beck Perfect too!

1/3/2011 #9

'Beri' isn't a good name for the ship, either.

there's a brute disease named beriberi.

Tori/Beck should not sound like the first identical half of a grave illness.

Beck/Tori sounds better unabbreviated, very close to victory.

1/3/2011 #10

That's True and Bori is like Boring which their not!

1/3/2011 #11

you could always call them Teck! :)

1/10/2011 #12

True but it sounds weird TecK? Bori! Better!

1/10/2011 #13

what about beri?

1/13/2011 #14

why doesw the pairing name even matter? the important part is the pairing itself, as in the people in it.

1/13/2011 #15
Loose Leafy


1/13/2011 #16

Maybe 4 jobless fans to have something to be interested in.?

1/14/2011 #17

I love Bori/Beri/Teck(w.e u want 2 call them). They are so perect for each other. I wish Beck would break up w/ Jade b/c she doesn't deserve him.

1/29/2011 #18

Let's hope it happens on Crush week! BORI!

1/29/2011 #19

It didn't happen. :( I LOVE Bori! The name is weird, though. I actually wrote a story titled 'BORIng' , but that's just 'cause I like writing Bade, but reading tons of Bori. Of course, I have a few Bori stories. Anyway, Bade sounds like grade... and I give it a F+ for it's grade! LOVE BORI!

3/1/2011 #20

Yea so there is a serious lack of good bori fics on here, so i decided to start one! Check it out guys! it will be a fully developed story.

3/15/2011 #21
Underneath All Elsewhere

I don't understand why this ship is the most hated in the fandom, I find them adorable. My favorite moment of theirs was their hug in 1x10.

6/19/2011 #22

I also am quite confused by the hatred but honestly I take it more as Jade lovers just hating on Tori. Personally I love both couples because both have different things to offer. Bade is cute because of the whole opposites attract business and Beck tends to even Jade out (although lately, not sure if anyone else has noticed, but the writers have been deluding Jade's attitude somewhat). Then there's Bori. The two compliment each other greatly in the fact that Beck is outspoken and Tori is the depiction of the "average" girl. He's the kind of boy that every girl wants and Tori is supposedly like most girls, this creates a Cinderella sort of feel that some readers do enjoy. I do think that Bori is in a way like a perfect couple, which some people may find boring, but the only way I see it working as a likable pairing is if it's in an interesting situation that trials both them and their patience.

6/19/2011 #23
Rima Akien

i really want to write a beck/tori love story and i really need some help. any suggestions?

6/21/2011 #24
I totally love beck and Tori together I don't get why so many people hate it though
8/10/2011 #25
I love Bori! It seems though Bade and Jori are most popular though. Maybe there should be a Bori week in the future. Where all Bori lovers prepare stories and try to make the front screen completely Bori, to remind everyone we are still here. Then Bori can be Beri Victorious! :{D
7/23/2012 #26

I ship Bori, 100% not much else to say!

8/19/2012 #27

I ship Bori all the way! :D

8/19/2012 #28

I love Bori (although I'm a Jori and Bade fan also) I came back to FF hoping to find a bunch of Bori stories but there weren't many. :(

8/25/2012 #29

Please don't bash but i'm more of a bade fan i just want to know what makes you like bori. I like bade because they seem interesting and I like how jade listens to beck but i want to the other side of a shipping.

9/3/2012 #30
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