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Queen Viserys

Make characters here for the victorian era FAYZ...





Power (If any. Please include bars):




3/16/2011 . Edited 7/8/2011 #1
Queen Viserys

Name: Adella Claire Hawthorne

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Nationality: English

Power (If any. Please include bars): She can make people relive their memories. It's quite comlicated. She can either herself relive trhough peoples memories, or watch them, or take someone back with her. But she always has to be there for it to work. It's kind of like in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when Riddle made Harry watch his memories. Or, like the pensive. Noone knows your there, but you have all your senses in the memory, as if it was real. It drains her more to take others back with her, bnut after being stuck in a memory alone, heard and noticed by noone, she genereally forced others with her. It takes her a little while to be able to do ithis, although if there is a strong memory, she cannot control her power. She will be sucked in and all she can do is chose whether to take the person with her or not. She's leanrt how to escape from memories though. Four bar.

Appearance: Small, frail and pale. She looks as if she'll break with a touch. Light brown thick ringlets, normally clipped back with large pins. Large pale blue eyes. Looks delicate. Slim. Almost like a china doll. Wears dresses, as all ladies are expected to. Normally carries around a parasol.

Personality: Mature for her age. She can appear sweet and innocent. She can be strict, and sometimes has a motherly instinct. Doesn't like danger or rash things. However, sometimes she randomly can be a flirt , and is more bold that you'd expect. Often sarcastic or bitter. Shelikes to prove others wrong. Holds grudge. She's as kind as shebelieves she's needed to be. She has a small level of authority, especially over her brother. She's seen as the only one who can control him. She doesn'tlike to not be in contro.. She's a bit of a perfectionist, and likes there to be a rational explanation for everything.

History: Adella was bought up by a sexist, wealthy family. The sort you'd expect. Her mother stayed at home. She was fairly strict and overprotective, as well as a pefectionnist. Her motehr was a good mother, and she was very pretty. Adella's father worked and was the breadwinner of the family, although he often had long holidays because he had recently inherited a very large sum of money from his deceased parents. Her fatehr was murdered five years ago. Due to the large amount of money, the family of now three were still well off, although some people were disgusted for their mother to look after two children on her own. When MrsHawthorne hireda new maid, in adition to the one they already had, they were not frwned upon as much. Although Mrs Hawthorne's parents still expect her to marry again, or for Harvey, Adella's twin brother, to take charge of the family.

Adella was taught to be a disciplined, well natured and educated lady. She believed she understands where a womans place is, and speaks to most men with respect. Although she can easily boss her brother around, although she is the only one who can. She's had her power for many years, and she hates it.

3/16/2011 . Edited 3/19/2011 #2

Name: Marine

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Nationality: English

Power (If any. Please include bars): Telekinesis. 4 bars.

Appearance: Long wild bluey-green black hair. Large sea-greeny/blue eyes, pale white skin. Tiny and very skinny.

Personality: Fiesty, has a hot temper. But can be nice.

Other: Lived on the streets her entire life, busks for money, sometimes is forced to steal. Is an honorary member of one of the local street gangs.

3/16/2011 . Edited 3/16/2011 #3
Queen Viserys

Name: Harvey Jed Hawthorne

Age: 14

Gender: male

Nationality: English.

Power (If any. Please include bars): He can shapeshift, kinda. But he only gains a few features of them, and looks the same as always does. He can only shapeshift into animals, and his appearnce will not change. So if he turned into owl he'd get excellent hearing, and maybe flight, although he wouldn't have wings, he'd just be able to fly. Or lion, better predator senses. But here'd probably be downsides to each transformation, and the longer he stays as a certain animal the more he acts like one and begins to lose himself. So if he stayed a lion for too long he's begin to hunt on others and get a taste for meat, and after a while he'd have lion thoughts and have no want or need to change back completely to himself. He hasn't realized this yet. Only just 3 bars, he can't really control it at the moment, and doesn't understand or knwo about it. May grow stronger later.

Appearance: Tall, quite pale skin but not overly so. Black eyes. Black hair. Looks quite mysterious but handsome. Shares a few features with his sister, but not many.

Personality: He distances himself from everything. He has mood swings. He's fairly arrogant and likes to put people down. Sometimes he can be charming, but he rarely can be bothered. Is easily annoyed. Loves danger and never follows orders or rules. Apart from Adella's. He can be kind, but always tries to keep up a bad reputation. Tries to make himself look worse than he is.

Other: Adella's brother. He and his sister have very profound British accents.

History: He watched his father die. He could have stopped it, hecould have helped or called out to someone, but instead just watched. He can remember all the details vividly. He's jealous of his sister, as although she;s a woman and "Not as intelligent and amazing" as him she was respected by their parents, and she has a sense of authority to. He was a failure to his family. Although his father loved him, he ddn't show it. Both his parents were strict and harsh to him, attempting to model him into a perfect gentleman. He's pretty sure his mother completely despises him, although she put up ith him. They never talk, especially after a few ncidents. He's not particularly close witH Adella, but he listens to her. He has a past for drinking and "ruining his families reputation" despite the fact he's only 14. He always got into trouble. His mother always said he would drink, smoke and rebel himself into an early death. He never paid attention. He has a bad past. One of the only reasons he putsup with his strict sister is because she's been in practically all of his memories. He has many secrets, though. Which I need to think up.

3/16/2011 . Edited 4/9/2011 #4

Name: Seamus

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Nationality: Irish.

Power (If any. Please include bars): Forcefields, 2

Appearance: Sandy hair, quite tall and well built. Grey eyes and and average skin.

Personality: Looks after his friends, is loyal to them until the end. Is strong, a natural leader. Can be teasing. Frequently likes to tease Marine and flirt with her, but they're just good friends really.

Other: Has a bit of a soft spot for Marine.

3/16/2011 . Edited 3/16/2011 #5
Queen Viserys

Accepted, of course ^^

3/16/2011 #6

NAME: Katrina

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Nationality: Russian

Power: At the moment...none

Appearance: Tall. Sort of pretty, in a way. Unruly dark brown hair which she cut short just below her ears. Hazel eyes. Often seen wearing old clothes of her older brothers, as she hates wearing dresses and anything 'girly.'

Personality: Strangely boyish, can be nice to people if the deserve her...niceness. However, she has a temper and gets annoyed easily.

Other: ~

3/18/2011 . Edited 3/18/2011 #7
Queen Viserys

Accpeted ^^

... I don't know why I'm accepting you guys O_O. You can accept yourselves. :P XD

3/18/2011 #8

What is dis?

3/18/2011 #9
Queen Viserys

New RP, set in the victorian era ^^

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3/19/2011 #11
Queen Viserys

From 1837-1901, through the rule of Queen Victoria. This is basically a roleplay set in the past. :)

3/19/2011 #12

Oh okay thanks!!

3/19/2011 #13

Name: Luka Pervartie.

Age: 13

Gender: Male.


Power (If any. Please include bars): To read minds. about two bars, still trying to master it.

Appearance: He is about 5'4 with devilish blond hair. His eyes are a twinkling ocean blue and they sparkle.

Personality: Luka is the type of guy who is quiet yet loud. He becomes distant at times and at others, he is very concentated. He likes to just read peoples minds.

Other:He speaks German and has a heavy accent.

3/19/2011 #14
Queen Viserys

I love German accents... XD

3/19/2011 #15

Are you guys still accepting new characters?

3/24/2011 #16
Queen Viserys


3/25/2011 #17
Queen Viserys

Name: Leo Darkling

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Nationality: Half Irish, half welsh. A slight welsh accent, but only faint.

Power (If any. Please include bars):

Appearance: Medium height, if a bit on the short side. Average looking. Blonde hair and mahogany coloured eyes.

Personality: Says a lot of cliche'd lines, cheesy chat up lines and cheesy phrases. Because he can. likes to tease people. Self-assured.


3/27/2011 #18
Darling Dai

((I'm done with applications!!! I can finally RP again~))

Name: Lucille Simmons

Age: 13 1/2

Gender: Female

Nationality: Irish

Power (If any. Please include bars): Lucille can create mental hallucinations.

Appearance: Lucille is average height and blonde, with large eyes and a big smile. Her hair is slightly curly. She's thin, because of her small frame, and her body is all muscle mass. Lucile's eyes twinkle when she's about to do something mischievous, and if you don't notice that you'll notice her common chesire smirk.

Personality: Lucille is not an average 17th century girl. Well, she does act like one, when her mother and father are around, but not otherwise. She would rather be a street-kid than live in her posh estate as an only child. Lucille is one to act rough when around kids her age, yet shy and soft-spoken around adults. Lucille often knows more than she should, and can charm nearly anyone. Lucille doesn't have a fiery temper, though, and can even brake her rebel-cool attitude to be sweet. She'll do anything to seem rebellious- drink, ride bareback, or climb trees.

Other:~~~ (I'll figure out something later...)


Name: Damien Williams

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Nationality: French/German

Power (If any. Please include bars): Damien can communicate with horses.

Appearance: Damien is a tall boy with broad shoulders and brown hair. His hands are almost always mucky, and his face never is missing a spot or two of mud. He's athletic, but no where near ripped- just simply fit. He has faded blue eyes and a soft, dimpled smile. He would be quite a catch if he wasn't a simple stable hand, but never the less, he's well sought after.

Personality: Damien is a sweet boy, if not a tease, and is always making jokes, or cracking a horrid pick-up line. He's not childish, but quite mature, though he's quite a laugh. If anything, Damien's a dependable friend, or simply a trustworthy acquaintance.

Other: ~~~~ (Meh~ I'll leave it blank for now)

4/2/2011 . Edited 4/2/2011 #19
Queen Viserys

Accepted, of course :)

4/3/2011 #20
Darling Dai

Thankies, Snowie~ ^-^

4/3/2011 #21

Name: Thyme Desierto (he was named Thyme because of his mother's love of baking)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Nationality: He grew up as a noble in Spain

Power (If any. Please include bars): He can manipulate the light in order to blind or burn people while in battle. It's only two bars, though. While he can also levitate and even fly, he is (ironically) afraid of heights and get's horribly airsick quite often. Admittedly, he has studied medicine against his family's wishes and doesn't really like to hurt people. Killing them if fine, but long, drawn out deaths are "unacceptable".

Appearance: He is the normal height for someone of his age, with tanned skin and redish-brown eyes. His hair is similar to his eyes, though lighter in colour, more ginger then anything. The middle part of his straight bangs is pulled back in order to help him see, and two separate pieces fall on the sides to of his face, to about his mid-neck. The rest of the long, silky hair is pulled into a ponytail and draped over his right shoulder. He's slim, but strong. Not overly so, but just enough to be skilled with a Spanish rapier. Often he wears formal clothing, and the same blue and red gloves. He has a large scar slashing vertically across his stomach, and covers it up often. He doesn't like to talk about it.

Personality: Thyme is... a bit of a stick in the mud. He is far more mature then his age warrants, and sometimes acts like that of an older an. He's close minded, arrogant, nosy, super uptight and awkward. But even so, he is greatly protective over his friends. He can also be quite compassionate and worrisome, healing people if they so need it. Although he is still a lord, and tends to act it, when not around close friends. He can be rather rude to commoners, especially thieves or harlots. But as hard as he tries, Thyme is still just a fifteen year old boy, and he can get quite flustered on topics such as sexuality. With the right person, he can be quick to blush. He also blushes when he gets quite angry, but even when he is upset he usually just looks merely irked (even though he might be secretly plotting your demise). Oh, and he's smart. A very skilled tactician and politician, he can find weakness in most enemies. While observant on the battle field, he can be blissfully ignorant elsewhere.

Other: He has a bit of a complicated past that he only opens up on if he truly trusts you. He still isn't sure of his sexuality, though it may be better to assume him bi. He's secretly a sucker for romance, and will be immediately swayed by gentlemen. But on the flip side, he is extremely courteous to women, often kissing their hands upon meeting them, things like that, unaware of any undertones. He was just raised to be polite, even if it comes off as something else, and it sometimes gets him in strange situations. He enjoys baking and does not enjoy dancing. At all. He's quite horrid at it. He is a Taurus and his birthday is the nineteenth of May. His neck is actually super ticklish, but he won't let you know that. But if you manage to get to it, you might actually make him let out a very feminine, very flirtatious giggle, probably tailed by a blush.

((I'll link a ref for him later~ )

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JK Accepted broski

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