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Enter the world of L.J. Smith's bestselling series, The Vampire Diaries, become a vampire, human, or a witch and help mold this world into something amazing.
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You may claim a canon from this list:











The template is as follows-



ALIASES: (if none, just remove)


SOCIAL STATUS: (in society, how high are you ranked?)









ALIASES: (if none, just remove)












AGE: (Appears as/Really is)


EATING HABITS: ('Veggie' or a total animal)

APPEARANCE: (be specific!)







EDIT: If someone under family/friends of your character's doesn't have a profile and you wish for them to be played by someone, put (OPEN) next to their name.

The limit of characters is currently unlimited.

5/21/2010 . Edited 5/25/2010 #1
Fear Die Rothaarige

NAME: Nyx Valentine

AGE: Physicaly 18 Real age, An Old One

SOCIAL STATUS: Higher upper class

EATING HABITS: Some of both, but mostly humans

APPEARANCE: Shoulder lenght, copper red hair. Deep blue eyes with a yellowish gold ring around the pupil. Pale skin with freckles. Usualy wears black jeans, t-shirts, and boots. She almost always has her Linkin Park hoodie on.

PERSONALITY: Cold. Has a hard time fitting in. Does not stay in one place to long. Is still grieving over the lose of her mate some years back.

HISTORY: Born sometime way back in Ireland. Compared to other Old Ones, she is very tame. She turned a man named Tristen, who was her lover. About 200 years after they had been together, he was killed by Klaus. Every since then she has been griving for him. She travels around, not spending more than a few months in one place.

FAMILY/FRIENDS: No family. She knew Damon and Stephen when they were human children because she worked with their father.


OTHER: Transforms into a red wolf.

'Witches, and vampires, and gigantic wolves, oh my!'

5/22/2010 . Edited 5/22/2010 #2

You're forgetting something from the rules...

5/22/2010 #3
Fear Die Rothaarige

Which was?

5/22/2010 #4

Witches, and vampires, and gigantic wolves, oh my!

You would've seen it if you read the rules, but whatever, right?

5/22/2010 #5
Fear Die Rothaarige

I read them, it just slipped my mind.

5/22/2010 #6


5/22/2010 #7


NAME: Selene DeBeau

ALIASES: Willow Zalman, Cassie Smith...

AGE: Looks 16 Years/ Is 99 Years


EATING HABITS: Humans... mostly those no one would notice is missing.

APPEARANCE: She has many sharp edges, her round face was the only exception though her eyes no longer had the light of innocence that was once there. She looks small and harmless, but she has the ability to take down those twice her size. Bright, forest green eyes that are large like a child's. Shoulder length, straight, auburn hair that catches the sunlight easily and seems to shine even in dim light. Wear only black, white, or dark purple clothing. Usually wears the leather jacket she took from a guy who tried to feel her up, a black tanktop, and torn up black jeans.

PERSONALITY: Quiet unless spoken to, she's fiercely loyal, it takes a lot to get her angry and when she does get angry she goes into a blind rage and destroys anything in standing in her way, she never speaks about her past. She is very stubborn and disobedient and likes to use sarcasm.

HISTORY: Was a servant for the Salvatore's back in the day and Emily's good friend. Catherine is the one who changed her when she almost killed her when she needed to feed...

FAMILY/FRIENDS: No family, no friends.

POWERS/ABILITIES: Normal abilities for a vampire...

OTHER: Transforms into a Golden Eagle.

5/22/2010 #8
Fear Die Rothaarige

Ready to rp?

5/22/2010 #9
Your Sugar Sits Untouched


NAME: Melinda 'Florence' (See history) Grayce

ALIASES: Florence (No surname)

AGE: (Appears as/Really is) 18/411


EATING HABITS: ('Veggie' or a total animal) Wouldn't go 'veggie' if her undead life depended on it. Feeds off humans.

APPEARANCE: (be specific!) Petite and delicate, like a doll. She has small features, and large, bright green eyes the color of a malachite stone. Her hair is long and a dark brown that falls in waves to her mid-back.

PERSONALITY: Has a sort of false childlike innocence to her. Optimistic, but has a short temper and is easily annoyed. Hates talking about herself and her past, and her history is generally shrouded in mystery. Can be quite stubborn, but is easily influenced if you say the right thing.

HISTORY: Ran away from home when she was ten. She was found half-dead on the shore of a beach in Florence, Italy by Giuseppe Salvatore. She recovered from her injuries quickly, but refused to tell anyone who she was and where she was from. She was re-named Florence, as she loved both the name and the city. She befriended both the Salvatore brothers, and when she got older, developed a secret crush on Damon. Little else is known about her.

FAMILY/FRIENDS: Prefers not to mention

POWERS/ABILITIES: What a typical well-fed vampire can do.

OTHER: Has a secret crush on Damon which she's had as long as she can remember.

Witches, and vampires, and gigantic wolves, oh my!

5/24/2010 . Edited 5/24/2010 #10

ACCEPTED! Welcome, you may RP anytime!

( I personally think that Damon would like Melinda as well... She suits him perfectly :D )

5/25/2010 #11
Your Sugar Sits Untouched

Thanks :) Oh, and is the RP starting on a specific book or anything, or is it a continuation?

Hmm, maybe when Damon's brought into the RP, a bit of a relationship will develop? :P

5/26/2010 #12

Beginning of the first book...

And yes.

5/26/2010 #13
Fear Die Rothaarige

Do you know who Sage is Rainy? Or you haven't gotten to Shadow Souls yet?

5/26/2010 #14

I haven't... I'd rather no characters introduced later in the series be played until we reach that part in the RP.

5/26/2010 #15
Your Sugar Sits Untouched

Makes sense... can we start RPing now?

5/27/2010 #16


Name: Jessi

Aliases:Too many to count

Age:19 but was able to maintain that age since the great depression

Social Status: no status except what she dcides

Appearance: about 5'3" dee burnette hair down to her lower back with deep chocolate eyes and pale skin

Personality: spunky and fearless who fights with her own personal gain in mind

History: parents killed at age 10 been on own since then when it comes to work she works for her own gain.

Family/Friends: none always the thought of being betrayed like in the past

Powers/Ablities: pyrokinesis, mind reading, telekinesis only on an adreniline rush

Other: Maybe one day she'll be the person someone needs. the person who should've been there decades ago when she needed help the most.

6/20/2010 #17
Fear Die Rothaarige


6/21/2010 #18

Mind if I join?


NAME: Sammy White

AGE: 16

SOCIAL STATUS: (in society, how high are you ranked?) Lowww but getting a bit to middle class

APPEARANCE: She's short, slim, really skinny(for certain reasons), pale-ish skin. She has warm grey eyes and a soft small smile and light curly blonde hair that falls just a bit past her shoulders.

PERSONALITY: She's very straightfoward and stubborn. Also she's feisty, sassy, strong, very self-dependent which doesn't help her, loyal, trust worth, sweet, caring, smart, bright, a bit sarcastic, finds it a bit hard to trust people, she gets herself into things she shouldn't a lot of times.

HISTORY: She got a adopted a few times, then she got emancipated and ended up on the streets. After a few years on the streets when she was 14, she moved in with a friend Carter in New Orleans. She ranaway from there because he attempted to rape her. She only recently started trusting people again and at age 16 she moved in with Cally. Cally got murdered a month ago and Sammy suspects it's her old friend Carter who did it.


TALENTS: Drawing, surviving, getting herself into things she shouldn't, writing.

OTHER: She's been saving money to adopt a dog....

Witches, and vampires, and gigantic wolves, oh my!

6/30/2010 #19
Your Sugar Sits Untouched

:O I KNOW YOU! We used to RP together :D Doubt you remember me, but still xD

6/30/2010 #20
Fear Die Rothaarige


6/30/2010 #21

YAY!! And yup i remember ya!! Everyone abadoned me on the forum T_T

6/30/2010 #22
Your Sugar Sits Untouched

Ooh, maybe I'll rejoin :)

6/30/2010 #23

:D that sounds good XD

hmmm need to figure out where to start

6/30/2010 #24
Fear Die Rothaarige

~former human~

Name: Mick St. John

Age: 16

Social Status: Middle class

Appearance: Short, Spiky red hair. Eye black as night. Dealthy pale. Wears jeans and t-shirts with combact boots.

Personality: Loves pain, his own and others.

Bio: Born in Fell's Church. His mother died when he was three and his father died when he was four. He was put into foster care. At 15, he was involved in a hit-and-run. He was dead for five minutes. He was brought back as a Shinigami to help bring the souls of the dead to hell.

Family/Freinds: N/A

Powers/Abilities: Can see ghost and spirts. Smooth talker. Can pick locks.

7/1/2010 #25
The Demonic Heiress


NAME: Isis Stratson

AGE: 17

SOCIAL STATUS: middle class

APPEARANCE: Long, straight, dark brown hair. brown/ hazel eyes with a silver tint. Fit. Olive colored skin. Wears jeans and t- shirts with slogans or designs, and leather jackets. Has 5 long scars on her back.

PERSONALITY: She keeps fighting until the very end. Isis is extremely hard to beat and she is not afraid to take you down if you get in her way. She is a determined player and is a very driven girl. Just by looking at Isis, you know you are going down. She is loyal, doesn't trust people easily, Strong, Independent, short tempered, brave, courageous, funny, nice to her friends, can kick any ones butt, and knows when to be funny and when to be serious. She is still trying to learn how to control her temper. Sarcastic. A total rebel

HISTORY: When she was six years old a tragedy happened in her life so she ran away from home. Sabrina Stratson found her on the side of the road and took her in. Sabrina is a talent agent who found out that Isis could sing and dance. She instantly had Isis signed and now Isis is one of the most popular singers around. She is also the leader of one of the most feared and powerful gangs out there: The Night Predators. She found out she was a witch when she was 13 but she hasn't told Sabrina yet

FAMILY/FRIENDS: Sabrina Stratson (Adopted mother)

POWERS/ABILITIES: controls all elements


10/17/2010 #26


NAME: Steph Ivashkov

ALIASES: Callie Smith

AGE: (Appears as/Really is) 16/26


EATING HABITS: ('Veggie' or a total animal) Wouldn't go 'veggie' at all, she loves human blood way to much!

APPEARANCE: (be specific!) She is 5'3 with long wavy dirty blonde hair that falls just past her shoulder's she has side fringe on her left. She has amazingly bright blue eyes that are to die for, She has Red rosey checks. She looks younger than she is, she thinks she's rather ugly but people try to tell her she is beautiful.

PERSONALITY: She is rather Childlike and extremely innocence except for her killing humans to keep alive. She is the type of girl who doesn't care what people think of her unless she really likes that person. she is loud and crazy But is easily Annoyed and has a bad Temper when she wants to, but that hardly happens. She doesn't like showing her emotions that much. Hates talking about herself and her past, it scares her to go back to her human years.

History: She had the good life, until her mother and father died on a plane crash. She was an only child, she didn't want to live anymore. She was walking as far as she could go but then she fell and cut her leg open she lost a lot of blood. Next thing she remembers is waking up in a house and she doesn't know how. Three vampires had found her and changed her into what she needed, she accepted wanting to be a vampire wanting to switch of all the pain that was held deep inside her. She found out that they had rings to allow them to go into the sunlight she wanted one just like them. she they got one for her and she stayed with them for only two years, but then ran off. She still doesn't know how to live as a vampire that well, she doesn't know how to control her self around blood as well as she wants to and she is only a 16 year old girl, been a vampire for 10 years shes scared and still heart broken.

FAMILY/FRIENDS: Rose and Trevor

POWERS/ABILITIES: What a normal Vampire can do

OTHER: Has never had a family or a home since she first turned.

Witches, and vampires, and gigantic wolves, oh

3/14/2011 #27

Can i play as katherine?

4/2/2011 #28

'Witches, and vampires, and gigantic wolves, oh my!'

4/2/2011 #29

can i please be elena

4/8/2011 #30
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