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The Violet Rose

((Here we are again! Here you go!))

12/12/2010 #1

((Lol number three now. I think we RP a lot.))

Weisha nodded and flew towards the small apartment building.

12/12/2010 #2
The Violet Rose

Sylene followed, not knowing where the apartment was.

((This is true.))

12/12/2010 #3

((Urgh, I had to switch to my laptop and it's going reeeeally slow.))

Weisha flew straight up to the top floor and peeked in through a window, "Can't see much, but the lights are on," She said.

12/12/2010 #4
The Violet Rose

"See any figures?" Sylene asked, also trying to peer in the window.

12/12/2010 #5

"Nope," Weisha replied, "But I can't see into the lab. We're gonna have to go inside."

12/12/2010 #6
The Violet Rose

Sylene nodded, "After you."

12/12/2010 #7

Weisha looked down at the main entrance of the building, and deciding it would take too long to go down there, deal with whoever was at the front desk and then go all the way back up, she just pulled out her electrospanner and smashed in the window, "Ta-dah."

12/12/2010 #8
The Violet Rose

Sylene avoided any broken glass and slipped inside the window.

12/12/2010 #9

Weisha had no trouble getting through the window herself, but her toolbox was a problem, "His lab's through there," She said, pointing to a doorway as she tugged the toolbox through.

12/12/2010 #10
The Violet Rose

Sylene nodded, peering around the corner as she did so. She walked towards the lab.

12/12/2010 #11

Lyle had definitely been in the lab. There were notes and the remenants of various experiments scattered everywhere, and the lights and computer were both still on. It looked as though he'd come in searching for something and then left.

12/12/2010 #12
The Violet Rose

Sylene rifled through the notes, then exited the lab, "He's gone." she sighed, "But he was here."

12/12/2010 #13

"Figures," Weisha grumbled. She stuck her head into the lab to have a look herself, "Oh great. One of the generators is missing."

12/12/2010 #14
The Violet Rose

"Where should we check next? To cover more ground we could split up to the last two locations." Sylene offers.

12/12/2010 . Edited 12/12/2010 #15

Weisha nodded, "Fine. You've been to stupid Gerald's right? You go there, and I'll go check his parents' house." She wasn't too thrilled at having to possibly deal with his parents; they absolutely hated her.

12/12/2010 #16
The Violet Rose

"You don't seem to happy about that, do you want me to go instead?" Sylene asked, hovering slightly.

12/12/2010 #17

"No, you'll either get lost or Big Bad Officer Norg will scare you away," Weisha grumbled, climbing back out the window.

12/12/2010 #18
The Violet Rose

"I met 'Big Bag Officer Norg' and was fine." Sylene points out, following.

12/12/2010 #19

"Yeah, because you had Lyle to hide behind," Weisha countered, "His dad's not going to ignore you quite as much if you go waltzing in there to tell him you lost his son. Just go to the damn scientist's apartment."

12/12/2010 #20
The Violet Rose

Sylene shrugged, "Okay."


12/12/2010 #21

"And please try not to do anything stupid!" Weisha called as she took off towards Lyle's parents' house.

12/12/2010 #22
The Violet Rose

((I wonder where Lyle is.))

Sylene sighed and flew out the window, racking her brain to remember where Gerald's was.

12/12/2010 #23

((I know =P Or do I?))

Weisha reached the house a few minutes later and was relieved to find Lyle's parents weren't home. She flew around the back and found the window to Lyle's old room was half open. Frowning, she carefully opened it the rest of the way and climbed inside.

12/12/2010 #24
The Violet Rose

((Uh oh?))

Sylene flew up to the window of Gerald's apartment, hoping no SciPol were still there.

12/12/2010 #25
(cool number three! I still don't know what to do though..)
12/12/2010 #26

The second Weisha's feet hit the carpeted floor a small object nearby lit up and triggered her powers, effectively trapping her inside her own force field. "Not again!" She growled, muttering some not very nice things about her best friend as she sat down to wait for the small object to power down.


The window to Gerald's apartment was closed and locked from the inside with the curtains pulled, but anyone looking close enough would be able to see that the lights were on and someone was inside.

12/12/2010 #27
The Violet Rose

Sylene was close enough to see the lights and figure, but when she tried it was locked. "Screw it." she mumbled, kicking in the glass.

12/12/2010 #28
(brb walk.)
12/12/2010 #29

((Maybe Brainy and Y2 could get off their butts and do something?))

12/12/2010 #30
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