War of the Species: A Shapeshifter Rp
For centuries, a war between shapeshifters has been fought. No one knows why anymore - all they know is they must fight. It's been bred into them, their ancestors did it, therefore they must do it as well. Come on in and join the war!
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The Void Kitsune

(Will be updated if more information comes)


Felines: A rather aggressive species. They are enemies with everyone and anyone. In their true forms, they're slightly larger than their normal animal. Their claws are also stronger, less likely to break and more likely to tear through their enemies.

Canines: Like the felines, they're larger than normal animals of their species. They're jaws are lines with sharper teeth, allowing them to tear through things with ease. They're not as aggressive, though they can be with the right leader.

Serpents: Another aggressive species. They're not much different than normal animals of their species. The only difference is their venom is a lot stronger, able to kill non-shifters instantly. Shifters can live a little longer, though if not treated almost instantly, it can be fatal. In their human form, they're still able to spit venom, only it's not as potent. It will burn more than kill. If left untreated, though, it can kill. They're also larger than normal snakes.

Avians: They're a faster species than the others. Their most comfortable in the air, obviously. Their talons are sharper, as are their beaks. Their feathers have are sharp on the edges, and that allows them to slice enemies while in flight by brushing past them.

Crocuta: A lot more savage than their normal brethren. they're not cowardly at all, ad will take on just about any species heads on. Their claws are extremely sharp, which makes up for their slightly dull teeth.

Reptiles: They have a better defense than most. Their scales are harder than most armor, providing excellent protection. Their teeth and claws are not as sharp, though. Some have learned to stand on their hind legs, and those that do are able to use weapons in battle, though not many are able to do so.

Elephants: They're a neutral species, and therefore they do not fight. If provoked, though, they will defend themselves. Beware their tusks - they're razor sharp and can easily impale even the strongest reptile. They're hide is tough, allowing a decent protection. Their land is used for talks between species, seeing as how no one would dare start a fight on their turf (The Elephants have killed others due to attempts).

Rhinoceroses: They're an aggressive species. Their horns are sharp, allowing them to easily impale their enemies. They're slower than others, though, and that can get them into trouble.

Bears: They, like the Elephants, are neutral. They're larger than normal bears - standing at almost twice their size. Their claws are ginormous, allowing them to easily slice their enemies. Unlike normal bears, they're herbivores. They refuse to eat meat.

Equines: The newest of the Shifters They're larger than normal equines, though other than that, they're the same. They are also a neutral territory.

???: Not much is known about this Species. Only those Shifters Over the age of 115 know they exist... even fewer know what they are. Mods only will control them for now.



Feline: Rather desolate and bare. Very little foliage. a small stream runs through the village, though it's not much other than a small source of running water and a area to bathe. A plus side to this is they're used to the bare minimum in war, and that helps them greatly.

Canines: Heavily wooded, with a thick stream that runs through the center of it. They're one of the better off species, as far as natural resources go. Small mountains reside on the outskirts, providing a bit of protection.

Serpents: Thick with bushes and shrubs. A fence of trees surrounds the castle. a large outcrop of rocks sits in the middle of the area, and a cavern that only the serpents can fit into rests inside it.

Avians: A vast amount of trees, but very little foliage other than that. Their castle contains no stairs - they fly up to each level. A small stream runs through the edge of it, but it's smaller than the felines', so it isn't much.

Crocuta: A boneyard of sorts. Many of their victim's remains are brought back for food (if it's possible), and their bones are scattered through the lands. Even more bare than the tigers, but they're better off due to the fact that they steal from other species often.

Reptiles: Covered in foliage, with a large lake in the center. Difficult to infiltrate, since they have it wired with traps. Most of the foliage is scratched up, though, due to unknown reasons.

Elephants: Due to being the least affected by the war, their territory is lush and full. It looks like a fairytale to the other species, due to the fact that they always have food, water, shelter, and something nice to look at. Very colorful, with many little streams and lakes throughout.

Rhinoceroses: Not very green. Little trees, mostly red dirt. A decent sized stream runs through it, allowing for adequate resources. Their land isn't as destroyed as others, due to the fact that not many battles have been fought there.

Bears: Being there have been no fights on their territory yet, the Bears have a nice land. Full and thriving, with foliage all over. a large river crosses through it, ending in the largest lake of the area.

Equines: A grassy area, with a small pond off to the right and tons of foliage. Their territory is the largest out of them all. There's no kingdom set up yet.

???: Just like themselves, their land is a mystery. No one knows where they live, what the place looks like, or even if they have their own territory. (They do, of course... but the Shifters that know of their existence don't know that)

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