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Noah is Potato

In the small town of Johnson, everything is absolutely perfect. Almost everyone is friendly, and there is a role for almost everyone. It is the most perfect town imaginable. There is only one problem though;

The Mist

If you ask about it, all the locals will get nervous and edgy. They will avoid you questions, they will remember something they had to do. If you ask about the whisper you hear when the Mist falls in the town, they won't meet your eyes. If you question the beast like noises they will run. If you mention that you swore you heard screaming last night, they go pale white. If you continue to ask even if they tell you to stop, your screams will be added to the mist

So enjoy the perfect weather. Have fun with amazing neighbors, but just follow this one rule; Don't ask about the Mist. Don't think about the Mist. For the Mist knows everything, and only wants to make the townsfolk happy.

Even if it means getting rid of a few noisy people.

But what happens if a group of people can't resist and breack the rule. Well, if that happens, pray my friend. Pray that you will make it out of the night alive. Pray you don't go insane.

Pray that the Mist is not hungry.

So the Mystery begins...

7/4/2010 #1

Stella absentmindly kicked a stone along the pavement, very bored. Her parents were both working and no one she knew seemed to be around. She was trying to get entertainment but so far, the best entertainment she could find was the stone.

7/4/2010 #2
Noah is Potato

(Emily, i want to start this Roleplay in a unique way, so this is going to happen a night before you post got it?)

Midnight (This is taking place the night before the post above)

The town of Johnson was peaceful as ever. The full moon shining town on the quirky little town, and everyone slept on.

The Moon seemed to grow slightly red, and a thick mist floated into town. If it wasn't for the tinted red moon, everything would look calm. But instead, it looked extremly sinister. The mist crept along the streets and walkways, engulfing the houses untill the entire town of Johnson was coverd in this unholy looking mist.

And then thats when the noises began.

First it was just whispers... whispers that floated through your walls and windows and echoed in your soul. The Whispers were not saying anything. They were just mumbling. Young Children who had woken up and began to cry as there family held close, all terrified.

Then in some houses, there were even stranger noises. Like the sounds that of an animal makes. you would her beast like growls, and scratching at your door or window. As if whatever was out there wanted in. Wanted you.

Then what everyone feared most happened;

A man around 25 walked out of his house. He had lived in this place for a while, and he couldn't take the damn Mist anymore. "Come out you demon!" he screamed into the mist. "Come and face me! i have had enough with you, and it's time someone made a stand!"

The man was wearing a smug looking face, that is, however, he saw a dark form moving in the Mist, and fear clutched at his stomach.

What has he done.

A scream was heard throughout johnson, and parents held there children tightly

One boywho was sleeping though all this, jerked up at the screameyes wide. he turned to look out the window and all he saw was the calm peacefully looking Mist, and the pure Full moon

Back to the Morning

Ferrow Longston was sitting on a park bench, as he thought about last night.

7/4/2010 #3

"Bye mum!" Katie waved to her mother as she skipped out of the house, completely disregarding any warnings or whatever she was calling after her. She wandered down a path, through to the park, and looked around at all the people there. She had heard the screams last night, who hadn't? And she was interested to see how everyone was taking it. This town was great! A killer mist that ate people in the dead of night, people who refused straight out to talk about it. This was what she had been waiting for her whole life, and she couldn't WAIT for something interesting to come her way.

7/4/2010 #4

(Okayz then! I'm fine with that!)

Stella spotted a bench and decided to sit down, she was growing bored of the stone. Her thoughts drifted off to last was so strange...

7/4/2010 #5

Katie saw two people sititng on a bench and skipped over. Maybe they knew something about the mist or whatever it was? She'd only been there a week, but she was already determined to find out about it. "Hi!" she said, jumping in front of them.

7/4/2010 #6

"...hi!" Stella said, being awoken from her thoughts. She saw a probably younger girl in front of her.

7/4/2010 #7

"Hey!! Did ya see what happened last night!?! Pretty cool huh!" Katie said, shifting her weight from one foot to another with excitement.

7/4/2010 #8

"Cool? I thought it was kind of scary," Stella admitted. She shifted across the bench slightly so the girl could sit down.

7/4/2010 #9

"I guess..." Katie said slowly, dropping herself down onto the seat. "But it was still cool and stuff! You know, with the mist and stuff eating people in the dead of night!"

7/4/2010 #10

"Eating people?!" Stella repeated. "Whoa. What the heck is the Mist?"

7/4/2010 #11

"...I don't actually know..." Katie frowned. "I was hoping you'd know..."

7/4/2010 #12

"I doubt anyone knows," Stella said. "It seems pretty mysterious to me."

7/4/2010 #13

"But it being mysterious would make people want to know about it even more!" Katie pointed out. "Someone's got to know something..." She reached out and tapped a passer by's shoulder. "Hey! You know anything about that crazy mist thing?"

(Erm...I dunno what to make the passer by say...)

7/4/2010 #14

Stella stared at Katie as she went up to the passer by.

"The Mist?! Oh no! Not that!" he quickly hurried off, avoiding any other questions.

7/4/2010 #15

Katie blinked as he scarpered. "...Cooooooooooool! Mysterious Mist that no one talks about!! Wickeeeeed!"

7/4/2010 #16
Noah is Potato

"Ferrow was about to call the one girl mental, when the man ran off. he frowned. "What the helll..." he muttered.

7/4/2010 #17

"Wow that guy seemed really scared..." Stella commented. She glanced at the person sitting on the same bench, not quite grasping what he had said.

7/4/2010 #18

"Don't you think that's really cool?" Katie asked, poking the boy. "I mean, if no one wants to talk about it, then it might be a...a...a conspiracy or something!! And we could be the people to break it, and...and, I dunno, defeat it or something!! Or die trying! Sure, dying isn't on the top of my 'to do' list but, what a way to go, eh?"

7/4/2010 #19

"I don't fancy dying but I suppose uncovering the mystery would be pretty cool." Stella said.

7/4/2010 #20
Noah is Potato

"You are mental." Ferrow said, raising a eyebrow up at the girl. "Mists do not eat or kill people. The scream was probably because a wolf attack or something." he nodded to the woods in the distance.

7/4/2010 #21

"How can you be so sure?" asked Stella.

7/4/2010 #22

"Aww...but a cannibal mist would be so cool!" Katie whined. "Wolves are boring...well, boring compared to a killer mist...Why does everyone call me mental?"

7/4/2010 #23

"Maybe because you get over-excited easily?" Stella suggested.

7/4/2010 #24
Noah is Potato

"Because there is no such things as killer mists." Ferrow said, as he turned back to the paper he was reading.

(Dang guys, slow it down. We don't have to immediately jump into things. We can take it in a gradual pace.)

7/4/2010 #25

"I suppose you're right," Stella shrugged but wasn't fully convinced yet.

(We're going too quickly? Sorry.)

7/4/2010 #26

(Sorry, Katie's like that, trying to make things more exciting than they are...)

Katie pouted. "You guys are no fun..."

7/4/2010 #27

"Sorry about that...erm...what's your name?" Stella inquired Katie.

7/4/2010 #28

"Katie..." Katie mumbled. "I hate my name, it's boring...I wanted to change it but mum wouldn't let me...what are your names?"

7/4/2010 #29

"That's a perfectly nice name," Stella said. "I'm Stella."

7/4/2010 #30
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