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Faded Innocence

He nodded and looked at Yuuki then asked, "Who's she?"

Zero sighed while saying irritatedly, "You just love to ask questions don't you squirt?"

Akihiko got a slight aggravated mark as he heard 'squirt' then he said, "I don't recall saying anything to you, so if you don't mind, lay off the squirt! I'm probably about your age anyways!"

12/18/2010 #661

"Zero knock it off! He's only as year younger then you so there's no reason to call him squirt. It'll just piss him off." Karia said. "And her name is Yuuki. Yuuki, Akihiko. Akihiko, Yuuki." She said.

"Nice to met you Akihiko." Yuuki said.

12/18/2010 #662
Faded Innocence

Akihiko smiled and held out his hand to Yuuki, "Nice to meet you, Yuuki."

((be right back have to get ready to go out.. again.. -_-))

12/18/2010 #663


Yuuki shook Aki's hand.

12/18/2010 #664
Faded Innocence

((Meh.. I'm tired of going out. I wanna stay home! D;))

Akihiko pulled back his hand once she let go and put it in his pocket, then said as he looked at the list on Karai's hand, "Where to?"

12/18/2010 #665

((I know how you feel lol I like staying home to.

Also I have no idea what to have the errand's be :x))

12/18/2010 #666
Faded Innocence

((Uh... if you want we can skip to where they're on their way back, and then they could run into a Level E just for fun? o.o))

12/18/2010 #667

((There suppose to run into a level E anyway and Ichijo(sp?) is suppose to be there and is suppose to kill it :3))

They were walking back towards the Academy with a vampire jumped out of no where and knocked Karia-who's hand's were full with bag's-to the ground. "Dammit." Karia said dropping the bag's to catch herself and swung at the level E.

12/18/2010 #668
Faded Innocence

((Oh right x3))

Akihiko drew out his daggers and got in front of Yuuki in a defensive position since she didn't seem to know what exactly was going on.

"Karai, are you okay?" asked Zero as he drew Bloody Rose.

12/18/2010 #669

"Yea, just fine." Karia said standing up and pulling out Kari and fully extending it.

The Level E stood facing them all with an insane grin, suddenly though it turned to dust as it was cut in half from behind.

12/18/2010 #670
Faded Innocence

Akihiko sighed and said as he lowered his weapons and said while he looked back at Yuuki who stumbled back and fell, "Are you okay?" he transferred one dagger to the other hand so it was free and held it out so she could grab on.

12/18/2010 #671

"Thank you." Yuuki said taking his hand and pulling herself up.

Ichijo stood where the Level E had been with Shiki standing next to him.

"Why am I even here? You didn't need me." Shiki said.

"What are you two doing here?" Yuuki asked Ichijo.

Karia shrunk Kari and waited for Ichijo's answer.

12/18/2010 #672
Faded Innocence

Ichijou sheathed his katana and said with a smile, "Mission accomplished." then he looked up and said as he lowered the sheathed katana, "Come to the Moon Dorm to figure that out." he looked at everyone else, "You can bring your friends along too."

Zero's eyes never left him as he offered that.

Akihiko looked at them, "Moon Dorm? I take it that they're part of the famous Cross Academies night class then.."

((I'm giving names to his daggers x:))

12/18/2010 . Edited 12/18/2010 #673

((Alright :P))

"Alright....." Yuuki said.

Karia picked up the bag's she had dropped and started walked towards the Academy again.

12/18/2010 #674
Faded Innocence

Akihiko hid Sukui and Shokan once more. "What's the point in doing that?" questioned Zero as they all started walking once Ichijou and Shiki disappeared.

He looked at him, "Doing what?"

"Hiding them." he stated.

Akihiko sighed, "If people knew where they were, they'd be able to take them. To prevent that- I hide them. Simple."

12/18/2010 #675

((Skip to when they get to the headmaster's office???))

12/18/2010 #676
Faded Innocence


I ran out of things to put anyways haha :P))

12/18/2010 #677

Karia knocked on the headmaster's door.

"Come in~!" Kaien called.

Karia opened the door and walked in, setting the two bag's she was carrying down by the wall.

12/18/2010 #678
Faded Innocence

Akihiko walked in right behind her while looking around and accidentally bumped into her. He back up while saying, "Ah.. Sorry.." then he looked at Kaien while holding out his hand, "You must be the Headma--"

Kaien took his hand and shook it rapidly, "Oh yes you must be Aki-chan~!!"

He got an aggravated mark as he ripped his hand back while saying, "Excuse me but I'm--"

Kaien pressed the female day class uniform against him, "It's a perfect fit~!!"

Akihiko got an aggravated mark as he clenched his teeth and fist while trying to calm down.

12/18/2010 #679

Karia grabbed the uniform and threw it at the headmaster. "He's a guy moron!" She said.

12/18/2010 #680
Faded Innocence

Kaien looked at him closer while saying, "Oh~!" he laughed, "Sorry Aki-kun! You're so kawaii I thought you were a--"

Akihiko brought his fist down on his head while saying with obvious aggravation, "Please stop talking." he sighed as he brought his fist back into his pocket, "Just get me a uniform. I'll need a room too, though I'm sure you have one set aside for me already considering I sent in the registration papers early."

He rubbed his head and said with the same amount of energy, "Of course~!! I had originally planned for you to stay in the room across Yuuki-chan, but since you're a boy you'll be able to stay in the room across Zero-kun!"

"He really thought I that Akihiko was a girl..?" thought Zero thinking that he was just kidding at first, "Then again I made the same mistake at first but still.."

12/18/2010 #681

'He's such a moron.' Karia thought. "Are you gonna have Aki be a prefect?" She asked.

12/18/2010 #682
Faded Innocence

"Prefect?" questioned Akihiko as he looked at Karai, then he noticed the arm-band hanging out of Yuuki's pocket.

Kaien nodded, "That's right~! Cross Academy could always use more Guardians! So what do you think Aki-kun, will you do it?" He held out an armband.

Akihiko looked at it then sighed as he took is reluctantly, "So long as you don't say another word regarding me being a female. Sure." "Idiotic headmaster.." thought Akihiko, "Didn't he read my information?"

12/18/2010 #683

"Great~!" Kaien said and grabbed an armband off his desk and handed it to Aki.

12/18/2010 #684
Faded Innocence

He nodded and said as he put it in his pocket, "Come to think of it.. Where's Mabui?"

((Got to go out now.. Be back in like.. an hour n a half more or less.. -_-))

12/18/2010 #685


Just then Mabui walked into the room with a glass of water. "Oh, hey guy's." He said. "I just went to get a drink." He said.

12/18/2010 #686
Faded Innocence

Kaien, who was rubbing his head once more where Akihiko hit him, went up to Mabui with *anime* tears while asking, "Why did you tell me Aki-kun was a girl?!"

Akihiko heard this and thought darkly, "Liar.."

12/18/2010 . Edited 12/18/2010 #687

((O.o That's not really something that Mabui would do.....))

12/18/2010 #688
Faded Innocence

((Hmm... o.O just make him tell the Headmaster to stop making up stories? xD))

12/18/2010 #689

"What? I never said that!" Mabui said. "Stop lieing."

12/18/2010 #690
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