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Lt.James lugnerische

adam looked foward as he said "...were going to my home for a while..im sure my mother will take us in.."

9/15/2010 #121
The Bloodiest Rose

Ai raised her hands in a defensive way. "I was just aiming for the cockpit, I didn't know he had that raft in his seat!'' After a short while she spoke again, "I can burst the raft and let him be fed by sharks or drown if you want me to.''

9/16/2010 #122
Brawler 1337

"What?" Kazuto replied. "I wasn't accusing you of anything. His engine just cut out randomly... Eh, we'll just leave him here. We have to get to shore before more of them come."

(OOC: Should more come?)

9/16/2010 #123
Lt.James lugnerische

(its up to you)

adam kept quiet as the red look faded from his eyes as he contuined flying

9/16/2010 #124
Lt.James lugnerische

(its up to you if more come, and is anyone going to post so we can try to keep this alive?)

adam sighed as the crimson red in his eye faded as he contuined to keep the helicopter level and contuined flying towards the shore

10/4/2010 #125
Brawler 1337

"Stay frosty, guys!" Kazuto said over the headset. "I think we're almost to shore! Just a little longer and we'll be home free!"

He looked down at Ai. He noticed there was about a quarter of the minigun's ammo belt left. He got out the other ammo belt and held it out for Ai. "Ai! Check your ammo. You're about three-quarters dry. You'll need to reload soon. You don't want to be dry-firing that thing."

Then, the roar of the rotor multiplied into several distinct sounds. The sounds of six rotors all at once. Kazuto swiveled his head around and saw five more attack helicopters pursuing them.

"Fuck! They've got more coming! Five of 'em!" Then the unthinkable thought occurred to him:

We're not going to make it...

11/2/2010 #126
The Bloodiest Rose

Ai nodded and gave Kazuto a peace sign before shoving more ammo belts closer to the the minigun. She aimed at the rather blank sky but let out a hiss of frustration when she spotted the five helicopters.

Being frozen at the sight, Ai jolted when her inner barked, Idiot! This is no time for daydreaming! Sure you haven't dealt with five choppers neither do I but listen to me! Kill their blades that you see up there, you know the ones making the helicopter fly?

"I know that!" She growled in annoyance. Directing the minigun at the blades, she then proceeded to fire.

11/2/2010 #127
Brawler 1337

The 7.62 mm rounds destroyed some blades on one chopper, causing it to go into a cataclysmic spin. The other choppers managed to stay out of the way as the first spiraled into the sea.

Ai focused on another chopper now. This time the rotors weren't destroyed, but the damage was still significant enough that it unbalanced the rotor, leading it to a fate similar to the first.

Just as everything seemed to be going smoothly, there was a pong as the M134's firing pin locked. The barrels stopped spinning, hissing as they slowed to a halt. The minigun was out of ammo.

Kazuto analyzed the situation. Those helicopters wouldn't stop coming until they were dead. And even if they did manage to fight them off, they would still need to conceal the Black Hawk. Hiding it was out of the question, so the only other option was to destroy it. But how? Kazuto couldn't rely on finding a handy chunk of C4 to detonate the chopper—that was pure luck.

Then an idea hit Kazuto. Maybe there was a way to deter the enemy and get rid of the vehicle simultaneously. It had happened to him before by accident, but he figured it would work well enough, provided he didn't screw it up.

The plan? Get the enemy to blow up their chopper and bail out just in time.

"Ai!" said Kazuto. "Pack that minigun into the crate. Then I need you to carry that crate with your vectors. We're abandoning ship."

11/3/2010 #128
Lt.James lugnerische

adam looked back and said "...what are you planing?..."

11/3/2010 #129
The Bloodiest Rose

Ai looked up and smiled thinly when she saw that she had destroyed one chopper, but listening to what Kazuto had said earlier, she swung the minigun into the crate and piled the ammo belts on top of it. Once done, she sealed it with some duck tape around the opening; morphing her vectors into her trusty hands, Ai wrapped her vectors around the crate.

"Ready when you are." She chirped.

11/4/2010 #130
Brawler 1337

"'Kay!" said Kazuto. "Here's what we're gonna—" A rocket sailed past them, through the open bay of the Black Hawk. Kazuto fell backwards, startled by the gust of air the rocket left in its wake as it fizzed by. That was waaay too close. "Never mind! Just hang on!"

The enemy helicopters unleashed a salvo of rockets. Kazuto made haste: he faded and vanished, threw his vector arms around Ai and Adam, transferred his powers to them and leapt out of the chopper with them in tow. They were about six inches under the water when the rockets slammed into the Black Hawk, sending it up in a plume of fire and shrapnel. Kazuto looked to either side to see if the others were okay. Fortunately, he then glanced upward to see a black void amongst the stars growing bigger and bigger.

Shit! he thought as he swam aside, narrowly avoiding the huge hunk of helicopter crashing through the water's surface, the ocean roaring upon its entrance. The waves caused by the wrecked mechanical corpse threw them about three feet to one side.

It took Kazuto a few seconds to come back to his senses, just in time to see another group of black masses nearing the rippling surface. The disturbances grew larger and larger as air pounded on the glassy skin. Christ. The remaining choppers were going to mop up the area, see if there were any survivors and cut their relief short.

Kazuto's eyes almost popped out of his head. He rapidly inverted himself and the others and swam like hell for the depths. He didn't know how deep the bullets of their machine guns would go, so he had to dive as deep as he possibly could.

The muffled burble of the rotors above was joined by the gargle of guns. Sput sput sput they went as they transitioned from air to water. And there were dozens upon dozens of them. Kazuto dove, dove, dove, but that didn't stop the bullets from coming down. Several whumed past them, mere inches away from hitting them. His neck tightened and his lungs screamed for air, but still he dove, dove as hard as he ever had in his life.

After almost ninety seconds without air, the choppers finally ceased fire and withdrew. Kazuto's lungs were turning to raisins: he needed air, now. He made a break straight up for the surface. Adam and Ai were being dragged along too, but right now they were an afterthought. Air, air, air.

At long last, he broke the surface and took a long, deep lungful of the precious gas. He savored every ounce of it, every second it was there. He wasn't going to die!!! Oh, and Adam and Ai made it up fine, too.

Kazuto disengaged vector mode and allowed the others to return to normal. "Is everyone okay?"

11/29/2010 #131
Lt.James lugnerische

adam coughed as he said "..yea..im good...i think...." he said as he looked around "..ok...i would say our best bet would to be going to my home...." the 17 year old dicolinus-human hybrid said

11/29/2010 #132
Brawler 1337

"Sounds good," said Kazuto, "'cept one little itty-bitty hitch: we're kinda in the middle of the ocean right now. Getting to shore is more important now than thinking of where to go after getting to shore. Ai, how 'bout you? How're you holding up?"

11/29/2010 #133
The Bloodiest Rose

Breathing rather heavily after what had happened in just nanoseconds, she wanted to speak but when she glanced at her hair she uttered a swear, "Shit..." Great, now her hair was not blonde but a rich shade of pink that looked like red.

With her eyebrow twitching, she held the crate possessively before barking, "Everything's fine except the hair."

Ah fudge this! With our outstanding hair color, the stupid stalkers can easily find us... Her inner growled.

'Stuff that Chi, when we get to land I'll find us a salon to dye it back.' Ai thought worriedly. If they could find a way to shore, of course.

11/30/2010 #134
Brawler 1337

Figures, thought Kazuto upon seeing Ai's true hair color. He looked around, taking in his surroundings. There were miles and miles of nothing in all directions, but fortunately the moon was out, so Kazuto could figure out which direction shore was.

"Okay," he said. "I dont remember where the GPS on our chopper said shore was, but I believe the first few choppers we fought came from somewhere around that way." He pointed in the direction he meant. "They were probably heading back to base from a deployment in Kamakura. I think that's probably where shore is.

"It's probably too risky for each of us to swim alone: we could get lost easy, and Ai, that crate looks like it may be too much for you to carry on your own without drowning. I think it's probably best if one of us does all the swimming, and since I seem to be in the best condition I think that person will be me. Ai, you have the most vectors, so you should probably keep carrying that crate. If it's too heavy, we may have to drop it—something I'd rather not have us do but might be forced to do. Adam, looks like you're just riding shotgun. Try to keep me awake so we don't all drown.

"If either of you have a better plan, speak now or forever hold your peace."

12/1/2010 #135
The Bloodiest Rose

"I'll be fine," Ai said quietly, using her vectors once more, she tightened her grip on the crate.

12/2/2010 #136
Lt.James lugnerische

adam sighed as gently held onto her

12/2/2010 #137
Brawler 1337

"Alright then," said Kazuto. "Let's get going." He latched onto Adam with his left arm to make sure he and Ai were secure and shoveled the water with his right. Out, down, in, up, repeat. He swam as fast as he could, which unfortunately was not too fast at all. He had to tow himself and several hundred pounds of human, Diclonius, and guns with every stroke. This was going to be a long night. Kazuto just knew it.

Two hours later, they still hadn't reached shore. Kazuto's shoulder burned from the strain. He switched to a two-handed stroke to get some power from his fresh arm, but even still they progressed at snail pace. Kazuto looked up to check the position of the moon. He had to be sure it was in the right orientation relative to him; otherwise, he might as well have been going in circles.

The night droned on. He was on his last legs. The fire in his shoulders—both of them, now—was unbearable. He was freezing, too—so much so that he was worried he had hypothermia. And he was tired. Goddamn tired. He had been nodding off for the past few miles; only the chilling water was there to keep him awake. Adam was also supposed to wake him up in case of emergency, but he hadn't been needed so far.

Again, Kazuto's head drooped, splashed into the water, and jolted back up. He checked the moon again... Oh, what was the point? He now had no idea where the moon was supposed to be. That was it. They were lost.

Just as Kazuto lost hope and began considering surrendering to the depths, at long last he could see the bold yellow glow of street lights. Shore! Kazuto's heart skipped a beat, and with newfound motivation he pushed himself to the limit, heaving as much water as he could with each stroke.

Three hours after they had crash-landed in the sea, they made landfall. Kazuto dragged himself onto the beach, his feet not wanting to move. His shoulders resented this action, but were forced to do it anyway. A few feet up on shore, he tried lifting his torso off the sand. But the night had taken too much from him. Within seconds, he crumpledl flat on his face and drifted away into a long-awaited slumber.

12/2/2010 #138
Lt.James lugnerische

adam made sure Ai was on the beach as he fell asleep as well

12/2/2010 #139
The Bloodiest Rose

Ai felt the hoarse sand on her face as she gasped for air. After those long three hours would have been hell for Kazuto, might as well say her thanks. "Thank you..." She said and smiled lightly at the two sleeping. Unfortunately, sleep wasn't an option for her. You could call her an owl, only active at night but rather tired during the day. Anyways, being unprotected in the middle of nowhere meant that enemies could spot them and attack them without knowing. In fact, Ai could sense one behind. Careful not to disturb the two, she fled to the sound.


There, a squad of fifteen armed soldiers stood with their tranquilizer guns and machine guns. Growling, she snarled, "You are from the institute aren't you?" One, most likely the leader, nodded. Frowning, she thought of a plan. Once her plan was set up, she immediately darted in a square formation slicing the soldiers into half with her vectors. Soon, all of the enemies were killed, blood pooling at her feet. She dragged their bodies to the ocean once more and threw them far from the eye could see. If one was alive he would have been worried for infection would have started on his wounds. As the last man was thrown off, she sighed with tiredness. Guess the whole escape thing took the most out of her. Lying on the sand once more, she shut her eyes and drifted to sleep.

12/2/2010 #140
Lt.James lugnerische

adam woke up a bit later as he woke up,he seen a girl standing over him as he said "...hey..sis.." as he said that the girl smiled and said "..brother why are you sleeping their..come on back home..and bring your friends too.." as she said that adam nodded to his 16 year old sister,chikuma as he reached down and picked up kazuto as chikuma used her 6 vectors to pick the crate of weapons up as he slung kazuto over his sholder and slightly leaned down and picked up Ai as he walked back to their home as over time, adam set kazuto and Ai in 2 sepret beds in the house as adam sighed and sat down with his 33 year old mother,saya.

12/2/2010 #141
Brawler 1337

(OOC: You do realize Ai and I are still naked, right?)

12/2/2010 #142
The Bloodiest Rose

(I didn't notice it actually. I thought I was still in the institute gown. But Lucy did escape without any clothes on... Never mind.)

12/3/2010 #143
Lt.James lugnerische

(well lets say that when adam brought them into the house,before he set them down,he laid a robe over each of them?)

12/3/2010 #144
Brawler 1337

(OOC: I just find it kinda funny that your sister let a naked guy and a naked ten-year-old into her house without any questions. Makes me wonder if this weird shit is normal for her.)

Kazuto woke up. The sand beneath him was soft and cushy... Wait, that's not sand.

He pushed himself upright. He was in a bed, and he had a robe on him.

Hm, thought Kazuto. I guess Adam found his home all right.

He walked out to the bathroom and washed himself off. Man, it was a helluva thing to feel the warm embrace of fresh water. Then he strode into the living area and saw Adam sitting with an older woman. "Good morning," he said.

12/3/2010 #145
Lt.James lugnerische

(well its his mom,him, and his sister that live their)

adam smiled lightly "...morning kazuto...this is my mom...saya..and my sister..chikuma.."

12/3/2010 #146
The Bloodiest Rose

Ai's eyes fluttered wide open as she slowly forced her body up. Glancing at her robes on her body, she looked around the room.

How swell. We found Adam's house. Chi muttered inside. Ai could only nod her head, she pushed the blanket off of her and climbed out of it. She sluggishly walked towards the bathroom to wash up when she saw her reflection in the mirror.

"Ah...." She breathed irritatedly at the sight of her pink hair.

Wanna ask the kind people around here whether there's a salon nearby? A snickering Chi poked.

"No, I'm probably a wanted fugitive... so there's no use. So let's just go out and meet the rest eh?" She said while combing her hair.


Once she was done, she walked out and noticed Kazuto, Adam and two other women whom he said were Saya and Chikuma. "Hello," She said quietly, rubbing her eyes.

12/4/2010 #147
Lt.James lugnerische

adam smiled lightly as he said "....hey Ai-chan..."

12/4/2010 #148
Brawler 1337

Kazuto acknowledged Adam's sister and mother.

"Ow-oh-AAAaaAAH!" he yelped. There was an incredible pain in his back. He engaged vector mode and pulled something out. The NS 2000, stained lightly with red. Oh, right. That. Oops.

He remembered the first time this had happened to him. He was fifteen—a captive in a DWEC facility in America. He was getting a medical examination that day, and he managed to get hold of a loose scalpel and hide it in his left forearm. He waited for an opportunity to kill the guards. He never got the chance. In the middle of the night Kazuto woke up screaming with a searing pain in his arm; it was turning deep red. He was taken to the surgeon, who discovered the scalpel in his forearm, cutting into the flesh trying to form around it and causing internal bleeding. It was removed and Kazuto was left to heal for a while—before promptly being beaten for concealment of weapons.

"Oh," he said. "Should've remembered to take that out." He turned to Adam's family, who were probably not expecting to see a guy take a gun out of his back, let alone take a gun into their house, period. "Uh, I can explain."

12/5/2010 #149
Lt.James lugnerische

saya smiled,as she watched them her aorua to them would have not felt cold and deadly ,but soft,calming,and warm,and as she smiled she let out one of her warm feeling vectors to gently go in and heal the damage to his arm as she said "..its ok..i understand you are different from us..but you have a kind heart.."

12/5/2010 #150
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