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Create a character and enter the underworld of Liberty City, taking part in a tale of sex, drugs, violence and crime.
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Seifer Almasy 911

Nothing gets a criminal of any sort excited like a heist. Bank jobs, armoured trucks, warehouses, any and every kind of a heist provides an opportunity for action, excitement and most of all, money. Large sums of cash go missing only to never be seen again - unless in the hands of those who took it by force. Whatever their choice of tactics and however they spend it everyone is after one thing and one thing only, more and more money, it makes the criminal world go 'round. The only way to get more power is to get a few good men together and start making money.

The only problem is things don't always go according to plan and the more parties involved the more chaotic and messy things can be when they go awry. A heist gone bad can be a bloody, unprofitable and often deadly affair.

After months of chaos in the underworld of Liberty City several such heists have been planned by three parties in the hopes that things will go smoothly and everyone involved will walk away much richer than they were going in. The Jewish mob have pooled their resources and begun working with the Pavano family in recent times, an alliance that has been profitable and only improved when the Irish mob was introduced to the mix. Together the three factions have successfully planned and executed many operations, this time they've planned something the likes of which the city has never seen before - three simaltaneous bank robberies. The Jewish mob funds the operation and provides everything needed, the Pavanos and highly experienced Irish providing the man power and doing all the foot work.

Each player will be tasked with successfully carrying out the three heists and then dealing with the aftermath. In a world full of traitorous, greedy scum bags and assholes the underworld is twice as bad; when there's millions of dollars and multi-million dollar criminal enterprises at stake, things only get that much worse. Time to walk in, wave the gun around, and hopefully walk out very rich men.


Richie pulled into the driveway, got out of his car and walked up to the front door and knocked on it. Ever since helping Jacob and Packie he'd gone back to his usual ways only with Kit joining him, though he had every intention of stopping when he could, but that wasn't now. Now he'd managed to convince her to participate in a high risk but well paying job that would be taking place later that day, but that wasn't what he was there for, before that happened they'd decided on another night - or rather day - out on the town.

9/26/2010 . Edited 9/26/2010 #1
Madame Apathy

"You ok with this, Rich?" Kit checked, looking out the window.

9/26/2010 #2
Seifer Almasy 911

"Sure." Richie shrugged as he pulled out of the driveway, "Could be worse, could be tons of crazy stuff going on like before and something like this happening. I'd rather not think about that right now, we've got time to worry about it later, right?"

9/26/2010 #3
Madame Apathy

"We'll worry when we get home," Kit agreed, getting out the other side. "You got anything planned?"

9/26/2010 . Edited 9/27/2010 #4

Gilroy, whose leg had healed, sat in a bar drinking tons of vodak, he wasn't even bothered by the fact it was still daytime.

9/27/2010 . Edited 9/27/2010 #5
Seifer Almasy 911

"For now you mean? I was thinking the comedy club, they keep it open all hours, so why not? Figured we could do with a laugh."


Packie took a seat next Gilroy and ordered a drink, "How's it goin' Gil? You ready?"

Packie had agreed to be a part of what was going on later that day and he'd gotten Gilroy to go along with everything, now all they had left to do was wait.

9/27/2010 #6
Madame Apathy

"Works for me," Kit smiled.

9/27/2010 #7
Seifer Almasy 911

"Wonderful, I'd hate to go alone." Richie chuckled.

Hopefully it'd be enough to take his mind off of what was about to happen long enough for it to roll around and actually occur, afterward they'd be very, very rich, or at much more well off than before, and that would hopefully be that - Richie had already made it clear to Jacob that he had every intention of quitting afterward, Packie he knew wouldn't understand, he'd just leave without saying anything to the man - that was just the way it had to be.

9/27/2010 #8
Madame Apathy

Kit smiled.

"Imagine what we'll be able to do after the job," she commented absent mindedly. She was hoping it would be her final job. The entire thing was meant to be temporary, so she intended to leave while she had a chance at normality.

9/27/2010 #9
Seifer Almasy 911

"A whole lot." Richie agreed, looking over at her as he pulled over near Split Sides, "Stop doing all this, that's for sure."

9/27/2010 #10
Madame Apathy

"I hope so," Kit admitted, getting out of the car and walking to the Split Sides door. "Come on, I don't want to think too much about it,"

9/27/2010 #11
Seifer Almasy 911

Richie nodded and followed her inside. He came back out a while later, barely managing to stop laughing long enough to say something.

"Well, that was worth it, huh?"

9/27/2010 #12
Madame Apathy

Kit managed to respond between laughs, getting into the driver's seat.

"Definitely. Homebrew?" she checked, starting the car.

9/27/2010 #13
Seifer Almasy 911

Richie checked the time, "Why not, got a bit more time to kill..... hopefully we won't drink too much this time, though."

He got back into his car and waited for Kit before taking off for the cafe back in Dukes.

9/27/2010 #14
Madame Apathy

"Hmm. Remember when we first met? I bloody can't," Kit commented as the car pulled up. She walked in and walked over to Jacob.

"How are things?"

9/27/2010 #15
Seifer Almasy 911

"Good point." Richie shrugged and followed her in, waving to Jacob.

"A'right," Jacob shrugged, "Things're calm now, seen? Not much goin' on these days."

"Thank God," Richie chuckled, "God knows what we'd be doing if it was worse."

9/27/2010 #16
Madame Apathy

"Probably nothing good," Kit replied before turning back to Jacob. "Anyway, what are we doing today?"

9/27/2010 #17
Seifer Almasy 911

"Got a coupla t'ings that need droppin' off." Jacob shrugged again and one of his men showed up with a small bag full of some drug or another, Richie didn't much care.

Richie took the bag as he asked where they were needed and got up to leave with Kit.

"Another day in the life," He stepped outside, "Let's hope this doesn't lead to anything like last time...."

9/27/2010 #18
Madame Apathy

Kit started driving.

"Let's hope. I've seen enough of that to last a lifetime,"

9/27/2010 #19
Seifer Almasy 911

"Then I guess that means I've got enough to last a few lives." Richie chuckled, "First ones over by the Pavilion Towers."

Richie sat back and waited to get to their first destination, somewhat thankful they were still doing odd jobs for Jacob for the most part instead of Packie who was constantly trying to find new ways to get people killed and get into all sorts of crazy things. He'd recently started working with the Pavano family who had all sorts of connections and that could only end one way, badly, criminal alliances didn't last forever and they weren't always stable.

"Waddya think we'll do first?" Richie asked, turning to look at Kit, "After today I mean."

9/27/2010 #20
Madame Apathy

"I don't know. Maybe a holiday?" Kit suggested, getting out of the car. She'd be happy for them just to stay alive for a bit, maybe get normal jobs. "You got any ideas knocking around?"

9/27/2010 #21
Seifer Almasy 911

"Not really," Richie admitted as they got out of the car, "We'd have a lot after that.... holiday sounds good though, get away from here at least for a bit, maybe move?"

He shook his head, "Or not, I don't know."

He approached the two men waiting for them and handed over one of the packages without any problems and walked away with Jacob's money.

"One down, let's hope the others are just as easy."

9/27/2010 #22
Madame Apathy

"We're halfway done now," Kit reassured. "And if not, we can handle it, can't we?" The young woman turned a corner. She had a horrible feeling about this for some reason, which she quickly stifled by changing the topic. "Did you have anywhere in mind?"

9/27/2010 #23
Seifer Almasy 911

"Nope, anywhere else would be nice, change of scenery and all that." Richie shrugged and got back into his car, "Next one's at the station in Cerveza Heights."

He waited for them to leave before saying anything else, "You have anywhere in mind then?"

9/27/2010 #24
Madame Apathy

Kit shrugged, pulling up.

"It doesn't matter, as long as I'm done with all this," she stated, getting out of the car. "Have you got the stuff?"

9/27/2010 #25
Seifer Almasy 911

Richie nodded and held up the package, "Fair enough, I suppose we'll even have enough to not have to worry about you paying for school either."

He started up to the station, "So that's one thing we don't have to worry about."

9/27/2010 #26
Madame Apathy

"Sounds perfect," Kit grinned, following behind. "You've got your gun, right?"

9/27/2010 #27
Seifer Almasy 911

"Yup, why, you leave yours at home?" Richie chuckled, walking up the stairs to the platform, "Doubt we'll need them anyway."

He looked around, "Bit crowded, you see the guys?"

9/27/2010 #28

Gilroy said, "As good as it can figuring what you want me to do."

9/27/2010 #29
Madame Apathy

Kit squinted through the crowd.

"Don't think so,"

9/27/2010 #30
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