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"You will be put on this team, I let you wait because of the odd number of Genin but being on a squad is required of all Genin's." The Hokage said sternly to Angel.

1/19/2011 #571
Faded Innocence

Angel averted his eyes from the Hokage.

Hoshi looked a little closer at the boy and then noticed white bandages showing from under his shirt, 'That's right..' she thought, 'He was that boy from the forest..'

"Yes, Hokage.." said Angel in a reluctantly respectful tone.

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1/19/2011 #572

"Very well, you may go for now. Alessea. I expect you to start your training with Yuuki when you leave here." The Hokage said.

"Yes Sir." Alessea said.

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Faded Innocence

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Faded Innocence

Hoshi looked at the Hokage while thinking, 'If he wanted me to stay hidden from Luna, why would he put me on a team? Is he positive no one will hear about this..?'

Angel was looking at the ground while thinking, 'Lailah-nee-san is going to be bothering me about this once I return home.. *sigh*'

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Alessea said. "If we can go, Yuuki said she was going to start training me once I got back."

The Hokage nodded. "You all may go once you introduce your self's to each other." He said.

Alessea nodded and turned to Hoshi, Shiruba and Angel. "Hello, my name is Alessea Hime." She said.

1/20/2011 . Edited 1/20/2011 #577
Faded Innocence

Hoshi smiled and said to everyone, "Hi there, I'm--" she looked at the Hokage to see if it was okay for her to say who she was.

He nodded.

She turned back to everyone and continued, "I'm Hoshi Hitsuki."

The Hokage cleared his throat after seeing Angel wasn't saying anything. "My name is.."

"You're mumbling." stated Hoshi.

Angel rolled his eyes as he spoke up, "My name is Angel Tsubasa.."

1/20/2011 #578

"And I'm Shiruba Hasikata." Shiru said.

"It's nice to meet you all." Alessea said.

1/20/2011 #579
Faded Innocence

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Hoshi nodded while saying, "Nice to meet you too."

Angel had his hands in his pockets looking as lax as ever. As if he was ready to fall asleep at any given moment.

'What's his problem?' thought Hoshi uncertainly.

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Faded Innocence

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Yeah, that's part of the reason why he left 3; but despite all that happened,

he's still kind, gentle and nice :3))

1/21/2011 #584

"What?" Kuragari's father asked.

"You heard me right." Kuragari said to her parent's. "Me and Kuro are engaged and as soon as the Chunin exam's are over and I have seen how my team has done I'm traveling to the Dragon Homeland with Kuro so that and we can tell his parent's." She finished.

1/31/2011 #585
Faded Innocence

A knock came to the Hokage's door.

"Yes, come in." said the Third.

The door opened and a females voice followed it, "Hokage-sama, I was wondering if my father's reply came.. in.. yet.." the voice started to trail off as they looked up and saw 4 or so other people in his office. Then she realized Angel was there.

"Nee-san?" questioned Angel.

Hoshi looked from Angel to Lailah, 'Nee-san?' she thought as she examined the two of them. A kind looking gentle woman, and a boy who didn't seem interested in much, and was bored out of his mind right now.

"Angel I didn't know you were--"

Angel's eyes firmed on her, "What's this about a reply from Otousan you were talking about?"

Lailah looked at him surprised, "A-Ah.. Well you see.." she looked down slightly as her voice died down.

"I understand.." said Angel after a while. He turned to the Hokage and said, "I understand, I'm on this Team. Now that we're done with introductions I'll be taking my leave." then he used the Body Flicker technique and reappeared behind Lailah, then walked off in silence.

1/31/2011 #586

"You may go now." The Third told Shiru, Alessea and Hoshi.

Alessea nodded and walked out and headed back towards Yuuki's apartment.

2/2/2011 #587
Faded Innocence

Lailah stepped aside for them and looked down the hall with saddened eyes, 'Angel...' she thought, 'It's not what you think...'

As Angel made his way into the forest he couldn't help but think with hurt anger in the voice inside his head, 'I knew it.. You're just like the others, Nee-san.. You don't care about being here with me, you only did it because it was an order.. This reply you're talking about must be about returning, and sending one of the maids in your stead! Everyone.. Every single one of our siblings look down on me because I'm the youngest.. because I lack this thing called ambition or will.. I thought you told me you came because you wanted to, but it really must all just be an order!'

She turned back to the Hokage who slid an envelope towards her, "It has."

"Thank you." she said as she took the letter from the desk, "If you'll excuse me then." Lailah walked out of the room and decided to find Angel before something happened to him.

2/2/2011 #588

Shiruba had walked out of the office well they were talking.

2/2/2011 #589
Faded Innocence

Angel stumbled out into an open field. He stopped and leaned against another tree trying to regain his breath.

2/3/2011 #590

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((Neither do I.

What episode were we on again?))

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((Somewhere around episode 25 I think.))

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(('Kay thanks.))

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