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Playboy looked at Saffy and said, "With his help, we'll be making serious money from Royalty checks."

12/1/2010 #1,441
Madame Apathy

"Very nice," Saffy replied. "Let's hope it goes well,"

12/1/2010 #1,442

Daniel said, "So what do we do."

Playboy said, "I don't know money just go to his apartment in East Holland."

Daniel said, "Fine"

He then exited the apartment and said, "I can't belive we have to work for that prick all because Playboy isn't happy with shit."

12/1/2010 #1,443
Madame Apathy

"Don't know him, can't comment, but I'm guessing he's a douche?"

12/1/2010 #1,444

"He is the guy's a punk ass bitch who tries to play a Ganster rapper."

12/1/2010 #1,445
Madame Apathy


12/1/2010 #1,446

Daniel hailed a cab and got into it as he said, "Ya he's the reason Gay Tony's dead."

12/1/2010 #1,447
Madame Apathy

"How does that work?"

12/1/2010 #1,448

"He sent me to wack his manager, and Gay Tony got shot while I was doing the hit."

12/1/2010 #1,449
Madame Apathy

"Sounds delightful. What had his manager done?"

12/1/2010 #1,450

"He wouldn't sign his contract over to playboy."

12/1/2010 #1,451
Madame Apathy

"Moron," Saffy commented about the rapper.

12/1/2010 #1,452

"No shit, Dawyne was right to never give a shit about this rappers."

12/1/2010 #1,453
Madame Apathy

"Why don't you just marry Dwayne?"

12/1/2010 #1,454

"Because some fucking Polock put a bullet in his head and at least I don't bend over for a guy who proabably has like super aids or something everytime I get wasted."

12/1/2010 #1,455
Madame Apathy

"It was him or you," Saffy retorted before deciding that was maybe going a little bit too far. "Besides, you can't talk about health,"

12/1/2010 #1,456

Daniel said, "I'm healthy as fuck, I'm more likely to die with a bullet in my chest before I get AIDs or something."

12/1/2010 #1,457
Madame Apathy

"Doubt it, the amount of care take stitching yourself up, I'm surprised nothing drops off,"

12/1/2010 #1,458

"Why should I with how shit has been going, I'm just going to be doing agian anyways?"

12/1/2010 #1,459
Madame Apathy

"So that you can live, Danny boy. The amount of stupid things you've done by far outweigh my grand total of two,"

12/1/2010 #1,460

Daniel said, "Banging eight hookers at once with out a condom is deifantly safer than Louis, hell you proabably can catch something from just looking at him."

12/1/2010 #1,461
Madame Apathy

"Hence the reason I stopped drinking. To be relieved, I was just relieved I'd remembered to take the pill,"

12/1/2010 #1,462

Daniel laughed as they pulled up to G-Sizzles apartment. He got out of the cab and said, "Let's go talk to punk."

12/1/2010 #1,463
Madame Apathy

"Let's," Saffy replied, getting out of the cab.

12/1/2010 #1,464

After heading up to and entering G-Sizzles apartment, G-Sizzles said, "What up my dogs, you ready to some real fly ganster shit?"

12/1/2010 #1,465
Madame Apathy

"We are ready to do business,"

12/1/2010 #1,466

G-Sizzles said, "Aight g-baby, my rhymes are tight ya heard but dis radio jockey won't fucking play my shit saying I'm a poser."

Daniel said, "Aren't you."

G-Sizzles said, "You know, I'm the real deal player, now I need you to really fuck up the bitch so he's down with my G thing."

12/1/2010 #1,467
Madame Apathy

"What's the guy's name?"

12/1/2010 #1,468

G Sizzles shrugged his shoulder and said, "Like I know, I'm to busy doing my g-thing to get names."

12/1/2010 #1,469
Madame Apathy

Saffy facepalmed.

"photo? Address?"

12/1/2010 #1,470
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