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Because 7 minutes just isn't long enough. :)

Challenge Name: 7 Days in Heaven

Fandom: KHR!

Characters: OCs

Type of Story: Romance or Romance/Humor

Challenge Summary: So pretty much your OC gets to spend 7 whole days with the guy/girl of his/her dreams. (Or it could be a canon character if your OC is the guy/girl of said canon's dreams.)

Rules: THERE MUST BE AN OC IN THE RELATIONSHIP!! No CanonXCanon. No MukuroXTsuna, TsunaXKyoko, XanxusXSqualo, BelXFlan, etc... (Sorry fangirls...) It has to be CanonXOC. It can also be OCXOC, too. That's fine.

Yaoi is acceptable. I like yaoi. X3 Yuri is okay, too, I guess. I don't really support any yuri, but there are some lesbians out there, so feel free to write about them!

I would prefer it if at least one the characters didn't have feelings for the other one. For example, if your OC has a crush on Tsuna, Tsuna doesn't like them back. It makes it funnier. :) But if you want them to both have feelings for each other, that's cool, too.

Each day has to be a different chapter. "Chapter 1: Day 1. Chapter 2: Day 2" and so on and so on.

Let me know when you finish it or at least when you upload the first chapter, please! You can send me a PM or reply to this saying "Hey, I'm done!" Either way. But I wanna read those stories! ^^

Love triangles are fine, also. They kind of make things interesting.

Last but DEFINITELY not least, HAVE FUN PEOPLE! :DDDD!!!

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