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Faded Innocence

- Entering Cross Academy -

12/5/2010 #1

Karia walked towards the headmaster's office carrying two suitcases, when she got there she knocked on the door.((Would you mind playing the headmaster for a minute???))

12/5/2010 #2
Faded Innocence

((Uhm, sure why not? Haha:) So wait are we keeping the anime's storyline thing basically?))

A voice called out from behind the door, "Come in~"


Anya was sitting on her bed, looking through the notes she's taken over the past few months on that incident.

12/5/2010 . Edited 12/5/2010 #3

((Yea basically :P))

Karia opened the door and walked into the office. "Hello." She said to the headmaster.

((Btw I can play Kaname if you want if you'll play Zero :3))

12/5/2010 . Edited 12/5/2010 #4
Faded Innocence

((Awh~ so in the end Yuuki will get Kaname?! -w-))

He looked at her and smiled widely while he greeted in his overly-cheerful voice, "Welcome Karia-chan~! I heard about you over the phone and I would just like to say welcome!! Since you know of the Night Classes.. Situation.. I was wondering if you'd be willing to do a job, I know it's early but--" Just then, without warning, the door opened and a silver-haired boy walked in with an unpleased face.

((Alright(: how about we take control of each of them on occasion though?))

12/5/2010 #5

((No not necessarily :P sense you don't like her I'll probably play her and I think they should not be together cause there brother and sister so they won't be together well I play her :P))

Karia turned and a smirk came to her face. "Well if it isn't Zero." She said.

((Alright :P))

12/5/2010 #6
Faded Innocence

((haha incest o.o n alrighty then :D))

He looked at her somewhat surprised then indifferently once more, "Karia.. What are you doing here?" he asked as he walked in more closing the door behind him. Kaien smiled and said, "Ah, Zero-kun! You're just on time I was just about to ask Karia-chan to become a Prefect!" he looked around curiously, "Huh? Where's Yuki-chan?"

12/5/2010 #7

"I'm afraid that information is on a need to know basis Zero and you, do not need to know." Karai said and then told the headmaster. "I was planing on becoming a prefect."

Just then Yuuki walked in the door. "Sorry I'm late." She said.

12/5/2010 #8
Faded Innocence

Kaien smiled and said, "Yuki-chan~!!" he got out from behind his desk and lunged for a hug- only to be stopped by Zero who said, "Headmaster, you're forgetting something." he looked at the armband laying on the desk. Kaien looked back and nodded, "Good, good Zero-kun. Very observant!" Zero thought with a slight sweat drop, "It was laying right there.." Kaien walked over to it and held it out with a smile, "Welcome to the Cross Academy GUARDIANS~!!"

12/5/2010 #9

Karia took the arm band thinking. 'He's way to damn perky.' with a sweat drop.

12/5/2010 . Edited 12/5/2010 #10
Faded Innocence

Kaien noticed the dimming sky and said with a smile, "Well, Guardians. It appears your shift is starting. you better hurry up before your pay gets reduced!" Zero then said with an aggravated tone, "We aren't even getting paid for this, so quit joking around!" then he stormed out the door while looking at Karia and saying, "Come on."

12/5/2010 #11

"I'll just leave my bag's in here for now and find my room later." Karai told the headmaster and set her bag's by the door and fallowed Zero out well slipping her arm band onto her right arm.

Yuuki said good bye to the headmaster and then walked out of the room.

12/5/2010 . Edited 12/5/2010 #12
Faded Innocence

Kaien smiled and sat back down as he examined her baggage, "Karai-chan.. I hope you're prepared for the adventures that lay here in this very academy."

Zero was walking ahead of the two girls, not paying much mind to them and keeping his back towards them at all times. Then he finally asked, "Why did you come here, Karai." it sounded more like a statement, but it was a question nonetheless. "You say it isn't any of my business," he looked back slightly at her with his never-changing eyes, "but if you're here to do what I'm doing then your help isn't needed here. You should just go ahead back."

12/5/2010 #13

"I'm not sure if you want Yuuki knowing why I am here." Karai said.

"Um, I'll just go and patrol over there." Yuuki said and started running off to the left across the campus.

"My parent's sent me here to keep an eye on you Zero." Karai told him. "They know about your.....predicament." She told him.

12/5/2010 #14
Faded Innocence

Zero's eyes widened slightly as he stiffened and turned away. "Why.." he questioned in a low voice, "Why would you want to help.. someone like me if you already know what's happening.." he looked back at her, "You of all people who hates--" he stopped after hearing the creak of familiar gates, the screaming of girls and Yuuki's voice ordering everyone to step back. he turned around to face the gates of the Moon Dorm, the Night Class had just begun walking.

12/5/2010 #15

"That one I don't know the answer to yet completely but you were my best friend when we were younger Zero. I don't give up on friends that easily, especially sense I don't have very many." Karai said and then started running off in the direction she heard Yuuki and started helping her order the Day class girls back, with one of her signature glares most of them stepped back.

12/5/2010 #16
Faded Innocence

Zero watched her run off with semi-widened eyes as he replayed what she had only just said in his mind. "You were my best friend when we were younger" echoed throughout his mind. "Best friend.. huh.." he repeated as he slowly made his way to the rest of the Guardians.

When the gate was fully opened students wearing white uniforms had started walking. Aido was waving to the Day Class girls in such a friendly manner that it was enough to be deemed childish. Anya, who was walking next to Kaname, noticed a new face wearing the Prefect armband, then hid her vampiric presence while saying softly to Kaname, "We have a new guest, Kaname."

12/5/2010 #17

"Yes, we do." Kaname said.

Karia pushed a girl back who was trying to inch past her.

12/5/2010 #18
Faded Innocence

Anya moved slightly closer to Kaname, hiding her face as they passed Karia. When she made sure she didn't notice she moved back to her normal spot and looked at Yuuki, then at Zero- who was staring at Kaname and her with cold eyes. She smiled and said quietly, "Ohayo(Good morning/morning), Zero." he clenched his teeth and fists slightly as he ignored her taunting greet.

12/5/2010 . Edited 12/5/2010 #19

"You shouldn't tease people like that Anya~Sama." Shiru said in a quiet voice.

12/5/2010 #20
Faded Innocence

((Ahh cute OC:))

Anya looked back at her and smiled, "It's not teasing, it's simply putting more pressure on the bottle of hatred he has."

12/5/2010 #21

"It's still not nice." Shiru told her just as quietly.

12/5/2010 #22
Faded Innocence

Anya looked forward while thinking, "Wakatteru(I know).." then she looked over at Kaname slightly and thought, "You're one of the very few people I'm incapable of reading.. Kaname.."

Zero walked over to the crowd and helped ease them down while thinking as he watched Anya walk by, "Her presence.. there's only one Purebloods presence and yet.."

12/5/2010 #23

Kaname continued walking.

"I said back." Karai said glaring at the girl trying to tiptoe over to the night class.

The girl seemed to shrink as Karai glared at her and back up back into the croup of day class girls.

12/5/2010 #24
Faded Innocence

As they escaped the crowd of fan-girls Anya let her presence be restored. "Anya," said a gentle voice from behind. She turned to see who it was. "What was the point of doing that?" questioned Ichijou. Anya replied flatly, "I wanted to see who would catch on. Only Zero did though, then again. Yuuki seems to be clueless of it, and I wanted to see how much that other girl knew. Apparently she's not aware of the amount of Purebloods in this class. Ah well, I got my data." Ichijou gave a slight smile with sigh.

12/5/2010 #25

"She could just not care if your a pureblood or not Anya~Sama." Shiru said. "Maybe she doesn't think it matters, that a vampire-pureblood or not-shouldn't be aloud here." She said looking thoughtful and then added. "I think she's a hunter. I saw the tip of a gun under her jacket." She said all of this in her usual quiet voice.


When the day class girls started heading back to there dorm's Karai muttered. "Finally." 'What do they see in those guy's anyway?' She thought in slight disgust.

12/5/2010 #26
Faded Innocence

Anya kept her gaze forward as she said, "Possibly, then again when I hide my vampiric presence I could easily pass for a human. So long as I keep hidden to avoid attention from the rest of those humans." Ichijou said with his usual gentle smile, "Anya, I don't think that's how a Pureblood should be speaking." a slight smile formed on her lips, "Maybe not, but I'm simply stating facts."


Zero started walking away while saying with obvious reluctance, "That's over with, now we just have to patrol."

12/5/2010 #27

Karai nodded and walked towards the wood's that were on campus and pulled out her baton looking item and made it slightly larger and started spinning it around her finger's.

12/5/2010 #28
Faded Innocence

"Kaname," said Anya in her indifferent tone, "You're silenter than usual. Did something happen?"

12/5/2010 #29

"I was just thinking. According to the headmaster that girl hates vampires just as much as Zero." Kaname said.

12/5/2010 #30
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