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Forum allows discussion of the comic: Mistress of Fear, Scarecrow Villains #1 February 1998. Topics should mostly center around Jonathan Crane "The Scarecrow" and Becky Abright "Crane's assumed Mistress of Fear".
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What did you think of Jonathan Crane in the comic: Mistress of Fear, Scarecrow Villains #1 February 1998?
1 I hated his costume, it looked like his ass was sagging, the whole comic sucked! :(
2 I loved the Costume, but I think I'd like to make some changes! ;p
3 I loved his costume, but damn! He looks ugly. Crane put the mask back on! O.O
4 I loved his costume and the way they drew him without his mask on. :)
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So did you like his costume in the comic? Like the way they drew his face without the mask? What did you think of his personality? I think he was the best Scarecrow yet, only I think he could use a shave...

4/26/2010 #1

Yes, he could use a shave. There's something adorable about him, though. His facial expression are what had me chuckling. Biting his lower lip? Poor guy. He's so ugly he's cute. XD

4/26/2010 #2

There's not a poll choice for "could have been improved" , so I didn't vote.

The mask was puffed out too much at the sides; it looked more like a Muppet head or one of those Krofft costumes? More freaky than scary...

As for Johnathan himself, yes he did need a shave. But he wasn't meant to be a handsome man; Heart of Friendship's "so ugly he's cute" fits. :)

4/26/2010 #3

Now there is that option.

*fallsoffchair* OMG he does look like a Muppet!!!! .

Yeah, HoF really nailed that discription.

4/27/2010 #4

"*fallsoffchair* OMG he does look like a Muppet!!!!"

I call them as I see them. :)

4/27/2010 #5

I have to agree, yeah, Sunflare, he did look like a muppet. That didn't bother me too much, but yeah...*chuckles*...he looks like a muppet. Lord forbid there ever be a muppet like him, weilding fear gas.

And now...I can see it. Scarecrow muppet...XD

4/27/2010 #6

Muppet's go to Gotham.... . Somebody's gonna have to draw that....

Anyway, I think Crane's costume in MoF is one of his best. Top three in my catogory, next to Scarecrow Year One 2005. (That's the issue where we meet his G-Ma) BTAS would be my next fave costume, the red and the brown with his straw hair. Crane's MoF costume best show's a more detailed version of the BTAS costume, I think. So maybe there the same? Ah, I don't know.

I just really loved his costume, but they really needed to work on drawing his face a bit better. To me he looked like a taller version of Jervis Tetch. T_T Yeah, I would have loved for his face to be less, grimmy. But I forget to stand back and look at his situation. Afterall, the scarecrow is supposed to represent fear and poverty.

4/29/2010 #7
lost soul's keeper

I liked him over all but he did seem....scrffier in this one. Not in a 'ew gross' way but he was definatly scruffy.

I still like scarecrow year one best. and as for him being ugly the charater has always been kind of homely in that cute way and I like him like that.

5/26/2010 #8

I LOVE MUPPETS! *squees*

Yes, his costume was great. But the mask did look like a Muppet head xD It was still cute in a freakish way, though. I also really liked his scythe, when saw it... shiny...

As for Jonny himself, no Cillian Murphy, but that's the way he's supposed to be, right? He was so ugly it was cute. :D

And the artists got the facial expressions down pat! It was realistic art. I wish I could draw like that... all I can do is cartoons :P But I do have bursts of talent where I totally surprise myself.

10/25/2010 #9
Invader BeckyandClad

He does look like a muppet D..Realistic art is awesome

2/17/2011 #10
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