RP: Total War
Europe, 1239. The Teutonic Knights, enticed by an offer from the Mongols, turn their armies towards the West. Their target, the Holy Roman Empire. Total War RP. Pick a country and join in the fight!
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This thread will be used by me to post rules and regulations for this forum/RP. Rules may change, so I will notify all concerned if they do.

Basic information:

Please be polite when interacting with others in the RP/forum.

If you have any issues with anything, please message me or a moderators.

Please, try to watch your grammar.

If you know that you won't be on a day, please tell us in the chat room. If you won't be on until a certain time, please tell us in the chat room.

If you have not posted in a week, your nation will be taken over by a moderator or myself (unless you tell me about your absence beforehand).

Rules and Regulations:

Those who god-mod will be shot on site....just kidding! You will be given a warning the first time it happens, and you will be asked to edit the post so that the god-modding is no longer there. If you do not comply, a moderator or I will change the post for you.

The second time it happens, you will receive another warning and a fine (land and/or units will be taken away).

If it happens a third time, you will be kicked out and your land and units will be partitioned to the others.

Please, follow any orders given to you by a moderator or myself.

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