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Make your character, and post a reply containing the character's:





Thoughts on Freddy:

Once I get at LEAST 5 people to make them, and I approve of them, I'll post the actual... thing. Bye!

5/11/2010 #1
Rurrlock-God of Power

Name: Michael Thomas

Age: 15 (A month away from 16, and hates to think about getting older)

Bio: 5 foot 6 height, brown hair, fit but not muscular, blue eyes, and always wearing an Arsenal F.C shirt. He's Kind, witty, head-strong, always accepts challenges, backs up his friends, has respect for everyone, interested in Greek mythology, knows everything about horror movies, a bit cocky when playing football. He believes in myths and urban legends. If he ever got a girlfriend, he would never betray her. His parents aren't married; his sister Megan died of pneumonia on her 16th birthday when he was 12, his little brother Daniel, 10 is autistic and dyslexic. Growing up he's always wanted to be a great football (soccer) player. Part of his schools football team in defence. But when Megan died, he wanted to be a movie writer/director like she wanted to be. Now dreams of creating the scariest slasher series ever. Nickname: The Kid

Fears: Flying, Heights and large spiders (he doesn't mind small spiders).

Thoughts on Freddy: He believes in the dream-killer, but doesn't take it seriously thinking he won't go after him.

Also if you are doing Dream Powers, he's a Pyrokinetic (can control fire)

5/12/2010 #2
Ethers Echo

(We can have OC Characters? If not I could create a cannon instead)

Name: Evangeline Cray

Age: 17

Bio: Not a very short girl, she is about 5' 6" with a slim body, but not slim enough to have lost its curves. She is generally a covered up girl, except in the summer when she sacrifices long sleeves for a T-shirt. A painter and sculptor, it is always common to see a bit of paint splashed on her cloths, decorating her hands, clay cracked on her pants or shoes, and various little cuts here and there from her tools and other things. With long brown hair, always wavy, and pale skin her vibrant hazel eyes always peer out bright enough to make her insecure about it. She has a bit of an anxiety problem due to her parents leaving when she was quite young, and trying to move on with her uncle- who, in all honest, should never have been a parent. Some call her fidgety for it, and chalk it up to acute senses and paranoia. She doesn't really have many friends, and like it that way. Life is school, job, paint, create, travel, sleep.

Fears: Abandonment, isolation, nothingness.

Thoughts on Freddy: Honestly terrified of him, and though she sounds like a loon, she won't lie to anyone about here terror. Her hopes, are obviously to never meet him. and as such she only spends 3 hours a sleep at night. With alarm clocks to wake her every hour. Call her paranoid, she doesn't really care, as long as she feels safe.

5/29/2010 . Edited 5/29/2010 #3

Kay, It's taking too long for anyone other than yourself and one other dude to make characters, so we're starting. Oh, and I'm Freddy ^_^ Feel free to post whenever ready.

6/25/2010 #4

Name: Jeremy Stone

Age: 17

Bio: He used to be a very happy child...but about 5 days ago he changed He no longer sleeps out of fear that He'll die. He is now very paranoid. He now has many burn marks on his arm.

Fears: Freddy. Heights.

Thoughts on Freddy: He is absolutely terrified of him.

9/3/2010 #5

Name: Alex Rivers

Age: 18

Fears: Heights, Claustrophobia. Has been forced to mostly overcome these fears, but a very extreme nightmare could cause him to snap.

Hair: Mousy brown.

Eyes: Gray.

Background: He lost everyone close to him in a previous attempt by Freddy to kill him, including a fiancee. He is the only survivor of any of the previous encounters, and has pretty much overcome his fears. He occasionally comes off as stand-off-ish, because he is afraid to let anyone in because Freddy will kill them. After surviving their first nightmare, the next group of intended victims seeks him out to save them. He has trained himself not to dream as often.

Freddy: Does not scare him. He used to, but Alex has overcome this fear.

9/19/2010 #6

Name: Rose Mathews

Age: 17

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Fears: No major fears. Freddy induces them.

Backround: A high-school student and sure-fire valedictorian, she is horrified and horribly inequipped for Freddy's attacks. She is exceptionally close, possibly romantic, towards Alex.

Freddy: Scares the hell out of her.

9/19/2010 #7

Name: Jack Chambers

Purpose: To die in the first post and jumpstart this RPG.

9/21/2010 #8

Awesome. Go right ahead and start posting.

10/20/2010 #9

Name: Felicia Tatsumi

Age: 16

Bio: she has long brown hair will wearing a white hat and she usually wears a white jacket with the number 36 on it and she wears skinny jeans with blue tennishoes

Fears: drowning being, burried alive, clowns (shutters), and cockroaches

Thoughts on Freddy: she sort of undertsands him because she has felt much pain in the world and nobody ever liked her that much

10/28/2010 #10

Cool, go ahead and start posting. :)

10/28/2010 #11
Scarlett Siren

Name: Scarlett Adams

Age: 15

Bio: Wavy blonde hair, emo appearance although not an emo attitude, green eyes, quite pale.

Fears: Death.

Thoughts on Freddy: Has heard stories of him but doesn't believe in him. Laughs in anyones face who says he is real.

4/9/2011 #12

Here's my OC:

Name: Ivana Hayes

Age: 15

Bio: Always the smaller of her class with just 4'10" in height, though her body is fairly well curved; has big hazel eyes, her long, curly blond hair reaching her waist. An art lover and wannabe designer she draws anything (from horror to fantasy), she also has a pronunced liking to magic/supernatural related events and objects. Moved in to Elm street, Springwood, two days ago. Her tendence to daydream has lead her to see flashy images of a burned man wearing a cristmas sweater.

Fears: Nedlees and hospitals.

Thoughts on Freddy: She doesn't know who he is yet. Thinks is just a strange product of her imagination.

--Waiting for aproval to post on the forum RP.

4/24/2011 #13

Name: Jillian Charles

Age: 17

Bio: Has long curly brown hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall, and has a bit of acne on her face. Jillian is more observant than most, being able to call back with almost perfect recall memories of her childhood. She likes punk rock music and some alternative/indie songs. Her temperment is calculating and shy at first, but opens up once she begins to trust people. Is an insomniac some of the time.

Fears: Bugs and not being able to sleep.

Thoughts on Freddy: ........YAY! Can I meet him please? *she's a fangirl Oe*

6/8/2011 #14

Mkay. You're in, no powers though.

8/20/2011 #15

Hey there. She sounds a bit to perfect. Give her apperance some flaws and you're in. :)

8/20/2011 #16

Alrightie, good to go~!

8/20/2011 #17

Alright to all the ocs, go ahead and post awaaaaay~

8/20/2011 #18

Name: Xander Spies

Age: 15 years old

Bio: He came from south africa, now lives in the USA with his uncle. Dislikes it when people ask him why his white and not black because he's from africa. Parents died in a train accident he barely escaped this event with his life

Fears: Hate's cults with creepy overlords

Thoughts on Freddy: Actualy like's him because the claws on his hand could make a great murder weapon

8/27/2011 #19

Name: Bellona Rory

Age: 17

Bio: A rebel at birth, this fire-loving speed demon only cares for one thing: danger. She has a scar on her left arm that's only visible up close. She absolutely hates goody-two shoes, and if anybody tries to mess with her family, friends, herself, or her motorcycle, then they will feel her wrath.

Fears: Cats (bad experience with the family cat when she was five)

Thoughts on Freddy: She always thought the King of Nightmares was a fairy tale, made up by parents just to scare their children into good behavior.

11/4/2011 . Edited 11/6/2011 #20

*blinks blue doe eyes in dismay* anybody still here LOL? May I please join? :D

Name: Lillian 'Lily' Claire White

Age: If I do the math right...33 years old

Bio: A long legged, lightly tanned skin, corkscrew curly jet black haired, icy blue eyed woman who sometimes looks as though she's younger than her age. Her hips are a little wider from the proportion of her legs because of a recent pregnancy. Personality wise she's embittered, snarky, sassy and with an attitude of 'My way, the highway, or go die.' but she hadn't always been that way. 24 years ago she was once the sweet, gentle, nine year old sister of Taryn White. Their careless parents were the reason the two became so close, yet Taryn's drug addiction drove her to become distant from Lily. Following after her death and other events of ANOES3, social services took Lily away from her parents and placed her into an adopted family. Though the new family raised her well, she was still heart-broken of her sister's death and could never believe Westin's claim of suicide. To avenge her sister's death, she grew up to become an investigator. Now she has returned to the dreadful town of Springwood after having found a connection to her sister's case, a connection that's in fact a certain infamous story of Freddy Krueger...but this isn't the first time she's heard of him or seen him...

Fears: Seeing her sister in pain and her being unable to do anything to save her, anything bad to ever happen to her baby son Marcus, and once carried a fear of water (having been a bad swimmer) but outgrew it

Thoughts on Freddy: She absolutely despises the bastard with a burning passion. After many restless years of research and records, she suspects all the stories are true and that he's truly haunting and killing people in their dreams. Though she's never had an actual nightmare that encountered him, she constantly has horrific nightmares of seeing her older sister being murdered and eveyrtime Lily tries to save her something holds her back. But to make things worse- she's recently come to the knowledge that it's highly possible that SHE (and not Kristen Parker) may be the last Elm Street child, which would endanger not only herself but the others around her. However, for the sake of her son, ily is ready to fight and do anything to keep him safe from Krueger.

Dream Power (If you're doing them): Dream Thief; The ability to briefly steal other dream powers. However, she can only steal one at a time and cannot keep them. Also, whoever she steals the power from if they're both dreaming is defenseless- so she has to be very careful. But Lily hates dreaming (though used to love it as a child almost like Alice did) so she hasn't quite mastered or even controlled it.


12/24/2011 #21

Oh, and just to quickly add!

Name: Marcus DeWitt

Age: Barely six months

Bio: A handsome, dimple faced baby boy with dark blond corkscrew curly hair and bright icy green-blue eyes. His mother is Lily White and his father is a 35 year old reporter named Alexander DeWitt who used to work with Lily on a lot of investigations. The two were close friends, and eventually it turned to love and Marcus's conceivement. However, shortly before he was born complication arose in the relationship and it was ended. The two are on friendly speaking terms (though Alex still loves Lily, he just can''t summon the courage to tell her that and hopes he can one day marry her and make them a complete family before Marcus's 2nd birthday) for Marcus's sake, whom they share custody of.

Thoughts on Freddy: He's too young to understand who Freddy Krueger is, what he's done, who his deceased aunt (Taryn) was and that Freddy murdered her. But from the common sense, it's fairly reasonable easy to say if Freddy were to sneer his face at Marcus or snatch him in order to lure Lily into a death trap, Marcus would be crying/screaming his lungs out in fear.

12/24/2011 #22

Name: Joseph Miles

Age: 17

Bio: 5 ft 11, black and red hair, his hair goes over his left eye, wears studded pants, hoodies, and spiked gloves. He is an athletic guy, loves to ride motorcycles, excells in mixed martial arts and track, usually blows off steam at the shooting range, keeps a gun and a knife on him at all times, been sent to Juvenille Hall more times than he can count. His parents died in a fire that his older sister rescued him and his twin brother, his sister brother and him all lived with there uncle until those 2 died in their sleep. His sister died from a heart attack at 27, his brother fell into a coma and the doctors say he may not come out. He blames Freddy for it. He believes that whatever your life consisted of is what you will become, in other words he wants to become a serial killer.

Fears: He fears being too weak to save his brother from the grasp of Freddy, he also fears being alone in the world with no one around for eternity.

Thoughts on Freddy: He thinks Freddy is to blame for all his troubles in life because the fire started while everyone slept, his sister had her heart attack in her sleep, and his brother went to sleep and hasn't woken up yet. If it was the last thing he'll do he will kill the mother fucker.

2/24/2012 #23

Name: Casey Ryan

Age: 17

Bio: 5'6, strawberry blonde hair, bright blue eyes, very light eyebrows, blonde eyelashes, fair skin, freckles, skinny, shy but when she is around her friends she has a very big personality.

Fears: Razors, Being on stage, death

Thoughts on Freddy: She's not sure if she should believe it, but she kind of does.

5/24/2012 #24
Name: Julia May Age: 19 Bio: Was sent to Westin Hills for 4 years at the age of 11. The reason was because of her dreaming about Freddy. She told people she was cut by Freddy but no one believed her. They considered it self abuse. Then she went crazy and stabbed her parents to death. When she was being driven there, the car crashed causing damage to her temporal lobe. Now, she isn't afraid of anything.
1/25/2013 #25

Name: Julia May

Age: 19

Bio: Was sent to Westin Hills for 4 years at the age of 11. The reason was because of her dreaming about Freddy. She told people she was cut by Freddy but no one believed her. They considered it self abuse. Then she went crazy and stabbed her parents to death. When she was being driven there, the car crashed causing damage to her temporal lobe. Now, she isn't afraid of anything.

Thoughts of Freddy: A cool guy and wants to help him.

1/25/2013 . Edited 2/23/2013 #26
Btw she has nice curves, is 6 ft, with Sea-green colored hair, gray-blue eyes, and you would normally catch her in red and black clothing.
1/26/2013 #27

Name:Delilah Williamson


Bio:Born in a town outside of Springwood, Ohio, Delilah knew nothing about the legend of Frederick Krueger, or the murderer he committed. When she turned 18, she hit a rough patch in her lifestyle that turned her rebellious, and therefore, she was ki cked out of her school. Her mother, single after the death of her father, moved to Springwood to give Delilah a chance at a new beginning. That's when things began to get weird...

Fears:Death is her number one, she also has a fear of anything she can't see. Her most comical fear is " Anatidaephobia", the fear of being watched by a duck.

Thoughts on Freddy: She's confused by him, because she doesn't even know him and he wants to kill her. She's terrified and annoyed by his fear-filled tricks, but thinks of them slightly as her chance to star on her own dream ver sion of "Fear Factor".

2/2/2013 #28

Name: Nicole Arlene

Age: 14

Bio: She stands 5'5 in height. She has long dark brown hair that reaches her shoulders and she has pale, but flawless skin. She usually wears a red shirt with a white tank top underneath. her caprice are white with blue stripes on them. She lives with her mother and younger sister, Candice. Her father died and that had a traumatic effect on her life. She starts to see things and begins to think about suicide. Her favorite activities are swimming, drawing, and reading. She loves to draw and write out how she feels.

Fears: Going insane and murder

Thoughts on Freddy: She wishes to meet him. She thinks that he'll give her a quick, painless death.

8/11/2013 #29
Name: William Simmons Age 23 Bio: Brown Hair blue eyes 6 foot 5 inches he keeps to himself , he writes fiction watches alot of movies and does martial arts and knows how to use a sword. Fears: losing his family and heights. Thoughts on Freddy: he could take him anyday.
1/3/2016 #30
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