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Faded Innocence

♥ Make your D. Gray-man OC(s) here ♥

the 1800s was the 19th Century and D. Gray-man takes place towards the end of it

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Faded Innocence

OC Skeleton:

Name: Last, First Middle










Type: (Scientist, Exorcist or Noah)

Innocence Type: Parasitic, Equiptment


- A rare form of innocence

- Is part of the conformer's body, but is comprised of different cells (i.e. not human cells)

- Large amounts of power can be unleashed as compared to equipment types (the conformers themselves are the restraining binds so the binds can be released if needed)

- Easier to handle than equipment types (same reason as above) - can be handled with the conformer's own feelings

- Energy to recover is taken from conformer

- Conformer's life will be shortened due to innocence constantly pushing its conformer past their limits


- A more common form of innocence

- Innocence shaped into a weapon that is not part of the conformer's body

- Less power can be unleashed due to the restraints bound on innocence (the weapons are like restraining binds to keep the innocence's raw power in check)

- More difficult to handle than the other two types - spoken instructions have to be given to the weapon

- Cannot recover by itself if the weapon containing the innocence is broken - the Science Department is needed to repair them

- Conformer's life will not be shortened

Innocence Form: Can have different forms (..don't go over board..)

Innocence Power/Ability: (Innocence for Exorcist, Ability for Noah)


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Faded Innocence

Name: Hitsuki, Yumi Kaede (Yumi; [Archery] Bow | Kaede; Maple Leaf | Hitsuki; Hi as in scarlet, tsuki as in moon- Scarlet Moon)

Age: 15

Hair: Midnight Black; Silky and it cascades down to the back of her knees, has bangs- straight

Eyes: Crimson Red

Height: 160cm (5'2")

Weight: 48kg (90LBS)

Skin: Light, slightly pale; frail looking

Appearance: Her hair is so black that it's slightly abnormal, she doesn't care that people point it out, she just hates it when they make a big fuss over it (in a bad way), along with her red eyes. (( The uniform is black and its sleeves start to flare out below the elbow a little, and by the time it reaches her palm it's already flared out enough to wave around in the wind. When she's not moving her arms they kind of fold over each other like the side of the skirt, but not too much. (Overall it looks somewhat like a kimono). The Innocence caused Yumi's nails to become black with the design Allen has on his Innocence hand in red, whenever she activates her Innocence the middle of the designs seem to glow/shine. Thanks to this, however, whenever she comes in contact with an Akuma she gets a strange feeling that alerts/warns her, but it's not always accurate (somewhat like Allen's eye but she can't see or tell which is which unless she touches it, and it doesn't detect it all the time). Her Innocence is strapped onto the inside of her left forearm, and is hidden by her sleeves, it's only half of a quarter of its usual size and is slightly slimmer then extends and expands to its real size when activated(It's not skinny like a toothpick though, just slightly slimmer so it doesn't make a lump). Even when she gets the cut from the Innocence on her palm, she never gets a scar. She wears a silver chain with a silver locket on it, it belonged to her elder sister, and before that her mother. The locket is an oval with a star on its cover, it's fairly a fairly large-medium size, and inside, 1892 Oct. 12 is clearly carved into the left side, which was the date her family was killed. On the right there's a picture of a woman, but the face is covered by a bloodstain, and she can't figure out who the mysterious woman is. It falls slightly, if not half way, above her chest.

Personality: Protective, Serious yet Playful, can be Cold and sometimes Stoic(apathetic), Not afraid of Akuma's or Yu(Kanda)'s personality. She doesn't cry, it's not that she can't, she just chooses not to and restrains herself when needed. If she does cry then it's always in private, she never lets anyone see her that way, not even/especially Kanda.

Biography: Five years ago she was living with her family. Her mother had already passed away: she lived with her Father, older sister Asahi, older brother Makoto, and younger sister Izumi. A few days befpre the date of her mothers death anniversary the Millennium Earl went to her father and persuaded him that he could bring his wife back to life. He was killed and his body was overtaken by the Akuma of her mother. Not too long after that the Akuma came out to kill the rest of the family on her Death Anniversary. Everyone was killed except for Yumi, she was the only one still alive when [General] Cross Marian came and killed the Akuma. He took her back to the Order and it was there that it was discovered that she was a host of Innocence. She was put into Yu Kanda's care from there on, she often refers to him as "Senpai," or whenever she wants to tease him, "Yu-chan" (she knows he wont get too mad at her). Now thanks to his training she has extraordinary and above average speed, along with unbelievable [hidden] strength/power.

Type: Exorcist

Innocence Name: Sacrifice

Innocence Type: Equipment

Innocence Form:

Form 1- Black staff with a silver maple leaf and crescent on the tip, it the green glow of the Innocence in the center of the leaf.

Form 2- Black bow with silver designs, grip, and glare on it with a glowing blood red string. She gets a quiver on her back as well, it's body is black with silver designs on it and black arrows that gain color once they're chosen. The quiver has a silver maple leaf design on it inside a red crescent moon. (The crescent is facing like a C so it's opening is on the right and the leaf is in the middle of it)


Innocence Power/Ability:

Form 1: Whenever the staff is swung backhand a powerful glowing Innocence-green wave is released. The wave obeys Yumi's command, she is able to make a wall or even a dome that's able to shield her and anyone within it, but it has a limit on durability. {Level(s): 0}

Form 2: The arrows in general are pure Innocence-green when fired. Each element is called a "style," and adds a power boost to them. {Level(s)- 5}

Silver- Steel Arrow(s)

Blue- Water/Ice Arrow(s)

Red- Fire Arrow(s)

Yellow- Electric Arrow(s)

White- Air/Wind Arrow(s)

Green/Brown- Plants/Wood Arrow(s)

Extra(s): Each "style" has a certain level to it (each differentiating in power, looks/style, and accuracy). Levels 1-2 show no change on her body, she's able to combine 2 elements. Though when she activates level 3 the glow on her nails noticeably increase, she's able to combine 3 elements. In level 4 she gets the same things, but also her eyes turn Innocence-green, the markings on her nails appear on the sides of her eyes (opposite of the tear ducts), and her arrows get slimmer and faster, she's also able to combine more elements. Also each arrow is coated in her blood, therefore slowly draining her of all the blood in her body. If she keeps it up for too long she will die. Level 5 (the final level) the marks grow noticeably larger and her blood-covered arrows still take away her current life-span/health. Her pupils turn into a vertical slit, then forming somewhat like an X are the marks on the sides of her eyes (near her temple?) which are the same marks as on her nails appear. She becomes even more merciless than usual. The speed of her arrows and herself increase, along with her accuracy, and power. She's able to fire more arrows per round, and fuse more elements together, when she reaches her maximum limit she can fire all elements in one. In level 4 the aftermath of the activation pays a toll on her body, her joints and body are harder to move and she receives a sharp pain with too much movement, and the usage of her hands are limited. The consequences to level 5 is that she usually damages something inside her, and any wounds she received before, during, and after the activation of it are made worse by 4 times.

Her hair used to be light brown, and her eyes were a simple brown, but due to unknown/uncertain circumstances her hair has blackened and her eyes turned into a bloody crimson red.

Yumi's memories are slowly fading away, the reasons are unknown. Though no one could come up with an explanation she believes that it's a curse bestowed upon her from a single relative, whom she cannot recall exactly.

She never shows anyone the inside of her locket willingly, she finds it a sign of weakness and embarrassing.

Likes: Kanda, Playing with Kanda's Hair, Rock/Gentle/and Instrumental(only the Violin and Piano) Music, playing the Violin, the Sky, Night, and Water (Rain/Snow/Oceans/Etc.)

Dislikes: the Millennium Earl, Akuma's, people accusing her of being evil (her hair and eyes don't help much), Crying, and especially people that don't keep their word

10/5/2010 . Edited 1/1/2011 #3
Rose Haruno

Name: Night, Rosalyn Ash

Age: 17

Hair: Long curly dark brown hair that goes down to her waist

Eyes: Chocolate brown

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 108 lbs

Skin: Brown

Appearance: (( She has the exact same outfit except she does not have that long coat, but she has a short one like this girl has in this picture (( Also the metal part that's on her chest is not metal it just a design on the outfit.

Personality: Courageous, Creative, Loving and Confident -which subconsciously conceals being worried

Biography: As a child she had wonderful life. She lived in London for 5 years with both of her parents until one day her father died of an illness and since he died, her mother and her moved to Egypt. Her mother, who had become an akuma in a very strange manner, attempted to kill Rosalyn. Thus, Rosalyn ran away from her not knowing who or what destroyed her mother. She found her Innocence between the pages of an old bible that used to belong to her father, but he passed it down to her. Once she found her innocence she began to learn how to control it ; also trained herself to protect other people. After a while she was soon picked up by the Order and has been there ever since she was 8 years old.

Type: Exorcist

Innocence Name: Kurotenshi (Black Angel)

Innocence Type: Equipment

Innocence Form: Form 1- It's a double sided sword that each blade are different. The one that is mainly use is the silver one that has glow just like the moon, and also the other blade side which is rarely used is a black blade with somewhat of a dark glow that somewhat resembles a feeling of Halloween when you see a black crow staring straight at you, like its warning you to run away from your location. The swords guard which is in the middle is a claw, which clutches the wielder hand protectively. It's grip is formed like a angel wings spreading like it's getting ready to fly.

Innocence Power/Ability: It has the power to cascade a shadow over her body to form a ((Idk the words to this part ^^')) a scary figure or to surround her and her opponent in darkness.

Extra(s): Likes: Lavi, the dark, books, music, classic art, plays, fights ((Not the ones with death in it)), mysterious and etc.

Dislikes: Snobs, jerks, criminals, villians who are cocky and use people as bait

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