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Salutations, foolish mortal Earthling offspring! :D

I am Mandy, your fabulous new overlord! Obey my mind control!

I promised Sarah (The Nowhere Girl) that I'd post this for her, so here we goes!


Just a recap of the rules:

1. NO DISRESPECTING. Be nice and respectful to everyone!

2. Talk in parentheses when in the RP. Ex. (Hi everyone!)

3. Do not take control of any Beatles or OCs unless you have permission.

4. Make OCs in the OC submission section (HERE! :D) and wait until I message you to start.

5. Do NOT kill off any Beatles or OCs unless you have permission.

6. This is a test and may be changed, but, if adult content does occur, it must be implied. No details. Also, it must not happen randomly or constantly. There must be a relationship first. It cannot be out of the blue.

7. Have fun and be yourself. This is not meant to be stressful or painful in any way.

8. Beatles will not have any steady girlfriends and/or proposals/marriage. They may or may not get involved with other OCs in romantic ways. They will not randomly go after you. You must flirt with them first. Beware, they will go with other OCs too, so get involved at your own risk.


Beatle Roles Already Taken

John: Me! :D BeatleLOVE (Or I can also play Stu, if included. Still haven't made up my mind XD )

Paul: PrincessRose-Paul

George: tiarashine

Ringo: Sarah The Nowhere Girl


OCs CAN be based off you, of course!


OC Submission Info

1. Name

2. Gender

3. Appearance (Try to be as detailed as possible, please! The better you know your OC, the more realistic they become.)

4. Personality (See above :P)

5. Favourite Beatle (Ya really thought we weren't gonna ask for that?)

6. History (Any interesting little tangents?)

7. Anything else you deem necessary! :D


Okay, I think that's it! Now, if you'll please excuse me, I must go stopper the blood fountain spontaneously gushing from my nostril and eat my chicken and broccoli fettuiccini simultaneously XD Have fun and don't eat too many babies! They cause stomach ulcers, ya know.

2/22/2012 . Edited 2/22/2012 #1
Yay I'm Paul
2/22/2012 #2

Ya mean George, love? XD

2/22/2012 #3

Okay, let's see if I remember how to do this O.o... Here goes!!

1. Ok, I'm gon' keep my own first name here (not last), but I might change it later... So, name: Savannah Boudreaux (One of the guys I know has this last name, isnt it fun?)

2. Umm... Female?

3. Alright, here we are: Dirty Blonde hair, bright blue eyes, 5'6", Small hands, upturned nose... Umm, I think that's about it ;)

4. At first, very shy (often not very comfortable in large crowds), but at other times extremely outgoing and brash. Very snarky and sarcastic, some may call it "rude", but we'll disagree. Has a weird sense of humour that you'll understand later. Doesn't cuss, acts very innocent although she knows more than she lets on. Very intelligent, but has way too many "dumb Blonde" moments. All in all, one big freakin' oxymoron.


6. Okay, so she is part British, so she'll sometimes go off and start speaking with random different English accents, but she's from the South so she usually talks like an American. (NOT a redneck!) She has a big family but they still live in the states while she is in England pursuing an acting career.

7. Plays bass!! keeps a notebook in her shoulder bag for writing lyrics or random dialogue she thinks of. Plays ukulele with a pick, because she's awesome like that. (Plays bass with a pick too). She is naturally right-handed, but is trying to become left-handed and usually plays ukulele left-handed even though it's not strung for that.

Well, that wasn't so hard, was it? Anyways, someone else better post here, soon. Or be eaten. By me. Babies is too little for my tummy.

2/22/2012 #4
Exactly love
2/22/2012 #5
The Nowhere Girl

OC Submission Info

1. Scarlett Saunders

2. Female

3. Pale, pale skin with curly black hair reaching to her waist. Her eyes are a strange violet. She's 5'10. Her face has sharp features, making her appear evil when the light hits her right.

4. She's quite mysterious. Seductive and a turn-off at the same time. She spaces out and thinks things that most people wouldn't. She has an odd sense of humor and may confuse you. She seems aloof at times.

5. She has no preference

6. The oddest thing about her as of yet is that no one knows anything about her. Not her past, or what she thinks. All they know is that her parents died and left her a huge fortune. She lives lavishly, knowing that if she lives to the fullest, she'll never use all the money. The only thing that is known about her is that she was born with a weak heart.

7. She has a habit of pulling at her curls. She'll do it when she's thinking.

2/23/2012 . Edited 3/11/2012 #6
Kylie Jessica Parker Female Tan long blonde hair blue cornflower eyes 5'5 she is very skinny She is a good girl she comes from a wealthy family she is rich and gets spoiled a lot but she keeps it under wraps she also dances sings acts and plays guitar George Odd thing she throws glass when she gets mad Habit she clicks her toungue a lot
2/23/2012 #7


Okay, so my oc's name is Della Andrews (FEMALE!). She's 5' even, long black hair to her waist, big emerald green eyes, red lips, pale with freckles across her nose and cheeks, and a cute little nose. She's a little girl with a short temper. She's a bit cynical and incredibly scarcastic, and she's never afraid to speak her mind, even if it offends someone. She's also very strong, mentally (and a bit physically). And she (we) likes John :D

2/23/2012 #8
The Nowhere Girl

ALright! Accepted! :)

2/23/2012 #9

Whoo Hoo! I can start now, yeah?

2/23/2012 #10

OC Submission Info

1. Chauncy Greenwick

2. Female, betches! :P

3. Normal height at 5'6" with stock-straight dirty blonde hair a bit past shoulder length and multicoloured streaks scattered throughout. She's normally proportioned, but is sensitive about her weight because she feels insignificant compared to Scarlett and Kylie, and has somewhat of an olive tinge to her skin. Her eyes are a bright gray green, similar to the sea.

4. Can be quite cynical and sarcastic at times, yet can get very quiet and timid when hurt. She isn't afraid to fight when need be, be it physical or verbal, and normally carries herself confidently and assured (although secretly very insecure).

5. Changes from time to time, but finds them all attractive.

6. Grew up as, how she likes to put it, "an extraordinary girl in an ordinary world." (If you understand that reference, I love you.) She's constantly being compared to her older sister, whom she admires yet still envies, and automatically dislikes anyone who even suggests their differences and/or similarities.

7. When she falls for a guy, she falls HARD. Tends to get exceedingly infatuated and obsessive over the boy of her choosing. She also has difficulty with deciding and/or choosing things, no matter how big or small the issue, and rambles a lot. When nervous, anxious, or uncomfortable she chews her nails, a habit she's had since she was little.

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2/24/2012 #12


2/24/2012 #13

Lol! Love you too Mandy!

2/24/2012 #14


2/24/2012 #15

pfffffffft, who wouldn't?

2/24/2012 #16

Lots of people ._.

2/24/2012 #17

pssssssst.... Guess what?

2/24/2012 #18


2/24/2012 #19

o.o Whut....?

2/24/2012 #20

I have girl scout cookies...

2/24/2012 #21


2/24/2012 #22

And that is delicious you lucky b*** XP

2/24/2012 #23

Mandy, repeat after Jamie: Mandy is an amazing sexy beast and she always will be.

and yus, yus Jamie is a lucky biznatch who likes to talk in third person XD

2/24/2012 #24

Hehe here it goes!!

1.Danielle Gartrell

2. Female!

3. Ginger red hair down to her waist, big brown eyes, about 5'5, Audrey Hepburn jaw, Avril Lavigne nose, and she's fairly small!

4. She is very outgoing, eccentric, and lovable. She tries to be kind, but sometimes her blunt way of putting things comes across as rude. She is very accepting of people and their differences, and hates it when people judge her. Also, she's not afraid of anything, risks are her favorite thing about life.

5. Paul! :D

6. She lost her little sister in a car crash when she was 12, this was very devastating and she never talks about it.

7. She has slight paranoia due to her sister's sudden death.

3/11/2012 #25
The Nowhere Girl

Yer accepted mate ;)

3/11/2012 #26

:D Thanks bud!

3/11/2012 #27
Name: Massie Maria Parker Gender: female Apperance:glossy brown hair amber eyes 5'5 112 pounds Personailty: sneaky,bubly,and innocent Fav beatle: Ringo History: she is Kylie's sister she's 19
3/21/2012 #28

Name: Estella Andrews

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long black hair usually braided down her back, deep brown eyes, rich tan skin, of spanish heritage.

Age: 45

Personality: She's just as quirky as her daughter, and has a quick wit that's sure to charm anyone. She's Della's mom.

3/25/2012 #29
Hachiko Jane

Name: Jasmine Pearl

Gender: Female

Appearance: Pale and skinny with classes, green eyes and long black hair. Usually wear a purple or black dress. Looks younger than her actual age.

Personality: Jasmine is a deep thinker with a thirst for knowledge, but she is no genius, in fact she is a slow bloomer. Jasmine is shy, and hides her true self from people. Due to hiding her emotions, she can be grouchy, but is very kind and loyal. She has a passion for literature, and wants to be a part-time writer. Her greatest dream is to be a great political activist.

Favourite Beatle: Used to be John, but currently none.

History: Was bullied a lot. Her parents also had financial issues.

Anything else you deem necessary!: Is an undiagnosed Aspie, and doesn't know that she has Asperger's.

3/24/2015 #30
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