War of the Species: A Shapeshifter Rp
For centuries, a war between shapeshifters has been fought. No one knows why anymore - all they know is they must fight. It's been bred into them, their ancestors did it, therefore they must do it as well. Come on in and join the war!
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The Void Kitsune

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No one has true knowledge of the downfalls of the extinct, with the exception of Alabaster.


Apes: The Apes were a well respected species. They were, for the most part, neutral, until Prince Alabaster reared his ugly head. During the alliance, they had killed more than they had in the previous years. But when the king "mysteriously" died, all hell broke loose. The Apes all started blaming each other, and eventually, they killed each other, resulting in their own species wiping themselves out. To this day, everyone thought the Apes caught some sort of disease and went crazy.

Deer: The Deer, like the Apes, were respected. They were a neutral territory, and had never fought in the war. They used to live by the Elephants, where the Bears are currently residing. Unfortunately, tragedy befell them, when "rogue" Serpents entered their territory, effectively slaughtering them all. Still to this day, Shifters believe the same thaat happened to the Apes, happened to the Deer.

Rodents: The rodents were a -surprisingly- savage species. They had killed many and lost few. Their downfall? You guessed it - Serpents slaughtered them. Everyone believes that rogue animals had killed them.

...Starting to see a pattern? :P

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