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The roleplay 'Blending In' is set in a seemingly normal, rather small town, with seemingly normal people. The thing is, not all of these people are normal. There are people with magic gifts and powers, witches, and even vampires, all trying to blend in with society and not be discovered by the actually normal people. The younger ones go to school, the older ones go to work, and they all try their best to live their lives as normal as possible. There's just one problem: vampires need to drink blood, and not all of them only drink animal blood. When bodies are found drained of blood and the humans get suspicious, the vampires are in danger of being discovered. And the more that they research, the more that they realise that not everyone in the town is normal. Suddenly, it's getting harder to stay hidden.

The idea for this roleplay did come from the television show Vampire Diaries, however you do not need to have seen the show or know anything about it to be part of this roleplay.

Vampires: Other than the fact that their skin is paler than most, vampires are fairly normal-looking. They cannot go out in sunlight unless they wear a special stone as a ring or a necklace. This stone was spelled by a witch hundreds of years ago, allowing vampires to go out in sunlight. When a vampire craves blood, their eyes turn red. They can live of animal blood, but human blood is much nicer, and makes them stronger. They are stronger and faster than humans and have a better sense of sight, smell and hearing. Some can use compulsion, to 'convince' a human to do something, and some can shape-shift. To become a vampire, a human must die with vampire blood in their system, and then drink blood to complete the change. Vampires are weakened by a herb called vervain. If a human wears a necklace containing vervain, they cannot be compelled. Vampires cannot enter a house without being invited in; their foot will physically not go through the door. Once they are invited in, they cannot be uninvited. To kill a vampire, they must either be staked through the heart with a wooden stake, or decapitated and burnt.

Witches: Witches are strongly connected with one of the four elements: fire, water, air or earth. They can control this element with their mind; for example, a witch connected with fire can light candles with her mind. They are also somewhat psychic: they receive visions of the future, they know what draw things are in or what room people are in, they get feels from places, such as if something bad had happened there, and they get feels from people if they touch them. If a witch touches a vampire, he or she will get a feeling described as 'death'. They can also cast spells if they know the chant.

Gifted People: Gifted people look exactly like normal humans, except that they have magic gifts and powers. No one has been known to have more than three different powers.

Humans: They're entirely normal. Some may fall in love with vampires, others may be out to kill them. A pocket watch-like device with a wooden hand helps them to track vampires. It points to them if they are near.

If you have any other suggestions, let me know.

Character Profile



Race: (Vampire/Witch/Gifted Person/Human)

Strengths: (If a gifted person or a witch, what are their powers? If a vampire, what are they better at?)


Appearance: (A picture is fine)




5/7/2010 #1

Name: Ashley 'Ash' Vespertillo (Male)

Age: 200+ (he lost count a while ago) / looks 20

Race: Vampire

Strengths: He can shape shift into a large wolf. He is very skilled at close fights. He is able to manipulate vampires trackers very well, a skill he is proud of. He will do whatever he can to help his friends.

Weaknesses: He is sometimes over-confident. Emotions can cloud his view. He has a short patience and can be easily distracted. He is not neat but uses 'organized chaos'.


Personality: He is not evil; at least he doesn't think so. He just does as vampires do. He has to eat somehow. He's had some mishaps with thirst (take the Cleveland serial murder case). Although he lives mainly on his own, he wishes to reconnect with others. He is loyal to people who are loyal to him. He holds his trust very highly and will begin a vendetta if that trust is broken. He respects others who earn his respect. He tries to detach from emotions but occasionally they overwhelm him and distract him. He has a rough exterior but underneath is a gentleman who is always there to help his friends.

History: Ashley grew up in Blackpool, England. His family was wealthy and aristocratic. However, when his father died, he was ten and his father had many debts. The family lost most of their fortune. His mother was unable to handle the children (He was the third of seven) so at age twelve, he was given an apprenticeship with a merchant named Paulo. He traveled to many places and made much money. He was always careful to send a good portion of the money back home to his mother. He worked his way up and became partners with Paulo and even purchased his own ship. At age 18 he was well known in almost every port on the Mediterranean. Then one night on his 20th birthday he was walking through the French port, Marseille. He was enjoying a night of festivities with his friends. He had gotten slightly drunk and had caught the eyes of a few women. One gorgeous and pale woman came up to him and offered him a drink of 'France's finest wine.' Ashley drank it but it tasted strange almost metallic yet sweet. As the night came to a close, Ashley and his friends split ways. As he walked along the shore of the Mediterranean in a drunken fog, he 'fell' into the water. He tried to resurface but he felt two arms pushing him downward.Then he lost consciousness.

When he reawakened, he had a terrible thirst and he was no longer on the beach. He was in a sewer. And there before him was the woman who had given him the strange wine. In her hands was a bloodied person. She told him to drink. He hesitated but he was overwhelmed and drank the person's blood. From that moment, he knew exactly what the woman was and what he had become. It disgusted him at first but he came to terms with it quickly. He spent his days with Veronica, the vampire who had turned him. She even gave him an enchanted stone ring which let him go into sunlight. Veronica wanted Ashley to fall in love with her but he was distracted by making money to help his family. She pretended to support him but secretly plotted to make him her's. About ten years later, Ashley received word that his mother had died (he still sent money up until she died). He convinced Veronica to go with him to Blackpool. It had been years since he had seen his family and he did miss them go. Veronica went only because she had more nefarious plans. She had the ability to incite thirst in other vampires. So after Ash had paid sue respects to his mother and they were both invited into the family's house, Veronica made Ash incredibly thirsty. He was forced to kill his family. Veronica laughed and foolishly believed that Ashley would be enamored with her. She was wrong. He could never forgive her for forcing him to kill his family. They had a long battle and Ashley seemed to be losing but eventually he overcame her. He stripped her of her enchanted stone earrings by ripping off her ears. She burned in the sun.

To escape the pain he felt in England and the terrible memories created on the Mediterranean, Ashley traveled to America to see what the New World had to offer. It was soon caught up in the Civil War. He fought in it for the Confederates but soon defected to the Union. He didn't want to be apart of WWI because he thought it was started over stupid imperialistic reasons, but soon found himself in the war. He survived the Great Crash and Depression since he didn't have any material goods. He mostly stole the goods he needed. However, the Depression gave him much opportunity to feed off of the poor shantytown inhabitants. But when the murders and disappearances began surfacing in Cleveland newspapers (earning him the name the MadButcher of Kingsbury Run), he moved west toward the Pacific. He saw that ocean for the first time in the early 1940s. Then when war broke out again, he fought in the Pacific Theater. He fell in love with the South Pacific. After the war he lived on different islands, moving to another after he remained for too long. He decided finally to move to a more populated area where he wouldn't harm the population as much in a few months as he would on an island.And that is were adventure begins…

Other: He has two stones: Veronica's earrings and his stone ring.

5/10/2010 #2

Wow, that has got to be one of the best character profiles I have ever read. Great job and definitely accepted. Now, we just need to invited more people to this forum.

Character Profile

Name: Gabrielle Louise Marlow

Age: 19

Race: Witch

Strengths: Gabrielle is connected with the element earth, particularly with plant life, she can levitate objects with her mind, and is also psychic. She doesn't know many spells, but she does know the spell for the stones that protect vampires from sunlight, and she knows a spell that can take away physical pain from injuries for a few hours, but cannot completely heal them.

Weaknesses: Gabrielle is physically weak. If she got attacked by a vampire, her only hope of escape would be to use the earth around her to defend herself.

Appearance: Gabrielle has rather fair skin and dark blue eyes, with wavy black hair that falls to her upper-back. She is rather tall and slim.

Personality: Gabrielle can have a bit of a hot temper at times, but if you haven't done anything to offend her then she is usually rather friendly. She isn't very talkative not because she is shy but because she isn't trusting, and fears accidentally saying too much and spilling that she is a witch. Her trust is difficult to gain and easy to lose; once you've lost it the chances of getting it back are extremely slim.

History: Gabrielle lived in a large city with her parents. During the school holidays she would visit her grandmother in the small town that she lived. She lived the first fifteen years of her life like any normal girl would: going to school and dealing with typical teenage girl problems, such as the problem that she could never seem to get a boyfriend, unlike her friends. Nothing ever gave her the idea that she was different to her friends until not long after her fifteenth birthday.

Gabrielle had gone out to a party with a group of friends, both girls and guys. One guy there was flirting with all the girls in the group, and she couldn't help but notice that he was pretty cute. He asked her to walk outside with him, and she was going to go until he took her hand. As soon as her skin touched his, she got this feeling she couldn't quite describe, but death seemed a pretty accurate word. She quickly said that she needed to use the bathroom and ran off.

When she got back to the group, that guy and one of her friends had disappeared, but she figured they were lost in the crowd somewhere. A few minutes later, she had this feeling that something was wrong, and it felt almost as if something was pulling her outside. When she did, she found her friend's body lying on the ground and the boy crouched over her. He looked up for a second, and she saw blood dripping off his chin before he ran off at an incredible speed. Blood was dripping out of her friend's neck, and the girl was unconscious.

When her friend woke up in hospital the next morning, she said to Gabrielle, "I hit my head and fell unconscious." Every time Gabrielle asked what had happened, her friend said the exact same words, with this vacant stare. Gabrielle didn't tell her anything about the fact that the boy seemed to be a vampire, a fact that she was still trying to get her head around.

When Gabrielle visited her grandmother after that, the old woman knew automatically that something was wrong, and the girl spilt everything - the feeling she got when the boy touched her hand, the pulling she felt that led her to the boy and her friend, the blood dripping off the boy's chin, everything. This was when her grandmother told her that she was a witch, like her. The witch powers that her grandmother possessed had not been inherited by her mother, but Gabrielle had it. Gabrielle continued to visit her grandmother during the school holidays, and her grandmother would teach her about her powers. While she was back in the city, she would try to improve on her powers in secret. From then, she started becoming very distant from her friends, because of her secret. This worried her friends, making them think that something was wrong.

Gabrielle decided that she needed to move away from the city and stay with her grandmother permanently, and also meet new friends at a new school, who thought she was always distant and quiet, so that they wouldn't think something was wrong like her friends did. So, she moved to the small town that her grandmother lived in to finish her last year of school.

Other: She is talented in music and can sing, and play the guitar and the piano.

5/11/2010 #3

Name: Rita Crescent

Age: looks 18 but is actually 23

Race: Vampire

Strengths: Rita has never used compolsion, she is faster than most Vampires and average when it comes to strength. Rita can also control wind to a small extent

Weaknesses: Sunlight without her ring. REALLY cute boys who are kind to her, crowds and open wounds/ spilt blood


Personality: Kind and gentle, Ria is the last person you'd expect of being a hunting vamire. She is naturally motherly to others and very protective of those who managed to get close to her

History: Rita was changed and forced to drink blood to complete it at age 16. When she discovered what she was, she went home to her parents -after having them invite her in- ad beggged them to kill her. Her parents did not want to lose their only child and refused to kill her, finding ways to help their daughter cope with being a vampire. Mrs. Crescent is a doctor at the local hospital and sometimes can bring home transfusion blood for her daughter to drink, Mr. Cresent is a ranger for a nearby forest/wildlife area and knows were large packs of game are that Rita can hunt.

Other: Rita has a job at a small cafe.

5/12/2010 . Edited 5/12/2010 #4


5/12/2010 #5

Can't wait to start rping this! :D

5/12/2010 #6

Name: Gwen Gates

Age: 19

Race: (Vampire/Witch/Gifted Person/Human) Gifted Person

Strengths: (If a gifted person or a witch, what are their powers? If a vampire, what are they better at?) Temperature water and ice manipulation

Weaknesses: although she as powers, she is still human. She views that as her biggest weakness.

Appearance: (A picture is fine)

Personality: Guarded, she doesn't trust easily (specially men). Enjoys her solitude, she is not anti-social. If needed, she can get along well with others. She simply enjoys her own company. Though she has a few friends that she considers her family.

History: Gwen was orphaned at an early age, when she witnessed the death of her parents from the darkness of a closet. Something took the life of her parents when it broke into their home, leaving them drained of their blood. That was the mark of her distrust of strangers. Unable to understand why she was left unharmed, Gwen grew up troubled. Bouncing from one family member to the next until she was simply not wanted. The system took her in, where she spent the remaining years of what she calls her incarceration, living with different foster families.

Gwen developed a secret ability, while building up thick walls to keep others at bay. As a young child, she would often be found playing with thick ice blocks. Using them to build secret forts to keep the other children away. The mystery of where she had found them confused many of the adults that had been in charge of the little girls well being. As she grew her ability to reduce the temperature around her in order to control, generate, or absorb ice, strengthened. Gwen often disappeared for hours to train herself, experimenting with ice balls and eventually, learning to fashion ice spears sharper than any blade.

The last foster home (being the Henderson family) that Gwen was assigned too at the age of 14 seemed to mark a turning point for her. The Henderson's tried to draw her out of her solitude, treating her much better than any one had before. Slowly, Gwen started to drop her guard, feeling like she might have finally found her place in this world. She lived a fairly normal and happy life for approximately a year and a half before the return of their eldest son from university. Brandon Henderson took an instant interest in the 16 year old. His advances increased to those of a violent nature.

The night Brandon attempted to rape her was the final straw, and catapult that began Gwen's life as a run away. Fearing for her safety, Gwen generated an ice spear, cutting her attacker leaving him seriously wounded on her bedroom floor. The fear of what might happen took over and sent her fleeing into the night. Since then she has survived doing odd jobs for money, stealing food and such items necessary for her survival. She moves from town to town searching for something, though she's not exactly sure what that might be.

Other: Gwen was drawn to the town, by some unknown voice that called to her. Guiding her across country to an unknown destination. She met up with her now best friends and who she considers to be family. Her loyalty to them is unshakable. Living in the town in an apartment along with Samantha Weston and Bonnie Tate, she hides her abilities as well as the secrets that belong to her friends.

5/15/2010 #7

Name: Samantha Weston

Age: 18

Race: (Vampire/Witch/Gifted Person/Human) Gifted Person

Strengths: (If a gifted person or a witch, what are their powers? If a vampire, what are they better at?) Time manipulation - incredible speeds as well as teleportaion abilities, though only if she had been there before. Meaning, she can close her eyes and call up an image from her memory of a place that she had been before and teleport there, but not if she hasn't been there.

Weaknesses: although she as powers, she is still human. She views that as her biggest weakness.

Appearance: (A picture is fine)

Personality: Friendly and flirty, she is very easy to get to know. Loyal to her friends, she has a jealous streak that can get her into trouble. She will often go along with what other want her to do simply to avoid confrontations. Her mother had been strict, not wanting anyone to know about her daughters abilities. Treating it much like an shameful secret. Sam has been encouraged to keep away from others in their town.

History: Growing up normal, Sam didn't come into her powers until she was around the age of eight. Sam witnessed her parents arguing all the time as they were going through incredibly rough time. As the arguments increased to the point where Sam felt under huge amounts of stress and anxiety, she often wished she could be anywhere but home. One night during a particularly nasty battle between her parents, Sam found herself being transported from her room where she laid huddled under her blankets to a near by park. It had been raining, and she was soaked to the skin when a passing neighbour found her. Her parents struggled with a reasonable excuse as to how their daughter had been able to reach the park that night. The more unsettled her home life, the more incidents happened until she was able to control them at the age of 12. Unable to deal with the usual talent his daughter possessed, Mr. Weston left the family and the town for a new life.

Other: She lives with Bonnie and Gwen

5/15/2010 . Edited 5/15/2010 #8

Name: Bonnie Tate

Age: 20

Race: (Vampire/Witch/Gifted Person/Human) Gifted Person

Strengths: (If a gifted person or a witch, what are their powers? If a vampire, what are they better at?) Manipulates fire and temperatures around her.

Weaknesses: although she as powers, she is still human. She views that as her biggest weakness.

Appearance: (A picture is fine)

Personality: A lover of the strange and unusual, Bonnie is a street smart, and can be sarcastic. She has lived in this town long enough to know its not normal, even if it tries to pretend to be. Its one of the reasons she loves it so much. Fun and always up for a good time, Bonnie loves the night life and all the adventure it can bring.

History: As a child Bonnie suffered with extremely high fevers, often being hospitalized because of them. It wasn't until she turned 10 that she began to leave burn marks on furniture and singe clothing. She was brought to a special hospital to learn to deal with her abilities. Bonnie moved back to the town to live with her grandmother against her parents wishes. It was then that she learnt that her Grandmother had held a secret for many years. She to was able to create fire without the aid of a match or lighter fluid. She taught Bonnie everything she could before her death at the age of 98. She left everything she owned to Bonnie, including the large apartment she now resides in with her friends and a box of odd stones that remain hidden in a steel box and wrapped in a special cloth with instruction to keep it from harm

Other: Lives with Sam and Gwen. It was her apartment they were going to sublet, but her plans changed and now she isn't leaving town. She agreed to let Sam and Gwen stay in the apartment getting along with the other girls well.

5/15/2010 #9

All accepted.

5/15/2010 #10

Name: Katlyn Maasan.

Age: 17

Race: (Vampire/Witch/Gifted Person/Human) Witch

Strengths: (If a gifted person or a witch, what are their powers? If a vampire, what are they better at?) Fire manipulation.

Weaknesses: Water, little oxygen, thin air.

Appearance: (A picture is fine) Firey orange hair that goes past her shoulder in ringlets. Bright green eyes, pale skin and a splattering of freckles. She average height and slim.

Personality: Katlyn is a curious girl, always going headfirst into thingy regardless of the consquences. She's entertained easily and likes talking to people when possible.

History: Katyln originally came from Ireland. When she was three, her parents took her on a plane to see her uncle in America. However, the plane was attacked by terrorists just before it arrived. Amazingly, she managed to survive, but she's had a fear of flying since. She was given to her Uncle to be looked after by, but he's a little crazy and very superstitious.

Other: N/A for now.


Name: Verity Druk (u pronouned like oo)

Age: Appears 19 but actually 616 years old. (Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuun!)

Race: (Vampire/Witch/Gifted Person/Human) Vampire

Strengths: (If a gifted person or a witch, what are their powers? If a vampire, what are they better at?) She's better at manipulating people.

Weaknesses: Blood (ie, spilt blood) having a shortage of blood (not feeding enough) the sun when she doesn't have her amulet.

Appearance: (A picture is fine) Straight black hair with silver highlight in a short bob that reaches her jawline. Pale skin, tall and slender. She usually wears a tight, black dress with silver edging and a silver chain belt. She has strappy, black heels has a silver, snake necklace with a red teardrop on a silver setting hanging from it. (This is the stone that protects her from sunlight) her eyes are very dark when she's not in need of blood.

Personality: Verity is a girl of few words. She has a certain sense of mystery around her, probably due to the guarded expression on her face. She isn't the loyalist of people to those she only sort of knows, but much more loyal to her closest friends.

History: Verity's parents divorced when she was 19. Her father was a vampire and her mother was a human. She her mother found out who(or what) she had married, she wanted to get away and take Verity away from her father. However, daddy wasn't happy about this and so, when he was alone with his daughter, transformed her. Her mother, when she found out, tore the amulet from his neck and pushed him into the sunlight where he shriveled and burnt. Verity took the amulet and went off into the world.

Other: She has a cat called Lluna. Lluna is completly black, slinky and has greeny grey eyes. She goes with Verity pretty much everywhere.

5/16/2010 . Edited 6/2/2010 #11

Accepted :)

5/16/2010 #12

Character Profile

Name: Moya Summers

Age: 17

Race: Witch

Strengths: She can control wind and sense vibrations through the earth.

Weaknesses: She's blind.

Appearance: She has very pale skin and a heart shaped face. She is average height and has long silver hair that reaches her waist. She also has cat's ears.

Personality: She's shy and easily insulted. She is slow to anger, but if she does get angry its a terrible rage. She is very cautious and very crafty. She is also very good with words. She is surprised easily.

History: Her mother was a witch and her father a gifted person. She was born blind but her powers make up for her loss of sight. Her father died when she was little so she was raised by her mother. She always has to wear a hat or bandana to cover her ears.

When she first went to school she was bullied a lot and was called a crybaby. When she was older people started wondering how she got along so well without being able to see.

Other: She hates water.

5/16/2010 #13


5/16/2010 #14

Name: Joseph Night.

Age: 18

Race: (Vampire/Witch/Gifted Person/Human) Warlock. (male witch)

Strengths: (If a gifted person or a witch, what are their powers? If a vampire, what are they better at?) He can control water.

Weaknesses: he have trouble controlling his powers.

Appearance: (A picture is fine)

Personality: he likes to play pranks on people with his powers, but he can be serious when nedded.

History: Joseph used to use his powers to prank people, until the humans started to find out about the vampires and such.

Other: N/A

5/17/2010 . Edited 5/18/2010 #15

I'll accept once you think up a history.

5/18/2010 #16

*sighs* i'm not good at writing History or Bio...

5/18/2010 #17

Angel. do you have any ideas what his History should be, cuz i'm blank.

5/18/2010 #18

(he grew up learning magic from his folks......always had a knack for pulling pranks...something like that)

5/18/2010 #19

(sounds good)

5/18/2010 #20

Name: Ali Marlow

Age: 17

Race: Human

Strengths: Ali is good at swimming, and she knows how to use a baseballbat.

Weaknesses: Ali fails at Math and Geography, epicly.

Appearance: (the blond/yellow haired one)

Personality: Ali is a very stubborn girl that doesnt really believe in the supernatural things, she thinks that the vampire that attacked her was some sort of weirdo. (good?, or do i need to write more?)

History: Ali grew up like a normal girl until the day she got attacked by a vampire, luckily. she managed to escape.

Other: N/A

6/1/2010 . Edited 6/1/2010 #21

((All fine, but yes, you do have to use strengths and weaknesses. But they can be simple things, like, she's good at art and bad at maths or something like that. Otherwise, accepted. Just an idea, why don't you have her arrive at their house just then, so Gabrielle doesn't know she's coming and all. Just an idea.))

6/1/2010 #22

(okay, i'll edit.)

6/1/2010 . Edited 6/1/2010 #23

((Okay, all good.))

6/1/2010 #24

Name: Malcom

Age: 673 (Looks 18)

Race: (Vampire/Witch/Gifted Person/Human) Vampire

Strengths: (If a gifted person or a witch, what are their powers? If a vampire, what are they better at?) He is one of the shape shifting ones, and can turn into a Raven.

Weaknesses: Being hungry, bright lights, holy things, etc.

Appearance: (A picture is fine) He has pale skin, Dark hair that is longish, slightly wavy and very neat. His eyes are usually dark brown, but obviously go red when he's hungry. He has an almost black stone (obsidian) on a ring he wears.

Personality: Malcom comes across as polite, suave character, however he is very cruel, possessive, and a little spoiled as when he wants something, he gets it.

History: Malcom was a sad child, never as strong or powerful as anyone else. However, due to his determination, and manipulation, he got himself to a position of power in his village. Although he was still insanely jealous of anyone with something he wanted or resented. Eventually, when his craving for power and recognision had slipped beyond control, a vampire came and offered to make him strong, powerful, insanely handsome and all in a night. Malcom agreed, but little did he know that that night he was changed and transformed for ever.

Striven with anger for becoming unhuman, he murdered the vampire but, as time passed, found he enjoyed being a vampire.

Other: N/A for the moment.

6/2/2010 #25


6/2/2010 #26

Coolz, I needed a reason for Katlyn to become a lemon. T_T

6/2/2010 #27

Character Profile

Name: Mira De'Merno

Age: 21

Race: Human

Strengths: Hand to hand combat, guslinger and a markswomen with knives

Weaknesses: Vampires, witches and gifted humans who appear kind....or are actually kind and nice


Personality: Cold, dark, calculating and determined

History: The De'Merno family is an ancient one, determined on ridding the world of Vampires, Witches and Gifted Humans. The are believed to be unnatural and therefore must be exterminated. Mira is one of the best in her family. She has killed the most at her age and has very few scars to show for it.

Other: Drives a black Corvette Z-R1

Her gun is a specially designed Vampire Slayer gun (One direct shot will kill them) and one of her daggers is a specially crafted Witch Slayer Dagger (Kills both the Witch and any enchantments cast by them). Also has an arsonal of normal daggers

6/16/2010 #28


6/16/2010 #29
Noah is Potato

Name: Vulcon Shower

Age: looks 22, in reality is 11972

Race: Vampire

Strengths: Vulcon is one of the fastest vampires in history, being able to travel close to the speed of light. And he is extremely strong.

Weaknesses:Is rubbish at compulsion

Appearance: (His eyes are always red however, because he is always craving blood. Both his ring and necklace contain the stone.)

Personality: He is confident, and kinda smooth. He always has a going-to win attitude, and it never fails him. But he can become very mean, cold, and heartless when he wants to.

History: When he became a Vampire, he was thrilled, and took of to see the world. Though he never drank human blood, only animal. He soon started to hate being a vampire because all his loved ones died, and he wouldn't. Eventually, he ran into a girl, named Dorothy, and instantly liked her. He tried so hard to get her to like him, and eventually became obsessed. But she never would because of her present Boyfriend, Lucas. Vulcon instantly reconised the name as the name of the legendary Lycan who worked with the humans. He then started to convince her that Lucas hated her, and asked her why he only visits once a month. She eventually believed him, and when Lucas came, he watched as he broke it off with him. He was very happy for the next few months, intil Samuel came and told Dorthy of for breaking Lucas's heart, and when she found that out, she admittedly broke it off with Vulcan and went in search for the town Lucas was in. He tracked her down, and completly drained her of blood, enrage that she left him. The taste of blood drove him insane, and he now kills humans.

Other:He is a bada$$ mother f*cker so don't mess with him!

7/7/2010 #30
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