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This is yet another RPG Yes, there are many. This is a new one! :D It takes place post- Wicked Love, so Gracietta, Malaro, and Fenera are fair game, Macavity is in the Junkyard, and...Dymian is a character ; BUT, nothing of Love of Larceny has happened
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Where many of the Queens in Macavity's lair sleep...

3/15/2011 . Edited 3/15/2011 #1

Mungojerrie at least tried to ignore the questioning stares from the other queens as he entered the queen quarters of the Warehouse, not wanting to begin arguing with a queen to take out his frustration. His sister wanted him back quite soon, and he was thinking very much about staying away for as long as possible, if nothing but just to annoy their boss.

3/15/2011 #2

Sashimi, one of the youngest and newest of Macavity's Henchqueens, made her way out of her burrow of blankets to spy on the Tom entering her territory. She immediately noticed how handsome she was, and let a small smile come over her face. She had never been considered pretty by anyone; in fact, Macavity had not even bothered to ever bring her properly into Queenhood. But she was cunning, and knew how to use Toms to her advantage. With a small purr, she emerged from her den, and stood in front of the Tom, blocking his way, "Where do you think you're going?"

3/15/2011 #3

Mungojerrie slowly cast his eyes down to the queen, flashing a charming grin at her. She was not the queen he was looking for, but at least he could ask her where Griddlebone actually was. "Oi'm looking for Griddlebone, darlin'. D'ya know where she is?" He purred to her.

3/15/2011 #4

Sashimi rolled her eyes. Typical. Toms only ever dared to enter the area where the most vicious Queens made their home if they had been invited, or were coming to see Griddlebone. "I think she's sleeping now...She had an assignment from the big man at one point, but I think that fell through. She got up early for it, too!"

3/15/2011 #5

Mungojerrie quirked an eyebrow, "Griddlebone got up early?! Bloody Fell... it ain't ever been known." The calico tom chuckled quietly under his breath, glancing once around the main half of the female quarters. "Oi guess Oi'll just have ta wait 'til she wakes up then."

3/15/2011 #6

Sashimi raised an eyebrow right back at him, "You're not going to wait here, are you?"

3/15/2011 #7

"Well not right 'ere, darlin'." Mungojerrie sauntered passed the queen, looking over his shoulder. "Oi'll have ta wait inside 'er den, give 'er a surprise for when she wakes up."

3/15/2011 #8

"I wouldn't do that..." The little Queen whispered with a small smile. She turned to face the Tom, flicking her 'brightly colored' tail (Brown, just like the rest of her, save for a few white spots).

3/15/2011 #9

"An' why d'ya say that?" Mungojerrie asked her humorously, glancing at the tip of her tail and allowing his eyes to scan over her entire body for a moment. She was cute, but nothing like Jemima.

3/15/2011 #10

Sashimi watched the Tom for a moment, noting that his eyes scanned over her body. So he was interested in Queens. She tucked the information away for future use. After deciding that she'd allowed the silence to brew for long enough, she shrugged and murmured, "I dunno...She doesn't like rude awakenings, especially from Toms. She needs her beauty sleep, and she needs to get primped before she'll let anyone see her."

3/15/2011 #11

That did make sense, strangely. Griddlebone seemed like the vain type of queen, much like Bombalurina, who would need to make herself look gorgeous before she allowed herself to socialise. And not even he liked being woken up. "So where d'ya suggest Oi wait then, sweet'eart?"

3/15/2011 #12

Sashimi shrugged, reaching into her den and pulling out a bag of catnip. "I don't care..."

After a moment, she held the bag towards the strange Tom, her eyebrows raised, "Is this yours? I found it in the basement not too long ago..."

3/15/2011 #13

"Might be darlin'," Mungojerrie hummed over his feelings towards catnip for a moment before shrugging his shoulders calmly. Well, he was trying to get in to see Griddlebone, he might as well take catnip from a strange young queen too. "Oi think it belongs to moi sistah, Oi'll make sure she gets it back."

3/15/2011 #14

Sashimi smirked a little and tossed the bag to him. She had seen the light flare in his eyes when she had offered it to him. Another bit of information to tuck away, "So...What do you do here?"

3/15/2011 #15

Griddlebone sauntered through the female quarters, still grumpy from her boss forcing her to do all this work for nothing. However, she had gotten herself ready for the day to come anyhow. The Persian queen snorted when she saw Sashimi give Mungojerrie a bag of catnip. She walked inside, observing them from a distance, simply because she was bored.

3/15/2011 #16

Mungojerrie caught the bag, slowly beginning to grow bored with talking to the queen. He hadn't risked his tomhood to come here and just stand around talking with a queen he knew nothing about. "Oi'm a theif, darlin'. Mungojerrie."

He didn't elaborated as he caught sight of the Persian Queen from the corner of his eye, a new sort of smile appearing on his face. He was glad she'd finally decided to turn up.

3/15/2011 #17

Sashimi stuck out a paw, prepared to introduce herself when she saw Mungojerrie's attention quickly switch to the newly emerged Griddlebone. With a small pout, she dropped the paw. Oh, well. She had given him a favor by returning the 'found' bag of catnip. She could redeem that favor when needed.

3/15/2011 #18

Griddlebone chuckled as she entered closer into the room, realizing she had been discovered. "Evening... or is it morning now?" She grinned at them, "I can never tell with my hours being shifted." The Persian queen glanced down at the bag of catnip in Mungojerrie's paw, smirking, "Now Sashimi, you didn't honestly give a thief like Mungojerrie a prize like that, did you?"

3/15/2011 #19

Sashimi rolled her eyes and crossed her arms across her chest, shifting her weight to one hip, "Actually, I did. If you wanted to buy it, you could have told me."

She smirked at Griddlebone. She had quickly made a name for herself as an easy Queen to buy catnip from. She generally stole it from house cats who had no idea of its value, or from cats she had already sold it to. This made her powerful enough to keep Griddlebone, who was generally considered the female leader of the warehouse, from getting too annoyed with her, and gave her something to hold over everyone's head.

3/15/2011 #20

"A tom could take offence to that, Griddlebone." Mungojerrie stated calmly, keeping his gaze on Griddlebone, a sly grin playing on his lips as she spoke.

Sashimi. That was the name of the queen. He'd certainly have to remember that one, and let his sister know about her too. But he had only been back one day, he couldn't be expected to remember names.

"Luckily, Oi ain't one of those sensitive toms. And Oi'm open to sharing, for the right price."

3/15/2011 #21

Sashimi shot a nasty look at Mungojerrie. How dare he! He couldn't just take her hard-earned...stolen...merchandise, and sell it to someone else! With a dangerous smile that was almost too sweet, she murmured, "And a Queen could take offense to a Tom who takes advantage of her generosity..."

3/15/2011 #22

Griddlebone chuckled dryly at Sashimi's reaction, grinning at the both of them for a moment. "He's a tricky one, unfortunately..." The Persian queen mused. She was actually enjoying the conversation now, though she wondered what Mungojerrie was doing in the female quarters in the first place.

3/15/2011 #23

"Aw, come now darlin', nobody can resist such an 'andsome looking tom like me." Mungojerrie replied to Sashimi, just a little bit mockingly. He had no intention of selling anything to Griddlebone at the prices Sashimi probably sold to other cats.

"That Oi am," He nodded to Griddlebone, "Even trickier when 'e's been waiting so long for a certain gorgeous queen to show up."

3/15/2011 #24

Griddlebone smirked slightly at his comment, sitting down primly as her tail brushed over her feet. "How flattering, Mungojerrie, that you resort to brown nosing."

3/15/2011 #25

Sashimi glared at Mungojerrie. She had been interested when she had heard that he was a fellow thief, but he was obviously too shallow and self centered to ever be of much use to her personally, thought the trait might be handy if she ever needed a favor.

She flopped down onto the pile of blankets that made up her pitiful den (She had yet to graduate to something like the large quarters Griddlebone had conquered) and settled herself to watch the conversation unfold.

3/15/2011 #26

Mungojerrie chuckled idly, noticing how Sashimi had seemed to taken a disliking towards him already. He could live with that, since he hadn't gotten a great first impression of her either.

"Brown nosin', darlin'? Nah, just statin' a fact. Oi hate waiting." He grinned cheekily at Griddlebone, looking down at her. "Oi wanted a word actually."

3/15/2011 #27

Griddlebone lightly arched her eyebrow, wondering what he would need to discuss with her. She nodded at him. "I see..." she murmured, grinning again. "Alright then, you have my attention. For now. "

3/15/2011 #28

"Can we go somewhere else? Away from all these hate glares Oi can feel being directed at the back of moi head." Mungojerrie asked her, knowing it would be hard to keep her attention for too long. But he felt quite unnerved being around so many queens, who all seemed to dislike him.

3/15/2011 #29

Griddlebone stiflted a laugh, calmly standing back on her feet before nodding. "I'd hate to make you feel uncomfortable, Mungojerrie." she replied with a smirk. The Persian queen turned around. "You mind speaking in my quarters, then?"

3/15/2011 #30
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