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Ink and tea-leaves

Here's where the list of characters will be posted. Me and the mods will try to put your character up as soon as they are approved.

5/10/2010 #1
Ink and tea-leaves

Blue Fledglings:

Sophia Nightingale: 16 - She's the head of the Daughters of Nyx, as she has an affinity with Spirit. She's tall, with long, wavy brown hair and sea green eyes. She's very friendly, and loves to sing and dance. (StarInTheSuperNova)

Leila Thorn: 18 - A happy welcoming girl. Pretty clumsy and states the obvious alot. Despite this she is actually clever, but doesn't often show it. She's pretty with slightly short blonde hair and indigo eyes. Often wears bright coloured clothes and a small silver locket. (RAWR_I'mARetard)

Scott 42: 13 - Shy but warm once you get to know him. Short-ish dark brown hair. Graceful and has large grey eyes. Doesn't care much about appearance, wears cargo pant and t-shirts often. (Archer42)

Jemma Song: 16 - A young, sweet girl with strange, glowing eyes. She'll do anything for her friends, and can always keep a secret. She also has an affinity for water. (YayForMagicDetectivesAndStuff)

Aurora (Rorii) Flame: 16 - Often sarcastic and cold at first. Otherwise nice and helping at times. Sometimes chooses to annoy people purposely. Blue - green eyes and is often grinning. Loves all animals. (RAWR_I'mARetard)

Mason Flame: 16 - Rorii's sister. Grey eyes and blown hair. Appears arrogant when actually is nice. Very defensive of his sister. (RAWR_I'mARetard) (Currently dead, becoming a red fledgling)

Hale Jinx: 16 - Horribly, horribly shy. She often can't speak coherently. Because of that she sometimes doesn't speak at all. She always as her head in a book, or is practicing her Karate. She Doesn't like violence, and won't fight unless she is in life threatening situation. She also has a problem with going to bed early. (Arya the Forensic one)

Red Fledglings:


Blue Vamps:

Irene Dafferson: 19 - Irene is laid back and carefree. Not knowing her main objective in life, she waltzes around with a grin on her face. She may be dyslexic and lack common sense but she is a hell of alot of fun to be around. Also she has a passion for music which is also her affinity. (SherbertLemon101)

Red Vamps:

Isi Orenda: 17 - Strong, determined and a bit cunning. She has loads of long braids that go past her waist, and is tall and tanned. Has an affinity with fire. (StarInTheSuperNova)

Liliah Swan: 18 - Small, frail looking. Pretty though. Brown eyes, pale skin and long silver blonde hair. She's extremely kind and helpful and loves to sing. Hates being a red fledging. (RAWR_I'mARetard)



5/10/2010 . Edited 7/22/2010 #2
Ink and tea-leaves

Daughters of Nyx:


Sophia Nightingale (StarInTheSuperNova)


Isi Orenda (StarInTheSuperNova)

5/13/2010 . Edited 5/17/2010 #3
Ashe Nightshade

we has a human now, my charrie, and didn't mason become a red fledgling now?

5/10/2011 #4
Ink and tea-leaves

I we're starting a new RP, but you can keep your old charries if you like or make new ones, just post their profiles below

5/11/2011 #5
Queen Viserys

Leila Thorn:18 - A happy welcoming girl. Pretty clumsy and states the obvious alot. Despite this she is actually clever, but doesn't often show it. She's pretty with slightly short blonde hair and indigo eyes. Often wears bright coloured clothes and a small silver locket.

Sade Hallow: 18- Sade is a decent guy with a low self esteem. He likes to joke around, often lamely. He's at average height with light brown hair and green eyes, and wears a sharks tooth on his neck.

Kirby Hallow: 16- A bubbly, cheerful girl that's a great actress and although she's a ddrama queen she can hide her emotions when she wants too. She's quit tall, with naturally blonde, wavy shoulder lengths hair, although it's currently dyed blue.

Is zis okay? :)

5/11/2011 #6
Ink and tea-leaves

Perfect, thanks!

5/11/2011 #7
Ashe Nightshade

Violet (No last name)- 15, she's short and petite with black hair and purple eyes. Always wears jeans, Converse and a long-sleeved shirt. Dislikes overly happy or cheerful people. Extremely pale and keeps to herself. Very smart but doesn't like to give advice or help. Neat and punctual, hates loud noise. Has an affinity for contacting dead fledglings who haven't become red fledglings yet, and also dead vamps.

Adele Nightshade- 15, a quiet, manipulative girl who is a loyal friend if you get past everything else. Adele has a bad temper. SHe had black hair shot through with silver-white, grey and purple streaks, pale, perfect skin, medium height and very fit-looking. There's an almost shadowed look to her skin.

Holly Veralia- 15, quiet, friendly, so nice she lets people walk all over her. Physique of a gymnast but otherwise very ordinary; medium height, brown hair, green eyes, medium skin. Has an earth affinity and a kitten, Lily.

Is that okay? oh and they're all blue fledglings in case you needed to know that...

5/15/2011 #8
Ink and tea-leaves

Great, I've put them in the new character list. Thanks! :)

5/15/2011 #9
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