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Faded Innocence

- Feel free to post up whoever and however many OC's as you wish, or feel free to import someone from another Anime. Be creative ;P -

Here's the layout:

Name: (L/F,M (Last, First, M) (Full middle, (meaning to any parts if there is one)

Age: (what age they look, and their real age if it differs from the first one)

Type: (What race are they? Vampire, Demon, Shape Shifter, etc.)










Biography: include why they're at that school

Crush(es): list why

Extra(s): anything missing, includes likes/dislikes

8/14/2010 . Edited 1/22/2011 #1
Faded Innocence

Name: Kessho, Kagami (Kagami; Mirror. Kessho; Crystal)

Age: 17

Type: Shape Shifter


Mind Reader: By focusing on the targets mind she's able to enter it and listen to their inner most thoughts.

Make people tell the truth: When people look deep enough into her eyes she can activate this ability making it impossible for them to lie to her.

Empathy: This ability allows her to read into, enhance, and in certain conditions, control(change) the targets' emotions.

Hair: Long; it goes to her waist, with bangs that go right above her eyes. Black.

Eyes: Silvery

Height: 5'4

Weight: 102lbs

Strength(s): Good Observer, Long Memory, Good Focuser,

Weakness(s): High pitched frequencies

Appearance: She's usually dressed in a long-sleeved black shirt with a silver butterfly on its chest. The sleeves don't cover her shoulders completely and the ends of the sleeves go to the middle of her palm ( For bottoms she wears denim short-shorts that are that are still somewhat visible from underneath her shirt (her shirt is long enough for her to almost sit on), with a chain that hangs off her shorts with a silver crescent moon on it.

Personality: Deceptive, Playful, Short-tempered, Cruel, Straightforward, Sneaky, Curious/Nosy.

Truly: Kind, Caring, Curious, Lost, somewhat Shy, and Uncertain about most things

Biography: Both of her parents and their parents and so on were shape shifters. She has always been a natural at controlling her powers, but she has a short temper which makes it harder for her to concentrate, because of this her parents feared that she would never be able to properly fit in because of her lack of control. Kagami only likes to use her powers for herself, and for cruel/messed up games. That's why she was sent to the high school, her parents hoped that being there would teach her self control and that she would find another reason to use her powers, other than for her own cruel games.

Crush(es): Unknown (... Pending ...)

Extra(s): It's harder for her to maintain the form she's in whenever she's mad, or her mind isn't clear. When she imitates someone she also gets their abilities and powers but at a limited amount.

Dislike(s): 1) The schools rules. 2) Anything High pitched. 3) Anything that causes her powers to fail.

Like(s): 1) Confusing people. 2) Using her Powers. 3) Making mental notes of people.

8/14/2010 . Edited 1/11/2011 #2
Rose Haruno

Name: Mao, Cherry Isuma

Age: 17 years old. Real AGE: 1,225

Type: Leopard Demon

Power/Abilities: Super strength

Howl: Her howl is so loud that it can shake a whole entire building and break windows and destroy anyones hearing.

Hair: Blazing fiery red hair

Eyes: Dark Forest Green Eyes

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 108 pounds

Strength(s): Good strategists, Persuasive acts, Muscle worker,

Weakness(s): Pink and Frilly nice stuff.

Appearance: She basically has characters of a human but she also has leopard appearances. She has ears and a tail, she also has claws and fangs. For human characteristics, she can stand like a human, have female features ((Which are covered by clothes)). Her outfit is a plain white tank top with a black tie around her neck and and black hat with a white skull design on it and a pair of short jeans.

Personality: Rude, Cruel, Dark humor, Dark, Violent, and Short tempered

Biography: At a young age she was already named as one of the most dangerous female demon the world. She was ruthless, cunning, and down right cruel. Her parents were very proud of their daughter but one thing kept them worried about her. Her temper. Anything that annoyed or/angered the young leopard she would silence it with her claws. Her parents didn't want any hunters to harm her or put her on their list so they decided to send her to a school to help her with her temper. When she looked about 14, they send her off to a high school which already knew about her reputation. Many feared her, some heard of her, and out of those two categories the rest was curious about her.

Crush(es): ((Don't know yet))

Extra(s): Likes: Fights, Gym, Using her abilities,

Dislikes: Anything thats cute and cuddly, and sometimes nice.

8/27/2010 . Edited 9/11/2010 #3
Faded Innocence

Name: Hadraniel, Freya Ailyn

Age: 16

Type: Siren/[Fallen] Angel (Mix)


Song: Her singing enchants anyone and everyone who comes into contact with it. It allows her to manipulate them, or become uncontrollably attracted to her (depends on the song)

Holie: (Pronounced Holy) She's able to use the feathers on her wings in multiple ways like; thin and lethal needles, or stunning whatever it touches when it comes into contact with it, and more.

Psychic: Freya can see the future, but it isn't very specific or descriptive. It's very vivid and can be realistic (see Extra for more information).

Obedience: This power goes by the name Imperium. Which is Latin for supreme authority, or absolute dominion. With a single order she is able to make anyone do anything. She can alter their minds, memories, and actions. (see Extra for more information).

Hair: Silver; it goes below her waist, with bangs that mainly cover/shade her [L]eft eye

Eyes: [R] Purple/Amethyst, [L] Gold

(( --

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 96lbs

Strength(s): Persuasive, Sly, Manipulative, Feels no guilt(with the exception of her fathers death)

Weakness(es): Memories of her past

Appearance: Even in her released form she looks like a basic human,very slim and slender. Other than the fact that she has black angel wings that are on her back, also she emits a slightly noticeable dark glow and has a slight hint of snake/cat-like eyes (more when she's mad/aggravated/irritated), and her teeth become slightly yet noticeably sharper (her fang teeth are sharper than the rest), she's a normal person. Her outfit is ( the neck area doesn't cover that much, instead it covers up to the middle of her collarbone and she has a matching chocker with a silver star on it. Its main color is black with white frills/crumples, sometimes varies in color(I'll say when and which color if I change it), she doesn't wear the veil like thing but instead a black headband with two roses on the left, the color of the roses always match the outfit. She's not wearing the fishnet stockings either, instead just above the knee socks that are white with a black lining on top, unless the outfit color changed then the socks change as well. (*If you can't tell then the front is shorter than the back*) The front only goes down to slightly above her knees while the back goes down to slightly below the middle of her calves. For shoes she wears small heels, that are black (depends on the color of the outfit). A pair of black wings, the insignia of a Fallen Angel, can be found towards the bottom of her right rib.

Personality: [Very] Sadistic, [Occasionally] Twisted, Flirtatious, Playful [in a dark way], [In secret] Weak and Concerned, Sly, Graceful (most of the time), and very manipulative.

Biography: She's from a noble house in the monster realm, but her parents didn't want her to lead that kind of life. So instead they brought her away from that world and led a normal human life; she didn't want that though. She had a weak body as a child, it would grow strong everyday but some days were better than others. Despite her body's weak condition she always wanted to go to the monster realm, and see it for the first time. Although she was part of the mortal world, she still knew and was close with her cousins. She had grown up with them, and loved them. Her pleads were constantly refused, even if it was just to visit the cousins she loved so much. Then one night, she went out on her own. They figured that she'd be in the other world so her father went to go get her before something happened. At twilight she returned home, without her father. A few hours later in the early evening a policeman came to their house and reported him dead; run through with an unknown sharp object, then died of blood loss and it also hit a few organs. Even though her mother said it wasn't her fault, Freya knew what she was really thinking: If she hadn't gone out that night then he wouldn't of died. In order to escape the guilt that was killing her every time her mothers pained voice spoke to her, she willingly left for boarding school at the beginning of middle school, and her mother left to her parents home in the monster realm because she'd fallen ill. That was 6 years ago, and she hasn't spoken to her mother since then. Other than the occasional phone calls from her grandparents house informing her about her mothers condition, she had/has no contact with her whatsoever. One winter day at her old high school while she was on an off-campus walk she came across a man that deeply resembled the father that she had lost all those years ago. She dodged through the crowd and put her hand on his shoulder without hesitation, a moment later the crowd around them; disappeared. He turned around and it seemed as though time was in slow-motion, the freshly fallen snow had been dyed red as she held her bloodied left eye. Everything happened, too fast for her to process what had just occurred. After she'd opened her eyes once more, the crowd was back, the mysterious man was gone, and any traces of blood had disappeared. While passing by her reflection something caught her eye, it was then that the painful pulse ran through her for a second time, and as she turned to face it she realized that her natural amethyst eye was now a shining gold that soon dimmed down, and new powers were revealed. Now with a hidden past, and secret life, she starts out in the new high school recommended to her by her Grandfather.

Crush(es): Unknown (... Pending ...)

Extra(s): Her body still looks weak and fragile, but it has grown stronger since her childhood, and is very healthy. Although it's rare there are some days she has to stay in her room because she's too weak or tired to leave, but overall she's in good shape.

She has obtained the alias, Aura. This name is only known and used by those who are a part of her battlefront against her relatives. (Each relative has their own nickname within their group, their true name is never used unless it's them and them alone. There are six cousins in all)

**Freya's ability to see into the future can only be triggered when something similar/related to the event occurs. The details of the event are rarely revealed and things can be completely different than they seem in the vision than in reality. This ability only applies to her left (Gold) eye.

**This power of absolute obedience can only occur when she comes into direct eye contact with the person. However, this power has its limitations; she's only able to put someone under her power once per-day (one time a day per-person, not overall). The activation/current usage of this power can be noted by the crimson rose that appears in her left eye that loses its petals as it spins until its nothing but swirling petals, and the slight yet highly noticeable glow. (yes the idea for this power was in-fact based off of Lelouch's power from Code Geass)

**Both powers involving her left (golden) eye are still developing

Her left eye gives her strange passive additions, for example: the inability for others to read her thoughts. The most they'd get would be her surface thoughts if anything.

(Important:) The previous generation was supposed to battle it out for the inheritance of the Hadraniel name, its estate, money, etc; though the previous generation(her parents, aunts, uncles and so on), was unable to continue due to them being dead, ill, forfeited earlier, etc. Now in order to find the right heir Freya and her cousins must battle it out bit-by-bit, main rule: No quitting unless approved by the Current Head of the House (her Grandfather).

Likes: Singing(in general), Piano, Power usage, the Moon, the Dark, Pain(for herself and/or others)

Dislikes: Memories, Being blamed, Sour stuff, Spicy stuff

9/18/2010 . Edited 12/4/2010 #4

Name: Kogane(Gold) Hime(Princess) Ouritsu(Royal)

Age: 197

Age Appearance: 17

Type: Nephilim(Half Angel Half Human)







basically powers of Whitlighter's from Charmed :P


Resistance: The ability to resist the power's of another if there mental power's and not physical ones

Hair: Brown with a Golden tint to it that goes her the back of her knees

Eyes: Golden

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 103 lb

Strength(s): Singing, Dancing, Writing and Drawing

Weakness(s): Loud noises and darkness


but without the Halo and she can fold her wing's up against her back as well as normally wearing a white dress

Personality: Kind and always trying to help others, she's kinda shy but she's trying to get over it

Biography: Her father is the angel Micheal and her mother a mortal, her father decided it would be best to send her to Monster High

Crush(es): none yet

Extra(s): anything missing, includes likes/dislikes

11/9/2010 . Edited 12/30/2010 #5

Name: Nimira

Age: 15

Gender: Female


Normally wears black jeans and dark blue shirt's

Personality: She can be warm and loving, full of mystery and beauty but she can also be jealous, tyrannical and moody

Abilities: Control over water as well as breathing under water and healing with water and talking to sea creatures and can turn into water.

Creature Type: Naiad

Informational Bio: In Greek Mythology, the Naiads or Naiades were a type of nymph who presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, and brooks.


Name: Diria

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Human Appearance:

True Appearance: A large oak tree.

Personality: Shy.

Abilities: can make tree's and other plant's grow, talk to plants and do some spell's.

Creature Type:Dryads

Informational Bio:Dryads are tree nymphs in Greek mythology. In Greek dryssignifies 'oak,' from an Indo-European root *derew(o)- 'tree' or 'wood'. Thus dryads are specifically the nymphs of oak trees, though the term has come to be used for all tree nymphs in general.



Age: 16

Gender: Male

Grade: year 1

Human Appearance:

His true form is the cat in the picture

Personality: Out going and easy to get along with

Abilities: can talk to cat's and is very flexible and a very fast and agile as well as being good at most sport's. Sense Enhancement and Super Strength.

Creature Type: Vampire Cat

Other: He say's ~Nya after he talk's sometimes


I'm not gonna bring them all in at once :P

12/4/2010 . Edited 12/5/2010 #6
Faded Innocence

Name: Knight, Anya Shi (Anya- pronounced: Ah-nya)

Age: 15

Type: Wolf / [partly] Mage


Cancellation: Powers weaker than hers or powers without much effort used when casted upon, no matter what type, could be canceled out by this ability.

Soul Detachment: Is able to leave her body and go wherever she wishes, whenever she wishes within seconds. While her soul is out of her body it will become something like an empty vessel. (like astral traveling except she's conscious when doing so)

She has a subconscious ability that creates a powerful barrier around her mind, not allowing anyone to enter. (Mind-reading doesn't work on her, and other powers that involve mental control aren't as effective).

Can manipulate, enhance, and conjure nature elements (fire, wind, water, air, earth, steel, etc.), but at a limited amount.

Her speed and agility is a 75% that of a wolves when not in her true form, but when she's fully released it sky-rockets and matches (if not slightly surpasses) that of an alpha wolf. Her strength gets a high added bonus as well.

Hair: Violet/Purple; down to the middle of her back, but usually wears it up which makes it appear a lot shorter

Eyes: Pink (practically like-

Height: 4'11"

Weight: 90lbs

Appearance: She usually wears an expressionless face, but gives an occasional smile though it's most likely small or slight. She wears: ( but the black part doesn't clip at the neck, rather it stays open and is connected with a gold chain that leaves it open. As the jacket progresses downward it begins to curve back more, therefore leaving the front entirely exposed. The back of it is separated into two tails that meet slightly below her tail-bone, its tips reach about half-way down her calves. Also the top and bottom are separated, the waist area of the skirt settles on the middle of her hip bones and is black with a purple belt that wraps around her waist loosely and a golden buckle. A single black strap can be seen on her left thigh. Her shirt covers from where it is in the picture- down to her end of her sternum. She has a silver chain with a gold-and-silver ring on it like this ( except the designs aren't flowers, but rather diamonds. The ring falls in the middle of the exposed area above her chest. An enlarged version of this design: ( can be seen on the right side of her abdomen. She claims it's not a tattoo, but refuses to say what it is- or where she received it from.

True form: Same as her basic appearance but has a wolfs ears and a slimmer tail than the rest, which often gets her mistaken for a neko which slightly irritates her on occasion. The colors of the ears and tail match her hair with white-ish/pink ends and tips. Also her vampire and canine teeth grow sharper (mainly her vampire teeth).

Personality: Stoic/Apathetic most of the time. Allows herself to smile when she feels like it, but on the inside she'll always be numb to emotion. She's kind, but most of the time she goes on without caring about what others say/do to/about her, and she's very bent on following orders from anyone she finds worth following. In other words- obedient.

Extra(s): She always has a small black camera either on or near her, for she fears disappearing completely when her memories do. Wherever she goes she snaps images of herself, people around her, and the scenery because her memories are slowly fading away for unknown reasons.

- Had an elder brother named Necoco

12/4/2010 . Edited 1/7/2011 #7

Name: Steven WarrenLock

Age: 17

Type: wizard

Power/Abilities: He can do magic spell, but he mostly sticks to dark magic.

Hair: Greasy, black shoulder length hair that always is in his eyes.

Eyes: Navy blue but it can change to a light grey.

Height: 7 feet.

Weight: He's quite light actually.

Strength(s): He is very very intelligent and is very deticated in learning spells and such.

Weakness(s): He isn't very good at 'Good' spells but tries to be.

Appearance: He has greasy black shoulder-length hair thait, as i mentioned before is always in his line of vision. He also has a pale skin complection and is tall and skinny. He wears squared black rimmed glasses and always has spell bokks and his wand at hand.

Personality: Snarky, sarcastic, very intelligent, manipulative, very good at bribing, can be serious from time to time, and slightly strict.

Biography: Steven, often called Snivellus by his older brother and Sev. by his younger siblings, went to the school to learn more magic. He get's bullied by his brother often but hides it with a mask of a snarky and a know it all attitide. Unbeknownst to anyone he has a crush, but he won't be telling any one, especially her, that anytime soon.

Crush(es): (I'll mention her soon.)

Extra(s): He get's bullied by his brother because he's secretly the better wizard out of the two.

(Um, hi. Can I have a Jack The Ripper Oc?)

12/7/2010 #8
Faded Innocence

Oo I likies, approved, welcome to Monster High ;P! n sure go ahead :3!

Haha I would've confirmed it earlier, but I've been K.O'd for the last 5-6 hours hahaha!

12/7/2010 . Edited 12/7/2010 #9

KK. Glad you like him. If you can't tell, I based him off of Severus Snape.

Name: Maxine T. Ripper

Age: 16

Type: She's Jack the Ripper's daughter

Power/Abilities: She is good at hand to hand combat, knife throwing and Karate.

Hair: looks like this:


Height: 5'4

Weight: she's light.

Strength(s): almost any kind of book, and combat classes.

Weakness(s): Math, dumb romance novels. End of story.

Appearance: she mostly wears grey jeans, black boots, shirt's with sarcastic sayings on them. black, lace, finger-less gloves and either a leather jacket or a brown trench coat.

Personality: Snarky, sarcastic, blunt,Independent, fierce, calm, well-mannered, clever, wise, sophisticated, painfully honest, loyal, well-natured, stubborn, tricky, mischevious, cold, protective, funny, straight-foward, to the point, studious,conniving, caring, strong, tough, curious, ruthless, Determined, smart alec and very intelligent.

Biography: Maxine and her Brother went to this school to learn more about the world, so far Maxine does excellent in her classes, except Mathamatics.

Crush(es): No one though there are rumors that she has a secret admirerer. (Guess who.)

Extra(s): she has a brother that's a year older than her and is part of Steven's brother's group.

12/8/2010 #10
Faded Innocence


n yeah I figured :P

12/8/2010 #11

(thankies! yay. Totally obvious.

12/8/2010 #12
Faded Innocence

A bit, but I'm sure that was the point :3 hahaha

12/8/2010 #13

Name: Jay T. Ripper

Age: 17

Type: Jack The Ripper's son

Power/Abilities: Same as his sis's

Hair: Red hair tied into a loose pony-tail with a brown ribbon.

Eyes: black

Height: 7'1

Weight: medium weight

Strength(s): He's mostly good at science, math and sports.

Weakness(s): Language. It's his worst nightmare.

Appearance: a pale complexion,Red hair tied into a loose pony-tail with a brown ribbon, brown dress pants, a puffy shirt and black boots.

Personality: a lot like his sister except he's more cruel and brutal.

Biography: Same as his sis's.

Crush(es): none.

Extra(s): He bullies and tortures Sev almost twenty-four seven.

12/8/2010 . Edited 12/12/2010 #14

Can you have him in gym class so my first character can have someone to fight? you don't have to just wondering :P

12/8/2010 #15

(sure once he get's accepted. And are you still in the Volturi rp?)

12/8/2010 #16

alright and yea, I just have no idea what to put.

12/8/2010 . Edited 12/8/2010 #17


12/8/2010 #18
Faded Innocence

Name: Nyx Hadraniel

Age: 18

Type: Vampire/Fallen Angel

Power/Abilities: All the ones any other vampire would have (str, spd, dex, agility, etc.) and also telekinesis. He has the same power as Freya's Holie, but his feathers have a different effect. His feathers can be coated in a deathly poisonous liquid that deals no damage to himself, only the target(s).

Hair: (basically that- but in silver/white)

Eyes: Silver

Height: Roughly 6'0"

Weight: Slightly below average

Appearance: Fairly lanky, but with a good build and is well defined. His mouth usually has his fangs unhidden, less he no choice but to put them away. Both skin and complexion are flawless and pale. Both arms are covered in, semi-transparent yet still noticeable from a distance, Japanese symbols, whereas on his back he has two that are in the shape of a 4-pointed star, and they're nearly touching his shoulder-blades on the side towards the spine. In the front he has a slanted scar on his right peck below the collarbone, and another one near his left hipbone more on the stomach. A tattoo of a semi-transparent, blackish-gray lightning bolt marks his right cheek. Below the back of his neck is the black angel wings insignia of a fallen angel. He has a black snakebite piercing on his bottom lip more towards the right, and a matching one on the end of his his left eyebrow.

For an Outfit: He's usually dressed in an un-tucked white button up shirt, with the sleeves rolled up just below the elbow, and a deep crimson (nearly bloody) red loose skinny tie. For bottoms he has dark denim (reasonably fit, semi-loose) skinnies with a few teased tears on his left knee and a little on the thigh, along with some on the right shin area. He has a black based, 3-rowed silver-studded belt, and matching bracelet on his left wrist. In his left pocket is a silver watch, its chain hangs out and stops a little above the middle of his thigh, his nails are black.

True Form: Same as his basic form, except he gets black angel wings on his back, a noticeably dark glow, and his eyes light up more than they usually do and on occasion glow red. His fangs tend to show more in this state, and a cold aura surrounds him.

Personality: Manipulative/Deceptive, Sly, can be Kind, Secretive, truly Cold and Dark, Sharp/Observant, Coolheaded

Extra(s): He's Freya's cousin, and has the alias of Xeno (Xeno is based on the Greek prefix Xenos which means 'stranger')

The name Nyx literally means- of the night

12/13/2010 . Edited 1/1/2011 #19

Name: Maximum ride

Age: 16

Type: Bird Demon

Power/Abilities: Max has a Voice in her head that tries to guide her-though she often does not listen to it unless in a fight-she's had this voice sense she was 14-she also has the ability to fly extremely fast, her top velocity at roughly 240-250mph. In addition, she is able to temporary shut down her organs, thus effectively playing dead. She also has raptor vision, advanced strength, fast healing and has air sack's like a bird that allow her to breath in very thin air. She can also grow gill's in the water if she's about to drown. She also has Arokinesis.

Height: 6 foot 2 inches

Strength(s): fighting and staying off the radar.

Weakness(s): Any subject's that don't have to do with fighting or servival


is the girl

Personality: Max is tough, sarcastic and hates "girliness". She often is annoyed by herself for things like worrying about her appearance, etc. She has never had a real hair cut.. She is independent and strong, but has never known a true mother or father figure. She wants to be loved, though she often denies it. She can't help but help someone when there in trouble or being beat up.

Bio: lives in an apartment with two kid's who are the same age as her and 3 younger kid's when not in school. They consider them self's 'A Flock' Cause there all Bird Demon's though only the two youngest kid's are sibling's.

Crush(es): none yet

12/14/2010 . Edited 12/16/2010 #20

Name: Murasaki

Age: 15 but is actually 143

Type: Vampire/Shapshifter

Power/Abilities: can shift into any living creature, regular vampire powers as well as pyrokinesis and telepathy

Strength(s): Reading, writing, drawing, singing and playing the piano

Weakness(s): She has a short attention span


Personality: kind, caring and shy

Biography: she was sent to the school by her mother who didn't want her home alone anymore well she was traveling around.

12/14/2010 #21

Name: Fang

Age: 15

Type: Bird Demon

Power/Abilities: Fang can turn invisible or otherwise turn the color of his surroundings. He also has raptor vision, advanced strength, fast healing and has air sack's like a bird that allow him to breath in very thin air. He can also grow gill's in the water if he's about to drown.

Height: 6 foot 4 inches

Strength(s): fighting and staying off the radar as well as using a computer

Weakness(s): academic subject's


is the guy

Personality: Fang is quiet and mysterious as well as normally staying in the background of situation's and loving to fight.

Bio: lives in an apartment with two kid's who are about the same age as him and 3 younger kid's when not in school. They consider them self's 'A Flock' Cause there all Bird Demon's though only the two youngest kid's are sibling's.

Crush(es): Maximum

Other: He is in NO WAY related to Maximum


Name: Iggy

Age: 15

Type: Bird Demon

Power/Abilities: Iggy can 'feel' color's as well as being able to see white's. He also has advanced strength, fast healing and has air sack's like a bird that allow him to breath in very thin air. He can also grow gill's in the water if he's about to drown. Can turn almost any electronical device into a bomb. He also has extremely advanced hearing.

Height: 6 foot 6 inches

Strength(s): fighting and staying off the radar.

Weakness(s): seeing

Appearance: He is around six foot six and has (sightless) blue eyes, extremely pale skin, and strawberry blond hair.

Personality: When it comes to cooking Iggy is the chef, and can cook fairly well in most conditions. Iggy loves explosives and fire, and is very good at making bombs. He and the Gasman usually act as a pair when working with explosives, with Iggy using his hearing to locate a target and Gasman acting as the eyes.

Bio: lives in an apartment with two kid's who are about the same age as him and 3 younger kid's when not in school. They consider them self's 'A Flock' Cause there all Bird Demon's though only the two youngest kid's are sibling's.

Crush(es): none yet

Other: Iggy is blind


Fang is up for grab's if anyone want's to take him though if no one does I will play him.

12/16/2010 . Edited 12/17/2010 #22

Name: Olympian, Hephera(H-E-Fear-A)

Age: 16

Type: Demi~God

Power/Abilities: She can forge anything in a short amount of time. She is a master blacksmith and can make anything with the materials around her. She can also control fire and lava. She is very strong to.

Hair: Long, purple, usually in a single braid with a hat on

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 120

Strength(s): Building thing's

Weakness(s): Water and cold


Personality: Is kind friendly and peaceful and love's making things for others. She is also a very private person and trys to stay in the shadows.

Crush(es): None yet

12/25/2010 . Edited 12/25/2010 #23
Faded Innocence

o.o I can't see the appearance...

12/25/2010 #24

fixed :P

12/25/2010 #25
Faded Innocence

Ah, nice x3

12/25/2010 #26

Thanks :P

can you guess what god she's a child of??? xD

12/25/2010 #27
Faded Innocence

Uhm~ Helios? xD or.. Hades? o.o

12/25/2010 . Edited 12/25/2010 #28

no, Hephaestus((Hephera, hephaestus. Get it xD)), hence the fire and lava control and being able to build stuff out of almost anything :P

12/25/2010 #29
Faded Innocence

Ohh xD haha I'm still reviewing Greek Mythology in my English class o.O smart though :P

12/25/2010 #30
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