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Hi, guys. I am looking for a True Blood or SVM FanFiction (can't remember which) that I read last year, but stopped reading. It was a really great FanFiction, about Sookie living with her Gran at King Eric's compound in NOLA. She was really tall in the FanFiction, and I remember in one of the chapters, she was listening to "I Shot the Sherrif" when Eric was around (I think in the lift with her). I think she was a telepath in it, and I remember King Eric gave Sookie a bracelet and asked him to be her consort, and she kinda rejected him... Vampires are out of the coffin, and... Yeah. That is pretty much all I remember, but she was brought up in the compound/kingdom by Gran. I am not sure if it got deleted, or what. But, if anyone could PLEASE help me find this, I would be very thankful x It was a really great FanFiction, and I stupidly stopped reading when he was cursed and got turned into a human. It was a very long FanFiction, rated T up until the 20th or so chapter. There were pretty regular updates... And I remember that Sookie began to inherit Fae powers... At some point, Eric turns human, and I stopped reading after that, but I really wish I didn't stop! I am reaaallly wanting to read it, so any help would be very much appreciated x

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Does anyone know what the name of that one story is called where Eric and sookie find out she's pregnant and that sookie is the reincarnation of Freya I've been looking for it but can't remember the name. If anyone could find out for me or know by any chance. It would be greatly appreciated. Dreamer
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