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Little Redwood

Ivory waited for taz and kit.

9/2/2010 . Edited 7/30/2012 #1

Kit landed by Ivory setting Taz down. "We're out." She said close to tear's but holding them in.

"Yea, we are." Taz said hugging Kit's leg's and she bent down and hugged him.

9/2/2010 . Edited 9/2/2010 #2
Little Redwood

"lets go" she flew off fast. ((dinner, brb))

9/2/2010 #3

Kit stood up fallowing Ivory with Taz in her arm's. She looked back and still saw Quinn and Luna fallowing((Hope you don't mind that Winged Wolf, I just didn't want your character's left behind ^^"))

((OK :P))

9/2/2010 #4
Little Redwood

((yeah i was but u beat me to it lol, ill do savvies characters. btw my character and raiden r getting together)) Ivory let the tears fall, she buried her facw into raiden's shirt and let out a muffled sob. once she quickly composed herself she flew foward. she feld raidens soft hair on her cheek and felt his cat hear twitch as he slept. she smiled, he reminded her of a bright immature hadrian.

9/2/2010 #5

Kit fallowed, changing into a normal Avian hybid as she flew. "Go to sleep." she whispered to Taz who was trying to stay awake.

9/2/2010 #6
Little Redwood

Ivory found a small clearing a few hundren miles away from the school. "we will stay here for the night".

9/2/2010 #7

((I'm Back :) ))

9/2/2010 #8

Kit nodded landing. "Alright." she said. "I sense a stream near by, I think it's fresh water." She told her.

9/2/2010 . Edited 9/2/2010 #9

((Continue may character pwease... im doing homework))

9/2/2010 #10
Little Redwood

Ok, ivory and theodore nodded. hadrian stirred a little than woke up, sitting up and scooting awkwardly our of ivorys arms, his facve bright red.

9/2/2010 #11

((back again...))

"S-sorry i cant fly" Raiden mumbled

9/2/2010 #12

"Taz, before we go to sleep jump up and try flying." Kit said.

Taz nodded and jumped up and flapped his wing's, hovering about 10 feet up for a few minutes before he forgot to flap and fell, Kit caught him. "I gotta remember to flap....." Taz said.

"It's OK. You just gotta keep practicing." Kit told Taz. "Now get some sleep." She told him.

Taz nodded and climbed up to a low thick brance on a tree and curled up.

((I wont be on this weekend cause I'm going camping.))

9/2/2010 . Edited 9/2/2010 #13
Little Redwood

((no lol srry i was txting alex))

Ivory and theodore were already asleep, bear snores emitting from teddy.

9/2/2010 #14

((it's OK lol))

Kit sat against the tree under the branch Taz was on trying to get some sleep.

9/2/2010 #15

((nope perfectly OK, ;D I have a four day weekend, so I might be on most of the time(depends if i'm allowed on the computer or not) so yeah YAY FOR A FOUR DAY WEEKEND! WHOO!!!! XD))

Luna and Quinn landed silently next to everyone. Both were dissappointed that there was no real big fight. Quinn thought some things to Luna so that she would know where he was, and took off, seeming to dissappear in midair. Luna watched him run off, then sat down next to Kit and layed her head on her front paws.

9/3/2010 #16
Little Redwood

((sorry i has 'hugging' my bf today lol savv))

Ivory and theodore sat close together, both fast asleep, thair ears twitching at every minute movement.

9/3/2010 #17

Raiden was extremely warn out, but memories still haunted him

(( I'm allowed to go to your house :) they said sure, well they implied it at least... ))

9/4/2010 #18
Little Redwood

ivory felt bad. Raiden is going to be scarred. she saw him sitting awkwardly, his breaths coming in ragged gasps. she walked over and put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"wanna talk about it?" she whispered, looking down at him.

9/4/2010 #19

"what can i say that you already dont know?" Raiden whispered.

9/4/2010 #20
Little Redwood

Ivory sighed, "look kid, im sorry. I didnt mean for you to see that ok? just... im bad at stuff like this ok? just calm down and suck it up. you must have seen worse stuff. hmm?"

9/4/2010 . Edited 9/4/2010 #21

"x rated," Raiden shivered as he tilted his head down "and blood."

9/5/2010 #22

((im not bringing my laptop to your house))

9/5/2010 #23
Little Redwood

Ivory sighed. she wasnt good at comforting people. she looked at him and didnt see an immature neko. she saw hadrian, she realized something. both were nekos. they both have the same eyes too. and the same skin tone. she looked at him for another moment befor sayung, "come with me. be quiet, i want to show you tsomething," she helped him up and they walked together in complete silence. soon enough they came across a mound of rocks. ivory stayed quiet. she looked at the pile for a long time. at first he didnt see anything but a pile ofrocks. but soon enough he saw a small wooden plaque on the top. burned into the ancient wood was a saying "when the rich rage war its the poor who die" under it the name HADRIAN was burned deeper into the wood and then engraved over. ((theodore lied :0)) ivory looked at the grave.

"he was myy mate. we met when we were 7. *flashback* little ivory sat in her cage. little fringers fripping the front of the cage. a scowl etches into her face. a white coat walked in with a little boy following him. the boy had chin length black hair and neko hears and tail.he was placed next to ivory. his face smiling and happy. ivory looked over and the boy smiled at her. he looked at her grim face and said in a happy voice "why so sad? your alive, the sun is shining and the day has just begun! why not smile?" ivory couldnt help bus smile at his enthusiasm. "im hadrian," he said, sticking out his hand. "ivory" the shook tiny hands through the cage bars. *endflashback* thats how i met him"

ivory took a deep breath and continued,"i ecaped a year ago. me, hadrian and teddy. we got this far," anger flashed in her eyes. "me and teddy hid and hadrian sacrificed himself for us. we buried him and kept was the hardest and most painful thing i havde ever done. this is what you saw. you saw his death. im sorry kid. i really am. but i do have one question. did u have a brother?

((that was reeeally long lolz i am soo bored i cpuldnt help it.))t

9/6/2010 #24

"not that i know of, but i have a sister," Raiden sighed, " but who knows what she might have kept hidden from me... I barely remeber times before i got here. My sister wanted to be a big shot scientist. One day she came home and said she was nervous and she needed me to come to her interview with her. I agreed to go with her because she was like my mother. When we got there they took me and gave my sister a name tag. People shook hands, showed her out of ther room, and I was thrown into a cage..." Raiden began to sniffle again, "I-i trusted her..."

9/6/2010 #25

((i drew the pictures))

9/6/2010 #26
Little Redwood


Ivory put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

9/6/2010 #27

((Ill send u them))

Raiden stumbled with his words again " I-i didn't mean to say all of that.."

9/6/2010 #28

((We can skip to morning when ever, I'll be back on in about an hour or 2.))

9/6/2010 #29

A good four hours later Luna rolled over and found herself awake. Quinn was nowhere in sight and everyone else was fast asleep. She decided to go hunting for her little group of mutants and to find Quinn. When she came back, she had Quinn, and both were carrying two large bucks(the deer kind). They immediatly began cleaning and taking out the stuff that was edible.

((You said we could do a little time skip...hope i didn't anger TOO many people...))

9/6/2010 #30
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