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((Aw alright.))

Yuuki quickly jumped at Ikkaku again and swung her sword at his shoulder.

2/3/2011 #121
Faded Innocence

((I finished Inuyasha while I was sick :P))

Ikkaku blocked it with his sheath then lunged the blade at her fiercely.

"Frontal attacks won't work too well on her." said Luna, "If you want to hit Yuuki-sensei, it's best to take her by surprise."

Hoshi nodded, "If that's possible at least."

2/14/2011 #122

((Awesome :P))

Yuuki spun out of the way and swung her sword at Ikkaku's side as she was spinning.

2/14/2011 #123
Faded Innocence

((Writing an essay .-.))

Ikkaku jumped away quickly. "Not bad." he said with a smirk as he felt something warm drip from his arm: blood. A little but she managed to get him. He got into his attacking stance once more, "But not too good either!"

2/14/2011 #124

Yuuki smirked. "I guess I'll have to actually get serious if I want to knock some sense into you." She said and focused Time Chakra into her eye's and activated her Toki Metsuk. "Just be sure not to look directly into my eye's from this point on." She told him bringing her sword back up in front of her. "I'm not sure you would be able to handle the shock, of seeing your own death." She said. "It's been knows to put weaker minded opponent's I've gone against into a comatose state."

((I see.))

2/14/2011 . Edited 2/14/2011 #125
Faded Innocence

"Don't take me for a weakling, let alone an idiot!" growled Ikkaku as he kicked off the surface he stood on and charged at her irritatedly.

2/14/2011 #126

Yuuki turned just enough to be out of the way of his attack. "Are you saying it wouldn't freak you out seeing a flash of the future, seeing yourself die?" She asked.

2/14/2011 #127
Faded Innocence

Ikkaku planted his foot down causing him to come to an abrupt halt as he spun to kick her with his free leg, "What kind of trick are you trying to pull?!" he demanded as he turned to face her, "Seeing the future and your own death? HAH!"

2/14/2011 #128

"If you don't believe me then you wont hesitate to look into my eye's" Yuuki said spinning out of the way of his kick and then looked at his face, just avoiding direct eye contact. "Will you?" She asked.

"I have a long wait to go before I will have mastered Toki Metsuk as well as Yuuki~Sensei has." Alessea said.

2/14/2011 . Edited 2/15/2011 #129
Faded Innocence

"It looks quiet difficult to use." said Angel, "Being able to keep it activated seems hard enough, let alone while staying focused in battle. That appears to be truly challenging."

((I edited the twins and Tomu's Clan abilities a bit.))

2/15/2011 #130

Alessea nodded. "It get's a bit confusing when you first use it cause your seeing two thing's at once, whatever happening you see solidly and then over that you see a see threw film of what attack's or movement's are coming from your opponent. It take's a lot of practice to get the timing just right." She told Angel.


2/15/2011 . Edited 2/15/2011 #131
Faded Innocence

"The Ouritsu Clan must've been very skilled in order to be able to possess and use such a Dojutsu." said Angel pretty amazed.

Ikkaku turned back to Yuuki and lunged at her looking directly in her averted eyes while saying with a cocky chime, "Looks like you're the only one in the fight that's afraid to look make eye contact if you ask me!"

Hoshi and Luna shook their head.

"He's just asking for it." said Tomu.

Luna then commented, "This guy's really dense."

"Definitely." stated Hoshi.

2/15/2011 . Edited 2/15/2011 #132

Yuuki shifted her eye's so he could see directly into them. "If you really want to see your own death." She said.

"The 11th squad is known for there love of battle." Alessea told them.

2/15/2011 #133
Faded Innocence

"Well I hope he loves it enough to die," said Luna.

Hoshi then added, "Because his love will be his bane."

"Don't forget," reminded Tomu, "Yuuki-sensei said she'd heal him afterwards."

Angel then said, "Unless she kills him first."

"I don't think she's that irresponsible..." said Hoshi.

Luna shrugged, "Who knows? Maybe there might be an 'accident' of some sort."

Tomu shook his head, "There wont be. She wouldn't go that far just to teach this sexist a lesson." then he thought, 'Or at least I'd hope not...'


Ikkaku's eyes widened as he felt something shoot through him, and bloody images flashed through his mind. A yell slowly left his mouth and grew as the images progressed and proved to be more gruesome than anything he's seen before.

2/15/2011 #134

Yuuki closed her eye's shutting off his glimpse into the future. "Enough proof for you?" She asked opening her eye's again once they were diverted from direct eye contact with him. "It wasn't an illusion either. You actually just saw your own death."


"She wont kill him, maybe almost but not completely." Alessea said. "And as long as he still has a tiny bit of life left in him she can heal him." She said.

2/15/2011 #135
Faded Innocence

They all nodded in agreement with Alessea's statement.


Ikkaku stopped his charge at her. It was then that he found himself breathing heavier than he ever has in a battle. "You expect me to believe that I just saw the real future?! My own death?!"

"Just how much proof does this guy need?" asked Angel.

Sasuke then said, "At this rate he really will die."

2/15/2011 #136

"Yes, you did. My Dojutsu, the power of my eye's when there like this allows me to see ahead in battle, to know ever move my opponent is about to make. As well as power to show my opponent's the exact moment of there death if they look into my eye's, and it goes on over and over until I break eye contact." Yuuki said.

2/15/2011 #137
Faded Innocence

"I've never heard of abilities like that..!" said Ikkaku as what was left of his mind returned.

2/15/2011 #138

"Cause there not ability's from this dimension Ikkaku!" Alessea called.

"Oh, so that's your name?" Yuuki asked. "Well I'll make sure not to kill you Ikkaku." She said and then disappeared and reappeared behind him using the body flicker technique and slashed down at his shoulder.

2/15/2011 #139
Faded Innocence

Ikkaku's eyes widened as he felt his body go numb and start to fall forward. 'How did I lose?.... They're not from... this dimension?' thought Ikkaku as he fell, his gaze focusing on the others, 'Just who are there people...' His eyes closed and a dust cloud rose up from the place he fell.

2/15/2011 #140

"Well that's done." Yuuki said and sheathed her sword. She then rolled Ikkaku onto his back and did some hand signs and then started healing him.

2/15/2011 #141
Faded Innocence

"Well that didn't take too long." said Hoshi as she stood up and walked in front of Luna with an extended hand.

Luna took it and let her sister hoist her to her feet, "As to be expected from Yuuki-sensei."

After a little while Ikkaku's eyes fluttered open and started wandering as he tried to recall what just happened.

2/15/2011 #142

"I see your awake, now what did this teach you about judging people when you know nothing about them?" Yuuki asked as Itachi walked over and stood behind her, she was still healing him.

"It was surprisingly easy, I knew she would win." Alessea said standing up. "But I thought it would take a little longer seeing as he's the 3rd seat of the 11th squad, I just hope he doesn't tell Kenpachi that Yuuki~Sensei was able to defeat him so easily, she'll be running from him wanting to fight her none stop." She said.

2/15/2011 . Edited 2/15/2011 #143
Faded Innocence

"I think he cares more about his honor than the fact she beat him." said Sasuke seeing a certain look in Ikkaku's eye that didn't exactly say he was going to talk about this ever again.

Ikakku turned his head away with a 'tch' as he muttered, "Yeah, yeah..."

Luna looked at Sasuke slightly while thinking, 'Is that how you are..? Would you hide a loss if it meant protecting your pride?'

2/15/2011 #144

"That's a good Ikkaku." Yuuki said with a smile patting his head once and standing up when she was done healing him.

2/15/2011 #145
Faded Innocence

Ikkaku stood up then snorted, "So what are people out of this dimension doing here anyways? You intruders or somethin'?"

"Don't go jumping to conclusions." stated Hoshi and Luna.

He looked at them, "And what are you two? Clones?"

"Twins." said Luna.

Then Hoshi asked, "Don't you have twins in this dimension?"

Ikkaku rolled his eyes and looked firmly at Itachi and Yuuki, "Well? 'Er ya intruders er what? Who sent you?" the last question had some natural fierceness towards the end.

"If we were intruders," said Sasuke, "Then why would we stand around idly battling you without killing you?"

"That wouldn't make much sense now would it?" asked Angel.

2/15/2011 #146

"The Captain~Commander gave us permission to stay here for a little while, were visiting other dimension's beside's our own right now using Yuuki~Sensei's sword." Alessea told Ikkaku.

"There you guy's are!" Aoi called from above everyone. He was merged with Saphira and flying around looking for them. He landed near everyone and unmerged with Saphira.

"Hey guy's." Saphira said.

2/15/2011 . Edited 2/15/2011 #147
Faded Innocence

"I see..." said Ikkaku as he let his Zanpakuto go back to its pre-released form, "If the Captain Commander permitted it then I see no harm."

"Hey we were just gonna go look for you until we got sidetracked." said Tomu happily.

Hoshi looked at Ikkaku while saying to Aoi and Saphira, "You two missed it."

"Yuuki-sensei just finished teaching this sexist cue-ball a lesson." said Luna.

2/15/2011 #148

"Hm, I bet he got his butt kicked." Aoi said.

2/15/2011 #149
Faded Innocence

"Completely." said Hoshi and Luna.

Luna then added, "Didn't even put up a fight to Yuuki-sensei."

Hoshi shook her head, "Never stood a chance."

While they went on Ikkaku got an aggravated mark as he overheard it all.

Sasuke cleared his throat, "Why don't we find everyone else before we do anything else?"

2/15/2011 #150
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