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Maybe these'll help. *pull's elevator shoe's out of no where*

1/29/2011 #331
Faded Innocence

:D! *puts them on* Finally, I have grown!!!!

I literally haven't grown in over a year, and I don't think the coffee has been helping *shifts eyes then pulls out iced coffee and sips it discretely*

1/29/2011 #332

OMG I WANT SOME!!! *Jump's up and down all hyper like at the site of coffee* xD

now I'm really gonna go make some ice coffee lol

1/29/2011 #333
Faded Innocence

O.O.... Make me 12 cups please~!!! :3

Heheh I love how my school has a Mc Donalds right down the street. Anyone can stop by before school and get breakfast, and during lunch you can go off campus for it, but I think you' either have to get permission, or you'd have to have a friend open the gates for you again cause they're locked from the outside :x

1/29/2011 #334

OMG lucky~

We have a local pizza place right down the road from my school but your not aloud to leave for lunch unless you hav e your parent's send in a note saying your aloud to 3:

1/29/2011 #335
Faded Innocence

Ah... Yeah I don't know if you'd get in trouble or not, but I see a lot of people walking around with Mc Donalds bags during lunch so... *shrugs*

1/29/2011 #336

I seee

1/29/2011 #337
Faded Innocence

Yeahh haha.

People are jerks 3: They wont get me iced coffee in the morning T-T

I'll have someone get me one sooner or later, they'll get annoyed with my crankiness sooner or later ^~^

1/29/2011 #338

Why not just make an iced coffee??? All you have to do is make regular coffee and then put ice in it after you've put sugar and creamer in it.

also is Rui's spirit pressure sealed away or does she just not know how to use it

I'm just trying to figure out if Akio would sense elevated spirit pressure coming from her or not :P

1/29/2011 #339
Faded Innocence

Cause my parents don't like that I drink coffee, so they wouldn't let me make it O.o....

She doesn't know how to use it, and she can sense other spiritual pressure, but to her it'd just be an odd feeling coming from the person.

Haha okay :P

1/29/2011 #340


and so Akio would be able to sense her spirit pressure, got it.

one more question, can she see ghost's and hallow's??? Cause if so I have a plan for when school end's and there going to work on there project :P

1/29/2011 #341
Faded Innocence

Yeah she can. Yuri was unable to completely make her human cause of her Soul Reaper heart x:

1/29/2011 #342

Alright! Then a Hallow shall attack them on the way to whichever house that they are going to work on there project at =O

if that's alright with you anyway :P

1/29/2011 #343
Faded Innocence

Yeah of course, that's perfectly fine with me :I

Rui has never actually encountered a Hallow since she re-awoken, and all the souls she sees just looked like normal people to her.

1/29/2011 #344

Normal people have chain's sticking out of there chest's o.O???

xD alright :P

1/29/2011 #345
Faded Innocence

Ahahah xD she never realized that O.o.....

Obliviousness got the better of her? x:

1/29/2011 #346

haha, alright

can't wait to see how she reacts to seeing Marvo come out of Akio's bracelet

or seeing Akio us kido xD

haven't decided what one I'm gonna have her do.

1/29/2011 #347
Faded Innocence

Hahah xD

The effects of Yuri's Zanpaktou will wear off along the way, and her full powers and memories will be restored :P

Not right now, like... Later later :3

1/29/2011 #348

hha, i figured it wouldn't be now :P

figured it would take awhile, after her memories return though she may notice that Aiko's spirit pressure feel's a little like a certain captain's we all know my case don't cxare for at all.

I know Rukia shoiuld notice it

and Urahada(sp?) already noticed it when he first met her.

1/29/2011 #349
Faded Innocence

Yeah she will :P

Urahara* :3

Maybe Rukia will get curious an do some research on Rui

1/29/2011 #350



and yea maybe :P

and if she does she'll realize that there isn't much info on her at all.

1/29/2011 #351
Faded Innocence

Yeah :P


Did you see episode 305-306 of Bleach yet? Omgoodness, Zangetsu is... is.... *jaw drop*

1/29/2011 . Edited 1/29/2011 #352

Found it

and yes, he is hot as hell xD

1/30/2011 #353
Faded Innocence

Damn right he is! xD

1/30/2011 #354

*Pull's life size Zangetsu plushi out of no where and start's cuddling it* :3

btw, I added where Akai's espada number is :P

1/30/2011 #355
Faded Innocence

*looks at random over-sized poster of Tensa Zangetsu with heart eyes* ♥.♥

Yeah I saw :P

1/30/2011 #356

Would you like to cuddle my life size plushi......or I have a better idea!!!!! LET'S GO KIDNAP HIM!!!!! xD

K :3

1/30/2011 #357
Faded Innocence

*shifts eyes* I have an unbreakable rope and cage large enough to fit him in... LET'S GO!!!!! xD

1/30/2011 #358

Yea! *Pull's Yuuki out of the Naruto universe* You need to open a portal into the dimension of someone's mind :3

Yuuki: OK~! Who's mind

*show's Yuuki a picture of Ichigo*

Yuuki: Oh, him. Alessea had me go into his mind last week so she could meet some hot guy. *Open's the portal*

ON WARDS *Charges into the portal*

1/30/2011 #359
Faded Innocence

OH NO! ALESSEA MIGHT'VE GOTTEN HIM FIRST! *Charges in at lightning speed* Wait for us Tensa Zangetsu-sama!!!!

1/30/2011 #360
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