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Paul swiped a hand through his hair. "Uh, yeah," he said and coughed into his hand. "Um, yeah, just make yourself at home. Is Peter coming over?" He was nervous. He knew woman. Oh, he definitely knew woman. But she was Jane Asher. He knew both her and her brother, so he laughed slightly at his insecurity.

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Flippzy The Edward Slayer

Jane gave a sarcastic smile. "He's not coming...he's...sick" she said with air quotations around the word "sick." "So he asked me to come in his don't mind, do you? What did you want to talk about?" She wasn't trying to flirt. She considered Paul a really great friend and she was really concerned for him.

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Valerie Montgomery sat in Jude and John's apartment, alone, staring at the phone and trying to will it to ring. That, and trying to will her arm to move so that she could will her fingers to punch in her--sorry, Paul's--number, so she could will herself to tell him what, exactly, was wrong. So she could will herself into NOT becoming her father. That, however, didn't seem like it was going to happen any time soon. Finally giving up, she shoved herself away from her perch on the sofa, scrambling into the kitchen and pouring herself a steaming mug of coffee. The perfect thing to calm her frazzled self.

She should call Paul, she knew. She should give him a reason--any reason at all--for leaving him. He only wanted to help her. And she still loved him! So what was the point in keeping herself away? No, she didn't need a f*** phone. She was Val, dammit! She did what she wanted, when she wanted, and that was just how it was.

George heard Rosie's voice from downstairs, and he smiled down at his daughter. "Looks like Mummy's calling us, Aves." Sweeping her into lanky arms, he padded down the wooden hallway and down the staircase that led into the front room. There, Rosie was standing with a very, very familiar man. George had to blink several times, even hand Avery off to Rosie, before he realized exactly what was going on.

"E--Eric?" A wide grin spread across his face, from defined cheekbone to defined cheekbone. "I can't believe it, mate! What are you doing here?"

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Flippzy The Edward Slayer

Rosie grinned when she saw George come down the stairs. She sighed in relief, retreating back into the arms ( arm) of her husband, and resting her head on his shoulder. "it's been a long time, Eric, you should visit a lot more often." she said with a laugh. She then retrieved Avery from George's arms and held her to her person so that the two old friends could get better acquainted with one another. She began to bounce Avery around, causing the toddler to laugh and ask for more from her mummy.

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Paul bit his lip. "No, no, no. No, I don't mind. Just surprised. That's all," he said and dug his hands into his pocket. "We were just going to talk, you know. About, uh, Val..." He could feel his face growing warm. Now THIS should be interesting... Talking to a woman about another woman...let alone the fact that it's Jane Asher. Have you seen her? He sat down on a sofa.

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Flippzy The Edward Slayer

She nodded lightly and stood up and put a hand on his shoulder. "Well, you can talk to me about it. I promise not to tell anyone, and I'll hel in anyway I can." she said with a reassuring smile before turning around towards the kitchen. She called out, "I could cook for you tonight if you want. Is that alright?"

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Val had made up her mind; she was now a woman on a mission. Taking a quick shower, she changed into a fresh outfit, taking some extra time to pull at her hair and try to shape her curls into something that half resembled a hairdo. After a few minutes, though, she gave up and tossed them over her shoulders to air dry. Next came the makeup; concealer for the bags under her eyes (she found that she was quite accustomed to sleeping next to someone and was having trouble sleeping without...well...Paul), black mascara for her lashes, a swipe of Chapstick for her lips, a two minutes of wishing that she had something to grind off freckles with.

After deeming herself passable, she bounded out the door, her target clearly in her mind; the place she had previously shared with Paul. She didn't have the key, she remembered with a pang. Paul would be home, though, wouldn't he? All of a sudden her stomach lurched, and she realized that this might not be as good of a plan as she thought.

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Dani Dragon

Amy Pond sighed "Yeah," she moved the phone and covered the mouthpiece with her hand "DOCTOR!" She yelled, "Some American girl named Cory for you"

The Doctor sighed and set down his Sonic Screwdriver. The phone was always for him... He took it from Amy and held it up to his ear "Hello Cory!" He said happily, he liked Cory. And her sister. and her friends.

Jude bit her lip and smiled at him "Let's not fight anymore okay? Fighting is bad." She leaned against his and put a hand on her stomach. "Do you think it's a boy or a gril?" she asked him. She may not know what to do with the baby quite yet, but she still cared about it. She had some sort of heart.

Ringo smiled and took her hand in his "I like the long. Kinda. Mostly I don't want to get it cut. I'm lazy. You know me!" he grinned "What todo today.... Charlie, Gina what do you want to do today?" He asked the little kids. "We could go to the park... go swimming, go se some other person we know..." He looked at them and at Jessie, "What d'ya think?"

"Well... I was in the nieghborhood.... after I flew here" Eric smiled at his friend, "Nah. I came to visit! you're always bugging me about how I never visit! So I came" He grinned at George. "And look at you, you're little family, Avery's so grown up!" He laughed as she bounced around in her mothers arms.

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George's smile grew (if that were even possible) wider. "She's a handful, that one. But we love her." He reached forward, clasping Eric's hand firmly with his. "We should have done this ages ago, huh?" Licking his thin lips, he turned around and headed towards the kitchen, signalling for Eric and his wife to follow him. "C'mon in, don't be a stranger. You hungry?"

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Flippzy The Edward Slayer

Rosie smiled and turned around into the kitchen to hide her blush. It didn't help that Avery was saying "why's your face red, mummy?" She fidgeted a little before saying in a calm, reassured voice, "Mommy's still not feeling too good, yeah?" With that, she went over to the kitchen and began to prepare something for supper. "What do you guys feel like?" she called out, almost positive they wouldn't hear her anyway.

Cory was relieved when he picked up. "Oh, thank God! Doctor, I need you to get here as soon as you can. I'm sure you're well aware of my husband's....accident in the near future..well, past, know what I mean. I need your help to get over his addiction...please, save him. I know you can do it...I just know you can!" she was desperate at this point, seeing as good quality rehab centers and treatments wouldnt' be around for quite a while.

John held her close to him and then laughed, feeling the tension break after that last question. "Who knows? Maybe we'll get lucky and it won't HAVE a gender and then we can just call it Fluffy!" he said with a giggle. He didn't really mean it, but he too, was tired of fighting and he just wanted to have fun again.

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(Yay...I'm using my iPod...we all know how well I spell using, if I offend someone of something, just send me a message.)

Paul smiled. "That's kind of you, Jane. Thanks. Why not?" He wasn't used to the house that he rented out. He was staying at a more isolated house. It was completely different compared to the flat he shared with...Val. He didn't want to stay there, seeing as how HER things were still there. And they lived there. Don't forget the fact that she left through the bathroom window while they were there. The memory would just make him remember her. Of course he thought of here where he was at, but it a lot better to clear his mind without constant reminders of the brown haired girl.

"So, what have you been up to, Jane? More theater work?" he asked, looking up.

Jessie smiled at her husband. "I know. You're in love, but you're lazy. But if your hair turns out to be longer than mine, cut it," she joked. She tried to think of an activity. "I haven't seen Paul in a while, but he's sortin through Val issues. And I haven't seen the Lennons in a while, but they have Val, who's having Paul issues. Let alone the fact that they're having their own issues. And the Harrison's have their own child," she concluded, sighing.

"No Uncle Paul?" Charlie asked. He knew the Beatles well enough to where he could distinguish the bassist as his favorite uncle.

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Flippzy The Edward Slayer

Jane gave him a smaller smile before turning back to the kitchen. She looked for anything he might have in the cupboards, but all she could find were many varieties of alcohol ranging from scotch to sherry. She grimaced before turning around giving a strained smile, but filled with determination. "That's it, I am taking YOU grocery shopping. No more wallowing for YOU, Mr. McCartney!" she gave him a defiant grin and grabbed his hand, pulling him out of the small house and towards her car.

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"No, it's okay, he said, standing in front of her car. This was something he could avoid. He just didn't want to leave his house, but he'd rather pay someone to make his food instead of going out and making something with Jane.. "We can just go out to eat..." he said. He was Paul McCartney for Christ's sake! If he walked out in public with Jane Asher, of all people, by his side, people might get the wrong idea. Plus, he was a Beatle! He'd rather find some nice restaraunt.
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Dani Dragon

"AH!!! well.. yes... that!" The Doctor grinned "ON MY WAY! always happy to see you lot. Be there inbetween 2 minutes and 8 days!" he called and hung up the phone. "Now come on" he told the TARDIS "This is important. We have a life to save. AN IMPORTAND LIFE!! PONDS! hang oN!" he yelled and began flipping swiches. Soon the TADIS was making it's usual sounds woosh woosh he laughed and hit a few more buttons before the familiar thum told him they'd landed. "come along Ponds" he said throwing open the doors.

Eric smiled at his friend and looked towards the kitchen "What ever you have is fine with me" He told Rosie. He wasn't too picky. He turned back to George "So how goes the band? got a new album due out soon right? The last one was a killer. Hard to beat in my proffesional opinion." He laughed. "Bought it the day it came out and told the man "This here is my best mate's band!" though I doubt he believed me"

"No Uncle Paul. He's too moody." He grinned at Charlie, "We could call ahead and see if anyone's intrested in hangin about? I really want to see one of the lads. We haven't had practice in eons." He gave Jessie a look. "Please? I'll let you pick which one! BUt not George. His one friend was due in. He called ahead at the studio a few weeks back.... and Paul's moody... Brian or John! yeah!" Ringo looked at her hopefully.

"Fluffy?" She laughed "It's a baby! not a dog!" she giggled and playfully punched his side. "How about....... Apple" She remembered the aweful celeberity name "Or Blanket!" She laughed again, to show she was joking. She touched her stomach and looked at the tinyish bumb. "When do babies start kicking?" She wondered aloud "Or moving... or something like that"

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Flippzy The Edward Slayer

"But wouldn't you rather enjoy a nice meal that you know you helped make? Paul, this is beyond crazy. You have NOTHING in your PANTRY! At least let ME buy some things for you. If you're really that uncomfortable about it, I'll go shopping and get some groceries for you, okay? I'm just trying to help." she said with a joking tone.

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Flippzy The Edward Slayer

Cory could hear the Doctor coming in, landing right outside her house. She dashed out the door and saw the blue box staring her in the face, but she couldn't feel frightened, because she was too happy to see him. When the door opened, she saw two men that she didn't recognize, and a cocky red head whom was most likely the girl she'd talked to over the phone. She turned to the one who looked slightly more insane and rushed into his arms. "DOCTOR!" she squealed happily.

Amy Pond looked at her strangely and then turned to Rory, who seemed to be smiling slightly at the sight of the girl. "Don't...even..think about it!" she growled at him. Rory had never strayed before, but for some reason, she was feeling a little jealous of this new girl.

John could only snicker at the choice of names. "Those aren't much better, luv. That makes it seem like an inanimate object." he said with a chuckle.

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Paul huffed and opened the door to the passenger seat. "Fine," he said to the red head. Val was the one that usually went out and bought the groceries. He used to do it a lot as a teenager when his mother died. He sat in he car and waited for her to get in.

Jessie shook her head. "No...Brian has certain issues that I don't want to expose my children to..." She highly doubted that her husband was clean, though. He had red eye at times, and used do spend long hours at one of the other Beatles houses without telling her. He wouldn't even report to her what they did! Jessie tried to be honest with her husband at all times, but that worried her. She bit her lip. John had a stash of L** in his house...she worried that her son or daughter would find that in his backyward. But it was the best Beatle at the moment. Plus, she could talk to Jude about the baby.

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Dani Dragon

The Doctor hugged the girl "Cory!" He laughed. "okay. Cory, this is Amy" he pointed to Amy, the redhead, "and her husband Rory!" he grinned like an idiot for a second before glancing back at Amy "Cory. Rory. Aha. It rhymes" He smiled still as he turned back to Cory "Where is that voy of yours. I hear he's in a bit of a bind"

She laughed and took his hand "Let's go to the store. I want peanut butter." She said standing up and yanking on his hand like a small child would "And milk. Why are we always out of milk!?!" She asked him with a grin. "Actually I think it's the baby that wants peanut butter... she poked her stomach. "Silly little thing"

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Dani Dragon

"that other one then?" Ringo grinned "What's his name? starts with a 'J' He's got a lovely girlfriend?" he asked jokingly. "UNCLE JOHN!" Charlie shouted in his ear. "CORRECT!" Ringo shouted back. "You can have a cookie. And so cna you Gina." he set the boy on the ground. "I'll go all him"

He walked to the phone and dialed John's number and waited for someone to pick up.

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"I think our kids are going to become diabetic if you keep on giving them cookies, Ringo," she said and straightened up in her seat. She realized that she was still wearing her robe. "Got to shower. Just let me do that and I'll be ready to go," she said and moved Gina off of her lap. She ran up the stairs and into their bathroom to wash up.
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Flippzy The Edward Slayer

Cory spared Amy and Rory and awkward glance before turning to the Doctor once more, leading them all into her house. "Will you be able to help him?" she asked in a slightly panicked voice, as she showed them her room.

Amy rolled her eyes once more, but followed anyway. This was probably just a small side tracked mission before they headed for another amazing galaxy. I mean, what was so fantastic about London in the 60's?

"THAT'S BRIAN EPSTEIN!" Rory piped up excitedly all of a sudden. He couldn't believe that he was actually meeting someone from the Beatles. Amy looked at him strangely. "You know him or somthing?"

Jane gave him a triumphant grin before getting into the driver's side of the car. When they'd reached the market, she gave him a motherly mocked grin. "Would you like to stay in the car while I go shopping, sweety?" to add to the effect, she squeezed his left cheek and got out before he could retaliate.

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Dani Dragon

"I should think so. Just a good talking to, some sonic-ing, and some wibbly-wabbly timey-wimey stuff and he'll be all better" He winked at Cory before turning to Rory "Yes yes. Behave. And I might find some way to let you meet the others. Maybe. I don't know." He turned to Cory "That one's a but strange. Always dying." he said pointing to Rory. "wait. no that's not normal is it? no... ermm..." he grinned nervously.

The phone was ringing. Jude dropped John's hand and picked it up "Heelllo?" she said cheerfully

"Hey Jude!" Ringo answered "Me and Jessie and the kids were wondering if you and John wanted to get together and hang out"

Jude thought about it for a moment. "Sure. Bring peanut butter though. I need peanut butter. And milk. But I'll make John get that later."

"err... Okay" RIngo remembered when Jessie was pregenant. It would be best to bring peanut butter.

"Cool. Just come on over! Bringing the kids right?"

"Yep, we'll be there in a bit"

"Cool. See you then" She hung up the phone and turned to John "Change of plans. Ringo and Jessie are gonna come over. Hopefully they'll bring peanut butter" she grinned and sat next to him.

Ringo hung up and went to go look for peanut butter.

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Brian sat up when he heard his name being called. "What!?" he said, looking around. He saw his wife and three strange people that he didn't recognize. "Hello?" he asked, still shaken from the experience of the morning.

Paul would have slapped away Jane's hands if she didn't move away so quickly. He hated it when John did that to him. He didn't need Jane doing it. He opened the door and stepped out. "I'm a grown man Jane! You don't need to grab my cheeks to get my attnention!" he said with his eyebrows raised and rolled his eyes. He laughed at it, though. He already got harrassed for his baby cheeks, thick eye lashes, thin eyebrows, droopy eyes, and his long and thin nose. All he needed was for someone to pinch his face for effect.

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Jessie jumped in and out of the shower, and ran out to change her clothes. She found some London appropriate clothes, and tried to find a towel for her hair. She looked in front of the mirror. She wasn't the same Jessie that she was when she met Ringo. She wasn't as lost or innocent. She felt that she wasn't she was when she met her husband, either. Jessie scrunched up her nose at the word. Could a woman even describe themself as that without being accused of being concieted? She didn't know.

Everything had changed in her life. She met Ringo behind a club and went out with him on a spur of the moment. She was married now, with twins, and no past. That was all erased when she was sent to 1963. When asked about her family by reporters, she'd shrug, saying that she came from a small town and didn't have much of an up bringing. She shook her head in the mirror. She had to stop thinking about the past. As time went on, she began to forget parts of it. She remembered where she was from, and her family. But some memories had just...vanished. "All things must pass," she said to the mirror and sighed.

Jessie wrapped the towel over her head and around her hair. She ran into the twins' room and grabbed a large bag out. She would need...diapers for sure. She talked to Ringo's mother about potty training, and she believed that they should train early, yes, but still be ready. The children were two years old, though, and they were trained. She just needed to be sure. She pakced extra clothing, knowing that they might have a freak accident. Uh, what else? she asked herself and snapped her fingers. Snacks! They were two years old, both able to walk and utter half sentances on their own. She no longer had to b*** feed, according to his mother. Growing up, she was never around small children, so she relied on the old fashion mother for advise.

Elsie Starkey didn't approve of the marriage at first, though. Jessie wasn't from the area. She didn't even know where the girl was from and when she learned that Jessie wasn't English, she was shocked. She hadn't met the American until a month before the wedding, but Ringo talked of her. So when she met Jessie, dark skinned and all, she gasped internally. She obviously was not from England. She wasn't prejudice, but when she heard that her son was going to marry a Mexican-American Catholic, she knew something was fishy. An accent of European origin wasn't detectable, and her speech was different. Just the same amount of slang, but it was different. Ringo had to teach her a term or two. She was unfamiliar, and never fully explained. As soon as Elsie met her daughter-in-law, Jessie began to grow on her. She didn't do anything that Elsie should be worried about so far, so she just left the issue alone.

Jessie ran down the stairs, back into the kitchen. She opened the fridge to see if she could pack any fruit. Jude was probably eating all of the food in their kitchen, so she didn't want to rely on them for food.

(okay, yeah, I realise that paragraph about elsie makes no sense, but you know how john was often asked why he married a Japanese woman? Yeah, kind of reflecting on that, I guess. I don't know If I made much sense. I mean, most of England is obviously White, and Anglican at that time, I would think. Especially in the 60s, people were kind of against the yeah...asdfghjkl; I don't know If I made sense. I'll change it after school.)

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Val had frozen in her tracks. She wasn't going to the flat she used to share with Paul, anymore. She knew him better than anybody in the world did; he would not be there. That was the reason she told herself, that is, for finally unfreezing herself and starting to walk aimlessly down the street, no longer a woman on a mission. She supposed she could drop by la casa de Harrison, but she didn't wanna intrude on Georgie or Rosie without letting them know first.

Without warning, she launched her foot at a rock, violently sending it soaring across the sidewalk and into the street, where it collided with an oncoming car with a distinct click. Looking up to mouth a sincere apology, she realized who, exactly, was in that car. Her mouth fell open instantly, her eyes narrowed, and her arms came to cross across her chest. That. Little. B***.

Reaching up her hand, she gave Paul a sarcastic wave. Him, and his little ginger-a** girlfriend, too.

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George studied the kitchen cabinets for a moment, tapping his chin. Then he turned to Rosie. "Erm. Something with chocolate, please? Or not. Just food, is good." He looked back at Eric, leading him over to the table. "You flatter us. Really. We haven't really practiced though in a while, not like the old days. I mean, I've got Rosie and Aves, Ringo's got a wife and twins--finally, something to take away a bit of his energy, eh? ha--John knocked up his wife, and Paul's...having issues." He shrugged, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms over his chest. "Dunno when it happened, but life finally got in the way of music."

(i just noticed that when dani was the doctor, she said "ponds" instead of "pond" and i was, like, dieing. I MISSED YOU GUYS 3 3 3 3 3 :^) )

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Dani Dragon

(that's because there's two of them Catie. Not just Amy. Amy Y Rory!) (And no. They are not the Williams. It doesn't work that way)

Ringo had managed to get the kids into actual clothing and was quite proud of his work. He was also still on a hunt for peanut butter. "JESSIE!!! There was a request to bring peanut butter." He couldn't help but grin at the statement, it was one of the weirder things... But then he knew what it was like to ave a pregnant woman in the house, he felt bad (or would soon feel bad) for John, so he would bring the peanut butter.

"Bands to break up... I hope you guys don't. You're one of the best!" He smiled at his friend "Anyway, What else is new?" He asked, "How's Epistine?" He remember the slightly nervous looking manager with his gril attached at his was sorta sweat that she looked out for him... and that in a way, they all looked out for eachother...


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Flippzy The Edward Slayer

Jane looked out the driver's window to see a very blond, very pissed off woman glaring back at her. This made her nervous as she remembered seeing Val in many pictures with Paul, and now she clearly didn't think that it was alright for Paul to be hanging out with a lady friend. She gave Paul an apologetic glance before asking him to step out of the car. "I think you should sort this out...she's gonna get the wrong idea unless you explain. I had fun hanging out with you today, and PLEASE, make sure you cook that food and not just throw it away!" She handed him the groceries they had bought that day before driving away, without him. Oh, Peter was gonna have some explaining to do!

Cory gave the Doctor and his companions a questioning glance before turnig to her husband and then back at the Doctor, who looked VERY different from the last time she'd seen him. "What can you do for him?" she asked him, ignoring Brian's outburst for the moment.

Amy looked at Brian thoughtfully before mouthing out, "wait a second..I thought that Brian Epstein was ga---mmmph!" Rory had strategically and effectively covered her mouth before she could finish what she had to say. He gave Cory a nervous, but reassuring smile before muttering to Amy something about this being completely different timeline and what not, while the Doctor conversed with Cory.

Rosie rolled her eyes. No suggestions? She wasn't very good at making her own decisions on what to make. It always flustered her and made her feel like she was being put on the spot. She didn't like the feeling. "How about this then, why don't we go OUT to eat?" "I WANT ICE CREAM!!" Avery all but shouted when the thought of going out came up. Rosie sighed, but relented, knowing that as rich as they were, they didn't have as many family outings as one would think. Paparazzi and fangirls always got in the way. "What do you think, honey?" she asked looking at George, pleading with her eyes.

John could only laugh at the huge fuss Jude was making over peanut butter and milk. For now, they were having a baby. They'd have to decide sooner or later whether they were going to keep it, but secretly, in his heart, he hoped she'd say yes. He couldn't bear it if another woman took away the feeling of having a Cynthia had. She had been pregnant with their child, and though he had agreed it had been a drunken mistake...he couldn't believe she'd taken that from him...he wondered what their child would've been like. He wondered what his and Jude's might be like if she decided to keep it. (This is how I always view the John/Julian thing in role plays, so I'm sticking to it! "Oh look! Its the Ponds!" "Um actually, no, she's not Pond any---" "Nahh, it'll always be the Ponds." "Yeah, you're right.." Hahaha, I love that part XD)

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Dani Dragon

"Rory! You're a nurse! Make sure he doesn't get sick again." He pointed Rory to Brian who was still mostly passed out on the bathroom floor "Cory! show me to the kitchen. I need a blender. Pond, come with me" He pointed at Cory and grabbed Amy's wrist. as they walked he thought of everything he would need... He might have to send Amy back to the TARDIS to get some things.....

"I could go with ice cream" Eric grinned. He loved ice cream, just like a little kid would. Vanilla was his favorite flavor.... maybe mint. Anyway, how did they go about going out without being swarmed by the cameras and paparazzi and fangirls and everything? It must be hard. he sighed internally, right now, it didn't really matter. He was here with George and his adorable little family.

Jude sat back down on the couch with John. "Maybe hanging out with little kids will help me decide... which is good. Ringo and Jessie have twins. Adorable twins at that. But all kids are adorable. Mostly. My brother wasn't too cute. He looked like an alien..." She rambled on for a bit before getting up, "I'm gonna make tea. you want some?" she asked him as she headed towards the kittchen. (one of my FAVORITE PARTS!!!!)

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(ohhh Doctor Who. OMG DANI THAT REMINDS ME!!!!!!!! so i went to see Monte Carlo last night (yes, i know. don't judge me) and GUESS WHO WAS IN IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!1?!?!!?!! Donna Noble.)

George felt a sinking in his stomach. Out...side. Right. Well. He glanced down at the innocent hope that was spread out across his daughter's face, and he decided that there was no way he could possibly say no. " cream it is then?" He exchanged a meaningful look with his wife, knowing it was going to be a hassle. As everything always was. He reached over, taking Rosie's hand in his, and smiled lightly. "It's gonna be kinda crazy out there, but we can manage. We always do."

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