War of the Species: A Shapeshifter Rp
For centuries, a war between shapeshifters has been fought. No one knows why anymore - all they know is they must fight. It's been bred into them, their ancestors did it, therefore they must do it as well. Come on in and join the war!
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The Lady Author

*clings to Hums* o-o *snuggles* I'm kind of excited for the War~ lol

11/14/2010 #571

I'm very excited for the war~! :D -snuggles-

I hope Kit-kat responds to my idea soon~ I want to include some of the territories in the war...like the Feline territory...

11/14/2010 #572
Lyn's Tactician

^_^ Hi LA!

11/14/2010 #573
The Lady Author

o-o Maybe you should type it up into the mod chat and tell Kitsu there's a post there o-o?...

Hi Lyn~! *huggles*

11/14/2010 #574

Well she knows I had an idea for the battlefield, it's just taking a while for her to get back to me. :P

-clings to people-

11/14/2010 #575
The Lady Author

*is clung too* o-o Oh okay~ *snuggles back* *pets Hums' head*

11/14/2010 #576
Lyn's Tactician


11/15/2010 #577

Haven is boring me... :P -can't get into it- T.T

-pokes forum-

11/15/2010 #578
Lyn's Tactician

*pokes you but is leaving in 5 minutes*

11/15/2010 #579

D'aw... D: Then I'll be all alooooooone~

11/15/2010 #580
Lyn's Tactician

For two hours, yes. T_T

11/15/2010 #581
Chaos Lord Bahamut
...I have no qualms with talking about my forums on other peoples forums. So, why don't you help with Dark Forest? The random attacks by the Hunters will make it interesting. And, it needs members. DDDD8
11/17/2010 #582
Lyn's Tactician


Um... Hi?

11/17/2010 #583
The Void Kitsune

Bahmut, this is not the topic to try and talk about your forum. If you want to talk about it, bring it to the advertise topic.

Sorry I'm not on much... I'm juggling a lot at the moment, lol... I'll try to get some Rping in tonight.

11/18/2010 #584
Lyn's Tactician


Sorry I missed you Kit. T_T

11/18/2010 #585

It's okay Kit-kat~ -huggles- :) I have a busy couple of days coming up myself...-is going to see HP 7 tomorrow evening- :D

By the way, have you seen my suggestion for the battlefield?

11/18/2010 #586
Lyn's Tactician


11/18/2010 #587


11/18/2010 #588

Oye Crazy, Lyn~! :D

Yes...Harry Potter...-looks to temporary avvie-

11/18/2010 #589

I can't wait...

so... what are the plans for the battle?

11/18/2010 #590
Lyn's Tactician


11/18/2010 #591

People...? -pokes forum-

Not too sure what the exact plans for the battle are...though I still have a suggestion for the battlefield~ :O

11/20/2010 #592
Lyn's Tactician


11/20/2010 #593

Oye Lyn~

11/20/2010 #594
Lyn's Tactician


11/20/2010 #595

People~! :O

11/20/2010 #596
Lyn's Tactician


11/20/2010 #597


11/20/2010 #598
Lyn's Tactician

Hi. ^_^

11/20/2010 #599


:O I miss people...

11/20/2010 #600
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