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6/25/2010 . Edited 6/25/2010 #1

Jack Chambers was in a study group for the ACT.

No matter how hard he tried, his eyes just seemed to sag.

He felt something pulling him in slowly.

As he left his body in a safe place, his mind was entering a lethal one.

(Go ahead and kill this motherf****r)

9/21/2010 #2

(Thank you very much! I will. ^ ^)

Freddy sighed, polishing his blade even though it was already clean enough for him to see his reflection in it. He was immortal, the most powerful dream demon of all, but with no kiddies to kill, he was just bored. Suddenly the felt he felt slight disturbance in the dream world and he grinned, showing razor sharp canines. Hm, that's new. He thought, but sprang to his feet, and with a crackle, he disapeared.

When he reapered, he was a level above the kiddie but had a perfect veiw of him. Eeeeeek! He ran his blade across a pipe and chuckled as Jack gave a gasp and tiny scream. He ran- They always do, he thought malisiously- and he followed. The brat was fast, but came to a dead end. When he turned around, Freddy's claw was plunged deep into his stomach. He screamed weakly, and the dream demon used his other hand to push Jack's face onto a steaming hot pipe. Freddy let go and sharply yanked out his hand. The brat droped to the floor dead, the skin on half his face melted to the bone, and a gaping, bleeding hole in his stomach.

10/20/2010 #3

You guys realize this thing is still alive, no? I'm just waiting for someone- anyone to post somethin'.

11/25/2010 #4

At the back of the classroom, Ivana drummed her pen against her desk at regular intervals as she waited for class to end. It was her first day and she already wanted it to end.

"Just three more minutes…" she thought.

A sharp scream came from the hallway, starling everyone. When the screaming continued, the teacher walked to the door and opened it unceremoniously to find the other doors in the hall open, he crossed a glance with the teacher from next door before the principal announced by loudspeakers that everyone should evacuate the school because a boy had been found dead and police would be there shortly.

Ivana picked up her stuff and left the classroom behind the other students; while she walked past the school grounds, as so often occurred to her, she started to daydream without noticing. In that state she was practically sleepwalking but she came back to reality when an evil laugh startled her, shaking her head and dubbing it as her mind she kept on walking to her new home in Elm Street.

"So much for my first day in town" she muttered.

9/2/2011 #5

Joseph waved at Ivana as he mowed his lawn,"Damn I could use a nap," He said as his eyes drooped.

He stopped the mower and went inside his new home where he felt so lonely no parents no sister and a sick brother what was he to do.

He lounged in the reclining chair and watched the news until he drifted into a deep sleep...

2/25/2012 #6

Lily White, slowly and a tad hesitantly, got out of her car to inhale a breath of fresh air. Her icy blue eyes glancing around the area of the beautful Springwood. Lovely looking as the place was, beauty truly goes skin deep, and wehn it came to Springwood- the place was scarred with so many lies, deaths, and horrific secrets that the place was truly hideous deep down for her. It pained her to be back her, after swearing she would never come back, and being back here did her no good now but send her a million thoughts at once of one thing only- her sister Taryn. God she missed her so much.

But Lily wasn't just out for a breath of fresh air, her car had run out of gas.

She glanced for one second to her son, Marcus, who was mindlessly playing with some toy that made silly noises as she carefully took him out of his booster seat in the back. His gurgling was enough to make her smile and focus again, so she stared around to see if she could get any help. And with luck, she spotted a boy asleep in his reclining chair.

"Excuse me, kid?" she asked, shaking him a bit to wake him while balancing Marcus on her hip.

She had no idea (yet) that she may have just saved his life...

5/23/2012 #7

Joseph shot awake and looked at Lily,"Hello?"

7/13/2012 #8

Lily was hesitant for a moment, a bit worried if she had disturbed him from some well-needed nap.

'Or a bit lucky. You could've just saved this kid's life.' her thoughts pointed out to the contrary, but she shook them away. Now really wasn't the time for that...

"Hey I uh, I was wondering if you had a phone I could use. My car ran out of gas, and if I remember rightly, the nearest station is quite the distance. I swear I'll only be about a few minutes." she gave a small apologetic smile. "Heh, always knew that car was a piece of crap."

Marcus in the meanwhile, fidgeted slightly in his mother's arms before taking a look at the man his mother was talking to. His green-blue eyes widened in awe at the black and red hair he had, and toothless smile.

11/16/2012 #9
*sorry meant to say Marcus gave a toothless smile*
11/17/2012 #10
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