The literal Pandora's Box
Nearly 18 years have past since humans have been banished, the Navi way of life became normal and moved on. But a new threat is coming, and this one is determined to get what it wants. Can the next generation save Pandora again? Or will they crumble from
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Who dunit why I dunit

If Human with avatar please put down both for the things, also avatars pysical age might be younger then the humans real age, as Jake was in mid 30's(?) and his avatar was around 19 in Na'vi terms.






Any type of markings(Tattoos or scars):



Rank(Human; military or scientific ranking. Na'vi; standing in the clan):



Facton(what side do they side with):

Special Abilities:


Life Mate/Spouse:




Pet peeves:




Weaknesses or flaws:


Just fill that out. And Quirkes are stuff they do, eg. Refer themselves in third person, bite their nails when nervous. Thats all.

5/21/2010 #1

(Here is a dictionary )

Name:Isole Maryanne.


Gender: female


Appearance:She amazingly stands a whopping...5'2. She is actually an albino, pure white skin and her hair is starting to darken it is a dark grey. her eyes are a light cream with a hint of soft lavender. She always wears her labcoat and gray camo pants, she says it is because it is a cute color for camo.

Any type of markings(Tattoos or scars):she got the tattoo for YinYang in her left wrist and a gold Ank on her right wrist.

Personality:she has two modes, buisness and fun. in buisness she is snappy and crabby, it always seems like she is in a foul mood. in fun mode is alomst the same but a lot nicer, for her idea of fun is 1)going to the gym and punching the hell out of a punching bag or 2) picking fruits and exploring the forest.


Rank(Human; military or scientific ranking. Na'vi; standing in the clan):She works for the a avatar program Where she isolated the gene that made us(humans) have five fingers, and replaced it with there "Gene" for four fingers. and she fixed the small eye problem.

Bio:Her whole life she was driven by some want for a better life that that on earth. She worked hard though school despite her family's poor income, and she graduated top of her class. She then went to a military collage and learned about Pandora, the people, the terrine and the wildlife. She struggled a little with the language, for her thick french accent made her acquired, but she made an A- average so she didn't care. With her astounding grades and hard work, the RDA hired her up in a flash. At this point she was 25 and bugged her superiors with the chance she go to Pandora and actually show her worth, for she had found a way to isolate genes in the Avatars so they would look more like the natives(meaning she made it to where they actually have the right number of fingers and toes.) So that summer she made her way to Pandora where she has spent 6 months. She hasn't voiced her opinion about what the RDA is doing, but she greatly disproves of it and wishes they would look for a better mode of getting what they want without hurting the plants inhabitants.

Occupation: Researcher.

Faction(what side do they side with): She dislikes the RDA,but since they cloth and feed her she is unwilling to say anything against them.

Special Abilities: Other than her brain, and the fact she hits like a bull in a fit of rage...none.....

Weapons: She keeps her grandfathers Rapier above her bed and when she is in the "field" She caries a serrated knife.

Life Mate/Spouse: She says she'll find one when she finds one.

Family: none

Hobbies: She likes to take her avatar out and pick fruit in the skirts of the forest.

Quirks: She chews her pencils

Pet peeves: stuttering.

Likes: Sweet fruits, researching the natives,flora, and fauna. (the flowers and animal life)

Dislikes: the RDA, the military head that she has to work under.

Strengths:She, although she won't say, has dabbled in different fighting styles and in fencing

Weaknesses or flaws: She doesn't like to talk about feelings, for a physical weakness she doesn't respond well to intimidation, verble she can deal with but if you push and hit her she falls to pieces.

Other:She finds men compleatly useless.


Here is her avatar

pysical age:20

Apperance:The aver age height for a female(Guessing is is like 9'2" Or something of that nature.)Not suprisingly her albino genes passed to the avatar. Where the skin should be a blue is now a creamy white, her stripes are faint and a light blue. Her eyes are the same as her human ones only the lavender is acctualy a crystle blue. She wears blue camo shorts, combat style boots, or sometimes she doesn't wear shoes at all, and a black tank top.

(If you need me to change anything tell me. NOTE: It made sence at first that the gene was passed to the avatar, but if you don't like it i can change it, won't hurt my feelings.)

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Who dunit why I dunit

Sorry I've been busy for the last few weeks. Just now started to get back on.

Okay I saw a few things.

1) 'hair is starting to darken it is a dark grey' Albino's have no pigment at all, their either blonde or have white hair.

2) I do see how the albino gene does get passed on, but their is a slight problem. 'Where the skin should be a blue is now a creamy white, her stripes are faint and a light blue. Her eyes are the same as her human ones only the lavender is acctualy a crystle blue.' The skin should be lighter, but not white, the stripes can stay light blue but the skin should be like a baby blue, sky blue, or better yet powder blue. And the eyes should be a green or yellow.

But other then those two things I dont see anything wrong with this character. And I happen to like her. :)

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Raven's Spark

One thing about Albino's also. I don't know if this is true or not but I'll just add it to tell anyone who wants to know.

Some Albino's eyes are red. They are red but only when a bright flash..well flashes in front of their eyes. Their eyes could stay red, after that, for a few seconds to maybe an hour. Again this may not be true and I may have just messed up the whole concept. Just saying, you know, because of your Albino character and the comment from the administrator above me.

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Song of falling feathers
Uhm, hello? I was wondering if this forum was still active? I have never RP'ed in an Avatar forum before, but I'd love to join this one if it is still active. :)
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