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This is yet another RPG Yes, there are many. This is a new one! :D It takes place post- Wicked Love, so Gracietta, Malaro, and Fenera are fair game, Macavity is in the Junkyard, and...Dymian is a character ; BUT, nothing of Love of Larceny has happened
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The home of the skittish Queen whose mysterious past with Macavity used to cause her so much distress. But has she really fully recovered from all that trauma...?

2/21/2011 #1

Demeter swiftly returned to her den, deciding to give up on her search to find the source of the scream. Instead, she decided to rest, and she would find out what would happen tomorrow. Tonight was too late for any galavanting. She just wasn't up to it any longer.

2/21/2011 #2

Jemima quietly crept into the den of the older Queen. She didn't know where else to turn. She needed advice, and Demeter had always been there for her as a kind of adoptive mother. "Demeter...?"

2/21/2011 . Edited 2/21/2011 #3

Demeter turned her head from her bed and smiled softly at the young queen, Jemima. "Hello, Jemima." she greeted, sitting up on her bed. "Come in."

2/21/2011 #4

Jemima crept in timidly to stand by Demeter's bedside, "Can I ask you about something...?"

2/21/2011 #5

Demeter nodded as she crossed her legs on the bed. "Sure, Jem." she told her, smiling comfortingly.

2/21/2011 #6

Jemima paused for a moment, thinking, before sinking onto the ground beside Demeter. "What do you do when you like a Tom whose crazy for another Queen?"

2/21/2011 #7

Demeter blinked at Jemima, shrugging slightly as she rested her body on the head board of her bed. "Well, Jem... What would this tom think if another queen was crazy for him?"

2/21/2011 #8

Jemima shrugged, looking down at your feet, "He doesn't think that Queens like him...But that's silly of him! I think that he's perfect..."

2/21/2011 #9

Demeter just smiled widely. "Well... has said queen ever said anything to him about liking him?"

2/21/2011 #10

Jemima shook her head again, "I'm too scared...He like Bombalurina...Everyone likes her better than me..."

2/21/2011 #11

Demeter sighed and leaned down on the bed. "Now, Jem, that's not true. Sure, Bomba may catch a few toms' eyes, but you don't think that one likes you more than her? You'll never know unless you try."

2/21/2011 #12

Jemima looked up at Demeter, her heart swelling with courage, "You know what? You're right! Thanks, Deme!"

She gave the Queen a happy hug, and hurried out of the den.

2/21/2011 #13

"Oh..." Demeter quickly hugged her back before watching her rush away. The gold queen chuckled quietly to herself. She almost forgot the times when she had been asking the same advice from her sister... She smiled warmly before curling up on the bed.

2/21/2011 #14

The henchcat was silently watching the gold queen sleep in her den. At first he thought she was asleep, but it turned out that her eyes were open. He silently walked by her den, realizing that this must be the one that the boss had described. "Demeter, is it?" he asked as he creeped out into her den.

The gold queen's head sharply turned up. She stared at the henchcat blankly before nodding. "Who are you?" she snapped quickly, standing on her feet.

She was definitely on edge, though the henchcat thought that was acceptable since a tom had entered her den without her knowing. "Macavity would like to speak with you."

Demeter looked like she was about to scream, "What does he want?" she breathed.

"He said he has an offer for you. It concerns your neices and nephew."

She blinked and looked more calm when he mentioned this. ".... My sister had her kits? .... Is she alright?"

He sighed quietly, since he didn't fully know what she was talking about. "I'm not sure." he answered honestly, now growing impatient. All he knew was that Demeter had to come with him and quickly or he wouldn't be forgiven easily. In the Warehouse, in his opinion, it was much better to be ignored than noticed. "Are you coming or not?" he asked, turning toward the back exit of her den again.

She stared down at the ground searchingly. After a moment she nodded gently and slowly followed his steps. She didn't seem like a very good conversationalist, and the henchcat was fine with that. He quickly led her out of the Junkyard, and back down to the path of the Warehouse, ignoring how terrified she looked.

7/8/2011 #15
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