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I know were not starting this RP until your done watching it but I just felt like making my character now :P

1/22/2011 #1

Name: Rinkusu(Lynx)

Nick Name: Kusu

Age: is just about to celebrate her 400th birthday

Age Appearance: 18 or 19

What is she: Black Lynx Demon

Personality: Her personality is hard to explain but she doesn't mind humans and will protect them from other demons if she feel's she's able to. She also has a soft spot for human children or any children really.

Human Form:

But her hair goes to the back of her knee's with cat like red eye's as well as sharp nails and enlarged canines, a silver star on her forehead with black swirl design's coming off the star and continuing down her face, around her neck and shoulder's and then swirling around her arm's till they came to a stop in the middle of her palm as well as going half way down her back and is 5' 8" tall.

Demon Form: Large Black Lynx with dark purple ear's and tail and almost rivals Sesshomaru's demon form in size.

History: Kusu was born to 2 well known Lynx demons who were killed 7 years after she was born, she ran away and to the closest village-which took her 4 day's to get to because she was so small-where a newly wed couple took pity on her and raised her, keeping her identity as a demon hidden, after she turned 23 she realized she wasn't looking any older and decided to leave and bid her adoptive family goodbye. She has heard about Nuracu(I didn't spell that right I know) and doesn't like what he's doing and wishes she could stop him but knew she would never be able to do it alone so instead she went back and focused on protecting her home village. Then, about a year ago Sesshomaru was passing threw the wood's surrounding her village and she found out about his quest to find his father's grave site, she told him that she would help him find it if only he would only help her in reclaiming the land's of the south and he agreed and she has been traveling with him sense. Also the reason that her Birth parents were killed is because they used to be the lord and lady of the south and other demons wanted to take over there land.

Weapons: A 5' 2" staff with a large crescent moon blade on the top with a star in the middle of it, it's staff part is dark blue, the crescent moon blade is silver and the star is golden. This staff was forged from shadows and moonlight by her father's smith-who was a demon-specially for Hyou because her mothers demon clan specialized in moonlight attacks and her fathers clan specialized in shadow attacks

Powers In Human Form: She can control shadow's and moonlight in this form and also use them as deadly weapons. Also she is much faster and stronger and has advanced sense's. She is also about to discover that she has power over water.((Like Bender's from Avatar))

Moonlight Sight: Kusu can look for someone or something at night by closing her eye's and concentrating on seeing threw the moonlight, she can only see up to a mile away.

Shadow Teleportation: Kusu can cover herself and others in shadow's and teleport them to other places.

Clothing: Kind of like Sango's Demon hunting outfit but it's black and silver.

Power's in Demon Form: In this Form she has basically the same powers but she's even faster and stronger then before.

Goals: To reclaim the land's of the south that are rightfully her inheritance.

Crush: Sesshomaru, though she'd never admit it without good reason to.

1/22/2011 . Edited 2/28/2011 #2
Faded Innocence

Name: Kira Yoi (Killer/Dark; Born in the Evening)

Nickname: Ki

Age: 154

Age Appearance: 16-17

Type: Sound Demon (I wasn't really sure how to put it..)

Personality: Calm and Collected. Her voice is gentle and soothing, but she can be fairly ruthless and cold hearted. Truly she's lonely and afraid, and her actions makes the world see her as an enemy. In truth she's kind and somewhat gentle, but her heart has been hardened and closed off due to events in her past, so she comes off as Dark to most.

Human Form:

she has eyeshadow the same color as the red in her clothing appearance.

Demon Form: Her Demon Form is practically the same as her human, except her eyes begin to glow, and they're outlined with a deep blood red.

History: She doesn't know the meaning of the word love, nor does she believe such a thing exists. Her parents took their lives right before her, therefore leaving her alone in the world when she was simply a child. This action was taken because her Father had been possessed by a cruel demon that sought power from him. Knowing something wasn't quite right with her husband, Kira's mother had no choice but to kill him, less harm would come to their child. During the end of their quarrel, after she'd already taken his life she had ended up becoming possessed herself. She was able to gain back some control over her body, and she took this opportunity to kill herself as well. When Kira had walked into the room, she saw her Father dead, and her Mother running an already bloodied dagger through her heart- killing herself instantly. After experiencing such an horrific event she'd come to a conclusion that they'd died because of her. That because of her being alive, they wanted death. Her heart was then closed off in the dark depths of solitude, where the feeling of love could no longer exist. Kira was framed as the murder of her own parents. She'd always been told from relatives that she'd be better off dead. That she shouldn't be alive, and that it's her fault for their deaths. She has no memory of a parents love, or any love at all. The feelings of kindness has always disappeared before it could reach her. The solitude that had enveloped her had numbed her, and turning her into someone who cannot stand the uttering of such kind words.

Weapons: An innocent looking violin that is able to place anyone under a spell that controls their actions, or allows them to see illusions. It depends on the song she plays. The violin is able to create a high-pitched noise that can make anyones head feel ready to split, and notes so low that the earth will start to crack.

She's also an archer, so her weapons include bows and arrows.

Powers in Human Form: Her voice is able to sing melodies that control or influence ones mind for moments in time. She also has vampire-like fangs from her Father's side. These fangs protrude her mouth and are able to pierce through flesh as if it were air. With this, she's able to extract blood from the target until they die, or she can even extract poisons, for they don't effect her. Her arrows have special effects like Kikyo, and Kagome's, except hers is the exact opposite. Instead of Sacred Arrows she shoots, what she calls, Sin's Arrows. Arrows coated with her demon energy, that's usually surrounded by a dark purple color. Can also see Jewel Shards, and can't turn them dark optionally, but she can also purify them (only the ones she's tainted herself).

Clothing at all Time:

except they're a reasonable length, so not as long as that, and she doesn't wear her hair like that.

Powers in Demon Form: The powers in her Human Form and from her Violin are enhanced, and the radius of her songs are larger, the others are more effective.

Crush: [will develop into] Raven

1/22/2011 . Edited 2/4/2011 #3

Cool chari :P

1/22/2011 #4
Faded Innocence

Thanks :P

1/24/2011 #5

Name: Chita((Cheetah))

Age: 1026

Age Appearance: 23

What is He: Cheetah Demon

Personality: Cruel and evil

Human Form: long blood red hair, black eye's and pail skin

Demon Form: Large white Cheetah that is a bit larger then Kurohyou's demon forkm

History: him and his wife slayed the lord and lady of the south 393 year's ago because they didn't think that demon's who spared humans and treated them as equals should be aloud to rule the south, he is a cruel ruler and often take in human slave's to do his bidding and has many lesser demons watching over 'his' castle.

Powers In Human Form: he is very fast as Cheetah's are the fastest land animal's, he can also turn him self invisible for short period's of time((About 3 minute's at a time, it's how he was able to get into the castle with his wife and take Hyou's parent's by surprise.)) and he can control/conjure fire.

Power's in Demon Form: his normal power's are advanced.

1/24/2011 . Edited 1/25/2011 #6
Faded Innocence

Name: Raven

Nickname: none. (he doesn't have any, too feminine to him.)

Age: 247

Age Appearance: 18

Type: Raven Demon

Personality: Manipulative, Deceitful, Cunning, Kind, [usually] Honest, [can be] Polite, Patient, and [sometimes] Gentle

Human Form:

but he has black nails and, looks slightly more masculine so they could pass for either one. ((There're reasons for this, they'll serve their purpose throughout the RP *shifts eyes*)) He has the eyeshadow like thing, and its color is dark gold-ish.

Demon Form: His Demon Form has 2 stages.

Stage 1: His Human Form, but with black raven wings and talon-sharp nails. (His nails are already sharp, but they get even sharper.)

Stage 2: He turns into a large black raven that's size is a quarter and a half of Sesshomaru's demon form.

History: Both him and his parents were under Sesshomaru's command during a war he was a part of. Raven's parents were both killed during this time as they protected their son. With their blood on his hands, he blamed himself for their deaths, but once his mind cleared he realized that it was out of love that they'd died for him, and it was something they would've done a million more times. After this cleared out of his mind he'd worked to create a stable life. People usually mistake him as a girl, so he uses this to his occasional advantage, depending on the circumstances. A few years ago he'd discovered a girl who seemed dead despite the life in her. There wasn't a shred of emotion or effort in anything she did, and all her eyes reflected was loneliness and solitude. Raven had begun to speak with her more and more until it became a daily routine. Her name was Kira. He knew of her past, only because one night when she'd fallen ill and he aided her, she was willing to speak about it. In the morning she had no memory of telling him anything. It was thanks to him that she developed some emotion and socialization skills.


but the colors are black and a dark purple. It's a rapier that can also act as a whip, very deadly and can curve and stretch as far as he wishes (its limitations are unknown). The most fearful thing about it that people don't pay much mind to is its speed.

Powers in Human Form: He's able to call and control ravens. With these ravens he can see what they see, hear what they hear, and can order them to do something (part of the control), with this he's also able to allow people to see what the ravens see, so long as he permits it. Raven can also fly because of his wings in Stage 1 of his Demon Form. He can breath life into people as well, this brings them back from near-death, and restores their health. It cannot bring back people from the dead.

Clothing at all Time:

but the shoulders look a bit more rounded at times, and without the cross necklace.

Powers in Demon Form: Same as his human but enhanced.

Crush: [will develop into] Kira

1/24/2011 . Edited 2/1/2011 #7

Cool chari :P

also I was wondering if you could help me get more detail into Chita, I can't think of anything else to put for him but he just seems kinda......empty D:

1/25/2011 #8
Faded Innocence

Thanks :P

n yeahh I noticed that he lacked detail, but I thought you just didn't wanna do into any O.o...

Have anything specific in mind?

1/25/2011 #9

No I don't have anything specific in mind :P

1/25/2011 #10
Faded Innocence

Why don't you make it so that uhm... He had a grudge against Hyou's parents, because... mm...

1) they took the life of their child

2) they took an important part of their land


3) Hyou's dad stole her mom away from him?

1/25/2011 . Edited 1/25/2011 #11

Well I was going with Hyou's parent's were kinde3r then most demons

Maybe they killed them cause they didn't think they deserved to rule the south cause of there kind nature.

think that would work o.O??? I've had pretty bad writers block sense English class yesterday.

1/25/2011 #12
Faded Innocence

Hmm.. Yeah that idea's better than the three listed above O.o...

I've been feeling sluggish since yesterday lolz

1/25/2011 #13

Yeah! I finally thought of something xD

I've been trying to think of something else to put in his profile sense I made him xD

1/25/2011 #14
Faded Innocence

Hahah xD!

1/25/2011 #15
Faded Innocence

Name: Fang

Age: 1024

Age Appearance: 22

What is She: Cheetah Demon

Personality: Cruel and Cold, Conceited, Self-centered, Selfish, and enjoys seeing others in pain

Human Form:

but has slightly more color, and has black hair and cold orange eyes.

Demon Form: Large dark brown Cheetah that is a bit larger then Kurohyou's demon form, but slightly smaller than her husband's.

History: Her and her husband murdered the lord and lady of the south 393 year's ago because they didn't think that demon's who spared humans and treated them as equals should be aloud to rule the south, she is a cruel ruler and often abuses the human slave's to the point of nearly dying.

Powers In Human Form: She is very fast as Cheetah's are the fastest land animal's, she can also make people fall unconscious with a certain touch of her hand. She's able to control/conjure cheetah's to act as guards.

Power's in Demon Form: Same as human, but advanced.

1/26/2011 #16
Faded Innocence

Name: Abella (means: Breath)

Nickname: She dislikes being called Abs, Abby, etc. or Bella. so None

Age: 349

Age Appearance: 20

Type: Raven Demon

Personality: Gentle, Kind, Patient, Honest, Caring [towards her family], Rational

Human Form:

Demon Form: Same as Raven's (both stages)

History: While her brother and parents were fighting in the war, she was away tending to some business at her Father's request. Once she'd returned news was sent to her that both her parents had been killed, but her brother was alive. During the battle which killed her parents, Raven was unconscious and had woken up just in time for him to see the death of their parents. His head had been struck on his head, causing him to have amnesia. Most of his memories stayed intact, but he'd forgotten some details in his childhood and some relatives, one being Abella. Since she heard of her brother being alive, she's been looking for him ever since, stopping by villages, and gathering information every now and then.


except the red is a dark purple. When they aren't in use they take this form:

but in silver with the the outer part dark purple.

Powers in Human Form: Same as Raven's, but she isn't as good as controlling them as he is, but is better at restoring someones life.

Clothing at all Time:

except the red/pink is the same color as the other outfit, and the gold is silver.

Powers in Demon Form: Same as her human but enhanced.

Crush: None.

1/27/2011 #17

Name: Kyuuketsuki(Vampire)

Nick Name: Some of the demons in her colony called her Suki and Ashi call's her that to cause he can't say her full name yet but if anyone else call's her that she's give them a death glare that would send most people running home to there mother crying.

Age: 193

Age Appearance: 15-16

What is she: Vampire Bat Demon

Personality: She's sarcastic and tough and is a good fighter but tries not to fight if it can be helped. She has also become very protective of Ashi.

Human Form:

But she has fang's and sharpened nails

Demon Form: a large bat about half the size of Chita's demon form

History: Her parent's were killed about 100 year's ago and then one day about 4 year's ago one of Chita's guards found her wandering around in the wood's outside the casle and brought her in, when they found out that she had just been lost they offered her a way to stay alive after trespassing on there property, if she would become the nurse made and guardof there child who was about to be born-as she had been able to kill off 4 of there guards before more had come and over powered her-. She accepted having nothing better to do with her time having lost her colony-as vampire bat demon's always travel in colony's-and she has been in the castle sense and ever sense there child Ashi((Evil)) was born she has been taking care of him and has a bed in the child's room as she has to stay there at night to make sure nothing happens to the child.

Weapons: none, she prefers to fight with her bare hands

Powers In Human Form: She has power's over sound wave's

Sound shield: if she humm's she can use the vibration's going threw the air like a shield to protect herself and anyone she is in physical contact with.

Defining screech: She screeches at a very hi-pitched frequency and can cut off someone's sense of hearing as well as make there ear's bleed from there eardrum's bursting.

Divine blood: If she let's someone who is wounded drink her blood there wound's will heal almost instantly.

If she give's someone who is weak or sick her blood they will become stronger

If someone who is already strong drink's her blood they will temperarily become 3x's stronger

((She keep's these ability's her blood has a secret from Chita and Fang))


Power's in Demon Form: Same as in human form.

Goals: none really, unless you count protecting Ashi

Other: She can grow bat wing's in her human form large enough to fly with.

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Faded Innocence

Name: Ayumi Mizuki (Walking; Beautiful Moon)

Age: 10

Age Appearance: 10

Type: Cat Demon (Half Demon)

Personality: Loyal, Attentive, Curious, Kind, Curious, sometimes Childish, occasionally Sensitive

Human Form:

except her hair is silver-blue like the moon and it goes down to the midsection of her thighs. She has paler skin that somewhat glows, sharper nails and teeth too, along with cat ears and a tail.

History: Ayumi's mother was a Demon Slayer, who fell in love with a Demon. Due to these actions she was then exiled from the village, and her husband [Ayumi's father] was executed. About three years later a man who's heart was broken by her mother hunted her down, and killed her. While Kira was passing by she heard his scornful speech towards the dying woman, and then killed him afterwards once she heard what he had done. She hadn't liked it. When she approached them, Ayumi's mother gave Kira her dying wish: for her to take care of her daughter Ayumi. Kira complied with this, and then gave the woman a proper burial, then left with Ayumi. Since then Ayumi has been traveling with her, and acts as her self-proclaimed number one guard.


but it doesn't have that lizard-thing design at the beginning of the blade. It's name is Tsume Hane (Claw Blade). Tsume Hane is worn on Ayumi's back, and has several capabilities. Not only is Ayumi able to use it along with her personal power of controlling water, but this blade also comes off its guard, and stays attached by a practically unbreakable chain. No one knows of this, because those who come to learn of it end up dead (aside from Kira and Raven). Tsume Hane has other secretes that are still to be revealed.

Powers: Speed, Strength, Reflexes, Stealth, Sight, Hearing, Smell, etc. of a cat.

Can put up powerful Barriers that can protect them from anything/anyone she doesn't wish to enter, and can also deflect an enemies attacks/powers.

Her claws are as sharp as Inuyasha's and serve as powerful weapons when she slashes her opponents.

Has the power to control/conjure water. Ayumi is able to control its temperature, shape, etc. She can even control it when it's in its gas form, or solid (ice), despite the temperature.


the clothing under the top layer is white, along with the top of the socks and collar. The tail part of her outfit is only a single tail, not double.

Other: She despises and yet fears the Demon Slayers.

The days she loses her powers are the nights of the Third-Quarter (aka Last Quarter) moon. This happens one week after the full moon.


Sorry I'm not feeling good, and my mom's making me rest -.- got on long enough to type this charie up (used URLs I saved O.o...)

2/5/2011 . Edited 2/15/2011 #19

cool chari

and alright, any idea when you'll be feeling better???

2/5/2011 #20
Faded Innocence

No clue... I'll try tomorrow, the chances are low though...

I'm gonna go back to sleep to try to rest up more :/

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