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Dani Dragon

Oliver rubbed his face with his now free hands. He nodded and smiled grimly and nodded, "I've...." he took a deep breath, "I've been having dreams. Like... bad ones." He ran a hand through his hair, "Really bad. Terrible." He looked at his hands "Don't tell Jamie or Trina." He added and stood, pacing in front of the couch. "What sort of feelings do you have? Like.. My dreams, I see.. Like detailed... terrible things and, uhm, well... I..." He sat on the floor and looked at her "So... I don't.. know. I'm confused. And this freaks the s*** out of me"

8/13/2012 #31

Jojo stood still in the middle of the room, looking down at him. "Maybe we shouldn't tell anybody else, maybe this is all just...a coincidence. Or something. Or...God, I don't know!" She slowly made her way to him, pick up her feet in the most ladylike way she could manage in her current state. "It might just freak the rest of them out, you know? Teddy, and them. What if we're the only ones?" She hoped that was true; even if it made her seem completely and totally crazy, she hoped that she was just freaking out for no good reason. She hoped there wasn't really anything wrong. Carefully, she sat down on the floor next to him, trying her hardest not to touch him for fear that she might spontaneously combust. "This is sooo f*** up."

8/13/2012 #32
Dani Dragon

Oliver looked up at her, "Jojo, what if it's real? What if these things are actually going to happen?" He looked towards the door "Jamie has been acting bit strangely lately. More... dramatic... You know how he gets hair cuts once every month? He hasn't had one in three months. So. I don't know. Maybe he's mad because he doesn't get my room when he moves out, but he could be.. I don't know. My dreams are too real. They scare the s*** out of me." He looked at her, "I don't know" He put his head on his knees. F*** up doesn't cover it." He said, bumping her shoulder with his own.

8/13/2012 #33

Jojo wobbled on the floor next to Oliver after he bumped her, smiling soft in spite of the conversation. It was inappropriate; yes, she got that. But she realized then that she could tell him anything after confiding in him what she just had; she could tell him anything. Anything, she repeated in her head. Anything, like that it wasn't Jamie who stole his favorite picture of the "love of his life" three years ago at the last reunion. She remembered seeing the picture in his room, tacked up on a corkboard, Oliver and his sweetheart swooning at each other. It made her sick, so she just reached up and swiped it. Afterwards, when Oliver was freaking out, she knew that she should give it back to him, or maybe just put it in an inconspicious place in his room so that he would find it later. But she hadn't. She took it all the way back to America with her, folding over the side that contained the pretty red head and pretending that it was her on the other side of the picture. It was her that he was making lovey-dovey eyes at. Now that was f*** up. She couldn't tell him that. And she couldn't tell him one other small thing, the one about her being desperately, head over heels in love with him for the better part of her life. "Maybe it will be okay," she said weakly, pretending she wasn't thinking about all those other things. "But I'm glad I came here and told you; I was going crazy, all alone with thous thoughts."

8/13/2012 #34
Dani Dragon

"Me too. It's no fun, being alone" He said with a grin. He sighed again and fell back, so that he was staring at the ceiling.

"Ollie?" Oliver sat up to see a familiar dark haired girl standing in the doorway, a plastic bag in her hand, and grinned.

"Julia!" He jumped to his feet and pulled the girl into a hug, giving her a quick peck on the lips. "How'd you get in?"

"You're mum let me in"

"My mum's home!?" Oliver asked, looking over her shoulder.

"Not any more, she left." Julia said and then caught sight of Jojo. "Hi! I'm Julia, Ollies girlfriend" She said with a smile, tugging on one of her dark curls.

"Right! Jules, this is Jojo, Jojo, this is Julia. Jojo is... Jojo.. McCartney.. Yeah. But she's just chilling out here for a bit..." Oliver said and grinned, "We were talking about family stuff. Very boring."

8/13/2012 #35

Jojo smiled tightly, staring at the girl and knowing that this was a normal social convention. When you were friends with someone, sometimes they had a significant other. And when you met that significant other, you always had to be polite to them and give them a fair chance. Maybe Julia was a nice girl. Maybe she was worthwhile for Oliver (ha, right). Maybe...maybe...Jojo

Yeah. Not happening.

"Paul McCartney is my dad," she said, in way of explaining her last name. "But I'm not know, his like...kid. I mean I am! Like, technically and everything. The whole s*** thing." Oh God, oh God! She did NOT just say s*** in front of Oliver's girlfriend. "I didn't know you existed," she tried again, only to fail even more miserably at making real life conversation.

8/13/2012 #36
Dani Dragon

Oliver laughed, "Ah Jojo. She's my favorite for a reason. Also because she doesn't show up at my house in the middle of the night and eat my food like Teddy and Charlie" he informed Julia, who grinned.

"So like... You don't live with him?" Julia asked, twirling a strand of hair around her finger, "And by they way, your accent is adorable" She said, smiling. "And I brought Ice cream!" she said, fishing out a tub from the bag and handing it to Oliver, who crinkled his nose.

"Ew. Vanilla" He said and then turned to Jojo "Julia and I are secretly dating. I mean My mum knows. I think my dad does. I don't really care if he doesn't. But anyway, we don't the press or anything to get involved, just in case it doesn't work out right. You know. We're not technically official. We've only been dating a month or so"

8/13/2012 #37

Charlie groaned as he woke up in his childhood bedroom. His parents told him he could stay for the night, but that he had to get back to his place after that. Only problem is, he was kicked out. Forget the fact that he would set firecrackers off in the toilets and throw TVs into the apartment's pool. He couldn't pay his rent, let alone for the repairs of damage he made. And because of that, he was evicted. He left all of his stuff in storage for the time being, but he needed a place to stay until he could get a job and be somewhat settled. But who would keep him? He causes too much trouble. Then he thought of someone he has dirt on that couldn't rat him out: Gina.

He grabbed the bedside phone and began to dial the familiar number.

8/13/2012 #38
Dani Dragon

Gina rolled over when the phone rang, pulling the pillow over her head. It had been a long night of partying and then after that, Ronnie had come over and they watched a movie. And after that she had redone her hair, going for a more vibrant shade of red this time. She had finished just two hours ago, after that she had collapsed in bed and fallen asleep. And of course she knew who was calling. It was one of two people. It was Charlie or Ronnie. And Ronnie wouldn't call this morning, because he knew she went to bed late. Really late. And knowing Charlie, it was to complain about getting kicked out of somewhere. And to ask her to fix it. Which she wouldn't. Not today. Today she would tell him to f*** and go back to sleep

8/13/2012 #39

Charlie heard his sister pick up on the other end. "Hu-hey, sis," he said, already feeling dissapointment rub off of her. "How are ya?" Despite the fact that they both had the same bath habits, Gina was able to get back up on her feet.

8/13/2012 #40
Dani Dragon

"Charlie it's not even noon yet." Gina sighed and sat up. "The key is under the fake rock outside the door, although it might be unlocked. Come over and we'll talk about our poor decisions" She said, rolling out of bed. "But, uh... Give me ten minutes head start. Have Pops cook some bacon to bring over. Or a cake. Or just get some of his expensive alcohol. Whatever works." She said, pulling on a pair of jeans as she spoke. She set the phone down for a moment, and tugged a shirt on over her head "I'll be waiting" She said and prepared to hang up, running a hand through her red hair.

8/13/2012 #41

(Gina's right you know; the best way to fix a hangover is more alcohol consumption. Proven fact.)

Your accent is adorable? Jojo repeated in her head. ADORABLE?! What did Julia think she was, a dog?! God. F***. This wasn't happening; she did not fly halfway across the world in desperation only to find herself in the same place she was in Chicago; in the back seat. Jojo hated everything about Julia; her dark curly hair, her bubbly and bumbling personality, her ----- WAIT.

She was describing herself. Why was Oliver dating a Jojo-lookalike?

Jojo tried to think of something witty and fun to say, something that would make her look like she'd had a million boyfriends and totally got the whole publicity thing. Ha. Hardly anyone she went to school with really realized the implication of her last name, let alone would be crazy enough to believe that she was actually the child of Paul. It was obvious that Oliver and James and the rest of them were used to being in the public eye; her, not so much. Finally, after a long deliberation with her mouth hanging wide open and her eyes staring blankly in front of her, Jojo decided what to say. "I like vanilla ice cream." At least it was the truth.

8/14/2012 #42
Flippzy The Edward Slayer

(Just got home! :D)

Trina turned to her brother and frowned. It wasn't a worried frown, just a kind of thinking frown. "They were talking about our parents...something about dreams an' what not." She looked away, ashamed to even TRY to admit to her favorite sibling that she too, had had those dreams. They were just terrifying. Mum dying, Dad getting shot, uncle George and aunt Rosie dying and decaying away too quickly. She hid her expression and then said, "it's a...a load of bullocks, if you ask me. I mean, Mum isn't THAT sick, and Dad's always careful when it comes to publicity..." Even to herself, she didn't sound all that convincing.

8/14/2012 #43

Jamie stared at his younger sister, trying to think about how this possibly related to him and therefore why he was interested. "Dreams? About our parents? Dying?" He thought about the strange feeling he got around his mother sometimes; he was the favorite (he was, wasn't he? Of course) and yet she wouldn't meet his eye these days, even when she was saying the simplest of things. He thought about his father and all that he meant to the world; who could even dream of a world without John Lennon? He just couldn't. Jamie dismissed this as quickly as Trina did, those their eyes did meet for a moment too long as he said, "Freaks." Jamie put out a hand to his sister, not wanting to think about such morbid things anymore. "C'mon. I think there are better things to do in this house than sit in my dark room droning on about bullocks dreams."

8/14/2012 #44
Flippzy The Edward Slayer

She turned to her twin brother and gave a half smile. "You're right. So, what did you have in mind, oh brother of mine?" she asked with a mischievous smirk. If something DID happen, they'd tough through that road when it came. Hopefully it never did happen, and they wouldn't have to worry about their parents for another 30 years.

She stood up and pulled Jamie up with her, so that they were eye to eye. They may look different, what with Jamie having the blonde hair, and Trina's being reddish-brown, but they were thick as thieves. You messed with one, you dealt with the other.

8/14/2012 #45

Charlie nodded as he hung up the phone. Hm...where would he get alcohol without any money? he asked himself while he packed his bags. "Dad's bar might have something," he said as he walked towards what was , in reality, just a small cabinet Ringo kept hidden from Jessie. His dad shared a few drinks time to time with him, and Ringo never really kept it hidden as he hung out with ol' Harry and friends still. He opened it to find something that would be sure to please his sister. A bottle of Baileys. He quickly put the bottle in his suitcase and left the estate.

Pulling out his keys, Charlie threw his bag into the backseat and drove towards his sister's house. She should understand what's going on.

8/14/2012 #46

Jamie grinned widely -- he'd always had a knack for grinning the widest and the brightest out of any one he knew. It was a stunning quality, really, if not a little obscene and put-offish -- and nodded downstairs. "Jojo. She's SO damn oblivious to everything that happened at that last reunion. With Teddy and everything. Poor kid, I would feel bad for him if he hadn't taken that ever-so-prized picture of Oliver's one redhead girlfriend and blamed it on me...oh...what was her name? Eh, doesn't matter. I say we have a little bit of fun with Teddy le Pui and DumDum."

8/14/2012 #47
Flippzy The Edward Slayer

Trina's grin grew wicked. Any previous morbid thoughts she'd had were gone out the window upon hearing Jamie's plan. "You're so evil. But how are we goin' to get them together? Jojo's practically glued to Oliver and his b*** of a girlfriend, and Teddy's just!" If she had to go another day of school and hear him talk about how Jojo's eyes remind him of the ocean that separates them, or how her teeth are just soooo shiny, she was going to have to knock that boy a new one and take whatever consequences were given to her.

8/14/2012 #48
(first ever forum post off of my iPhone lol) Jamie tipped his head back in thought, looking very Carey Grant suave-contemplative (if he did say so himself) and naturally very attractive. It was a good look, he reflected. I'll have to use it on a different, less blood-related woman to get the real reaction from it. "First thing's first," he said, pulling his phone from his picket and thumbing through his contacts. "We get Sir Lovesalot over here, and pronto. He doesn't have to know that Jojo is still here-- In fact, let's not even have him come here at all." He clicked Teddy's contact name, holding the phone up to his sister's ear. "Tell him to go to the first local place you can think of. We'll worry about Jojo in a minute."
8/14/2012 #49

(He's using a phone...)

8/14/2012 #50
(OH MY GOD just pretend it's not. I'll fix it tomorrow if it's so f*** critical. I mean they had cell phones in the late 80s.)
8/14/2012 #51
Flippzy The Edward Slayer

(Something tells me that the 80's would've been a lot easier with the help of texting and whatnot. Cell Phones DID exist in the 80's but you really couldn't do much of ANYTHING with them...I'm just gonna pretend that he's looking through his address book)

8/14/2012 #52
Flippzy The Edward Slayer

Trina nodded, taking a look at the contact number for Teddy Harrison. Like most of, if not all of, the Beatles' children, Teddy had his own land line connected to the Harrison household. He was too young to live on his own yet (though that hadn't stopped his father in the 60's), but he was basically treated like he DID live on his own. Trina knew that he'd be home by now, brooding over his precious Jojo. She began to dial the number from her brother's own line.

Teddy was, in fact, home. He'd gone upstairs to check in on his mother, who REALLY wasn't looking all that well at ALL, and then went to his room. He was going through some of the chemistry notes that his mother had given him. Strangely enough, he wasn't doing very well in chemistry, but that's only because his mother had taught him differently, and her way was actually correct. He'd tried getting that through to the teachers, and they basically called his mother a liar and said she should just stay in the kitchen. He'd gotten mad about that, and since he'd blown up the lab in retaliation, the teachers made sure to fail him at any chance given.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah! Anyway, Teddy was at home, going through chem notes when his land line started ringing. He knew it was his because the ringing was in his room, not coming from the kitchen. He picked up the phone, and said with a deep sight, "what do you want?" The only people who really knew his number were the Lennon Twins and his parents, and since both his parents were home and under the weather, that could only leave two other people.

Trina grinned at his familiarity over the phone. "Hey, Jamie and I were wondering if you could meet us for lunch in...say about an hour? I saw how bad you were hurtin' over Jojo, and we wanna make it up to ya, sound good?"

She could hear his deep sigh crackling over the phone, and it took everything in her to not hang up on Mr. Emo.

"Fine, I guess I've got nothin' better to do. Where to?"

"How 'bout Biaggi's? It's good Italian for a city that really isn't Italian. It's also pretty seclusive from the press, so you shouldn-er WE shouldn't be bothered."

Teddy was a little suspicious about that last part, but decided to let it go. "Alright, see ya then, I guess." He let her go with a click.

Trina grinned to her brother. "Well, I got the first half! Time to turn on your charm, dear brother." She winked and then walked out of the room.

(Goodness that was long. Now, how come I can't write a chapter like this??)

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Dani Dragon

Oliver laughed slightly and put an arm around Julia's shoulders "Well someone has too" He said to Jojo, tugging on a strand of her hair, before turning to Julia "You staying long?" He asked, and frowned when his girlfriend shook her head.

"Don't give me that look, Oliver. I've got classes in like, twenty minutes." Julia said, ducking under his arm and flicking his ear. She handed Jojo the ice cream and gave Oliver one last kiss, that lasted a bit longer than it probably should have before practically skipping out the door.

Oliver rolled his eyes and turned back to Jojo "So, Since you're staying awhile, you can stay here, and take my room (Which is a mess), or, you can stay at my apartment. It's got two rooms, and is practically spotless. And right, I stay there most nights. I've been here for the last few days, family bonding and whatnot" he rambled, taking the ice cream from her and wandering into the kitchen, to put it in the freezer. "So. Right. Whatever you want to do is cool" He said as he came back into the room.

Gina sighed and ran a hand through her short hair, hoping Charlie would bring something good over. He normally did, but he sounded a bit.. different this time. Like he was... well.. tired? No that wasn't it. Gina couldn't place it, but she figured it was bad. She wandered into the guest bedroom and straightened the sheets, making sure everything looked decent before going to the small kitchen and making herself some tea while she waited for her brother to arrive.

8/15/2012 #54

Jamie smiled at his sister. Brilliance. She got it from him, no doubt. Sighing with simple delight purely from his own evilness, he practically skipped downstairs. Julia, Ollie's girlfriend, was just leaving the house and Jojo was standing in the middle or the living room holding melting ice cream. Her expression was thought and unreadable, but then she started talking. Oh Jesus.

"Ummmmm..." Jojo breathed, rocking bak on heels and looking down at her toes. "Yeah, I guess I'll just, you know, do whatever is easiest. Like, for you. And me. And everyone else." She then adorned an expression that people usually reserve for seeing a kicked puppy or an abandoned baby.

"Jojo," Jamie chirped, popping down from the stairwell. She looked emensely relieved. "Sorry, Ollie, but I think I'm gonna steal Jojo here for a little while. You can't hog her all day, I haven't even seen her beautiful face yet!" He slung an arm around her shoulders and started to guide her out of the house.

"No, Jamie, I ---"

"Let's get some lunch, huh? I know a great place, Biaggi's? Real good Italian. Just brilliant." He shoved her out the door, smiling wildly (his best smile). "Just down the road --- walk straight and you can't miss it. Go ahead of me; it's the lunch rush, and we wanna eat sometime in this decade, kay? Just gotta change and grab Trina."

"I mean....alright, see ya later Ollie--" But Jamie had already slammed the door and turned around, giving Oliver a knowing look.

8/15/2012 . Edited 8/15/2012 #55
Flippzy The Edward Slayer

As if on cue, Trina flew down the stairs, completely dressed and ready to go. "Oh! Jojo! Thanks for joining us! We couldn't just let Ollie over here have ALL the fun!" She winked, her hair in a complete disarray that actually made her look cute. Her outfit was something her mother apparently wore when she was Trina's age. Strange though, it looked like something Trina would have bought just yesterday. Her mom had very modern tastes...still, no time to think about that. She was too busy helping Jamie push her out the door. She smirked. Teddy would be there at any moment.

Teddy had arrived at Biaggi's right on time. He'd actually been waiting for about ten minutes, before he saw the familiar curly top of Jamie's hair, and Trina's russet hair splayed out in every direction. What he wasn't expecting was for them to have a guest...."F***!" he muttered. NOW he knew why they'd asked. NOW he realized that he should have stayed home. Maybe he could still run for it if he was lucky...

"Teddy! You made it!"


8/15/2012 #56

Jojo smiled in relief at seeing Teddy. The truth was, the Lennon twins made her extremely nervous. Jamie and his pompous, over-confident air, and Trina's constant state of disarray. It was very unnerving, especially for someone like Jojo who valued the calmness of solitude and the social comfort of someone who would do all the talking for you. As a matter of fact, when Jojo walked right up to Teddy and collapsed in his arms, releasing all the tension of the day into his skinny biceps, she was actually holding BACK. She could have kissed the guy, really! "Thank God," she whispered into his ear, eyes closed. "I think my brain is going to explode." Then she leaned back and looked up at the front of the Italian restaurant, which looked like something you might find back home.

Jamie grinned widely at Jojo's back, making eye contact with Teddy and feeling all sorts of evil. He nudged Trina when Jojo hugged him and almost collapsed into a fit of giggles when she made to whisper something in his ear. Probably something along the lines of 'Please save me I'm being held captive run get help now please' or like 'I like my men with a little bit of height, but you'll work, too' or perhaps even 'If I call out Oliver please promise not to be too upset'. "Teddy, m'body," Jamie cried jovially, moving past Jojo and slinging an arm around the kid's back. "Long time no see, yeah? Glad you could make it. The gang's (almost) back together, now!"

8/15/2012 #57
Flippzy The Edward Slayer

Teddy didn't even have it in him to be mad at Jamie or Trina. He was waaay too busy blushing and stumbling over words with Jojo in his arms to really do much of anything else. "I...I...It was my p-pleasure, Jojo..." he mumbled, suddenly getting very shy. "Uhh...uhh we sit down and order?" His voice strangely calm. He casually slid Jamie's arm off his shoulder, with his eyes still on Jojo. He sat down next to her, suddenly feeling pretty happy, but cursing the fact that he had to wear glasses. He knew that Jojo would want nothing to do with a nerd like him, but he'd make the best out of this situation, especially since Jamie and Trina were waiting for him to obviously choke. "So..ah..I heard the chicken marcella's pretty good here..."

It took everything within Trina to not bust out laughing. He was so awkward there, and yet he was trying to keep his cool. She turned to Jamie and suddenly got up. "Well, I just remembered that I had to pick up Mom's prescription. Come with me, Jamie." She didn't really give him much say, as she began to drag him away from the table.

Now THIS was bad. It was one thing when he was in more people's company. But now he was ALONE with Jojo....

Trina pulled Jamie behind the nearest building with the best view of the "couple." "What do you see, Jamie?"

8/15/2012 #58
Dani Dragon

Oliver was a bored monkey, so he headed back to his apartment, leaving a note telling someone to give Jojo directions or drop her off. He then proceed to shower and sing loudly and watch animated shows about llamas

8/15/2012 #59
Flippzy The Edward Slayer

Rosie looked up at the ceiling of the room she shared with George. It'd been over 21 years since they'd met, and 20 years since they'd married. She had seen the rise and fall of the Beatles, had been with her best friends, and watched them all leave to different parts of the country (or in Val's case, to Chicago), some were even dead. Rosie never forgot the car accident that took Cory's life, and led to Brian's overdose.

Now, at the age of 43, Cory could feel that her chapters were coming to a close, and that she didn't have much longer. Avery and Teddy were all grown up, and Teddy would be leaving for college next year. She wouldn't be able to see. Though she hid from the children just how sick she was, she'd told George, who'd suddenly taken ill as well. She looked over at him from across the bed. He looked so peaceful in sleep She reached over and held his hand, for what she felt would be the last time. "I love you..." she whispered, hoping he heard. She still felt too young to die. Hell, she wouldn't even be born for another 5 years! Tears began to flow down her eyes as she closed them, hopefully for just the night.

8/15/2012 #60
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