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The Violet Rose

((This is for when we finish up on RP5.))

11/19/2011 #1

Azure frowned. "But I thought you said you'd stay for a little while." He seemed disapointed.

11/21/2011 #2

"A little while, being like five minutes," Lyle said, trying hard not to get annoyed, "I have a job to do you know."

11/21/2011 #3

Azure seemed hurt by Lyle's statement. "I just want to spend some time together..."

11/21/2011 #4

Lyle took a deep breath before squatting down in front of Azure, "I know. And I'm working on it. I've been talking to Cos about him taking over on weekends so I have some time with you guys," He explained quietly, "But right now, I have a responsibility to the rest of the Legion and the people we protect."

11/21/2011 #5

Azure still seemed a bit upset but he nodded, he didn't understand all too much about responsibility yet, but it wouldn't be any fun to hang out with Lyle if his mind was on other things. They reapeared in Lyle's room.

11/21/2011 #6

Lyle carefully squeezed Azure's shoulder and pat Void on the head, "Thank you. I'll see you later," He said, heading out of his room, looking rather stressed as he did so.

11/21/2011 #7

Azure took a seat on the floor, trying to fight back tears of frustration.

11/21/2011 #8
The Violet Rose

"Hey, don't cry. He's just stressed is all." Sylene said, kneeling in front of the child.

11/21/2011 #9

Lyle looked just as frustrated as Azure as he headed off down the hall, wondering if he was doing the right thing.

11/21/2011 #10

"I thought he was suposed to be my f-father.." Azure rubbed at his eyes with his sleeve, takeing it all rather personaly.

11/21/2011 #11
The Violet Rose

"Now, now. He is your father. But he has other responsibilities too. Now's just not a convient time, when we all have time off, we'll spend the day together, okay?" Sylene explained patiently.

11/21/2011 #12

((I figure it's time for Lyle to start screwing up parenting. He is still a teenager afterall.))

11/21/2011 #13

(I think they both can be a bit stuborn and Azure's just testing his boundries. Poor Lyle, ha ha)

Azure didn't seem convinced. "He likes Void better..."

Void took a seat aswell, remaining silent.

11/21/2011 #14
The Violet Rose

"Don't you try to pull that 'woe was me, he likes my brother better.'" Sylene said firmly.

((Lol, poor Sylene, now she'll have to deal with both of them.))

11/21/2011 #15

((I just figure Lyle wants to be a parent, but still being young, he's not willing to give up what he likes doing for it. So yeah, he's being stubborn =P Anyway, I'm gonna have to head off for the day, dunno if I'll be on tonight.))

11/21/2011 #16

(I can see that being a common thing for young parents, see you later saani.)

Azure looked up at her with teary eyes, confused. "But it's true."

11/21/2011 #17
The Violet Rose

((Yeah, I figured Sylene would feel that way too sometimes, I mean they are still teenagers. And it's seems kinda hard to do the stuff teenagers do when they have two kids to worry about. Anyway, I'm gonna crash, tomorrow's my last day then I'm off so I'll be up later with you guys tomorrow night.))

Sylene rubbed her eye, Azure putting her in a difficult situation.

11/21/2011 #18

(Okay Vi, see you then.)

Azure got to his feet and went to leave the room, again wipeing at his teary eyes.

Void looked toward Sylene to see what she'd do.

11/21/2011 #19
The Violet Rose

Sylene gently caught the child's arm.

11/22/2011 #20
Azure tugged at the arm that restraind him, trying to get away. His face was growing hot with embarisment and frustration at his tears.
11/22/2011 #21
The Violet Rose

Sylene sighed and let go of his arm.

11/22/2011 #22
Azure then rushed off to go find Jenni, vigoriously wipeing away his tears. --- Void got to his feet carefully and came to Sylene's side, takeing her hand. "Do you think Lyle's mad at me too?"
11/22/2011 #23
The Violet Rose

Sylene lightly squeezed his hand, "He's not mad, he's just.." she paused, trying to find the right word.

11/22/2011 #24
"vexed?" Void sugested, glanceing up at her a breif moment with a slight wince.
11/22/2011 #25
The Violet Rose

"..Stressed was the word I was gonna use," Sylene mumbled, "but okay."

11/22/2011 #26
Void nodded lightly. "You should kiss him and give him a relaxing back masage." He desided. "Popa over works himself."
11/22/2011 #27
The Violet Rose

Sylene smiled and nodded, "I'll be sure to do that...but I thought you didn't like it when I kissed him."

11/22/2011 #28

"What gave you that idea?" Void questioned. "Maybe when I was two and five months, but I'm almost three now, I've grown up alot."

11/22/2011 #29
The Violet Rose

Sylene snorted, "Sure you have."

11/22/2011 #30
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