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Penelope Wendy Bing

First, we need to give credit to some very deserving people. First, to Writing2StayHalfSane for coming up with the idea to start these awards in the first place. Next to LoveTheBoyWithTheBread, Child of the Masquerade, and Penelope Wendy Bing for organizing and acting as administrators. It was a lot of work, but we're all so glad to have been a part of this!

We need to thank all of our judges. Astoria Potter, MusicIsMyGame, Narcissa Weasly, WakeMeUpWhenIt'sYesterday, Child of the Masquerade, Claratrix LeChatham, Tour de Force, LoveTheBoyWithTheBread, LostLivesOn4Eva, Writing2StayHalfSane, Peeta'stwilight, Penelope Wendy Bing, Persephone's Flower, SingingToTheWind, and Snowflower4444.

We need to thank everyone who nominated! It's a little hard to give out awards to stories you've never read. This would never have been possible without your help.

And lastly, we need to thank the authors. Congratulations to all of you. You certainly deserve it. And of course to the wonderful Suzanne Collins for writing The Hunger Games.

And now let's get to what we've all been waiting for. I present to you the winners of the Summer 2010 Hunger Games Fanfiction Awards!

Category: Best Third Book

Title: Haunting Souls

Author: smyle94

Haunting Souls was very well written, with good grammar and characterization. This wonderful story would be perfect as Mockingjay itself. The emotion and feeling is perfect.

Runner-up: Scars by KenoshChick (Warning: M rating for lemon content.)

Category: Best Representation of a Future Games

Title: A Sister's Turmoil

Author: -The-Storm-Unleashed-

Despite grammar and spelling errors, I find it well-written, readable, and although the majority of the time I don't like seeing all new other-characters in fics, the ones in this story were refreshing to read about and thoroughly enjoyable and endearing on their own. A strong and effective story.

(Note: This category was not large enough to have a runner up award.)

Category: Best Representation of a Past Games

Title: Choose Your Words

Author: deadlybeautiful

When you think of Mags, you see the brave old woman who gave her life up for Peeta and Finnick so that they could be saved. You don't really think of the days of her youth, and this one-shot is great in the way that it gives you a new perspective of her life when she was younger. Not only is the writing pleasant to read and very descriptive, the author manages to pull at the reader's heartstrings by putting Mags in an emotional tear; the difficult position of having to kill her lover's brother. The ending is happy, but not in the way that it is unrealistic; balanced perfectly by her guilty conscience. Beautiful, amazing, and definitely deserving of this victory.

Runner-up: Afterlife by HalfHope

Category: Best Alternative POV for the 74th Hunger Games

Title: Through Another's Eyes

Author: -Lost In The Stars-

This is a really descriptive story from the point of view of one of The Hunger Games' best loved characters. It is amazingly well detailed and shows parts of the story that you never see in the actual book. The story keeps you entertained and wanting more throughout the entire reading process.

Runner-up: Cripple by Be Nice To Nerds

Category: Funniest Story/Best Parody

Title: Funny Little Fruit

Author: Penelope Wendy Bing

Brief Paragraph: Not only does this story personify a fruit, but it is also a hilarious short story that has you laughing from beginning to end. Even though it is very short, it is very detailed and has a great ending line that has you laughing out loud long after you're finished reading.

Runner-up: The Golden Fleece by Geeky_DMHG_Fan

Category: Best Tragedy/Saddest Story

Title: Canary Yellow by

Author: koalakoala9836

Canary Yellow is a wonderful drabble with a lot of feelings. It catches the reader and it is written with beautiful quality. The ending suggests a lead to something for us to go on in our minds. It was sad, tragic and horrifyingly beautiful.

Runner-up: In the End by –Lost-in-Believing-

Category: Best Nontraditional Pairing

Title: Sing for Me

Author: HalfHope

This story brought to new light an almost completely ignored relationship, in both fanfiction and much of canon. However, it was surprising to discover how much further beyond the creativity of the pairing this story managed to deliver. I found myself genuinely enchanted by the characters and the charm of the writing itself. I enjoyed clicking that next chapter button from the very start, and all the way until the last published chapter. Sing for me was truly a joy to read.

Runner-up: Of Strawberries and Painkillers by IsForWinners

Category: Best Katniss/Peeta

Title: Happenings

Author: rileyluvr13

This was a very sweet, fun story. It was great to be able to see the relationship between Peeta and Katniss through both of their eyes. It was well written, and a great view of how Katniss and Peeta can care for each other. It delivered from the beginning to its strong closing line.

Runner-up: Names by Malevolence Everlasting

Category: Best Katniss/Gale

Title: What Hurts the Most

Author: anatagasuki

Written by a self-professed Team Peeta fan, this KatnissxGale songfic is the best example of this pairing that I've read. The hardest part of being Gale Hawthorne is knowing how close you were to having the girl of your dreams, only for her to be taken away from you. Anatagasuki shows us this perfectly.

Runner-up: Poisoned by LoveTheBoyWithTheBread

Category: Best SYOC Story

Title: the 150th Hunger Games: Make Your Own Characters

Author: Chocolatiee

This story's victory will come as a surprise to no one. It is, beyond debate, the most popular THG submit-your-own-character story in existence. One might ask, is it all just hype? Does it live up to its fan following? The answer is a resounding yes. Chocolatiee more than earns her review count with strong characterization, well written action, and something many of us were doubting would ever come to exist: A completed SYOC story. The submissions are long gone, the Hunger Games long won, but nothing should stop those who haven't done so already from entering the title into the search browser and losing themselves in this wonderfully written story.

Runner-up: See Death in Their Eyes and Blood on Their Cheeks, by Writing2StayHalfSane

Category: Best Drabble Series

Title: Little Pictures

Author: Penelope Wendy Bing

Little Pictures is one of the best drabble series that I have read. Like in the title, each drabble paints a little picture, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Each and every word in all of the drabbles in this series carries so much meaning and raw emotion. They are spellbinding and manage to capture the readers' attention from the start. It tells the tales that are tragic and bone chilling, hateful and filled with love. It reveals the truth and sadness from past victors and tributes alike. It's tragic, spiteful, angsty, deadly and even scary. It's beautiful.

Runner-up: All the Broken Children by JLW

Category: Best Multichapter Poetry

Title: Pulse

Author: Claratrix LeChatham

Pulse is a set of poems talking about those who didn't survive the Hunger Games. It's well written and beautiful, talking about the tragedies that these Tributes go through to get to the end, and the struggles they make along the way. It was marvelous.

Runner-up: Haunting the Loser by LoveTheBoyWithTheBread

Category: Best Single Poem

Title: The Alphabet Book

Author: Penelope Wendy Bing

The Alphabet Book is a fantastic poem written in rhyme about each letter of the English alphabet and how it corresponds to a part of the Games. It's unique and well thought out; a great take on a classic idea.

Runner-up: Where Are The Victors by Penelope Wendy Bing

Category: Best Overall Oneshot

Title: Bang

Author: She's Classy

We all want Peeta to survive; we all want Peeta to live happily ever after, not dying in the clutches of the Capitol. Whether we admit it or not, we want the ending of Mockingjay to be a fairytale. But it's just not, and that's exactly what this story tells you. Reality just isn't that kind. And in this harsh, heartbreaking tale in which Katniss has to go through so much suffering, it makes you really realize the harshness of the Hunger Games. This story is very bleak, and it's definitely sad and tragic, but the powerful words and the events taking place will blow your mind away.

Runner-up: You're Forgiven by LoveTheBoyWithTheBread

Category: Best Overall Multichapter Story

Title: Scars (Warning: M rating for lemon content.)

Author: KenoshaChick

A beautifully written story, it blew away everyone who read it. KenoshaChick takes her story beyond its Katniss/Peeta start and presents a dazzling story with descriptive, concise prose, depth, a vision of not only Peeta/Katniss, but other characters and even fuzzy subjects like the Capitol, and a balanced and in-character focus on romance.

Runner-up: And So We Run Redux Part I by Medea Smyke

Category: Best Poet

Winner: Penelope Wendy Bing

Penelope Wendy Bing's poems are a lot of things. Dark, beautiful, touching. One thing all of them are is superb. She shows the Hunger Games in lots of ways: From the eyes of Victors, losers, and that of the audience. She reaches into the hearts of her readers and not only presents them with a beautiful poem, but makes them feel and think.

Runner-up: LoveTheBoyWithTheBread

Category: Best Oneshot Author

Winner: deadlybeautiful

At first glance you might not have given this author's stories the privilege of a second. I found myself glancing at un-capitalized titles and moving right down the line. However, you (and I) would be missing out. deadlybeautiful writes genuinely beautiful oneshots. What's more, she captures not only characters, not only emotions, not only imagery, but all of these and almost undoubtedly any other trait of a good story you could imagine. Each one of her stories feels like eating a piece of dark chocolate. Bittersweet, but unspeakably good.

Runner-up: Medea Smyke

Category: Best Multichapter Author

Winner: Penelope Wendy Bing

Penelope Wendy Bing can write like no other! Her characters are all strong, individual, and well written. She can make you tear up, or captivate you with detail and originality. She opens up whole new worlds. I was blown away.

Runner-up: LoveTheBoyWithTheBread

Category: Best overall THG Author

Winner: LoveTheBoyWithTheBread

LoveTheBoyWithTheBread was chosen as the winner of the Best Overall THG Author for the creativity and compassion that is shown throughout in her writing. Out of all of the authors nominated for this award, LoveTheBoyWithTheBread was one of a few whose stories spoke to the readers. Her Katniss/Gale and Peeta stories are awesome as well as her descriptive poems and brilliant stories that are based on the other characters. A well deserved winner. Congratulations.

Runners-up:deadlybeautiful and Medea Symke

Thank you all for being with us! A few notes: The topics will be unlocked for discussion of the victors. If anyone would like to know what factors worked for or against a story, you may ask the judges in the thread for the category for which a story was nominated. The judges in the category may respond at their discretion.

Thank you. We'll see you next year.

-Staff of the Summer 2010 Hunger Games Fanfiction Awards

8/9/2010 . Edited by LoveTheBoyWithTheBread, 8/16/2010 #1
Lost in Believing

Wow, I feel really honored to have placed Runner Up! All these stories sound fantastic, and I'm pretty sure they are! Thank you for hosting this!

8/10/2010 #2

Wow, runner up. Shweeeet. :)

Congrats to everyone.

8/10/2010 #3

Wow. Canary Yellow actually won. I definitely wasn't expecting that.

Thank you. :D

8/10/2010 #4
Thanks to everyone! You guys have made the first ever Hunger Games Fanfiction awards a complete success :). I'm very honored to have served a part in the awards, and thank you guys so much for the first and second places :). Love you all, and I hope to see you around, but if not: SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!! :). --Mel
8/10/2010 #5

Ah, I know, I'm gonna miss this! But we'll still have it next year. Congratulations to everyone, you deserved it! Deciding on the winners was REALLY hard. Even from a person who was really lazy about these awards... :)

8/10/2010 #6
Penelope Wendy Bing

I must admit, I'm not going to miss always being busy and stressing out over the awards. But even I have to say, the payoff is pretty sweet.

And now I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEE! So long and see ya'll next year!

8/10/2010 #7
Number One Fan of Journey

Yeah, awesome job, everybody. :D

I say next year, we have a Best Crossover category! *is totally not just using a pathetic advertisement for her own fic*


You deserve it, Penelope. x3 *pats on back*

8/10/2010 #8
Penelope Wendy Bing


Can't believe we forgot crossovers. We remembered pretty much everything else. Thanks, Journey. We''l put that on next year's To Do list.

8/10/2010 #9

Wow. I can honestly say I wasn't expecting that. xD

But sheesh, I feel... great! Thank you to everyone, so, so much! Can't really believe it.

And, of course, congratulations to everyone else. The people who created the awards, organized it, and all the other winners and runner-ups. Great job, to everyone!

8/10/2010 #10
Penelope Wendy Bing

You weren't? Haha! You're probably the only person I know who'll actually be surprised about that. ^_^

8/11/2010 #11
Number One Fan of Journey

Heehee. x3

...It would be a tricky category, though, since there are inside jokes and such people won't get if the X-over's like mine (where characters from the other dimension compete in the Games), and the fiction might just be confusing if it's Katniss, Peeta, Gale, etc. in another dimension the judges don't know... Hmm...

Really, Chocolatiee? You were a shoo-in the whole time, with your awesomeness. ;D

8/11/2010 #12

Well, shucks, guys. xD You're making me blush over here.

Next year I think that I'll get into these awards way more.

8/11/2010 #13
Penelope Wendy Bing

Number 1 Fan of Journey- Yeah, that could be a problem. We'd probably need those nominating to include a brief summary of the fiction universe that's being...crossed over, and to do more research ourselves. We'll make it work, though.

Chocolatiee- Great! We can always use more help and more nominations.

8/11/2010 #14

Well done to everyone who won!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! And thank you for running this- I was so honoured just to be nominated that I don't mind I didn't place!! :D. Well done guys!!!

8/11/2010 #15
Hey guys! Congratulations again, and I hope to talk to you before the next awards! Not to advertise too much, but make sure you check out my forum "Introducing You!" and SYOC story "The Winner Takes it All." I'm really bored, and I wanna talk to some über-awesome people like you. :D Plus, we need some more tributes! (Most are pretty bad. :( ) So...... Talk to you later, I guess! :)
8/11/2010 #16
Penelope Wendy Bing

I bet! So many of these just get flooded with Mary Sues and then characters who have three words of description for each little line of info. That's GOTTA be annoying.

8/11/2010 #17
Ugh, I know. But I appreciate your character. XD And the amount that is completely out of canon- argh! D2 is not the farming district, people! And there are no fair-skinned people in D11, either. :(
8/11/2010 #18
Penelope Wendy Bing

I was pretty pleased with her. I feel kind of guilty for making her pretty though. Beautiful tributes are always in excess.

Ugh, really? How could you think D2 was farming?! I mean, RUE, HELLO? That's just pathetic. And making D11 caucasian drives me nuts. It's one of my huge pet peeves.

8/11/2010 #19
Oh, that's ok. And, I have to admit that when reading THG, I pictured Rue as caucasion at first, too. Guilty as charged. But now Ive changed my little mind-picture of her to African American. I hate it when people make her Indian, though. IT'S A PLANTATION, PEOPLE! >: []
8/11/2010 #20
Penelope Wendy Bing

I always thought of her as African American, but I do picture her looking exactly like one of the seventh graders at the elementary school where my mom works, so I'm sort of halfway between, I guess.

I'm guessing D11 is down in the south, which would account for an African American population and the agriculture. Any guesses of the same sort of thread?

8/11/2010 #21
Same. I don't think it's Texas, (We don't exactly have trees or anything around here.) but Mississippi or Alabama sounds about right.
8/11/2010 #22
And I do the same thing. I don't have a picture for Peeta, but Gale for me is a boy that used to go to my school. Which is really creepy, because he doesn't even know me. ;)
8/11/2010 #23
Penelope Wendy Bing

A lot of time I don't exactly have a real picture of characters in my head a lot of the time (which is probably why "because he's hot" is never included in the reasons I like a character), but it feels more like I'd know them if I saw them walking around on the street.

8/11/2010 #24
Exactly. Clove, Cato, Prim, Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick are people I've never had an image of. And I hate that argument, too. :L
8/11/2010 #25
Penelope Wendy Bing

Especially when people publish those "Why Katniss Should be With So-and-So" lists. I mean, publishing one already makes you look like a total obsessive fangirl. Why say anything to enforce that belief? If you have valid arguments, then sure. But not because a person who you can't even see is "hot".

8/11/2010 #26
Those drive me crazy!!! I mean, I can be a fangirl myself sometimes (I love you, Peeta. *melts into dreamy puddle* LOL), but I try not to let it show on FF. And I would NEVER post one of those. I can understand backing yourself up with legit points and all, but simply saying "Gale is awesome and way better than Peeta" or vice versa is just narrow-minded.
8/11/2010 #27
Penelope Wendy Bing

Exactly! It's so stupid. Why do people embarrass themselves that way? I actually really love replying to those and smashing their arguments to tiny little pieces. :3

8/11/2010 #28
Heeheehee. >:)
8/11/2010 #29
Penelope Wendy Bing

I must admit, though, I'm better at refuting arguments than at making them...

8/11/2010 #30
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