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Mistress Brya

A second topic on here specifically for characters in role-plays, stories, etc. With the guardian named Avina.

Future Characters:-

Neko [Almost Complete]

Changeling (The Only fairy I will ever make) [Nearly complete]

Mutated Human






Regular Human [Completed]

Witch (Lighting)




4/25/2011 . Edited 6/17/2011 #1
Mistress Brya

NAME: Avina


GENDER: Female

AGE: Eleven thousand years old (Approximately)


APPEARANCE: 6"0; Her natural hair color is turquoise with solid white and gold streaks going through her hair, she has dyed her hair black with red highlights. Her hair is floor length, reaching all the way to her ankle in layers. She tends to wear her hair similar to Princess Leia from Starwars, and two other styles. Her hair is either pulled into two pigtails on either side of her head that is pinned up into a circle. The other alternate hair style, which she wears now during these centuries, is a third of her hair is pulled back mostly; the crown of her head is braided across from ear to ear, and the rest of it falls down to her back since the back of her hair is shorter and it falls to her hips. The last hair style, which she wears every once in a while is when her hair is pulled back into a high ponytail and she has the hair braided all the way to the tip. The pupil of her eye is actually in the shape of a cross, that's white, her iris are two different colors, blue and gold, but blue is in the upper left and bottom right, and in the bottom left and upper right is gold. On her forehead is a purple, upside down triangle, with a purple dot above it. Two, strange lines come down the sides of this. They start just below, and to the side, of the dot, goes down, bends inwards when they reach the triangle, and continue to travel down, until they are in line with the tip of the triangle. This is her birthmark. She has average eyebrows and very thick eyelashes. Her nose is the perfect triangle shape. Small ears that don't stick out of the side of her head, her cheeks when she blushes, is the faintest color of a rosy pink, though, it is rare that she ever blushes anymore, cupid's bow mouth with perfectly aligned, white teeth. Her skin color is a hazelnut color. She's alluring to both males and females, her face is heart shaped. Busty but not to the point that they're huge, small waist and wide hips. She tends to not wear any undergarments; she wears sheer type clothing that's made of fine, expensive silk. An industrial bar piercing in her right ear, her left nostril is pierced and she had a tattoo on the back of her neck that wraps around like a chocker. She does not like wearing shoes, and prefers socks. She usually wears a pencil black skirt, a slight dressy sleeveless white shirt that cinches at the waist, which makes her bra visible. She wears red pumps and has a red purse on her. In her purse is gun, her wallet, and a pair of red flats when her feet are worn from wearing her heels, though she never really takes them out and runs around even in her heels when she's in public.

PERSONALITY: Tentative, Evasive, Dignified, Brave, Bossy, Blunt, Philosophical, She's sort of stoic in character, she does not believe in going against her word, even though sometimes she really wishes she did. Observant and curious by nature, a habit from when she was younger. She's particularly good at eavesdropping into conversation. Avina at times can be one rude, crude bitch is she's pissed off or in a really serious mood is something is going on. She seems to not care about anything and comes off as cold hearted but is actually just very guarded. She is very quick to shut people out to keep them safe when she thinks they're in danger. On a deeper level there is a sense of melancholy that people can see once they talk to her. The only enjoyment in her life it seems to be with children and animals, finding them as something that just wants a playmate, and won't use her as an object of sex.

BIO/HISTORY: Born a demi-god of Mornenion and Gretchen of the human realm. The "fates", from his first marriage, cursed the younger female as they foresaw Avina as the death of all gods. As in doing so, Gretchen's dying wish was to have her daughter bound to the life of an unborn human child so that Avina could live on through as a human and never know about her true powers until her twenty-first birthday. When a Queen gave birth to a set of twins, Avina was the first born and when she opened her eyes, they saw that the baby was blind, but in truth they said that Avina was cursed. When she turned nine years old her father sent Avina off with his brother, Danwith. Danwith turned the ten year old into his personal servant and entertainer. Avina at a young age was forced into the lifestyle of being a whore. She was a whore for as long as she could remember before her younger brother Alpharus went out of his way to look for him. He found his sister pleasing clients, chained and screaming as the men and women continued their torture on her. Alpharus then took Avina away from their Uncle's stay and back to the kingdom, but in doing so, their father wouldn't hear anything about allowing Avina to come back.

Alpharus kept Avina hidden in the summer castle that their family had. This is where he learned about all the things that happened when they took Avina away from him when he was four years old. Alpharus noticed that everything about Avina he once remembered was all gone. She was always quiet, never speaking loudly, she would be quiet and it took almost a year for her to use his actual name, instead of calling him master. Over the summer they stayed there until the family went out looking for Alpharus, when they found him with Avina, they punished Avina but Alpharus threatened that if they didn't do as he said, he'd kill himself. The Queen, already frail and aging made their father promise to keep Avina there so that Alpharus didn't do anything rash. Their father agreed but in doing so he locked Avina up in the back part of the castle and away from everything else. The only person that ever visited Avina was Alpharus, this was the only love and kindness she was ever showed.

Time went by as Avina was relentless against her father, whenever she didn't eat, this would cause her brother, Jayde to suffer so they would force feed her and after that, she would receive lashing for disobeying their father. Alpharus always tended to her wounds, since she was unashamed of her body since the age of nine.Alpharus was chosen to be the consort of a god and in doing so, this left Avina alone to her twin brother's torture. This went on for weeks before Alpharus would come back and find out what was going on. Avina told him that she would survive and it seemed as if those words would anger her younger brother. Alpharus believed that no one deserved this type of torture. She was then seen by another Eros, when Alpharus with his wife. Eros was nice to her and always healed her wounds and was the other person he consoled in when her baby brother wasn't there. That was until the day Eros gave into Avina's looks.

Eros, beat on Avina after they had sex and Avina was so dishearten that she began to use drugs to subdue the pain she felt emotionally and physically from the beating that came from her father and twin brother. Alpharus didn't agree that Avina did the drugs, but she did them anyway, because it was the only thing that helped the pain go away. The years went by as Avina finally turned twenty one and was visited by a demon, who told her that it was time for her to know the truth. Avina was skeptical to this and disregarded the demon until she actually saw her birthfather. Things changed after that moment as Avina realized she could do remarkable, though it didn't help that she couldn't tell anyone that she was a god, and the very god she fell in love with, wouldn't love her. Seeing that she was a whore and he couldn't be seen with her. Alpharus never noticed the change about Avina as she kept up her usual demeanor around him and his son, Akari. Alpharus would always bring the baby up to Avina, as she seemed to be the only one that was able to put the child to sleep.

After taking the drugs and dulling the pain of her most recent beating, she heard the cries of her nephew, through her powers, but told him that she'd be there in the morning. There wouldn't be a morning though. Alpharus and Akari were murdered in their sleep. Avina was heartbroken by this immensely, her nephew had cried out for her to help him and his father, but she was too hazed to do anything about it. Jayde was angered by this hoping that Avina was actually the one that would be dead instead of his beloved brother. The god that Alpharus had the child with reigned down on the kingdom, killed her. In her final moments of her death, she called for her lover, but he simply watched from the shadows, witnessing her death. In the result of Avina's death, her father who was nicknamed the destroyer, slaughtered an entire group of gods and went after the next group with a pure vengeance. Avina wasn't aware of this as she rested in hell with Hades. As her father continued his assault, Avina's lover, Eros consulted with the "fates" as he brought her back to life only to save his own life from her father's hands.

Avina was angered by the fact she was brought back to human realm. She actually had solitude in hell, where being here caused the past to always be there in the back of her head. Avina is bound to Eros, as if that was the worst punishment of all. She went through the multiple centuries and now resides in a small town where she lives on her own. She doesn't talk to her ex-lover as she would rather rip his throat out and eat it. She doesn't really talk to people unless she knows they aren't human. She doesn't believe in romance and she doesn't anyone anymore. She doesn't allow people to stand behind her or touch her hair. She gained a demon from her father after she was brought back that is like a freaky design on the back of her neck.

SKILLS: Soda makes her drunk, but she can drink the hardest liquor and won't even get tipsy, favorite color is red, fluent in Greek, Italian, Old English, Latin and Japanese, Doesn't need to eat, sleep or go to the bathroom. Unbelievably agile, swift runner, elegant swimmer, very flexible, though she is deathly afraid of heights, has the ability not to gain a pound, do NOT pull her hair, Claustrophobic to the point that if she's left in a dark place, she screams until her throat bleeds, doesn't eat fruit, the color pink makes her puke, she enjoys playing the harp, skillful fighter, dance, enjoys meditation, can ride a motorcycle and knows how to ride a surf board, likes to plant and play with animals and plays video games, drinks salt water, likes white chocolate, spicy food is her favorite when she does eat, she's immune to most disease and illness except the common cold, knows how to shot a sniper rifle, she can't be killed decapitation, stabbed in the heart or by guns, likes the scents vanilla and coconut, enjoys white wine and has a green thumb. She walks and eats with grace and even while fighting, she's graceful.

POWERS: Her God like powers is to see the future and past of people and reading their minds. But, Eros locked away her powers when he brought her back in an effort to bind them together. The only power she has however is to read through the thoughts of others and sometimes, she can't hear the thoughts of others, which surprises her because about ninety seven percent of people's thoughts, she actually can hear fully. Her other powers are unknown since she never got to really develop them.


4/25/2011 #2
Mistress Brya

NAME: Piper Ismen

NICKNAME: Pippy (Doesn't like this nickname)

GENDER: Female

AGE: 25

SPECIES/RACE: Shapeshifter, though she's stuck in the form of a wolf.

APPEARANCE: Dark dirty blonde hair that is usually pulled back into a ponytail. Aquamarine colored eyes that are very wide and seem to twinkle in the sun. Perfect teeth, her lower lip is lighter than her top lip. Slim with mucsles on her arms and legs. She has a very defined stomach. She has a very dark tan, being mixed with cacasian and African American. She has around her naval to her lowerback, a tribal mark tattoo that she got when she was younger. Usually wears a longsleeve collar gray shirt with the sleeves pushed up to her elbows, sleek army type shirt that is black and camo pants with high black steel toed boots. She carries a satchel and a backpack. Inside her backpack are a few weapons and medicine. In her satchel is a pair of changing clothes and things close to her. On her waist, she carries two sharp twin blades that are longer then the normal daggers. She has off white wolf ears on her head, her nails are sharpened and a bushy tail.

PERSONALITY: Persistant, headstrong and hard-headed. She very well marches to the beat of her own drum, and she'll be damned if anyone will tell her what she can and cannot do. Serious, Melancholy, Quiet, Reserved. She can tell when people lie. Over observant. She does second guess which sometimes jepordizes things. If she doesn't get her way, she will die trying.

BIO: Piper was born on the outskirts of Alabaster, before the Project Reverse started. She is the second and youngest of Charolette and Russel Ismen. She moved around a lot as a child since her dad was in the marines. She went to at least 15 different schools until her mother made it clear that if they moved one more time, she was leaving him. Her father didn't move anymore when Piper was a freshman in High School. She struggled to befriend people in high school since most just saw her as a military brat. She decided that when she got out of high school, she would join the military. She ended up joining the navy because her mother and father refused to let her go into the marines or the army. She went into the military already knowing how to shoot a gun and multiple other things. She was up to par with most of the guys, since her older brother and her would fight and they wouldn't be usual sibling matches, it would be fist fights. Piper and her brother never had a good relationship with each other ever since she was five and he was seven. Her mother would be disgruntled about their fights but it toughened Piper up because what her brother lacked she made up for. She was finishing up her masters in medicine when the virus hit. She has now spent the next several years looking for her brother and helping people along the way. She doesn't know what happened to her parents, all she knows was that when the Project hit, they disappeared off the face of the earth. Piper is now part of Company 93 but kind of unwillingly so. She is one of the leading medical assistants but since she is part wolf, people sometimes thinks she will go feral, or worse. Piper knows she won't, but she hates when people assume things and when that happens, she usually acts on instint. Resulting in someone getting their asses handed to them. So no one usually says anything about her near her or to her face, because they know what she can do. She can bark out orders like a commander.

SKILLS: All arounder, she hasn't really gotten over her fear of heights yet. Highly developed senses. Pistol ready.

ROLEPLAY: Paranormal Wasteland

4/25/2011 #3
Mistress Brya

NAME: Peronell Trist

NICKNAME: Pearl, Nelly

GENDER: Female

AGE: 23


APPEARANCE: Deep dark violet colored hair tied back in a neat looking french braid. She hair waves to just below her shoulder blades when it's down with thick bangs that cover her forehead; silver or well more so of an off white colored eyes, framed by long lashes; deep red heart shaped lips. Angelic, innocent face like a child. A bright peachy skin that lays over muscles lean from pilates. Her wardrobe tends to be modest but prettily feminine, usually including oriental and flower prints. Her dresses seem to always be long sleeved, like in previous centuries though she never complains about being hot. She is rather conservative. Her beauty is what one would call subtle. Nelly doesn't have any tattoos, or at least those that people can't notice. On the outer part of her eyes are two very small star markings, they right next to her temples on either side. You have to really be looking at her to notice the markings. She looks like a delicate rose...

PERSONALITY: Looks towards the future, she's become tired of the old way of things, dislikes those who tell her what she should do. Meek, gentle, and a little naive, tends to be a bit of a pushover. As such, she is not so great at standing up for herself, and tends to just let people do what they will with her. She is constantly searching for the good in people, and tries to keep up a sense of optimism--this is perhaps her saving quality, if not a little unrealistic. Very much of a mother of sorts and very open and warm to most around her. Anyone that meets her usually always say something nice about her, never anything negative.

BIO: Pernell was the youngest child in her family and rarely got the attention of her father, she usually stayed with her mother, who was highly religious and was a stay at home mom. Her mother usually did all the cooking, cleaning and other motherly type duties. She would always put little cookies and such in her lunch as she went off to school. Her father would always critize her and she would hide her feelings in her drawings and a few other things. Pernell always had a knack for drawing ever since the age of 10, she would draw on the corner of napkins and such. She got into high school and had a lot of her art featured around the school and even a few put in muesums. She was an average student in high school and never really excelled in anything except for the arts. When she went to college, she went to an Art school and was looked in on by MUPPET. They told her she would be designing dolls and she fell in love with the idea of giving them all different characteristics, though she didn't know she would end up gaining some power of her own. She became a Meister by accident, she was making a few adjustment and touched the Cyber Rose Chrome. Doing this she inherieted her own unique power, though she didn't realize this until she found out they were going to use the dolls to take over the world. She took her blueprints for the perfect doll and now lives on her own. She has had a few Marionettes in the past, but things didn't turn out so well. She also has a border collie named, Amber. Very sweet dog who can sniff out Marionettes and Meisters.

SKILLS: She knows her way with tools, she can fix any kind of mechanical problem, and excellent at adjusting Marionettes. Is able to give her Marionettes power in a different way. Has begun to master her own power to enhance her puppet and also hold up her own against other Meisters. She has begun to take other kinds of classes to strengthen her core. Very excellent cook, she likes baking things like cookies and other things. Her power is able to walk through the dreams of others and healing. She has just finished healing to her full ability but hasn't been able to unlock her physical ability.


Theme Song: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: Your Guardian Angel

4/25/2011 #4
Mistress Brya

NAME: Eden Summerset


GENDER: Female

AGE: 27


APPEARANCE: Straight lime green hair that is cut rough and unevenly short-ish, the fringe covering her left eye most of the time. Her lavender colored eyes are large like a child. Heart shaped face with dark rouge colored lips, her tongue is not normal, it's forked, just like a snakes. Her skin is as smooth as marble and it is actually scales that are translucent. In the sunlight, it seems to glow faintly in certain spots, though not blindingly. Her body shape is like the cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit, from "Who framed Rodger Rabbit". She likes wearing cream and ivory colors not to mention a few things that make her eyes or hair stand out in certain situations. She has several tattoos on her body, a few tribal markings on her back, tramp stamp at the base of her back, a few on her wrists and one on her right foot that is of stars. She has a silver birthmark below her right eye that glimmers, it's in the shape of a cresant moon. She is usually wearing black lace type gloves up to her forearm, no matter what she wears. When she isn't wearing dresses, she wears dark tight fitting jeans, a tight tank top with a somewhat loose over shirt, that is somewhat low cut and black combat boots. She wears bandannas around her head, holding her hair back and exposing forehead and face. She has fairy like wings though you can see the veins. Her nails are more pointed in the shape of claws.

PERSONALITY: She likes to draw in people, play with them and them dispose of them, one way or another when her job is done. Sensual, seductive and vindictive because of somethings in her past. She can be rather blunt. She is straight forward and likes telling people what they really don't wanna hear just to toy with them, like a piece of yarn. Her voice is sweet, and makes people feel as if she can give them anything. Sharp tongued, cynical, and bad-tempered when things aren't up to par and her plans begin to fall apart.

BIO: Eden was born from a female were-dragon and a male witch. Her father didn't realize who he had a one night stand with until he saw Eden's mother in the morning and noticed the scales. This caused unrest as he went after her, trying to kill her before she gave birth, though that didn't pan out. Eden's mother ate her father when he finally caught up with her a few months later. Eden was born later on between the next two to three months and her mother didn't want to take care of her so she sent her off to an orphanage. She never stayed in one for too long, she would cause trouble for the homeowners. When she finally turned 18, she ended up becoming a stripper as it seemed she alwas had the wandering eye of men. Eden was never shy about her body what so ever so she always had many clients. One of those clients turned out to be Killian. She didn't know much about him, just simply that he usually left a very nice tip after the end of their nights together. When she heard about him slowly getting into power, she said she knew of a few ways he could since some if the high officials were her clients. She began to help him and their relationship continued to grow. Now Eden lives on a large estate of her own, Killian is usually there or in his own townhouse in the city. She isn't a stripper since she now lives off the money she stockpiled by "accidently" killing her husband, by electrocuting him to death in the bathroom. She enjoys having fun with people she finds interesting.

SKILLS: Ability to fly, Able to breathe in and blow out frost and even at times manipulate ice beams out of her mouth. Same with lightning, she's not the normal fire breathing dragon, she seemed to skip over heritage in that area. Persuassive to a certain point.


4/25/2011 #5
Mistress Brya

NAME: Shane Applegate


GENDER: Female

AGE: 23


APPEARANCE: 6'1; Dark gray hair that waves to just below her shoulder blades with thick bangs that sweep across her face into her right eye slightly; bright light brown eyes that always seem to be smiling framed by long lashes; dark pink heart shaped lips deep tanned skin that lays over muscles lean from kick-boxing and wrestling. She usually wears dark denim jeans that hug her curves, a loose tank top thats a little low cut over a tighter tank and has a piercing at the top of both her ears and a golden anklet around her right ankle. She wears bandages on her hip area and her feet, claiming that she "does fine without shoes". Her bandages are white.

PERSONALITY: Shane's prone to sarcasm but also to kindness and like most girl is a bit of a romantic. She'll help other's no matter what and is loyal to a fault though she's not all nice. Her temper is volitaile and settles down as quickly as it comes and though after she's sorry for whatever she said or did, during these bouts of anger. Shane doesn't really care how she's affecting others. Shane is evil in a passive-agressive in-your-face, making-fun-of-you kind of way. She is cruel and merciless when commanded, yet she can be driven to do acts of good or give mercy. She often ridicules herself on this basis and tends to be slightly masochistic.

BIO: Shane is the daughter of Carolyn and Kyle Applegate. Who are both real lycans of a pure pack. Her father is the Alpha male of the pack and has been since his 21st birthday. He became the Alpha during a fight to pick his wife, Carolyn. Shane is a bit rough around the edges and isn't quite feminine at all, her mother gave up on her at the age of 7 when Shane was caught burning the brand new dress her mother just bought her for Christmas. Though her mother tried to make her father scold her, he couldn't and just told her that she would have to face the facts that their daughter is a complete tomboy. Shane went through school and was always seen as the aggressive one, just like buttercup, from the powderpuff girls, some of her friends call her that also. She graduated from high school on time just before her 18th birthday. Her mother, died of cancer from being a smoker for half of her life and Shane has picked up the same nasty habit. Though she is trying to break it. She is going to college in Alabaster. Though she goes out and escapes into the forest, to transform at every full moon. On one of these nights, she ran into Oliver, who was seeing red after fighting with a few rouge wolves further in the forest of Alabaster. They became a partner team just as Killian came into power. Shane considers herself an Alpha already and has two other small wolves in her 'pack'. She won't be an alpha until her father dies. In wolf form, she has dark gray fur with a solid white spot on her back and black paws.

SKILLS: Hand to hand combat, running great distances without stopping, she is good at reading liars, manipulative to a point, knows her ways around a revolver, pistols, shot gun and sniper rifle. Very observant, Pistol ready


4/25/2011 #6
Mistress Brya

NAME: Oliver Beecher



AGE: 24


APPEARANCE: Tall and broad in the chest. Sculpted muscles are hidden by tanned skin and a multitude of scars. Hazel eyes that turn Easter grass green before he transforms. Dark russet brown hair that curls around his ears. Strong jaw and artisan nose. A perfect bow mouth make him extremely attractive. 6'5; He enjoys wearing dark brown pants and black shirt with silver designs going down and a leather jacket with black steeltoed boots. He has tattoos adoring his body underneath her shirt and his right arm has a sleeve tattoo. He keeps a few guns and has a butterfly knife in his hand that he is casually opening closing or spinning when he is bored or indifferent.

PERSONALITY: Oliver is not quintessentially "evil", Lawful Evil, ill-tempered, merciless, Charismatic, nonchalant, display traits of uncontrolled insanity, loyal to a point, somewhat deranged, sarcastic, warped sense of humor, appears to be a well manored man on the outside though this isn't true. He can only keep his temper down when he is with Shane, but after several times of being a rouge wolf and not being in a pack he tends to go off on his own, staying in his wolf form, giving into the animal side of him which makes him unstable. He's not very much of a talker but simply prefers to listen and take in his surroundings.

BIO: Oliver was born to a human mother and the father of a Lycan. He never really knew he was a wolf until teenage years. His mother was very kind and nice and always did whatever Oliver wanted, making him a "Momma's Boy." His father always tried to toughen his son up by being sometimes overly rough with him when they would wrestle in the backyard, that how he obtained the nasty scar going across the bridge of his nose when he was 11. One night a man came and he noticed that this man had dark red hair, he angered his father to the point he transformed and savegely attacked the man, throwing him out of the house. His mother then took Oliver and they fled to Alabaster, leaving his father in Chile alone for the time being. Oliver grew up under his mother and uncles supervision and eventually left the next at the age of 16. While travelling on his own, Oliver was attacked by a pack of wolves that were looking for prey that Oliver scared away. In doing so Oliver transformed for the first time and slaughtered the pack. He eventually stumbled across Shane who helped him go back to human form. He is pretty new to the entire werewolf business and has moments where he is feral.

SKILLS: He can smell danger, fear and rain. He is a very fast runner in his human and wolf form and can grapple very well. Has mastered judo and karate. Knows his ways around several weapons, is a master knife thrower.


4/25/2011 #7
Mistress Brya

NAME: Gerald Cunningham



AGE: 20


APPEARANCE: His Blond hair goes down 2 inches above his shoulder. He is 6ft2, muscular but not body builder muscular more like Cloud Strife's body. Wears a Black T shirt that hugs his body showing off his Muscles. He wears a spiked wrist band on his left wrist, and a white bandage around his right wrist and 4 inches near the elbow. All up his arms you can see a mixture of small and large cuts. On his back are old scars, from being whipped and beaten. Under his shirt there is also a number of scars. On his right top arm there is a tattoo that is like this (O) but ( is vertical which is the mark of slavery in his culture. He wears Black baggy pants. And a silver studded belt. Finally he wears Black combat boots.

PERSONALITY: Gerald is laid back, kind, and some times lets his guard down, but he is also very skittish and nerves around others. Rarely will he show his true emotions, for really he feels depressed and angry at himself for being the kind of creature he is, really really wants to be something more then just a slave to someone. He is always used by other supernaturals to gain information or ends up being manipulated. Gerald really gets frightened when faced with Love , Happiness or just the feeling of life being grand. Mainly because he thinks someone will take him from those feelings and through him into Pain, Despair and anger.

BIO: The son of Sophia and Andrew, Gerald had a pretty good start at life. He was an only child and was the highlight of his parents life until he turned 7. That's when bizarre things began to happen. His mother lost her job and resorted to drinking during the time where America suffered low blows in the economy. His father began to always be working never at home or to help his wife with her drinking problem. When Gerald would come home from school, he would keep himself locked up inside his room, because if he came out or his mother saw him, she would beat him, as an outlet for her aggression and her hatred of herself. She continued to do that until he reached the age of 14. He told his father he was leaving and moved out to live with his grandparents on his dad side, who then got his mother into classes for her drinking. When Gerald was 16, he moved back in with his parents after his father begged him and his mother was doing better, but that didn't last long it seemed as he ended up getting beat again and eventually told his father he would never come back. At 18, Gerald moved to Alabaster four years ago, and realized that his mother was suffering from her own demons, being a half bred when he finally met his mother's real parents. He then began to do a few odd end jobs, under the work of Eden, who he fell in love with, unfortunately. He then realized that she used him for information about the past of Alabaster and to gain info on other organizations in the past. Gerald gas broken his grip of Eden and now is on his own, doing odd end jobs. He works at the local museum as a historian.

SKILLS: Pretty average, can throw a right hook, shoot the average size gun, master at history or about other sypernatuarls, can figure out thing about ancient civilizations and myths.


4/25/2011 #8
Mistress Brya

NAME: Dominic Mazych; Bryce Pell



AGE: 19

SPECIES/RACE: Shapeshifter

APPEARANCE: Jamacian; 6'2; Midnight black hair with a slight blue tinge frames his face in spikes and leads down to his lower back. He wears a mask, snakelike, with slits for eyes. Underneath the mask, the only visible part of his face is his lighting-piercing, hawklike eyes. They're a hazel color. His mask is black with gold adorning the sides with scrawling, looping patterns reminiscent of vines. He wears small leather shoulder pads with chains sticking out of them. They spiral in a helix pattern down his right arm and connect to a shackle on his wrist. Underneath the chain is a spiraling sleeve that goes the opposite way down his arm. On the shackle is an insignia of a water droplet, encircled by an intricate magic circle. He wears a large, sleevless black cloak trimmed with gold. Underneath the cloak, across his torso is a latticework of black leather straps connected by brass buckles. He wears a very thin silk vest underneath that. On his right arm is a big, lighting-like tattoo zapping down and ending in a tribal pattern at his wrist. Also on his wrist is another shackle, this one with the chains much smaller and hanging down around his hand, the longest one about the length of his middle finger. This shackle has an insignia of a blood droplet with a more angular magic circle surrounding it. He has a thick leather belt whose buckle has the insignia of two swords crossing, with a magic circle that looks like the combination of the ones on the shackles. He wears long combat slacks tucked at the bottom into combat boots. On his right arm he wears a yellow and black fingerless glove. On each knuckle is a lighting symbol.

PERSONALITY: Very calm and put together he keeps everything pushed down deep below the surface.

BIO: Bryce was born in the capital of Jamamica with his mother, father and six other siblings, who are all girls. He is the second eldest child in the family and goes out to work with his father while his sisters, except foe his older sister all work. Bryce accepted the fact that he would have to work for the rest of his life and was very much happy with that until he turned 13. His father was murdered by a gang group for him not giving up his earnings when he walked home from work. Bryce was there at the altercation in which he realized he was a shapeshifter because he attacked them in the form of a bear, killing all three of the assiliants. After which he began to go on the run, telling only his older sister what happened before fleeing to the U.S. When he came to the United States, he was granted citizenship and began working, after a few odd end jobs, Doninic, changed his name to Bryce and moved from place to place, staying in England, to the netherlands and eventually landed in Alabaster City, though he arrived just after the Apocalypse. He is now living with his older sister and works as a school teacher.

SKILLS: Shifting into different animals in the blink of an eye, advanced senses, is very much always either in a half way form of a wolf, dog or cat, is a very good hand to hand fighter, likes using other items to defeat his opponets like bamboo sticks and maces. Will only use a gun when he deems it necessary.


4/25/2011 #9
Mistress Brya

NAME: Malachi Zembry



AGE: 22; 346


APPEARANCE: Malachi has a constant half-smile and glowing red eyes. He has short, spiked, purple hair. His face is pointy and angular, and he has a scrawny yet strong build. He wears a red and white vest that has an X pattern that crosses over his chest, which is covered by a thin black shirt. He has a deep crimson belt that curves down his side, and therefore functions as an accessory more than a belt. He has white cargo pants that go slightly over his black shoes. He has a very large sword attached his back that can be used for multiple things. His wings are black and red feathered wings.

PERSONALITY: Malachi is probably the most cocky person you'll ever meet. Since Malangel hold no bearing on human life or any life, he can only be in love with himself. Which he is. Deeply. Everything you say, he'll find a way to turn it into bragging about himself. It's actually quite annoying.

BIO: Malachi was originally from heaven but was sent down in place to watch over, not technically guard but to more so just over see the life of people. He has been around the world long enough and has been tainted slightly due to human sin. He has become very prideful of himself and not really much of the caring angel he once use to be. He was once the angel to a prostitute and watched her sell her body for a small amount of money. He helped her a little bit with her self esteem but in turn he gained the nonchlant way on how humans treat others and tend to be individually oriented. He also helped during the time of wars by sending souls to go up to meet god. Recently he just floats around now, causing a bit of misfortune and all kinds of good he does is pretty rare since he is now into his appearance and the only time he will do something for others is if they make a deal out of it, which he can benefit from directly.

SKILLS: Malachi's living darkness is bonded with the sword hilt of his huge broadsword, which can be used as a normal blade whose normal swing creates a large wind, or two other things that he uses MUCH more often than the actual sword.


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Mistress Brya

NAME: Naomi


GENDER: Female

AGE: 6


APPEARANCE: Short black hair that reaches down just past her ears that turns unnaturally bright in the sunlight. She is short and very slim and has a face like a fox, her golden eyes making her look even more like one. She wears a black t-shirt with a silver heart on the shirt that is just left of the center, black jeans, a black coat... mainly all black including her stainless steel chain necklace with a black heart on it and a black scarf, her mood ring is always a sea blue color.

PERSONALITY: Observant, a people-person, quiet, likable, she has trust issues, she HATES the color pink, her favorite color is hazel or gold, she never liked the sun even before she turned, loves the rain, loves full moon nights, likes shiny things, like feathers, likes animals.

BIO: Naomi is a very happy go lucky child, she was taken under the care of Candice and Dalton at the age of 4, when Candice found her in the forest, bruised and blood pouring out of her ears profusely. Naomi was running away from a man named Aderis, who is a scuubus that is trying to kill all Kitsune's. Naomi assumes that he killed her mother and father and older brother though she does not know for sure. Naomi has taken a liking to everyone in the family. She views Kabrina as her older sister and Amy. She has finally warmed up to Dalton, though she was a bit suspicious of him in the beginning but now likes talking and sitting with him. She likes pulling pranks on everyone and enjoys being with Candice and Alfonso.

SKILLS: Creating a blue fire that she can create by snapping her fingers together. She has small toys that can become quite large and cause damage, not to mention other type items to help find her or alert danger. She also has a charm that can create mild illusions for herself and others to escape.


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Mistress Brya

NAME: Aderis



AGE: 26


APPEARANCE: Aderis is thin, and young looking, with spiked, neon blue hair, about shoulder length. When he isn't wearing a cloak he has a black hoodie with a big red skull on it, and powdered-white jeans with black boots. He wears a black and white checkered belt that is far too large for his waist and instead dangles from one or two loops across him, then hangs around his leg like a crooked ring. He has dark red eyes. His has an olive skin complextion.

PERSONALITY: Aderis is bitter and revengeful. He's a mongering racist whose only will to live is to wipe out every kitsune and fox-like magical creature in existence. They are his only real targets, however he is mean spirited and bad-tempered and will never give up to destory anyone who gets in his way. He has a very complex mind, and is mentally fragile and tends to go on killing sprees to get out his anger. He is pointed and many-tracked in mentality.

BIO: Not very much is known about this man and his blinded rage for revenge. What is presumed to be told is that his mother and father were killed by kitsune during medieval times and he went after clan over times, slaughtering them all one by one until he reached Naomi's family and thought he killed them all though Naomi ran away just as her father bullrushed him, so he never got to finish her off. He has been out looking for her and is now working for Killian when ye took over after the apocalypse.

SKILLS: Once a power or type of magic is used on him, he can now use that power. For instance, if someone blasts him with dark magic, he now knows dark magic in a simple form- he can advance on all of these. Some abilities he can perform after seeing- if he saw Aderis rebuild himself in a matter of seconds, there are small chances he could do it as well. His main ability, the one he started with, is the ability to control other people's emotions. This is most prominent when he pumps rage into them. The emotions have to come from him, though. He must feel kindness to make someone feel it as well. It's kind of like hormone-transfer, but not quite as obvious. He can also be a muscle mimic- seeing someone do a move while swordfighting can, and most likely will, lead to his body being able to do it as well. So, in essence, he's a glorified copycat


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Mistress Brya

NAME: Candice Jessmin Goodwin

NICKNAME: Candy, Dice, CJ

GENDER: Female

AGE: 17 Ceturies old; 1713


APPEARANCE: Her hair is long and flowing chocolate brown hair with streaks of light brown in them that looks like bronze. while usually tied up in intricate braids and designs her hair reaches to her hips when it is down. The center of her eye has a flame that flickers as the outer iris has a circle of fire around it. Her natural eye color is sapphire. Very noticable freckles on her face, they look as if they were dusted across her cheekbones and nose faintly and appear when she is blushing, which is rare now. Heart shaped face with high cheekbones, button nose, and dark scarlet red lips. 5"4 without shoes, Medium/large size bosom, a unbelievably small waist from past fashion, short torso, slender hips to slim legs, define calf muscles that visibly tell she's done a lot of running for the past years. Small hands and feet. A few scars going down her right arm, the back part of her left thigh and back of her neck. Peachy but has been getting a few shades darker over the past two centuries. A sapphire necklace around her neck, a wedding band around her left ring finger, the jewel looks antique. She wears silver aviator sunglasses, black under armor with a silver shirt that covers ontop of it, there are bandages below her chest to her waist, Dark blue jeans that are folded at her ankles because they seem to long for her. She sometimes wears black pants that unzips at the knee when it's too hot to wear jeans. A black coat with a lot of pockets on it, this holds multiple things. Black high heeled steel toed boots that look sexy but can kill. On her waist is a small belt that holds two extremely sharp half swords. She carries two swords on her back that cross forming an 'x'. One of the swords is a claymore, the other is a katana, both made with silver in them. On her body she has distinct symbols, arcane rune markings have begun to cover her body as she gets older they are noticable but they are mostly on her back, forearms and shoulders. The markings are from her using her power and when she uses them to an extent. They glow every so often when near someone who knows magic.

PERSONALITY: Has greatly changed over time. More reserved it seems as if she keeps up a rather particular facade so no one pays attention to her, She isn't as quiet or shy as she once was, her voice is a bit snappish, forceful as appears she has to put her foot down a bit more often. Very witty, knows how to outsmart most people by her ability to analyze people by how they walk, talk, hold themselves. She knows how to read people from her father's annoying ability. Candice gives off the sense that she is very wise and powerful. Her calm and merciless ways are what have allowed her to live so long. Candice seems not particularly close to anyone, and is closed off and hard to approach, as if she is on a different plane than those around her. The personality she once has only comes out with two particular people.

BIO: (Will be updated when the time is right...) Born in the 6th century to a coven of witches....

SKILLS: She has gotten much better at her swordsmanship and she advanced her melee combat training skills over the centuries. Candice has done many trades, most dealing with medical, she is able to be a doctor but prefers to simply be a nurse. She is highly skilled in medicine. She does however know how to weld and put things together with her bare hands. Knows how to fire multipe firearms. Witch and magic knowledge, magic Usage. She can read people after looking over them after a minute and see what they are about and what triggers things in their past. It's an annoying skill but effective in certain situations.


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Mistress Brya

NAME: Nova Riku Carmichael

NICKNAME: Supernova, Spitfire

GENDER: Female

AGE: 19


APPEARANCE: 5"7; Long, shoulder length hair that use to be a dark brown but she began experimenting. Her hair is now crimson red and forest green. She has green as the top layer underneath a vibrant dark crimson red. Her hair looks as if it was loosely curled and tossed around, giving her a playful look. Her right eye is covered by her green and red bangs. They hang almost to her chin. Angular facial features think long lashes. She wears makeup; it seems as if it is split down the middle. She has white on the right side, like half of a clown face. Her right eye has red eye shadow at the bottom and green up top. It is the opposite on her other eye, red at the top and green at the bottom. Her eyes are such a light brown that they are actually golden brown and seem to glow. Her lips are pink but she likes wearing lipstick. The right side of her lips is green, the other side is red. She wears a forest green tank top that has straps around her shoulders, and also her neck. Overtop the green shirt she wears a corset, though it isn't tight. It has red plaid pattern down the sides and in the middle is white with gold buttons. She wears a forest green cargo pants with a red belt. The belt ha black suspenders. The right one stays up but the left one dangles at her leg. She wears greenish gray sleeves from a sweat jacket she cut up. It has two dark red stripes at the top. They go up past her elbow. Her nails are black.

PERSONALITY: Carefree, Daring, Brave. She doesn't get frightened easily. She doesn't like to show sadness or anger and usually keeps her emotions inside, very reserved until she eventually explode or nevertheless under tremendous stress. Quiet and a bit of a loner unless spoken to, she's fiercely loyal, it takes a lot to get her angry and when she does get angry she goes into a blind rage and destroys anything in standing in her way. She will fight for what she believes, for those she love, and she doesn't back down until she has won or puts the other out of their misery. She is very stubborn and disobedient. She is naturally kind though she's a bit indecisive. She can smooth over any conversation and make people believe what she wants them to since she is impulsive. Cautious, whenever she thinks something is about to happen, she runs and doesn't stop. When she's on stage she has a fearless attitude about her, she also has a way with the crowd and draws them in...

BIO/HISTORY: Nova is an orphan and was raised in several homes over her childhood. Her first one was where she stayed with an old woman, who was very kind to her, but the old woman died of old age when she was 6. Nova then moved in with a young couple, the father was in the military and was very strict on her but the woman was nice to her and treated her well. Though she had to leave at the age of 12 when her father died and her mother began to do drugs to cope with the stress of her husband being taken away from her. After that she was in a few odd end homes before she was caught on fire once cooking at one of the houses. She erupted into flames at that time and stunned everyone by still being able to talk, the firefighters had to put her out but after that, Nova lost her memory due to it and was sent to a special place, called Willow's Peak. She just recently arrived less than a month ago and keeps to herself. They keep her in straight jacket and away from any candles or light bulbs, or anything that could catch on fire.

SKILLS/POWERS: Able to manipulate and Control fire around her. She dislikes water and being in complete darkness, has to sleep with the light on.


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Mistress Brya

NAME: Domina Rose

NICKNAME: Mina, Lady, Ladybug

GENDER: Female

AGE: 15

SPECIES/RACE: Unknown (Can't decide on what)

APPEARANCE: 5'2; Straight, strawberry blonde hair that falls just a little past her shoulders with usually a dark red bow in her hair. She has a heart shaped face with freckles dusted along her cheekbones and the upper part of her chest and neck. Sea green colored eyes that tend to look more blue than green. The green is noticeable around the pupils of her eyes, light pink lips with a very small nose. Fragile looking figure with small bust, waist and hips. Very petite with minimum amount of shape to her body. She has two antennas stick out of her head that are brown in color that blend in with the darker blonde streaks in her hair. She has small wings that look and appear plastic, though they are very much real but are very fragile and break easily. Her wings are tangerine colored that compliments the color of her hair. She wears dark blue jeans or khaki skirts with bright colored shirts that are usually the primary colors of the rainbow, but sometimes she wears green or pink. Though usually Mina wears yellow and red, with the occasional light blue every once in a while. She wears white knee high stockings with sparkly silver shoes that glitter in the sunlight. She can transform into a brownish red colored ladybug with dark blue, or mistakenly black colored eyes.

PERSONALITY: Very sensitive, imaginative, curious, adventurous, talkative, enthusiastic, detailed oriented, enjoys being around people, tends to draw attention to herself a lot of the time, full of energy, impulsive at times, helpful, considerate, friendly, generous, fun-loving, sociable, soft hearted, affectionate, and optimistic. Believes people are basically honest, decent, and trust worthy. Emotionally stable most of the time, able to cope with a certain amount of stress, can be rather calm and has an aura of positive feelings about her. Very much looking on the brighter side of things.


SKILLS: Possessed the power of telepathy, she could read and project thoughts over long distances, affect people's memories in minor waysand generate psi-bolts that could stun injure, or kill others. (The last one has never happened nor does she know she could actually do that) She could scan entire towns with her mindand leaf through the psyches of the inhabitants of a city to learn of their conditionor intentions. She was powerful enough to telepathically "shout" to people in Australia, if need be. When using hertelepathicpowers, a butterfly-shaped energy aura would appear around her face.


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NAME: Henrietta Letitia Levine

NICKNAME: Nettie, Ettie, Hattie

GENDER: Female

AGE: 18


APPEARANCE: Dark brown hair that has red and black in it. It's straight but the ends curl like spiral curls. Hazel colored eyes with flecks of black in them that are framed by very long and thick eye lashes. She's about five foot six with a golden honey brown complexion to her skin. Her body shape is quite average to her, except that she has really long muscular legs. Henrietta's face is rather round, almost like a moonpie as she has high cheek bones and a small noise with very large lips that never have lipstick on them, if they ever did, it would a dark pink in color. She wears a dark red dress that goes all the way down covering her shoes, however this dress isn't very traditional, it "looks" traditional, and that's all that matters. The dress has an open front blouse so that the front of her neck and chest are exposed. Around her neck is a black chocker that is made out of leather. The dress has a black detailed corset that comes up under her breasts and pushes them upward. It's more of a waist corset. Her breasts are covered up by the blouse part of the dress as there is lace detailed around the edge. Her sleeves are long and bell shaped, with a strip of black detail lace at her elbows. There are ruffles underneath the corset and then another set of ruffles at her knees of the dress. The dress however can be split open in the front, this is only when necessary. There is a shorter skirt underneath with ruffles as she wears a garder to hold her stockings in place as the stocking go up to the middle of her thigh and black heels. On the inner part of her right wrist is the yin symbol about an inch in length. This is her bound symbol to her demon, however, to cover this bound marking, she wears long evening gloves that are black.

PERSONALITY:She's saucy, she's daring, she's brave, and she's combative. Use to be bubbly and loving about everything, but after the events with her father, her mood changed to bold, sassy, and quiet, however she can be spiteful and rude when angered. First, she has a cold hateful personality towards those she doesn't know nor trust, having hurtful sarcasm. She's not afraid to be blunt and state her opinion, not caring about your feelings. Secondly, she doesn't like showing any kind of weakness, especially sadness. She's stubborn to the point that trying to talk her out of certain things is an uphill battle that you are indeed going to lose. Third, she is very quick to lash out when she feels threatened, which happens at almost a moment's notice. Next, she knows how to get what she wants and they least expect it is an advantage for her. In almost any way, she's quite seductive when she needs to be for certain situations. Finally, she's volatile, but more so in a different manner.

BACKGROUND: Henrietta is the youngest child of Nathaniel and Maryann Levine. Her father, Nathaniel comes from a long line of slayers. They travel the countryside and into kingdoms, slaying demons that terrorize citizen late at night or even during the day. Henrietta has an older brother by five years named Thomas, who plans to follow in their father's footsteps of killing off demons and sending them back to Hell. Prior to Henrietta being born, there was a demon that terrorized the area of Redwood. The demon was actually two and while the smaller, weaker demon terrorized the area and lured out Nathaniel, the main demon, stronger went in search of his family. Maryann and Thomas were preparing for bed when the demon named Harpuia attacked. He was going to murder off the slayers family, Thomas only five at the time tried to help his mother but was too young and was quickly knocked unconscious.

Maryann was carrying Henrietta at the time asked the demon to spare her life, and the demon decided that he would then curse Maryann's womb, so that Henrietta would be bound to the thing her father's kills. Harpuia left after that, leaving Maryann and the unconscious Thomas. Nathaniel returned after seeing the house was a wreck and realized that the smaller demon was supposed to lure him out in order to kill his family. Maryann lied and said that Thomas had defeated the demon and it ran off before he could finish him off. She never told him that his daughter had been cursed. Henrietta was born a few months after that, with a suspicious looking yin sign on the inside of her right wrist. Most presumed that this was her birth mark and thought nothing of it.

However when a mysterious young boy about the age of 4 showed up at their door step with the yang sign on his left wrist. The boy had a pair of horns but looked human, he was a half demon by the name of Shiruba. When Nathaniel went to kill the boy Maryann stepped in the way and told her husband about that night when the demon came to kill her and their son. She told him that the demon had bound the half-demon with Henrietta as a way of punishment for Nathaniel. Nathaniel was completely outraged by this. They took the boy in and named him Silas, so he would blend in with everyone in the city. Nathaniel grew to disown his daughter Henrietta as she got older. Especially in the presense of Silas. Henrietta didn't know why her father didn't like her until she overheard her mother and father talking about her one night when she was eight years old. She grew a particular hatred for her own demon Silas and was very mean towards him, which is why she's the way she is now.

Henrietta turned to her brother for help, though there seemed that there wasn't any way for curse to be lifted and she would be bound to the half demon Silas for the rest of her life. Henrietta is always looking for her father's affection but hasn't received it really in any way, he sometimes can barely look at her. He almost killed her once when he poisoned Silas for accidently breaking some China in the kitchen when he slipped on oil. The poison he slipped Silas went through the bond and both him and Henrietta were deathly ill. Maryann made sure, in order to keep her daughter's life safe, set up Silas in a separate room on the opposite side of the house where he would have his own maid to bring him his food. He was sort of locked up like a prisoner but it was just because of Nathaniel. The hatred of the demon bound to his daughter infuriated him even more when Thomas left on his own to carry out the family legacy and lost part of his leg in an accident.

Henrietta has tried numerous times to go out on her own and kill demons but her father has forbidden her to do so. She knew it was because of Silas and took her frustrations out on him. However, Silas understands Henrietta's hatred and lets her yell at him because even though it's not exactly his fault, he knows that he is the only reason why her father doesn't love her like back when she was younger. Henrietta left home on her seventeenth birthday to go out and continued doing what her family has done for centuries. Her mother tried to talk her out of it but she refused to listen, Thomas, who was the only friendly one to Silas made him go with her, since they are bound together and also in order to protect her from demons that are stronger than her. Henrietta has been making a name for herself on her own even though she is bound to the one thing her family has been killing for centuries.

SKILLS: Her weapon of choice was passed down from her father to her, it is a scimitar that has a very distinct curved blade ending with a sharp point, and her blade is long with a narrower curved blade. Her older brother's blade is deeply curved with a very wide blade. Her blade is only about 40 inches long in length.

The blade possesses a strange ability that most weapons do not, it has a sort of force within it that transfers to the user, the user gets twice times the stamina and endurance of your normal man as well as an increase in speed and strength, and this puts them literally on par with most demons. When defeating a strong demon, the sword strengthens itself and the user. However this leaves the user worn out and tired almost as if they hadn't slept for about 72 hours.

ROLEPLAY: Undecided...



The Half-demon's name is Shiruba Nisroc, however he plays as Henrietta's cousin named Silas, who died when he was 4 years old. His demon ability is telekinesis and another unknown power. He is 4 years older than Henrietta. He has the yang symbol on the inside of his left wrist. Underneath his left eye is the words failure, written in a foreign language.

Shiruba (Silas) Nisroc:-

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GENDER: Female

AGE: Between Late teenage years and early twenties

SPECIES/RACE: Appears to be human

APPEARANCE: 5'6; White colored hair with an essence or rather a touch of silver however, in the sun the hue of her hair turns into a bright fluorescent pink. It's not overbearing but compliments her hair and features rather nicely. Her hair up to the crown of her head is shoulder length; she has a few bangs that drip near the center of her forehead, just above her eyes. The hair that is shoulder length frames her face. From the crown of her head and going further back, her hair is just shy of being considered mid-back length, falling at the end of her shoulder blades. This half of her hair is either worn loosely which is most of the time but when she's fighting or trying to get it out of the way, it's pulled into two low ponytails right at her shoulders. She has a somewhat narrow face with a slightly pointed chin. Her eyebrows are white, like her hair however her eyelashes are black that gives a very great contrast to her eyes, which frames dark ruby red eyes, she has a small button nose with high cheek bones and no blemishes on her face or anywhere on her body. Her skin complexion matches the flat lands of the desert, a very dusty brown; however it seems to have a copper red tint, a luminous light glow to the sunlight of some sort. Very petite. A slim figure with a toned looked stomach that is visible in her warrior clothing for the most part. Long arms and matching legs. Medium bust and hips with a small waist that has very minor curve in certain clothing, particularly baggy clothing, that's not so flattering on her body, it seems to swallow her. She has a few markings, but one is specifically around the base of her stomach, circulating at her naval. It has very distinct tribal markings that are a purple color, it glows on her skin practically when this part of her body is showing. Her naval is also pierced at the upper part, with a pinkish white jewel as its centerpiece.

CLOTHING: She has a set of un-dyed cotton clothing. It looks like an outfit you would wear to the beach. One is a dress that is short in the front, that exposes her knees but gets longer towards the back, at an angle. It is strapless. On her biceps and her waist, she wears silver swirling wristlets and cuffs around her biceps In her ears she wears silver feather earrings that also have a hue of pink at the bottom. The other outfit is dyed black with a black pants that are actually male trousers with many pockets on them and she wears a white cotton shirt that has a miniature v-neck shape in the front that has straps and a black jacket over top With these two outfits she wears black sandals that straps around her ankle in the front and the back. She has a colorful outfit when she is out doing her duty. It exposes from her neck, down the middle of her chest, mid-drift and all the way just a little past her belly button, showing most of her stomach. It has a black collar. The rest of the outfit covers parts of her breasts, sides and arms in bright shades of orange to dark red. On her hips are orange flowers with black center points. Her arms have slim sleeves but on the back part of the sleeves is extra material that flows out as if it was wings they extend downward past her hands a couple of inches. She wears black tights that go up almost to the top of her legs but leaves about a few inches of skin at the top. She has the material extending out of her flowers again on her hips, going downward about to her calves. Lastly, she wears red sandals, just like her black ones. Overtop all of the outfits, she wears a black cloak that she ties around her neck.



WEAPONS/SKILLS: A set of two short silver swords that can connect at the bottom and create a silver light from the tip of the blads that connect with each other to form a bow that can fire off arrows. She was granted gifts of ethereal grace, manual dexterity, charismatic boldness, gran persuasion and mild curiosity.


Channelling: The act of channeling or drawing other forms of energy and power by focusing on celestrial events.

Conjuration: The act of calling, commanding, or summoning an element, object, person or spirit already in existence.

Casting: The act of changing and controlling events by magical influence.


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Mistress Brya

US Marshals; beginning in 1789 (Just after the Pirate Era and Beyond)

Crimson Cliffs:-

2; Male Marshal, and female that he protects, that witnessed a gang shooting and trade (Could be left OPEN to someone else)

Black Hearts, Silver Bullets:-

Jaylssa's bodyguard is a US Marshal, that is trying to take down her father's drug operation.

The Endless Summer:-

2; A female Marshal that's undercover and joins what will be the Enyo Cult


6 man group of Marshals; Based off of The Losers (movie/comic book)

Willow's Peak/Alabaster:-

Female Marshal, before going off the deep end and having to be in Willow's Peak.

Savage Underground:-

2; A pretty girl that creates one of the modes for melee weaponry (Father was a marshal from Black Hearts, Silver Bullets); Male, trying to figure out what happened to one of their agents and move his way through the circuit without becoming corrupted

Ancestral Shadows:-

Male, former US Marshal, lost his wife and son, has only a young daughter to a bust gone very wrong

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Mistress Brya

NAME: Benedict Durriken Goodwin

NICKNAME: Bennu, Benny, Ben


AGE: 22

SPECIES/RACE: Witchling (Part Banshee)

APPEARANCE: Dark brown hair that can be mistaken as black, amethyst colored eyes, a very handsome chiseled face with strong features, high cheek bone and a perfect cupid's bow mouth. Deathly pale skin, like his father, he wears a pendant of a cross around his neck. Very fit body with when he doesn't even try to flex his body will show marks of how strong he is. A short torso to very long legs. Long arms and very strong broad shoulders. he wears all black clothing, except for his undershirt which is white. He has on black pants, boots, and a black dress shirt that is unbuttoned and sometimes he's not wearing his white shirt, it exposes his chest. he has the mark of the seven suns on his back, similar to how his father has the markings on his chest and where his left eye once was. On him, he caries a long broad sword and a scimitar, that are made of pure silver

PERSONALITY: Benedict was a happy child before his death, he was very hands on and his smarts were above average as he excelled in primary schoo. When Benedict died at seven he turned to be reclusive he is very quick to shut everyone out in the world



ROLEPLAY: BHBR (Underworld)

Not Finished

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Mistress Brya

Name: Scarlett Katrina Merryweather

Nicknames: Scar, Kat

Gender: Female

Age: 16 GS; 18 SN

Role: The Stranger

Element: Earth/Metal

Attitude: Alone, now more switched to a bi-polar

Appearance:5'7; She is of native American decent and Japanese, her eyes are more oval shaped that fits her Japanese heritage, multicolored hazel eyes that have many multiple shades of green and brown jumped up in her iris that seems to change like the ground on earth, they also change with her ability depending on what kind of earth she's dealing with. A light brown hair color with a few streaks of blonde up top but the under side of her hair has the dark purple color she loves oh so much. She wears a short, white tank top that shows her stomach with a black shirt that is made to hang off one of her shoulders, mostly it's her right shoulder. It says "Where's The Love?" Across the front, it's made out of somewhat mesh material that makes her white tank top somewhat visible through it. She wears black cotton shorts that sometimes has bathing suit strings hanging off the sides, also, her white shirt is sometimes replaced with a white bathing suit top, that she wears when she's with Matt at the beach. She kept the spider bit piercing on the left side of her bottom lip, the tiny stud in the right side of her nose; they are both made of multicolored Opal. She has her earring pierced with simple amethyst drops. She has only has one piercing in her tongue, the others were removed. She has a tattoo on her left shoulder blade, another on her right and a small heart tattoo underneath her left eye. She has kept her very taunt stomach during her exploits but managed to get a bit more muscles from her grappling sessions. She's much leaner, having more of a body for speed, for her legs developed greatly. Her body is more apple-shaped, having a bit more shoulders, and this attributes to her rather large breasts to slender hips and slim legs.

Personality: She has a very secretive past and doesn't trust easily. She always has a reason for everything that she does, even the smallest thing has to have a reason otherwise she will not do it. She doesn't like being around people, yet will panic if she is alone. Scar tends to be a bit bi-polar. She can be all loving and sweet, but also have a vindictive side, that is quite evil. She's not evil towards the people she's loyal to, however, she has moments where she will unleash hell, with a big smile on her face. She has a tendency to be a little over the top, that's what Matt's for really. She's not as bi-polar as she was in Golden Skies, she's taken it down a few notches and will think before she acts usually, but sometimes she has moments of weakness and she'll just go in blindly to a bad situation.

Skills: She is able to manipulate all minerals of earth, even diamond, however this is hard for her to control and reacts to her emotions greatly. She is able to even manipulate some muddy water, and pierced of granite and the possibility to move buildings, since they are made out of minerals from the earth. She is very skilled with machinery, weapons, etc. She loves to build things, and to watch her creations be used for something amazing.

Other Information: Power of Earth, Shaking Mace: This power allows the wielder to control Earth, and Rocks in any way they desire. The Mace is a long, black metal stick, with an obvious, mace-like ending. It is slightly dirty, and has a brown gem on the Mace, in the area where one holds the metal stick. The gem is smooth because of this, and also hard to reach.

Bio: (Will be updated periodically)

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Mistress Brya

NAME: Kariisa Cutisake


GENDER: Female

AGE: 20


APPEARANCE: She has flowing ebony black hair that is rather silky and falls to about the mid part of her back, however she's prone to pull her hair back into a ponytail. Her hair sometimes has loose beach type curls when wet or if she doesn't comb through it in the morning. Her eyes are jet black and the pupil is slightly slitted in the shape of a cats, she has eyeliner or an equivalent of it that lines the upper and lower lid of her eyelids that make her eyes stand out very well. Thin eyebrows with very thick eyelashes and freckles going only going from her cheeks, across her nose and stopping on her other cheeks. She has decently full pale pink colored lips. She has a very strong bone structure with a slender nose, her eyes come inwards slightly at an angle towards her nose. She is very slim and waif-like, with thin shoulders, hips, wrists, slender legs and arms as most of the weight is stored in her upper hips and partial to her breasts. She has a very nice oriental skin tone, with a yellow undertone from her ethnicity. She has an ample breast size with a smooth sleek stomach and toned legs. When she is out and about she wears the traditional Qipao or also called a cheongasam. A wide and loose fitting dress that covers up most of her body, reavealing only the head, hands and the tips of her toes. It conceals most of the her figure. The embroidery on the long gown has a lot of decorative boards, highlighted collars, hems and splits. The patters on most of them are animals, flowers and clouds. She wears the platform shoes that are about 3 inches high with white socks. Being a neko, she has ebony colored cat ears and tail that is flared out sort of like a fox. She has small whiskers on her face, small sharp claws and fangs.

PERSONALITY: She tends to keep to himself, and tries not to get too involved with anyone else. She's not anti-social, in fact, she does like to go for walks, she just prefers her own company over others. Good-natured, if sarcastic and quick-lipped for a woman. She seems to have a snappy comeback for almost anything and she always seems to have the last word, or tries to anyway, like how most women are. Kariisa is, despite how it seems, rather difficult to infuriate, but easy to irritate. She is talkative however, with a sharp, witty intellect and an ability to back up anything she says with a good old fashion fight. Has somewhat of a twisted sense of humor, but it never stops her from being decently chatty with other people. She is rather flirtatious when she wants to be and is fully capable of seducing men, fooling around with them, but she hasn't done anything with a guy except a kiss. She's actually rather wary of guys, thinking they are just after her for her status and body. She's rather impulsive, self-assured and confident and things that she does

BIO/HISTORY: Kariisa was born to NuYing and Takumi Cutisake. She is the youngest of three siblings, an older sister named Hitomi and an older brother named Xin. Her father was a sailor in the Japanese Navy and her mother was a seamstress. Her parents had a lot of odd end jobs, trying to at least make enough to live a rather decent life, besides the fact that a White Lotus Rebellion caused the death of all but one of her grandparents, who lives with them today. Kari is usually around with her father near the port where the British ships pull in, as he works to help the sailors. This is where Kari learned to speak English, like her father who also is fluent in English, not to mention Japanese. She would go on the ship and watch the men interact with muskets and swords. However, her father got caught in the line of the ship one night, and was pulled underwater. He didn't surface after Kari tried to notify the men that were helping but they really didn't seem to care, pushing her aside and continued on. Kari has a bit of bitterness to the British; however she doesn't really show it. After the death of her father, her sister became dependent on Opium, a small white poppy plant that grew in their backyard close to the forest. When she got older, about the age of 14, Hitomi didn't come home after one night and she's been searching for her since.

SKILLS/POWERS: She is fluent in Standard Chinese, Manchu language and Japanese. She can also write Manchu in script. She is very talented when it comes to archery and has a knack for wrestling. She is also skilled at shooting a weapon and using a sabre. She is a very skilled cook, and seamstress. She has cat like qualities, by being able to walk on the balls of her feet, keeping as quiet as a mouse. She is rather strong with powerful legs built for jumping and climbing. She is swift, nimble and decently acrobatic for someone of a tiny figure. She has very good balance and grace. Her senses are heightened, but more specifically her eyesight and hearing are quite on point. She is amazingly flexible and can move her body to go with the traditional dances that she knows. She is knowledgeable in the world of shamens from her parents. When Kari changes shape into an animal, if she doesn't concentrate hard enough she doesn't take on the entire shape of the animal. She ends up only with the ears, tails and some facial features.

ROLEPLAY: Burn the Midnight Oil

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Mistress Brya

Jenneil McGhee – Younger half sister to Candice, Hollis, High Elf

Jeffery "Jeff" Brighton - Jaylssa's son with someone else, probably Frederic Teeds

Clara Bloom – Human that has dormat genes of hybrid, Malibu

Topaz Savage – Reign in Blood, Neko

Frederic Teeds – US marshall, Mafia, Vampire

Shelby Underwood – Shifter , Ancestral Shadows

Brooklyn Vann – Human, turned seer, American Dark Ages

Sharia (Aria) Quickfang – Werewolf, Alabaster City

Khylem Daeso – Vampire, Burn the Midnight Oil (Ancestory for Michelle, Jaylssa and Ali)

Ayza (Aya) Sheikh, Jewels, Demon

Siddhiqui Tesuni, Werewolf, Promised Lands

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