War of the Species: A Shapeshifter Rp
For centuries, a war between shapeshifters has been fought. No one knows why anymore - all they know is they must fight. It's been bred into them, their ancestors did it, therefore they must do it as well. Come on in and join the war!
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The Void Kitsune

(This is where the final battle will take place. It's an old, forgotten about part of the Outskirts, where there is nothing but flat land. No home land advantage, no cover, nothing... Just miles and miles of dusty and dirty ground.)

11/11/2010 #1
The Void Kitsune

Alabaster stood at the head of a large crowd of Shifters, his expression unreadable. He had long since moved away from Damona, needing to be alone for a while before the battle actually started. His eyes were locked forward, waiting for the species that had created the love of his life. He did not want to fight them, of course, feeling as if doing so was like fighting his own lover, but he knew that the Avians were not going to let him slide with this. He loved one of theirs... That was wrong in their eyes. In many creatures' eyes. But that did not matter to the young prince anymore - he was going to love Damona, no matter what happened, until he took his last breath. Even then, he would still wander around in the afterlife, if it truly did exist, until she was by his side once more. He would never rest unless she was with him.


David snorted in disgust the moment his foot stepped onto the ground below his feet. He kicked a pile of dust that had started to cling to him, before wrinkling his nose. The nasty Hybrids deserved to live here... It was just as disgusting as they were. It fit. And now, the nasty creatures were on Alabaster's side. That would mean that, not only was he going to be able to rid the world of a stupid snake, he was also going to be rid of those disgusting things. The thought made him grin.


The moment that David had stopped in front of Alabaster's crowd, his own group behind him, their eyes locked. David's was filled with murder, malice, greed... But Alabaster's was filled with regret. "David," the Serpent said, his voice quiet, "We don't have to do this. There's no need to fight-"

"Shove it, Snake!" David snapped, making the oh-so-great Alabaster cringe, "You're the one who started this war, not me!"

"Well now that's just absurd," Alabaster snorted, frowning, "You're the one with the issue over this love."

"But you're the one who tainted my damn sister and made her fall for you! What the hell did you do to fuck with her head, hmm? Did you promise her something only you could give? Did you force yourself on her? Tell her that if she didn't sleep with you, her family would be harmed?" David snorted, eyes narrowing, "I doubt you actually even love her. You're probably just using her-"

"Shut the hell up, David," Alabaster snarled in command, making the boy fall quiet instantly. "I'm not with her just for a quick period of fun, you ignorant fool. I love your sister. With every fiber of my scaly being, I love her. I would die for her, which is why I stand here now. If this is the way I have to prove to you that I love her, by putting my own life in danger for our love, then that is what I will do. I'm prepared to die today, David... While I sincerely hope I do not, I'm prepared to lay down my life for her, if that's what it takes to prove my love."

David was silent the entire time Alabaster spoke, his anger and disgust slowly rising. Who the hell did this snake think he was? He can't love Damona... It's disgusting and wrong.

"You should have never tried to go after her," David said quietly. So quietly that Alabaster, who was the closest to him at the moment, could barely even hear him. The Avian turned his head, looking at the group behind him (More to his Avians then the others), before saying, "Get them."

In a flash, the horde had attacked, and the battle began.

1/28/2011 #2
Lyn's Tactician

Landis snorted.

"Finally. I thought they'd never shut up."

Lawfer stabbed through an avian with his spear and let the corpse drop to the ground.


Carrie shifted into her canine form and tore through another avian.


"Stay on the ground!"

Luso ordered Serene shifting and taking to the air. Serene nodded, Luso was her superior at this point so she had to listen to him.

Muto looked all around him nervously. He hadn't really faught that much before, but he was confident.


Kika stayed silently by Archard making sure nothing happened to the rhino royal


Seneca yelped as she tripped over a fallen serpent and watched in horror as an avian raised his sword to strike her down. The avian suddenly grunted and a sword pierced through his chest.

"Do I have to do everything?"

Lalacle muttered, pulling her blade from the dead avian.


Bazba looked on tiredly.

I wish I could just go home and take a nap...

He thought, cleaving through an avian.


Vida ducked under a diving bird and drove her blade through a different avians neck.

1/28/2011 #3

John took of into the air, swooping down and attacking a Serpent who was still not shifted. His sheer weight, force, and attack to the neck however was enough to bring the Serpent down, and the Avian swooped back into the air.


Ayesha didn't shift yet, but used her sword to cut down any enemy who approached. Rao stayed near her and Waman, protecting the Royals.


Sala stayed near Kodah and Arwen, beheading a serpent with an almost lazy air. Rasha ran through the crowd and using her agility jumped over the back of a Canine to quickly kill a Serpent.


Rosie dodged the blade of a Reptile and then drove her own into her attacker's chest.


Nina stayed on the ground while Elle shifted and took to the sky in her Avian form. She briefly thought how funny it was that she was a hybrid of the two Kingdoms who were instigation the battle before she climbed to a very high height and then dove, a gray missile with feathers. Soon she had plowed through the Avians who had shifted and taken to the sky.

1/28/2011 #4
The Void Kitsune

Trinity squeaked loudly in surprise as a blade swiped across her side, just barely slicing her skin. She shuddered, then shifted before quickly slashing her claws across the Reptile's head - it fell off almost instantly, and she shuddered in disgust as he fell to the ground.

Autumn came up and nuzzled her daughter, knowing that she was in distress, before running off to go after someone who caught her sight.


Caniane hovered above the battle, her beady eyes showing disgust over what was going on. She shook her head, this was all so foolish...


Ashani trumpeted loudly at an oncoming Feline who had been dumb enough to challenge her. The queen easily took him out, ramming her tusk into his side before flinging him away, shuddering.


Waman snarled loudly at the sight of Muto all alone. He crouched low, and without warning, the wolf lunged. His plan was to tear the obviously inexperienced bird to shreds.


Kerrigan shuddered at all of the violence around him. He lashed out to swat away a Hawk that had tried to peck at him, before frowning. This was pointless...


Archard shifted almost immediately and took off into the battle, running in a straight line and taking out quite literally everyone in his path. If you didn't move, you were trampled...


Kodah roared in aggravation when someone stuck a rather large spear into her side. She raised herself onto her hind legs, swatting it off before lashing out with powerful claws at the foolish Canine, taking her out quickly.


Haox smirked as she slashed through Shifters with her sword, laughing a the sight of them falling to the ground.

Shere Kahn rolled his eyes at her, growling loudly at the oncoming Canine before slicing it with his claws.


Haiyahn cackled loudly as he limped through the battlefield, the fur around his jaw and paws already tainted with blood. This was just so much fun~!


Kalina pressed Hendrik closely to herself as she murdered anyone who had tried to attack. The small reptile shuddered, pressing himself closely to his sister in an attempt to survive.


Gregg stayed back and away from the fight, protecting the small, frightened Gabbi who was pressed tightly to his chest in a hug.


Zara tore through the opposing Shifters with a loud and pain-filled growl, still slightly emotional over the loss of her child. It was not smart to get in her way...


Amia squealed in fear as someone tried to slice at her, though she ducked and just barely avoided the blade before dragging a fallen Feline over to where the large mass of nurses were standing. She hated this... She wanted this to stop.

Sylvia frowned and got to work immediately, not speaking when Amia brought the patient over.


Kani and Dani snickered as they slithered through the crowd, lashing out to bite whoever they pleased - as long as they were not on their side, they were at risk.


Luna stayed back with her kittens, holding Toan and Cassie close as she tried to protect them.


Pandora took out several Equines ruthlessly, before she looked over to make sure her Royals were still safe.


Crimson hissed loudly before lashing out at an oncoming Avian, killing it instantly. "Damn it, this is stupid!"

"Tell me about it," Infinity sighed, slicing open an Avian as it tried to protect it's prince. There was no way he would let the filthy birds touch his brother.

Infinity, Ember, Crimson, Lynk, and Requiem had made a semi-circular figure around the two battling princes, keeping their Serpentine prince safe.


"You piece of shit," David hissed, his sword making a loud and echoing clanking noise as it met Alabaster's. The Serpent hissed, his pupils becoming slits, as he debated whether or not to shift.

"I'd say it's you who is the piece of shit, David," the prince drawled, his voice becoming more like a hiss as he started to shrink. In a flash, the prince was gone, and the viper was taking his place, "You're going to kill your sister's lover? How low can you get?"

"Shut up!" David roared in annoyance as his body shifted, and the hawk screeched loudly as it dove for the Serpent.

1/28/2011 #5
Lyn's Tactician

Muto ducked beneath a sword swing only to be tackled by Waman.

( I need him to die.)


"Move it Seneca!"

Lalacle ordered as the other croctua pulled an injured hyena away from the fighting to treat his injuries.


Serene blocked a sword strike and kicked the serpent in the gut before stabbing him through the chest.

Luso flew above the battlefield and dove at Elle.


Carrie continued to blankly tear her way through the avian, rhino, bear, and feline forces.


"Milady! Get down!"

Lawfer ordered Kalina, throwing his spear in her direction.



Kika muttered, slashing through another hyena.


Bazba dodged out of Archards way, but only barely.


Vida kept an eye on the group defending Alabaster as she fought, a bit worried about both the prince and Damona.


Toan hugged his mothers leg tightly.

1/28/2011 #6
The Void Kitsune


Waman snarled, his eyes narrowing dangerously at the creature beneath him. The wolf snarled, baring his fangs, before preparing to go in for the kill.


Kalina gasped in surprise at Lawfer's voice, then ducked as he instructed before covering Hendrik protectively with her body.


Archard rammed into another round of Shifters who were foolish enough to challenge him, merely snorting in Kika's direction at her words.Upon seeing Babaza barely make it out of his way, the prince mentally smirked, then charged for him once more.


"We're going to be okay," Luna breathed to Toan, hugging her cub closer.

1/28/2011 #7
Lyn's Tactician


Bazba muttered, shifting and charging at Archard in response.

(Kill him too. LOL I'm on a murder spree!!! ^_^)I


Muto struggled, but to no avail.


Lawfer's spear hit an avian that had been slipping up behind Kalina. He quickly retrieved his spear and checked on the princess.

"Are you alright milady?"


Toan hid his head.

1/28/2011 #8

Nali laughed as she sliced through enemies with ease, loving the rush of battle through her veins. This was what she had been born for.

Sala rushed at Bazba and attacked in a fury.

Elle dove as Luso flew at her, then letting out a screech attacked him with her talons.

Rasha came to face Carrie. Frowning she transformed, snarling before rushing her.

Ayesha fought furiously, and Rao transformed, jumping high and catching Avians that came close enough.

1/28/2011 #9
Lyn's Tactician

Luso dodged and returned the gesture, diving at the hybrid once more.


Carrie nimbly leapt to the side and turned to face Rasha.

This'll be fun.

1/28/2011 #10
The Void Kitsune

(XD Oh goodness~)

Archard's eyes narrowed as Bazba charged him. The Rhino took the challenge, running full-boar at the oncoming Shifter.


Waman growled once more, almost as if he were apologizing, before he lunged in and bit down on Muto's jugular, ripping at his veins.


"Y-Yeah," Kalina gasped, looking around with wide and worried eyes. She didn't like this... at all...

(She may be killed... I'm still debating...)


Luna frowned, leaning in to press a kiss to her cub's head before looking around for danger.

1/28/2011 #11
Lyn's Tactician

Bazba wasn't prepared for Sala's attack and winced when the bear hit him, though it wasn't a terrible blow to the elephant it was enough to distract him from Archard who charged straight into him, bowling the unprepared elephant over.


"Please. Move to the-"

Lawfer started, but he had to stop to block a sword strike from a serpent. Landis came up behind the snake and cut it down.


Serene saw Waman and rushed forward, slashing at him in an attempt to save Muto, but it was too late.

1/28/2011 #12

Elle reached out and tried to grab Luso's talons with her own.

Nina looked up and saw her sister being attacked. They hybrid also sprang into the sky and climbed high, then dove, aiming for Luso.

Rasha swiped a massive paw at Carrie.

Sala leaped off the elephant as he rolled over, then sprang again, going for his eyes.

1/28/2011 . Edited 1/28/2011 #13
Lyn's Tactician

"There are easier ways to hold my hand."

Luso told her when she grabbed his talons. He slashed his wing at her face. leaving Elle as the only thing holding him in the air and thereby dodging Nina... barely.


Carrie jumped back before rushing forward and biting at Rasha's leg.


Bazba trumpeted in pain as his eyes were clawed out.

1/28/2011 #14
The Void Kitsune

Archard did not stop there. He dug at the ground for a moment, before running to trample over whatever part of him did not have Sala in the way of it.


"I'm not sitting out, if that's what you're trying to say," Kalina responded, before she cut the head clean off of a falcon that dove for her brother with her sword.


Waman yelped in pain, then packed off of the now dead Muto before lunging for Serene, his muzzle coated in blood.

1/28/2011 #15
Lyn's Tactician

Bazba twitched a few times before lying still, dead.


Lawfer nodded faintly.

"then stay by me."


Serene dodged and turned, slashing at Waman' side.

1/28/2011 #16

Sala growled in triumph and leaped off, determined to find another foe.

Rasha whirled quick as a flash and snapping at Carrie.

Nina zoomed past them and flared, flying up again and battering at Luzo with her wings.

Elle struggled to keep him in the air and soon failed, her falcon form lacking the weight or strength to do so. So they fell, and as they did so the hybrid screeched and bit at Luso, trying to make him get off.

Ayesha leaped forward in wolf form. The Queen snarled furiously and attacked Serene, snapping at any part of her that she could reach.

1/28/2011 #17
The Void Kitsune

Kerrigan, shoved slightly by a Shifter who didn't see him, grunted in annoyance before slashing in an attempt to hit them. Instead, he had hit Sala with his blade.

Shit... the Hybrid thought.


Waman yelped in pain and turned to quickly snap at Serene, not happy that she had attacked him.

1/28/2011 #18
Lyn's Tactician

Serene Shifted and took to the air to avoid the Canines.


Luso quickly reoriented himself and avoided Nina's continued assault by lowering close to the ground.


Carrie rolled her eyes and ran off.

1/28/2011 . Edited 1/28/2011 #19

Rasha chased Carrie for a little while then stopped, attacking others.

Sala turned and roared, the slash causing him more anger than pain. The Polar bear general reared and lunged at Kerrigan, swiping with both of his front paws.

Ayesha transformed back, then beheaded an avian who had made an attack at her.

Nali hacked and slashed wherever she went.

Elle gave up and swiftly transformed into her Black mamba form, winding around Luso's neck and back before transforming back again into her falcon form and trying to dig her talons into his back.

1/28/2011 #20
Lyn's Tactician

Luso cawed painfully and struggled away from nina and Elle.

Serene saw Luso and dove at Elles back.

1/28/2011 #21
The Void Kitsune

Kerrigan shifted quickly, making himself smaller so that he dodged the blow before lunging to try and bite Sala.


Waman panted slightly as he tried to catch his breath, before the wolf howled and tore after an Avian who had tried to slice him.


"You're such a disgrace to your kind," David growled as he lunged for Alabaster again, only to have the Snake slither out of the way.

"Is that so?" Alabaster hissed, "Then why is it that my people accepted your sister into our lands? They don't mind Damona now. I think you should do your research before accusing something like that, bird."

David growled, lunging to try and tear Alabaster's head off with his talons.

1/28/2011 #22

Sala jerked back, then attempted to squash Kerrigan with his paws.

Elle was surprised by Serene's attack and immediately transformed, biting at Serene before trying to slither out of the way.

1/28/2011 #23
The Void Kitsune

Kerrigan tried to slither out of the way, and he had almost made it. But just as he was about to be clear of the attack, Sala's paw crashed down onto the tip of his tail, and he hissed in pain before turning immediately to strike at Sala.

1/28/2011 #24
Lyn's Tactician

Serene flew up cawing in pain as Elle's fangs scratched her side, but not deep enough to let the venom into her bloodstream.

1/28/2011 #25

Elle transformed and flew away, divebombing another target.

Nina flew around, attacking any avians in her path.

Sala wasn't quite quick enough this time and Kerrigan managed to score a hit. Luckily for the general Sala's thick fur partially protected him from the bite. He took advantage of the paw on Kerrigan's tail and began to pound with the other one.

1/28/2011 #26
The Void Kitsune

Kerigan squirmed in pain as Sala started pounding him, before finally he shifted to his Avian form and flew into the air. Doing so caused him to lose a few feathers that were stuck under the boy's paw, but at least he was free. The Hybrid screeched, then dove to try and claw at Sala from behind.

1/28/2011 #27

Approaching the battlefield hadn't been easy for Damona. She didn't want to be here. She didn't want to fight her own family. How could she? It was wrong...it was wrong what fate was forcing upon her. But she would not sit back, not while Alabaster fought. Not matter what she'll protect him, she'll ensure no harm comes to him because of her blinded brother. Even if...

She paused at that last part. Even if...it meant her life? The thought made Damona slide her hand across her stomach where she knew life was growing. The Avian shut her eyes tightly. Together they'll live. Death was no option, they will live!

Her eyelids slowly lifted as she heard the confrontation between her brother and lover. Tainted her? Ala? Never! How could David say such things?! Her brother...could he not be happy for her? She listened then to Ala's words, feeling her heart warm when she heard his will to do the same thing for her as she would him.

"Get them." David's words haunted and echoed in her mind. Get them.

The battle had begun and before her, even as the wind brushed her hair in her face, Damona could see the mass of shifters, all alike and different, clash together with blood lust in their eyes.

She would not stand there. Not at all.

The Avian princess pulled out her blade, a long thin blade of Avian style in lightness and mobility, watching as she saw the enemy charging towards her, and with a gleam of fearlessness in her eyes, she stepped forward, slowly at first, then quickly as she threw herself into the mist of chaos.


The real war had begun. A war that would determine the fates of so many. How this battle would end and how it will affect the lives of everybody was a mystery even to Hail.

Before the attack, he stood by Autumn and her children's side supporting, not leaving his queen or his people for as long as he could manage. Now it didn't matter if he were the royal guard general or a commoner, they were all together in this same battle and that was all that mattered.

As he had seen the approaching Serpents and their allies in the distance, he knew that they only had mere moments of temporary peace until blood was shed. His people will see peace. He will ensure that. Autumn and her children will see peace. He will make that happen. Raquel, Eric and Ambrose stood by faithfully, willing as always to do anything for him, something he always was grateful for from them.

He had, before the attack as David and Alabaster spoke, taken his queen's hand to give a last moment's comfort and support that, after all the decades they've survived together, they'll see it through.

It had only been brief though. For the attack had begun and quickly he was forced to part himself from Autumn and the royal family as the opponents lunged at him, forcing himself to fight to protect. With him he had his twin blades. This battle he will fight in his human form, a form shared by all, a resemblance they all had.

In this fight, Hail vowed to not kill unless he had to protect. Already there would be enough death.


Solange, exposed in her vixen form, had closed her eyes to feel the breeze for what she feared could be her last time. She stood faithfully beside her prince, her eyes upon the enemy.

As the battle had begun, the vixen decided there was no room for hesitation and bolted into the battle with her fangs bared and ready to fight.


Mayrose never thought the day would come when the Hybrids would fight side-by-side with the Serpents as trusted allies. Although fear and tension was built up among the battlefield, she also felt proud. She will fight with dignity, she will not fail Kerrigan or Alabaster.

And so when the battle began, Mayrose soared high in her dove form, her wings slicing any Avians that had taken to the skies before diving back down, morphing into her feline form as she landed in the middle of the fierce brawling.


Gwen charged with her brother into the battle, showing off her proud Striped Hyena form as she tore into the enemy. This battle, she knew, would determine so much and she would have a part in that.


Fyre and Sage fought together as brother andsister. For the siblings, argument and disagreement had been put aside. In this battle, they were one and they would face the Avians as a family through this last fight, for they both knew very well that for either of them, or both of them, this fight could be their last.

1/28/2011 #28
The Void Kitsune

"You're so pathetic, you know that?" Alabaster spat, his slitted eyes narrowing, "You're prepared to disown your sister, just because she loves me?"

"It's disgusting," David snorted, lunging at the prince again only to have to fly back in order to miss a pile of venom spat out by the boy, "Our father would not have allowed it."

"So?" Alabaster hissed in annoyance, getting tired of the argument. "That's no reason to hate what your sister has done. You're not your father, David... Choose your own path."

While the Serpent had been speaking, he did not pay much attention to the Avian. In the moment of distraction, David flew down again, and one of his sharp talons went directly into Alabaster's eye.


Autumn snarled loudly at the approaching Canines, her teeth bared. The Feline dug her claws into the ground, preparing to strike.


Haiyahn fought by his sister's side, protecting her wordlessly despite his pre-injured self. He may have been a jerk to her normally... but like hell he was going to let someone hurt her.


Waman found Solange quickly and ran over, taking out a weak-looking Equine as it tried to attack. He snarled, standing protectively near her.

1/28/2011 #29
Lyn's Tactician

Serene and Luso both landed among the chaos and slashed through serpent, hyena and reptile alike.


Landis cleaved his way through a feline coldly.

1/28/2011 #30
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