BPRD roleplay
Every other fandom has it, so I'm lettin' the sun in: A roleplay set in the BPRD comicverse. For anyone who wants to join, come on it - the door's open, and the fun and the whole story is inside.
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Captain Zombie

Okay, this all starts with a story: back in Feb, I tried to join a BPRD roleplay game. It was complicated, difficult, and they required too much of me to join. "Oh, if you're not gonna post once a day, then don't do it!" oh please. So then I decided, "Hey, why not at FF. Net?" So here it be.

Okay, so here's how it works: it's a roleplay game where you make up your own character - it can be new, an OC you've already had in an earlier story, whatev. It's all based in the BPRD comic-verse, and once everyone who wants to join has joined, we'll deal up a plotline to play with.

So just leave a profile of your character. include:

name nickname (if there is one) age physical description (hair/eye color, height, any odd scars, etc.) disposition(happy-go-lucky, angry with the world, pessimistic, optimistic, etc.) back story (who/what they are, what they do, and how they got to the BPRD) and anything else you wanna add.

Once we have enough people, we'll procede from there.

Yours truly,


5/24/2010 #1

name: Maikel Tapang

nickname (if there is one): Mai

age: 20

physical description (hair/eye color, height, any odd scars, etc.): 5'9 with an tanned athletic build, has short navy blue hair with pitch black eyes also has scars of pentagrams on both his palms and a hexagram over his heart. generally wearing a black long sleeve shirt and green cargo pants with a windbreaker.

disposition(happy-go-lucky, angry with the world, pessimistic, optimistic, etc.): pessimistic

back story (who/what they are, what they do, and how they got to the BPRD): After his high school graduation Michael was doing an obcure ritual he read about and as he finished it there was a bright flash as he screamed in pain, as his eyes turned black enabling him to see better in the dark but quite sensitive in light along with making him stronger, more durable and heals faster he felt a need for blood shifting him into a vampire like state. And for two years he has been running around as a theif until BPRD agents caught him and made him a offer to join.

and anything else you wanna add: shy around girls?

don't know if this is okay or not.

5/28/2010 #2
Captain Zombie

*applause* Hey! this is awesome, man! Just a few more people, and our plan shall fall into place. *evil laughter* Er, sorry - I had Red Bull today . . . XD

5/28/2010 #3

AWESOME!!! dude, you totally beat me to the punch, i was seriously thinking about starting a BPRD or Hellboy RP, but oh well!


mind if i join?

Name: Aisha Tarao

Age: 18

Physical description:Shaggy black hair, dark skin and bright gold eyes. has tiger-striped butterfly wings.

Disposition:(happy-go-lucky, angry with the world, pessimistic, optimistic, etc.) More optimistic then pessimistic, she's bold with a sarcastic sense of humor. Beware the quietness... she's plotting to steal your hat, whether you have one or not.

Back story:She was once a normal swallowtail butterfly, but she was caught in a mutational experiement. her DNA became mixed with that of a human's DNA, transforming her into a girl with butterfly wings and Antennae. She subsists on sugar-water and soda, has the ability to fold her wings, so that she can hide them under her clothes, and usually hides her antennae under a hat... but she couldn't hide forever. the BPRD caught her stealing sodas and offered her a choice: Go to prison, or join the BPRD.

She chose what she thought was the least of two evils.

And anything else you wanna add: Aisha can be very hyper at random times.

Theme Song: Revolution by Jars of Clay.

if she's too sugary or something, i can make a different character. ^_^* an' yes, i will be on as often as i can possibly be.

HEY! i actually found a decent picture that resembles her!! just add goldy tiger-striped wings and black antennae!

5/30/2010 . Edited 6/1/2010 #4
Captain Zombie

*happy dance* Well done! I love her! Okay, we need mayhap one more person, (other than me!), and maybe we can get this goin', right-o, people?

5/31/2010 #5


5/31/2010 #6
Captain Zombie

name: Jink (yes, the one we all know and love! . . . mostly . . .)

age: 17

physical description: Hazel eyes, brown hair, weighs about 110, has multiple scars from fights and such, carries around trademarked iPod

disposition: Sort of a mixture of pessimism, optimism, sarcasm, and plain ol' hyper. Has a funky sense of humor, and would probably laugh before helpin you up if you tripped. She tried to care, but . . . well, life's been a b***.

back story: When she was a child, she was struck by lightning and given the gift of electrokinesis. Her mother abandoned her, and she was picked up as a ward of the BPRD. Since then, she's been through hell and back, and she considers the BPRD her family.

Extra: She loves Dr. pepper and if you touch her iPod, your a** is grass.

Okay, you've waited long enough - we can proceed with three. AND SO WE GO. Gimme three seconds, and I'll put up a section where we can discuss plot, kool?

6/3/2010 #7

((Could I still join in...? Or is it too late?))

6/16/2010 #8
Captain Zombie

Oh, it's cool! Go ahead!

6/16/2010 #9

((Yay! ^_^ How's this?))

Name: Jess Pavel

Age: 20

Physical description: 7'3", blue eyes, thin-rimmed glasses, long blonde hair (mid-back...usually braided. A hazard of living with three sisters).

Disposition: Rather stand-offish with the world. He's bitter about how he and his sisters were treated after losing their parents, and sometimes takes it out on others.

Back story: His father was an human agent of the BPRD, and was killed in an encounter with classified details. His mother was a daughter of the Horae Irene ("Peace") - she was hunted and killed by arson. Jess's sisters all share mental abilities - though each is better at a different aspect of them. Amelia moves objects, Kenna reads minds, and Vanya sees snippits of the future. Jess is the odd-one out, with his ability to drain, store, and release energy.

Jason now lives on his own with his three sisters, trying to hide from the BPRD. Only a few of their father's friends were even aware the children had special abilities in the first place (inherited from their mother), and to keep his sister safe, Jason intends to keep this secret…as much as possible.

And anything else you wanna add: He has three little sisters Amelia (7), Kenna (5) and Vanya (4) and one cousin (Zaza, a werewolf living in Africa).

Theme Song: "Get Off My Back" - Bryan Adams

6/16/2010 . Edited 6/20/2010 #10
Captain Zombie


*calls out to people* GET YOUR @$$'S OVER HERE!! I HAVE THE PLOT IDEA!!

The BPRD can be sent out to find Jess and Co. Kewl?

6/20/2010 #11

Sure! ^_^

6/20/2010 #12

any one mind if I Join...I'd like to do a little RP to flesh out my OC Pen...and if there is Elves in your RP...*grin*

6/20/2010 #13

YAH! COOLIO, Izzy!!!! ^_^

Also... about the new character, it's up to Izzy. She's the administrator... in other words, THE BOSS.

6/20/2010 #14
Captain Zombie

. . . . I think we can do elves. Anything goes here, but we must remember that it's in the comicverse.

But the comic-verse fae are so freakin' cool, though!

Post it! Lemme see what you got!

6/20/2010 #15

(sorry for the delay in posting...had to think a bit on how to describe Pen. plus, you'll see why I asked about the elves...)

Name: Penelope Alexandra Tamiko O'hara-Ryujin

Nic: Pen, Pendragon, Alex, Sen (Smallest denomination in Japanese currency;Penny), Dagdain (by her heart/bond mate)

Physical description: 5'3, long brown-red hair (usually dyed blood-black) with small thin braids behind her ears secured with carved (mammoth) ivory rings, deep ever green eyes, Eurasian-American features, toned build. Usually dresses in millatary surplus cargo pants, anime logo t-shirts, and Ninja tabi boots. She wears a choaker with a pendant that looks like a lance carved in silver, with a leaf shaped blue stone forming the blade. Her field gear includes a set of nested blades without hilts, a pair of anime inspired armored sleeves (the ones from 3x3 eyes) and a heavy leather Falconer's gautlet.

Disposition: quiet, and observing to outsiders, social to those she trusts

Back story: Born of a Japanese father and an Irish-American mother, Pen grew up listening to stories of both Sidhe and the other worldy beings that populated both Japanese and Irish myth told by her grandparents. Also being able to see Fey and sidhe from a young age, she quickly learned to keep what she saw a secret and only communed with them in the deep woods surrounding her aunt and Uncle's cabin in the high Serrias of californa over the long summers. Her parents put her in martial arts to help her overcome her "shy" nature, not knowing that like many of her otherworld companions she thought little of humanity in general. It was also at a young age that she became bonded (quite by accident and by a misunderstood request) to a Sidhe warrior/prince who accompanies her in bird (thus the falconer's glove) or stag shape. She was found by Prof. Broom and the BPRD while trying to track a wer-wolf across the mountains where she had retreated to better protect her companion...

Theme song(s): Firbird's child By S.J Tucker/Where are we going from here by Blackmore's Night

(Here is why I wanted to know about elves in the BPRD...a little on Pen's Sidhe companion)

Name: (when he deems to give one) Finnvara (not his true name, which he won't reveal not even to Pen)

Nick: Finn, Silver Hart (his stag form; also his personal crest), Archimedes (one of his bird shapes is an owl), Arc, Grayhaven (his falcon form), Gray, That damned bird (by Manning who doesn't know the bird is a fey creature...*snicker*)

Pysical discription: 6'3, slender build with sharp otherworldly features when in huminoid form (rare even in hedquarters) with long silver hair (goes to his waist) eyes of a falcon or owl even in huminoid form. In stag he is silver with red eyes, and a thirteen point rack of antlers (most mistake him for an albino) as an owl his feathers are a dark silver gray to blend with the night and his call sounds quite human. Near same for his falcon form, save like his stag he is a silver/white.

Dispositon: Distrustful of humans, save for Pen...aloof and proud, stand-offish

Back story: Fin became bonded to Pen after she'd saved him from a preditor while wounded in falcon shape. He inatvatedly bonded to her as a fellow warrior (she was twelve at the time) through her gift. He healed and asked what he could give her in thanks. Pen not knowing what he was offering, said Silver Hart, having meant the silver cloak pin with the stag on it that kept his cloak around his shoulders. Neither speak of the time between then and when Prof. Broom found them, as it was a difficult time for them to adjust to each other's needs. Only Broom and Abe know that the "Tame" birds or stag that follow her is anything but what they appear.

Theme song(s): World of Stone by Blackmore's Night/Learning to Fly by Pink Floyd

6/24/2010 #16
Red Queen Megz

Can I join?

8/2/2010 #17

name Lucas Pen

nickname: luke

age 19

backstory: after surviving a bloody werewolf attack while camping witch resulted in the death of his parents and him becoming a werewolf he is now living in the brpd and looks up to hellboy.

has black hair blue eyes and Caucasian and wears a black t shirt with the Autobot symbol and pants and converse in combat missions he wears a back combat suit with boots. he is average height and sometimes arrogant but overall a nice person in his werewolf form has brown fur and very tall and he can transform at will

weapons: he has a para ordnance hi cap 9 with a flashlight equipped to it.

he also has a 2009 silver mustang gt and a blue 2010 Chevy Camaro

theme song animal i have become by three days grace

note: has too swords that are his prized possessions

8/16/2010 . Edited 8/17/2010 #18

Name: Thomas Royce


Age: Actual age unknown (looks about mid to late 20s)

Personality: smart a**/ cheeky ,likes to pull pranks , hates water

Nickname(s) Animal, because he eats like one

Poweres: can transform into a lion, excelent marksman

History: Thomas was originaly created by the U.S military as a super soldier in veitnam but was put into stassis after the war. BPRD agents found him years later and he was recruited.

Aperence: 5foot 10, 190lb, short brown hair with short mohawk, eyes like a cat, ears on top of his head like a dog left ear flops over, lions tail, clean shaven.

11/27/2011 #19

Is this place still going? If so can i join?

4/29/2013 #20
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