Silence: An Upcoming Haruhi Fic featuring your OC'
A chance to help write a fanfic with other fanfickers about your own OC's in the HaruhiVerse! Read inside for the summary of the story and other rules and stuff and submit your character profiles on the OC Profiles Page!
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Story Summary

Hotaru and Rikuto are childhood friends, set out on a mission to overthrow a world of Aliens and Sliders gone mad. Haruhi's daughter has been captured by the Sky Canopy Domain and they are using her for their own evil needs. Create an OC and help them defend the planet!

XD That sounds a little cheesy. But you get the idea. Basically, since we have no ideas who the characters will be, this story could go anywhere. But here are the main points of te story and rulesthat must be followed.

1. It is set in the future, so the main characters (like Haruhi and Kyon) will probably not come into this. Unless they time travel :P

2. In the Future, Aliens, Time Travellers, ESPers and Sliders are no longer in hiding. The Sky Canopy Domain has taken over and the world is in chaos.

3. There is a group (dont know how large or small it may be) who are defending the world and trying to get it back to its natural state.

4. Harui's daughter is the one making all this happen. She is our OC.

5. Rikuto and Hotaru are our OC's also. Rikuto belongs to Ruka-Pyon-Puts-Me-In-A-Spin and Hotaru belongs to MugiChanx.

6. Depending on how many people we include in this story, we may split the story in two for a while and meet up again later. That means some OC's will be somewhere, and the others will be somewhere else. But thats only if we have a load of OC's.

7. There is no set ending. If your OC is chosen, you will join our group and be able to input ideas to the story. We will not d anything to your OC you dont want us to do (eg. kill off your OC). There will be no OC abuse here! Well, there will be a little bit, but in the right way, for moving theplot forward and stuff. XD

8. If your OC is killed off (sadly, we may do that to keep the reader interested and make the story realistic. Like fifty people are going to battle aliens and not get a scratch -.-') dont worry. You may be given the chance to have another OC or maybe even control the real story characters or something. We'll figure something out ^_^.

9. If you want to leave the series, you must be willing to let us keep your OC. We will still giveyou credit for it, but the OC will be put under the control of somebody else. We cant just randomly take them out of the series - it could completely ruin the story.

10. There will be no bad cussing or mature themes or things like that. This will be a T rated fic, just so you know.

Thats all folks! If you like the idea of taking part in this project, please submit an OC in the OC Profiles Topic.

Thank You!

5/23/2010 #1

And this is the link to the fanfic, if you need it!

8/11/2010 #2

Guys, if anyone's reading this new post, let me just say I'M SORRY SILENCE IS TAKING SO LONG TO UPDATE!! Hopefully the new chapter will be up by the end of this month!! ^0^

And also, sooner or later we might be asking for help with ideas, chapters and scenarios from our fellow OCs' Masters :DD So if you have any ingenius ideas we're all ears 8D Cause everyone is welcome in the world of Silence ^^

And, the backstory behind ESPers may be tweaked slightly... Not sure how just yet... but it will. :)

~Cha-Cha :DD

2/4/2011 #3
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