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"Yeah, just me, the kid, and the big-tooth pokemon. No girls allowed," the large man said.

3/23/2011 #31

Scrafty grunted and then headbutted the man straight in the guts.

3/24/2011 #32

The man hunched over and clutched his stomach, feeling the pain through his stomach as he let out an "Agggggghhh."

3/25/2011 #33

Turning away from the battle Shivia shook her head "what a waste of potental." she murrmered before going to leave.

3/25/2011 #34

"I most certainly agree" Hilone said, as he saw Shivia. "I assume I saw you heading for the gym earlier."


Scrafty grinned widely at the man.

3/26/2011 #35

Shivia stopped not turning to face Hilone she answered "yes I thought it was about time to gain my frist badge in this region,"

3/27/2011 #36

"Well, shall we head to my gym then?" Hilone asked Shivia, slowly strolling in the street to his gym.

3/27/2011 #37

Shivia gave a nod and a smile "yes of course." she said.

3/28/2011 #38

As they got to Hilone's gym, he pressed a switch and all of a sudden, the roof opened, revealing a giant arena mixed of all sorts of landscapes. Rivers, canyons, all sort of things was in the arena.

3/28/2011 #39

"so you use more then one type?" Shivia asked walking in she only had one pokémon.

4/1/2011 #40

"Exactly" Hilone said, "and I never take lightly on my opponents."

4/3/2011 #41

Shivia smiled "thats good to many trainers are dependent on single types it makes it far to easy to win." she commented.

4/3/2011 #42

"I think you will find me a tad more challenging than most gyms" Hilone said and walked over to his usual spot of the arena. A flat rock of which he then sat down on.

4/3/2011 #43

Taking her Pokéball from her belt Shivia smiled "I have come from across the ocean to be here best you do not underestimate me." she told him.

4/3/2011 #44

"Any trainer who respects pokemon have power in my eyes" Hilone said and pulled out a pokeball from a pocket in his Tuxedo.

4/3/2011 #45

Shivia nodded "Kazza it's time." she called tossing her pokéball and releasing her alakazam.

4/5/2011 #46

"Hypno my friend, it is showtime" Hilone said and unleashed his infamous black Hypno. It's dark skin and it's silver-grey mane was terrifying to look at.

4/5/2011 #47

"lets show it our power Kazza use shadow ball." Shivia called. the Alakazam's eyes glowed and dark ball formed infront of it motioning forward the ball hurled towards the hypno.

4/5/2011 #48

"Hypno my friend, I beg you for a Psychic!" Hilone called, and Hypno nodded while stopping the ball right in it's tracks.

4/6/2011 #49

Shivia looked at kazza for a moment understanding it's thoughts "yes your right it is powerful.." she commented. "alright then lets see them stop this, Kazza show them the power of you Psychic" she called.

Kazza crossed it's spoons for a moment nothing happened. then a massive invisilbe blast shot out from it in all directions.

4/8/2011 #50

"Hypno, use the Shadow Ball as a defence!" Hilone said.

Hypno nodded and soon, the shadowy sphere began to spread across Hypno, covering it as a shield.

4/8/2011 #51

Shivia watched as the attack hit the sheild and wavered. "Kazza remember father this is for him." she called to her pokemon. Knowing they both fought for a reason. Kazza seemed to nod it's psychic seemed to strengthen straining Hypno's sheild.

4/12/2011 #52

"Hypno, release!" Hilone called.

Hypno nodded and soon, the Shadow Ball had completely vanished.

4/13/2011 #53

Kazza's attack dissapated with Hypno's Shadow ball. "pres the attack Kazza we can win this." Shivia called "Shadow ball." she finished.

A ball of darkness appeared infront of Kazza again and hurled at Hypno.

4/16/2011 #54

"A fight between Psychich types will only come to an end once the wisest one is fully capable of returning" Hilone said. "And so it shall be! Hypno, Use Shadow Ball as well!"

Hypno once again smashed the Shadow Ball with it's own.

4/17/2011 #55
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