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This is yet another RPG Yes, there are many. This is a new one! :D It takes place post- Wicked Love, so Gracietta, Malaro, and Fenera are fair game, Macavity is in the Junkyard, and...Dymian is a character ; BUT, nothing of Love of Larceny has happened
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Please check this topic often, as I will be posting things relevant to the story!

2/21/2011 #1

FYI- I'm going to make use of the catagories, kk everyone? That means all new topics. All the old ones will be archived for your use, we'll still have the same story, just an easier format.

2/21/2011 #2

Just a note to everyone- I am going to be gone for three weeks. During this time, you guys can- A. Wait for me to get back, B. Continue without me (I'll put my characters out of the way for a while) C. Continue with someone else taking over my characters.

Just let me know what you guys want :) I'm leaving tomorrow, so I need to know ASAP.

7/9/2011 #3

Well, Napo and I are pretty much used to splitting up characters, but I almost think we could put some of them away and someone could play that characters that are absolutely essential.

7/9/2011 #4

So do I- I kind of think that Jemima and Rumpleteazer could be shelved for a bit. Sashimi and Bombalurina are the only ones that are really essential.

7/9/2011 #5


7/9/2011 #6

I honestly don't mind what you guys do, so go forth! RP! :)

7/9/2011 #7
Guess who's back.... :D
7/31/2011 #8

Maradie/Mistieana!!! *hugs*

7/31/2011 #9

**Hugs* I have to say, you guys have been doing great without me! It's almost like you don't even need me :P

8/6/2011 #10

Of course we need you! We missed you! ^-^

Plus we've only had to take over Bomba, otherwise everything shouldn't be too out of wack. :)

8/6/2011 #11

I read through everything that has gone on since I've been gone. I cannot wait to jump back in! Thanks agaain for covering me, SummerRose :)

8/7/2011 #12

^-^ You're welcome!

8/7/2011 #13

You know, I just realized how long it's been since anyone's posted on this rp!

10/29/2011 #14
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